By now you’ve seen Hattie & Finn (aka the delicious duo) in their Halloween costumes – we had a heaping bowl of Spaghetti & Meatballs and a bite-sized piece of sushi. For all of you craftistas out there looking to make your little ones costumes (or just to have on hand for a random night of dress up!), here is my tuTORIal on how I transformed my babies into a couple of our family’s fave foods.

DIY Spaghetti & Meatballs Costume:

First, I got some thick cream wool yarn to use as the spaghetti

Then, I wrapped Styrofoam balls in brown felt for the meatballs

For the foundation of the spaghetti, I got Hattie a plain white long sleeve tee. I dipped it lightly in boiled tea bags to make the color an off-white to match the color of the yarn. Then, with glue gun in hand, I started at the bottom of shirt and made yarn and glue loops across it.

I repeated this row after row, working my way up to the top of shirt, and I made sure to do both arms too

Then I attached the meatballs by hot gluing them to the yarn

I got Hattie a pair of white leggings and teabag dyed them to match the shirt. Then I cut this gingham print to look like an Italian tablecloth. I then made it into a skirt and wrapped it around her little leggings.

Daddy cut this red bowl so that we could just place Hattie through it as her ” bowl” of pasta!



And here’s the final product, our sweet little bowl of Spaghetti & Meatballs! Just added some spots of tomato paste to Hattie’s cheeks as sauce and voila, my girl is transformed into her fave food.



DIY Sushi Costume
(perfect for newborns!):

For Finn’s costume, I started by cutting an oval in a big piece of orange felt and spray-painting a bunch of styrofoam balls orange to look like salmon fish eggs. When wrapped in seaweed atop white rice, salmon eggs becomes a very popular sushi dish!

Then I hot glued the spray painted balls onto the felt oval. Glue strings are so annoying, so a trick to make glue strings disappear is to use a blow dryer on them after you’re finished

Then, out of green felt, I cut a jagged edged green blanket to mimic the jagged green paper lining used on sushi platters and found a green hat to match the color of wasabi. Then I hot glued a soy sauce packet and chopsticks onto it (Note…the chopsticks are perfectly safe. I only put the hat on Finn for a quick photo!)

Next, I glued black felt around the sushi to mimic seaweed and added velcro on the edges to fasten this section around Finn



To finish off the look, we swaddled our baby boy in our fave Aden + Anais white bamboo blanket, making him the white rice, and then wrapped the sushi around him. He loved it and was so cozy he fell asleep!

And there you have it! Not super complicated to make, and the results exceeded my “cute factor” expectations.

Now, it’s your turn to show me your tuTORIal! I want to feature one of your step-by-step DIY Halloween costume creations right here on ediTORIal. Just upload your tutorial to a photo album on your profile page, leave the link in the comments below, and I’ll feature my fave in it’s very own tuTORIal blog post!


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