documenTORI: Finn’s Nursery

Yesterday you saw photos of Finn’s nursery, and for the first 2 videos of documenTORI I wanted to take you behind the scenes of us in design mode. Because I was in the hospital for a large portion of my pregnancy with Finn, a lot of the final details came together only a couple weeks before I gave birth.  We captured it on camera and I hope you enjoy watching our design process. Without further ado, I give you the behind the scenes of Finn’s nursery…


Because the theme of the room is giraffe, all of the vintage giraffe prints we found were crucial in pulling the whole design together.  I spent a lot of time scouring Etsy and eBay to find the perfect prints that would adorn the nursery walls, but once we found the prints we still had a lot of work to do. Picking out the frames that the prints would go in would be the the finishing touch to my vision. So at the very end of my pregnancy, I waddled into a frame store with Mehran, Bill, Scout and Jess to choose the perfect frames to house Finn’s giraffe prints.

I’m thrilled with the eclectic frames that we picked, and with the way that my little man’s nursery turned out.  My vision was completely brought to life, and I think Finn loves it just as much as I do.

What do you think of Finn’s finished nursery?



  • MamaPaws

    Omg I was reading y’all’s mind lol! Not really I have only checked this site 50 times today to watch these. Very cool. Can’t wait to see more episodes. And the room is amazing. I love the changer and mattress. Thank you!

  • Robin Moore Marrs

    Just loved your episodes! I really miss your TV show so was so excited to see you were making these. I have really loved seeing all your pictures and ediTORIals….you have a beautiful family! Thank you so much for keeping everyone up to date on your family!

  • Susan Grayson

    Wow! Great job on Finn’s nursery room. And great videos too! I enjoy it and love it. One thing I’m disappoint that the first video has NO Closed Captioned :-( but the second video had Closed Captioned… I hope you might want to have someone to fix the first video. oxox

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Great job Tori! You have some pretty awesome friends:)

  • Multiplemom123

    Great room love it.

  • Darren Martin

    Love it! Great stuff, T! You’ve got quite the eye for detail. Thanks again for sharing all of these moments with us. Hugs, DM.

  • Mrs. Sprinkle

    The nursery looks amazing!!! You have such a great sense of style! I am so glad you did these DocumenTORIs!!! I love your show and I was hoping we would get a glimpse of your new additions! Keep up the great work and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you continue with your show. Your family is AWESOME :0) and your an amazing mother!

  • Luce

    Hi Tori and all !

    I just LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing the process of Finn’s nursery, it will be a great memory for him to see :)
    Your friends are pretty fab I must say :)
    You looked Gorgeous btw ;) love the vintage dress
    Tempaper is the best thing I’ve seen lately thanks to you, it’s brilliant !!

    Can’t wait for other documenTORI,

  • Brenda Hill

    Hey tori,
    You did an amazing job getting fins nursery room together.
    You are so creative! You are lucky to have amazing friends to
    Help you. :)


  • MsJillMF

    Love it!

  • Donna

    Tori,who would think the colors would look so awesome! Love, love it! You have magnificent taste and your friends..I love them..how lucky you have such amazing circle of family and friends. I wish I had guncles like those 2 adorable guys!

  • Stephanie Pitman

    These DocumenTORI’s are great! It was nice to peek into a little of the making of the Nursery. I am so inspired, I may try to redo a bedroom after the holidays…Have a great week Tori :)

  • susieqstew

    So happy to have the opportunity to catch up with your family again! Congrats on baby Finn!

  • Ryan Noelle

    So I am in love with everything about this nursery!!!! Colors, Prints & Theme! Swoon! Great Job as always!

  • Ritinha Gomes

    Awesome room… You have such a good taste :))
    kisses from Portugal :)

  • Tammie

    I would have never dreamed of putting those colors together, Amazing… By the way I love the video’s on your blog. Thanks for sharing..

  • Lisa Broadley

    Love the video’s!! I love your idea for the nursery because it will grow with Finn….doesn’t look childish at all!

  • Angelique Bakker

    You have designed a very beautiful and unique nursery; ready for a home design magazine! Love it!

  • Marla Murasko

    I absolutely love what you did with Finn’s nursery. You really give me a different perspective on decorating and I love it. I have to say the temporary wallpaper was huge with me I went to their website right after I watched your first episode. Love documenTORI by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  • Manda Wakeman

    love it. you have fantastic taste…my son is also named finn…ironically the girl name i liked was stella. he is 5 so this is before i knew about your little ones! you’re are a fabulous mom and designer :)

  • g

    Hi! I’m new on your website, it is really awesome, there’s a lot of things, thank you ! The nursery is very beautiful, Finn is lucky! If i have a boy one day that will inspire me!
    I love your videos,we can see happiness from all your family and friends! Bye !

  • tania cerin

    Love the contrasting colours of Finn’s nursery. You wont have to change the design or scheme as Finn gets older which is a bonus! Love the videos. Am I being selfish if I ask that they be a little longer?…Give me a toe and I’ll ask for a foot!! The videos are great, just what I needed to get me through. Thanks again X

  • Lemon Meringue

    After seeing all the lovely pics, this video really brings it to live. It’s like all of us just popping in and be glad the way it turned out. And I think you really have a great group of mates, for helping you out this way, love the patchwork-family all of you created together!

  • desi

    Love this nursery! Everything is so nice! But I especially like how you got the little vintage giraffe and based the whole room around that. That is amazing! Also how you kept that figurine in your hospital room for inspiration. That is so awesome! Two months in the hospital is difficult but it’s great how Dean decorated your room and then you used that in Finn’s nursery. It was with you during the rough times and now during the great times!

  • Stacie Dale Designs

    I love that wallpaper! Are Bill and Scout interior designers?…they’re so funny. The nursery came out beautifully.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    love all of this! so great everyone could help out!

  • Donna

    I just saw Liam’s photo in Us magazine. He is so beautiful! You and Dean make perfect, beautiful babies! He is the cutest of all the boys. I just had to tell you! Xo

  • Shami

    hi tori, thank you so much for sharing the documentori of finns nursery. i love what you do the short movies. fantastic. finns nursery is super cute. i love giraffes. both my kids had giraffes on ther birdcard that i send to people. xxx

  • Kate Kruuse

    I love love LOVE Finn’s room! Orange is one of my favorite colors, and especially for a boys room. The wall paper is such a great complement to the orange. When we did our sons nursery 6 years ago, I had my hubby paint our son’s armoire a cream-cicle orange lacquer color that I love! The color is so versatile as it is a piece of furniture that continues to grow with him (now that he will be 6 in 4 weeks)! Another aspect I LOVE about Finn’s room is the giraffe theme, they’re too cute! Bill and Scout are hilarious, I’m sure they keep things fun!

  • Renatta Doerksen

    I love Finn’s room and so does my youngest daughter, who is almost 12. She absolutely loves giraffes and would love to have Finn’s room, or at least all the decor. Great job!