I am so excited to share these photos of Finn’s nursery with all of you! With each of my babies, designing their nurseries has been a really special and important time for me, and with Finn, it was actually incredibly therapeutic. Because I spent months in the hospital while I was pregnant with Finn, coming up with design concepts for Finn’s nursery gave me hope, and I’ve been waiting to share my process with all of you for a long time.

When I found out I would be spending a good portion of my pregnancy with Finn confined to a hospital bed, I knew that I needed some major help to decorate Finn’s nursery.  Also, because of the condition I had, placenta previa, I needed to decorate the nursery fast, because there was always a possibility that I would deliver extremely early. With all of this in mind, I knew exactly who to call on to help me– two of my besties Bill Horn & Scout Masterson, aka the Guncles.  Not only do they have impeccable taste, but they also run a super successful baby and kids product PR firm called Marque Communications and know about all of the latest and greatest in nursery décor.


The Inspiration

In the early stages of my pregnancy I was shopping for antiques and found an adorable vintage giraffe figurine that I fell in love with. That was when I came up for the vision of Finn’s nursery. It was as simple as that. One 2 inch porcelain animal figurine was what an entire room was built around. I decided I wanted to do a blend of vintage touches with modern regency. I love mixing old and new. Dean and I have always known since Stella was born that we would have another baby boy one day and we would name him Finn. Although we didn’t find out the sex of the baby before he was born I committed whole heartedly to a baby boy giraffe inspired nursery for Finn. That very first vintage giraffe figurine I found also stayed on my bedside table in my hospital room for the 2 1/2 months I was there. It gave me hope.

As far as a color palette, I wanted Finn’s nursery to be bright and bold pop colors so I went with turquoise and orange. Then to add the vintage touch I added in a retro yellow.

From Hospital Room to Nursery

The idea of chic yet temporary wallpaper is genius! When I learned that I would potentially be spending my entire pregnancy in a hospital room, I wanted to decorate to make it feel like home and to give myself a DIY project. Nothing permanent can be on the hospital walls so the Guncles found Tempaper, which is temporary wallpaper that you peel and stick on the walls. We chose the design “Marrakesh Honey Jade”, and Dean hung it in my hospital room. Every single day that wallpaper made me happy. During the 2 ½ months I spent in a hospital room, that wallpaper was a bright spot for me during tough times. I knew it had to be a part of Finn’s nursery as it had been such a huge part of our journey together. Plus I wanted him to finally get to see it and love it as much as I had.


The Crib & Changer

I’m obsessed with the crib and changer by ducduc. I had never seen anything like their designs. Their pieces exude style and glamour. And I knew the ‘Regency’ crib would be the perfect pinnacle of Finn’s nursery, and the ‘Savannah’ changer helps to complete the look. ducduc custom finished both pieces for us and shipped them to us from the East Coast.

For the crib mattress and changing pad, we looked to Nook Sleep Systems.  We ordered the “Pebble” mattress and got a matching, custom orange ChangPad for the changer.  They’re gorgeous and modern, and so cozy for Finn. He loves them.

We also found the Ubbi Diaper Pail in the perfect color orange, which looks great with the changer and is another must-have for any nursery. They make great pop colors! Gone are the days of white diaper pails.


The Dresser

For Finn’s dresser, we knew exactly where to go – SPI Baby.  I love their dressers.  They are so chic, and the orange gives that amazing color pop in the room.  Hattie actually has the pink version of the ‘Beckett’ dresser in her room.

I found the vintage giraffe lamps on the dresser online, and Bill & Scout added simple shades to complete them. The two side-by-side antique mirrors were found at a flea market and we got them from my store InvenTORI.  The two knotted rope poufs (used in the picture below as an ottoman) are also available at InvenTORI.


The Rocking Chair

This yellow “Finn” rocking chair from Anthropologie was meant to be. I was in my hospital bed, looking online at Anthropologie, and noticed this chair.  It fit the décor, was the perfect yellow for the nursery, and was named ‘Finn”. I knew it was a sign!


The Bookshelf

Finn’s yellow bookshelf was an old chipped red $5 bookshelf I found at a yard sale. Liam and Stella and I sanded it and painted it yellow to match Finn’s chair. The kids loved making something for the new baby’s room. We actually have a video of the DIY process coming soon!

Next to the bookcase is the 4moms mamaRoo baby swing.  The mamaRoo has been a constant in my babies’ lives. Hattie loved her and now Finn adores his.  It’s so soothing for baby, and is an absolute must-have.


The Mobile

The macramé mobile with hanging salt dough (DIY recipe coming soon) giraffes was made with my crafty friend Chris who taught me how to macramé. We started it together and then he made the rest cause I was busy having a baby 😉 I love making things for a room. It makes it so personal and I’m a huge believer that DIY= LOVE


The Details

If you ask me, the details make a space. See the 5 foot tall stuffed giraffe in the corner? That was Billy and Scouty’s gift to baby Finn on the day he was born. To find all of the vintage giraffe artwork and knickknacks that are throughout the nursery, I endlessly searched online at Etsy and eBay for the perfect pieces. For more giraffe pieces, we found the wooden giraffe push toy from Manny & Simon, and got the brown “Menagerie” giraffe bookends from Serena & Lily. The curtains and pillows were all custom-made with fabric that I found from Rikshaw Design.  A matching giraffe blanket from Rikshaw hangs on the side of Finn’s crib. I got the large metal letter “F” that hangs on the wall next to Finn’s crib from Fab.com. To complete the room, I made the orange area rug from vintage placemats that I found at an estate sale and made into a rug.

All of the design details were so worth it when we saw the finished room come together.  Finn’s nursery turned out exactly as we imagined it, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I also took tons of detail pics of Finn’s nursery, which I wanted to share with you too:


My friend Chris and I want to bring macramé back! Not just for plant hangers as they did in the 70’s but so cool as a mobile! And the giraffes were made from salt dough. All ingredients found in the pantry!


Little pillows made from Rikshaw fabric I found online.


Finn loves his crib so much! It’s very cozy.


These were placemats I found at an estate sale that I turned into an area rug


The curtains I had made from Rikshaw fabric and then I added orange pom poms from a local craft store


This vintage painted glass giraffe is Finn’s favorite thing in his nursery. When we change him he laughs and coos at it the entire time.


In a nursery I think a blend of baby and adult works really well. This floor lamp used to be in our living room and works perfect now in the nursery


This giraffe rocker was a gift to Finn from our beloved Patsy


A collection of vintage giraffe figurines and prints


Some amazing Etsy vintage finds


These are actually vintage salt and pepper shakers


I had each print framed in various wood frames mixing light and dark woods and metallics

This was the 1st giraffe figurine I found that was the inspiration for Finn’s room. It also sat next to my bed when I was in the hospital.


 More eclectic giraffe pieces and love these mid-century giraffe lamps I found online. We added simple and  inexpensive shades to complete their look.


These herringbone Hermes shoes were Finn’s first designer gift!

Thank you SO MUCH to Bill & Scout, and everyone else who helped us pull off this incredible nursery.

I hope you enjoyed the journey of Finn’s nursery. I’m very proud of the room I created for my incredible little man. And make sure to come back to ediTORIal tomorrow to watch the first episodes of documenTORI, which will be all about designing and decorating Finn’s nursery.

What’s your favorite part of Finn’s nursery?




Professional Photography By: Michael Simon/Startraks  

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