Caption This: The Nutcracker


Last weekend the McDermott clan headed to a Christmas tree farm, and while we were there I happened to snap this picture of Liam punching an inflatable Santa in the nuts!

Now we were there to cut down our very own Christmas tree, but it seems that Liam had his own agenda…

What do you think was going through Liam’s mind as he gives Santa a knuckle sandwich to the family jewels?



  • Allison Tarin

    Let’s see who’s laughing now!

  • Nichol Oldendorf

    LOL!! Thanks for the good laugh Tori! I really do enjoy all your family photos & stories. Merry Christmas to your family!

  • Ingie

    And this is just a taste of what you’ll be getting from me if you don’t come through with the good stuff be guy….Got It!!!!

    Merry Christmas xxx

  • Kathleen Orland

    Well this gives new meaning to the phrase “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”…

  • Lisa

    Too funny! That’s something my kids would do!

  • Marlynn

    What a great picture!! LOLOL!!!
    Too funny! :)

  • Mia J

    Obviously something about Santa upset Liam! Wonder what it was?

  • Donna Layton

    Alright there’s a lot of us now, but remember I did come first!!!

  • Cindy

    I think he was thinking can I make Santa fall to his knees?…

  • Nikki K

    I think Liam was thinking “Hmm, is he really just filled with air or are their some jingle bells in there?”

  • Lots2bhappy4

    Liam was probably thinking “I’ll get your attention one way or another mister lol”

  • Lauren Wyatt

    You know the elf that sits in the shelf? All he does all day is watch me. Take him back or else

  • Linda Larson

    “Look at me when I am telling you what I want for Christmas”!!!!!!!

  • Wendy Garrison

    I’m Jewish!!!!!!!!

  • Shemaine Smith

    “Don’t even think about skipping my house on Christmas Eve”

  • Cindy McCall

    Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

  • desi

    “I wanted to punch you in the face, but I couldn’t reach that high!”

  • D


  • Misty Star

    “You better be bringing me everything on our Christmas list’s or next time it will be Rudolph! Hehehe…”

  • jennstar74

    Deck the Balls…

  • RedRobin72

    “I just made Kris, Kringle!”

  • Donna

    Hey,I’m down here!

  • Morgan Rae

    ” i’ll let go, when you promise to deliver the goods, capisce? ”
    �� merry christmas mcdermott farm ! :)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I want my own room this year!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    stop with the babies already! ;)

  • Jackie C

    I got you by the b***s Santa, Christmas better be perfect for my sisters and brothers this year. Taking a hit on the naughty list for them. ;)

  • Cindy Merricks Jones

    I know I shouldn’t say this but I think Santa got what he deserved.

  • ladyplatinum

    Liam: I was trying to make him say, “HO HO HO”.

  • Myeleah

    Listen up Santa, either we all get everything on our x-mas lists or next time I use BOTH fists!

  • Karen McCarty

    “Deck the BALLS with bows of holly….” ;P