Stella’s Style: My Print Mixing Maven



Last week Stella was given the task of putting together a black and white outfit (Pilgrim style) for school. Knowing that Stella is a ‘Go Pink or Go Home’ type of girl I thought this might be a challenge. But, when Stella emerged from her room wearing this chic, polished and on-trend black and white ensemble, I must say I was blown away. I constantly wonder how a 4 year old can possibly have such a fabulous fashion sense.

I’m obsessed with the way Stella mixed her prints here – pairing her white polkadot tights with a black and white colorblocked dress and a super chic coat.  The knee high black boots and the retro inspired feather headband complete the look, and make Stella the definition of “toddler chic”.

Do you have any little ones who (like Miss Stella) insist on dressing themselves? Or are you still in charge of styling your babes? Let me know in the comments!



  • Ashley Taylor

    Clearly when I go to Hollywood, I need to hire Stella as my stylist…and something tells me you, too, as you have clearly inspired her fashion sense! :) Nice job Mama!

  • Nicole Schlenker Lowe

    My daughter (who just turned 5 on Nov. 16) is the same way…I’ve been letting her pick her own clothes since she was 3 and the outfits she comes up with just blow me away! She’ll pick items that, separately, you would NEVER pair with each other, but somehow when she emerges from her room, she just looks so stylish! It’s amazing, and I definitely admire her fashion sense… <3

  • jessica moran

    Freaking adorable!What a cutie!My oldest girl loves to dress up as people from movies…she has been everything from the blue people on Avatar to Willy Wonka and thosands more!She locks her bedroom door and then come out in crazy colthes and announces who she is and what movie she is from!It’s really cute too!

  • Jen Panella

    ADORABLE!! I can’t wait for my 11 month old daughter to be her own little fashionista. I’ve dreamed of the day of having a daughter after having two boys already. My dream came true, and am hoping that one day she’ll love clothes and make up as much as I do. The funny thing is, my 5 year old son LOVES picking out his own clothes. And he does a pretty darn good job. When he tags along shopping with me, I’ll walk out of the dressing room to show him what I have on, and boy is he honest!! I love that kid!

  • Jayme Dowdy

    Stella takes her fashion sense from her Mama of course! My 5 year old (ALMOST 6!!!) dresses himself, and he LOVES to be dressed up. He wears a dress shirt and jacket to school often, though sometimes with dress pants, it’s usually with jeans or sometimes with Karate pants o_O LOL…. He’s a TRIP! I’d love to get him some bowties for Christmas, I’m sure he’d love them!

  • desi

    What a cutie! She has a real sense of fashion at a young age! She did a great job picking out her outfit and didn’t even forget about the hair accessory. Wow!

  • Carrie Nugent

    Love it! So little girl chic!

  • Kim Hawkins

    She’s so adorable and looks just like Dean!

  • Emily Beebe

    Oh, I gave up dressing my almost five year old daughter years ago! She mixes stripes with polkadots and somehow creates “tomboy chic”; skirts every day while she plays in the dirt!!! It’s fab!

  • Meri Mc

    Very cute and she does look like Dean (and you)

    very cute print mix clothes

  • Cammy Gollner

    Funny. For me, it’s my son who is going through a black and white phase of clothes!

  • Kristina Carter

    She is just beautiful! Our 2 year old daughter is starting to pick out jewelry to wear!!!

  • Cindy Merricks Jones

    Stella looks like a true little lady. I really love the job you two are doing raising them. Keep it up

  • Luce

    She clearly has her own true spirit, sense of style and seems to be self confident in a good way. This ensemble is amazing, I bet you guys are so proud of her :)

    Personal note to Stella the talented stylist: Good job Stella, in Black and white or in pink head to toe you are beautiful and your sense of style is very unique. Keep on trying new things, mixing patterns, colors … “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”


  • Lindsay

    Oh when my girls were about 2 we put a low bar in their closet and I made all their clothes accessible. They totally dress themselves and have their own style. It is fun to see twins express themselves in such unique ways. One likes skorts with a shirt and a little white sweater she wears almost every day and a clip in her hair. The other likes dresses with long pants under them. So cute!
    Stella looks fab! I love their unique style at this age!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    adorable! I believe Allison Hannigans first daughter is the same age and she was on Ellen recently with pix of what her daughter picks out for the day!

  • Alyssa Maldonado

    Adorable as always!! I would were that outfit, it is super cute! Her coat is my favorite part!!

  • Pammie0617

    I say let them dress themselves! my 7 year old has a great fashion scense, so fun to see what she comes up with. She is definitely a trend setter too with her friends!

  • MamaPaws

    Stella gets the title best dressed pilgrim.

  • Amy Van Daele


  • Lily M

    Her fashion sense is absolutely amazing!

  • Kylie Lee

    We love to allow Camdyn to dress herself, within reason of course. We wear a lot of Matilda Jane Clothing, she can mix and match and it always turns out right!