You’re Invited: invenTORI’s Holiday Bazaar

I’m super excited to invite all of you to our 2nd annual Holiday Bazaar at invenTORI! On Saturday, December 8th from 12-6pm, come out to invenTORI and let me and Dean help you take care of all of your holiday shopping! There will be fabulous vendors and products, crafting (obviously), dog adoptions, yummy holiday food and drink, and there’ll also be tons of my own vintage finds for sale.

All the deets are in the flyer above, so if you live in the LA area, I’d love to see you and help you check off everything on your holiday shopping list.

To entice you a little more, here are some pics from last year’s festivities…


Looks like fun, right? We had such a good time last year, and I hope that all of you local ediTORIal readers can come this year. Would love to meet you in person!

Will you be making it to this year’s invenTORI Holiday Bazaar?



  • Petite Gamine

    Sounds like fun. Can’t wait. Anywhere in particular proceeds will go to?

  • Elise Dunkin

    Looks like so much fun. It’s times like these that I wish I still lived in So Cal! I was lucky to visit this summer, but didn’t have the good fortune to meet you, Tori! I am a huge fan. I love your style, and I LOVED your store! Someday…..I hope I have the chance to meet you in person.

  • Nich

    Tori, what a wonderful idea, I wish I lived in So Cali, I’m in the Bay Area. Have fun!!!! Thanks for the invitation!!!

  • Emily Beebe

    I hope so…it sounds amazing 😉 Gotta ditch my kiddos for a few hours and get my shopping on!!!


  • Tiffany Miller

    What Fun! The gal in the 3rd pic from last year’s event…. She’s my twin! Seriously though, I’ve never seen someone look almost identical to me….lol Had to share that with ya :)

  • Renatta Doerksen

    Wish I could come and see your store and meet you and Dean, Tori. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada so it would be a wonderful trip away from the snow and cold up here. Good luck and hope you have a great turnout. I’m a huge fan and check out ediTORIal every day!

  • Jeanne

    Thanks SO MUCH For having dog adoptions there. As far as I’m concerned, that is the BEST thing you could do! Sincerely, Jeanne

  • ErinK

    Very eye-catching invitation! Love how you brought back vintage and antiques-I love them too. Huge fan of you and Dean. Next time you are in Toronto, I want an autograph!

  • Erika Tharp

    I wish I lived closer or I would so be there! Ohio is alittle far away tho

  • desi

    Love the vintage clothing and dog adoptions! I would adopt every dog if I could. Wish I could be there as I would love to meet Tori, however, I live in North Carolina.

  • Renee

    Really wish you had a store in my area. Ever thought about opening one in the lake county area of Florida or even closer in the lake Mary area. I would love to meet you and dean. You are both great inspirations.

  • Stephanie Smith

    I would love to come; however, I live in Colorado. If you and Dean were to open a store in the Denver area, I’d love to meet you.

  • Luce

    Are you kidding me, I’m dying to come and spend the entire day with you guys, check all off of my christmas shopping list and treat myself with some wine and delicious cupcakes and cookies. … BUT … FRANCE is not really close ;)))
    I will be with you in spirit though and wish to be able to make it one day !
    By the way, happy month of December !! :))

    I wish you to have the best sales and meet amazing people at you 2012 Inventory Holiday Bazaar.


  • Tatiana Swanson

    I would love to come, but I live near Vancouver and it’s a little far. I know you will do amaingly well in sales and have a fantastical day.

    Let me know when you’re coming here so I can see you. I’m a huge fan!

    love and hugs

  • Jeanne Tutt

    can’t be there but wishing you all the luck in the world that it goes swimmingly!

  • Renee Duryee

    This holiday event looks amazing! Can’t wait to visit the store and have the chance to meet you guys:) Tis the season!! :)

  • MamaPaws

    I hope many of the furry friends find forever homes. Thanks tori and dean!!!!

  • Canuck

    My daughter and I are HUGE fans and would LOVE to have you and Dean as our shoppers for the day but we live in Toronto, Ontario. Really wish we could be there.

  • Susan I

    Huge fan and would so love to meet you and do some shopping and possibly adopting another fur baby, but alas, I live in Chicago.

  • Emma Johansson

    Oh how I’d love to come! Unfortunately I live in Budapest, Hungary, so I prob won’t make it, haha. You appear in my blog a lot, since I think you’re fab, so please check it out!


  • TifisNeat

    I totally wish I lived in the area! I am a LONG way away and believe me if I could I would be on a plane so quick!

  • LKm

    I’ll be there! Yay!

  • Yvonne Baratta

    Wish I could come. Will definitely have to plan this for next year. Have fun to all that are able to make it!

  • Gina Boyd

    I hope I can make it! I am in Chicago but have a free ticket on southwest;) Maybe I can get my family to watch the kiddos and I can take 2 days to myself! Wish me luck

  • lisa Brook

    Oh im so disappointed im going to miss it. My partner and I arrive in LA on the 16th of December from Australia. I will be stopping by after then :)

  • Lu preciado

    Really hope I can make it. I’ve never been into the store & what better excuse to go. Would love to pick up some Christmas gifts for family & friends!!! And hopefully meeting you & Dean would be a great treat too!!!