documenTORI: DIY Bookshelf for Finn’s Nursery

Because we are such a crafty, DIY-loving family I knew that Finn’s nursery wouldn’t be complete without some items that were made by us (and made with love). My mantra is “DIY = LOVE”, and I tried to incorporate as many DIY details into my little man’s nursery as I could. I made an area rug out of placemats that I found at an estate sale, and also made the macramé mobile (along with some help from my friend Chris) that hangs over Finn’s crib – I will post a tuTORIal on how you can make that soon!

But the biggest DIY piece that we made for Finn’s nursery was the yellow bookshelf that you saw underneath all of the framed giraffe prints. I found an old red bookshelf at a yard sale a few weeks before Finn was born, and immediately saw the potential. It was super chipped, totally the wrong color, and probably hadn’t been cleaned in years… but it was perfect. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. It also happened to be $5, which didn’t hurt. So we took this battered and bruised bookshelf home and Liam, Stella and I set out to transform it into a retro-chic yellow statement piece for Finn’s Nursery.  After sanding, priming and painting, we had ourselves the perfect accent piece for the nursery. It was cheap, easy, and infused that touch of love that is so special to me. I also love that this let Liam and Stella contribute to the décor of Finn’s room – they had the best time working on this with me, and get super excited every time they see it in the nursery.

What DIY projects have you done with your little guys and gals lately?



  • Ashley Taylor

    So weird because my motto is DIY=Crying! Clearly I need your help Tori to turn my thinking around! ;)

  • Joknows

    It’s so amazing that you could do that after all you went through. Good for you, girl! It’s always lovely when the kids get involved too (although it take some patience!).

  • Kimmy

    I need to get more crafty like that. Looks super easy and fun… and to get the kiddos involved. What great memories to share later on too!! <3


    You are so incredibly crafty and so unbelievaby energetic especially with what you had to go through with this pregnancy. I love seeing you and I was wondering if TORI & DEAN is coming back to Oxygen??? I really miss your show as I am sure lots of other fans do as well. When can we see you next???? Also, looking forward to your movie this weekend.. You are an amazing woman, Tori!!!!!

  • desi

    Love the bookshelf! The kids did a great job and they can tell their brother for years how they did that just for him. You are so patient and crafty. I am neither. When I want something I want it done right then. But you are so right about DIY equals love. I am going to work on that for the new year!! Oh, I have goats and chickens too!

  • doreen porzio

    Hi Tori!!! First of all, I have to say I LOVE ALL of the documenTori film clips of your life without commercials!! This idea is Fabulous!! Thank you for letting us share in all of your lifes memories!!…. When I haven’t been on here for awhile, I am starting backwards!…. You know your a girl of my own heart! Love what you did with the book shelf! Also the perfect color yellow! You are such an awesome mom always getting the kids involved with the DIY projects!!… That wrought iron chair in the backround, I have the same exact one!! Mine needs to be repainted & a new seat cushion! It’s in my Lanai now, just hanging out!! Lol!!…
    I sure did miss you, Tori!! I did see this “documenTORI” & said to myself, “What is Tori up to now??” Wonderful idea!! At le,ast we get to see everything!! Loved to see Finn’s Nursery get created!!.
    Just because I was not on here or twitter does not mean I wasn’t thinking of you & all of your family very Often!! I have had some challenging times for awhile… But, I needed to get on here & tell you how excited I am for this documenTori!! I wish you can do it all the time!! You are So AWESOME, Tori! Love & Hugs to your Family! Luv ya, Doreen Xo

  • Luce

    AMAZING !!! the color is perfect.
    it’s good to implicate kids in this kind of activities I love the idea and will definitely do that in the future :)
    and I love your documenTORI !! man, you’re full of amzing ideas ;))


  • Jordan Yaworski

    I love how you let Liam and Stella paint it! I also am very impressed at how well they get along! Beautiful job on the bookshelf.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I want to do mini apple pies in the shell of the apple that I saw on the internet with my nieces over christmas!

  • MamaPaws

    I love that color

  • Kiara Ramirez

    my 8 year old loves cooking with me, we also scrapbook and do photography together