A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my good friend Jess. It was a stunning soiree on the California coast, and was a rare evening without the kids! Ok, let’s be honest, our first night sans kids. With 4 little ones at home, an adults-only night out with Dean and friends happens once in a blue moon. It was super hard not to check on the kids constantly to make sure everything was OK back at home, but we ended up having an amazing time celebrating a beautiful occasion.

Because the wedding was so chic and glam, I knew I had to choose the right ensemble for my mom’s night out. And in true Tori fashion, I chose head to toe vintage! As you all know, I’m obsessed with vintage clothing, and it truly has been my BFF over the last 2 years with 2 back to back pregnancies. While I was pregnant with Finn, if it wasn’t vintage, this pregger wasn’t wearing it. Now, post babies vintage is still and forever will remain my best fashion friend.


For the wedding, I decided to go with a super chic vintage purple floor length dress. I loved the chiffon material (super comfortable and moved amazingly on the dance floor ), and the on-trend pleats made this dress a no brainer for me.

I accessorized this vintage stunner with even more vintage – a gold statement ring, stacked gold bracelets ( from my grandmother that I’ve had since I was a kid) , and a simple thick gold rope short necklace, a beaded clutch (obsessed and have collected vintage beaded purses since I was 18), and a crisp white vintage Marabou jacket.

I painted my nails a super dark color of burgandy with purple undertones to give the whole look a more dramatic feel. Overall, I loved this look. So comfy, so retro-chic, and so very me. #Dare2Dazzle

Dean and I had such a good time at Jess’ wedding… I definitely took advantage of my night out. It reminded me that us moms out there still know how to have a good time!

Check back later today, because I’ll be posting some more pics and details of our night at the wedding, which I’ve now titled ”Moms Gone Wild”…Get either excited or horrified ha ha!

How do you spend quality adult time with your hubby and friends when you have a night out?


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