If you’re like Tori, then you love sharing photos!  We recently made some exciting changes to ediTORIal, including a new and improved photo uploader for your personal profile pages! It’s fast, easy, and makes sharing your exciting pics with the ediTORIal community a snap — here is a quick how-to guide to help get you started:

First, click “My Profile” on the top right of the webpage:


Once you’re on your profile page, click “Photos” from the drop-down on the left column:


Now click “New Photo” to start the uploading process:


Click “Select Photo” in order to choose the photo you want to share:


You have options to select your photo from either your desktop or other photo sharing outlets you may be connected with, such as Flickr. Select the option you’d like:


Once you find the photo you want to share, click “Insert Photo:”


The real fun starts now! Type in the title and description for your photo and choose the album you’d like it to appear in. Click “Add Photo” once it’s ready:


Congrats! You’ve now successfully uploaded your photo to your profile!


Happy sharing!

Team ediTORIal

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