picTORIal: Trick or Treat!

Now that you’ve seen Hattie Cat’s Halloween costume, Finn’s first Halloween ensemble, and learned how to make both costumes, I figured it was time to show you how the whole family celebrated our fave spooky holiday! Here is our picTORIal of our night of trick or treating:



Here’s Hattie finishing her dinner while cousin Simone and zombie sis Stella are ready to roll!

Trick or treat buckets ready to go!

Our kitchen got a little batty…

Dean’s ghoulishly scary Halloween set up

Candy anyone??

Zombie Stella, Liam as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th fame, and Mitzi as Little Red Riding Hood

Mama Medusa

Accessorizing with serpents

My sushi man Finn

Hattie Cat, the Spaghetti entree

In our neighborhood it’s a far walk so most peeps opt for golf carts. We rented one and Dean decked it out with a creepy friend

Here we go! Poor Dean was so busy organizing that he didn’t get a chance to dress up. He said that this is the 1st time he hasn’t worn a costume in 15 years :(

Guncle Billy and his bunny Simone

Grandma & Stella

Hattie Cat and I make the rounds…

Trick or Treat!

A lovely lighted pumpkin display

A ghostly house of candy…

And, their loot!

My little ones crashed out on the way home. That’s always a sign of a successful night. Great time had by all!

What did your little ones dress up as for Halloween?


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  • Rita Sunderland

    Thank you for sharing :) I’m only 7 years in USA and Halloween is still new holiday for me, I’m enjoying seeing all other costumes but I was simple boring mommy that day. Well maybe next year I’ll be ready for some “Costume party”

    Love Mama Medusa outfit with cute snakes)

    * * * * * * * *


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  • Allison Waken

    I didn’t get to dress up either so I feel you Dean! My guys were a Stick Figure (a DIY costume) and a Quidditch player – you can see them here http://www.allfortheboys.com/home/2012/11/1/my-stick-figure-and-quidditch-player.html

    LOVE your food themed costumes – so cute!!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Wow, looks like a blast!:) As always, great job on the costumes! I love what you did with the snakes in your hair.

  • Elissa Lerma

    So cute. And how grea does your Mom look in that picture! Here is our recap! http://www.punkrockparents.net/2012/11/halloween-2012.html

  • Tracey Charles

    Great pics! Bill looks so happy with his bunny, Simone! Hattie cracks me up – she keeps up with the big kids, doesn’t she? Too cute :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Deneen Lotz

    Hi Tori

    Wow what great pictures. I love the idea of going in a golf cart, how fun

    Our Halloween got canceled here in Ct. I live near the water and our little beach community was ruined by Hurricane Sandy. They canceled it until this Wednesday but another big storm is coming so its canceled for good. My little one has been crying. Oh well. I guess next year will have to do. What a waste of good halloween costumes though. My older daughter was going as a girl pirate and my little one (girl also) was going as someone from the avengers, I have no clue to tell you the truth, but you know what, even though we got flooding here and had a nice amount of damage, we are safe and okay and our house is still standing. Can’t say that for alot of people in New York and New Jersey. I love your costume Tori, so pretty


  • Suzanne Brown


    We had a Momma handmade Fox costume

    A Skeleton Ninja

    and a Polar Princess

    Trick or Treated until they literally could not walk! It was a BLAST! Your littles looked so cute! I was able to find Ichabod Crane this year at Target the story about the headless Horsemen so we now have a new Halloween tradition! They LOVED it! Also saw Hotel Transylvania!

  • Darren Martin

    Such cute and creative costumes! Love the spaghetti and meat balls and sushi the best! Way to think outside the box. Looks like you and the kids had a spooktacular evening! Thanks for sharing your family pics with us :)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg so cute! glad to see your mom included too!

  • Nicole LeGrand

    love it!

  • Shana C

    Great Pictures. Mine went as Effie Trinket (from the Hunger Games), a cookie monster, a butterfly, and Captain America. They had a great time.

  • Emily Beebe

    Ruby Gloom and her trusty sidekick, Scaredy Bat!!!


  • Jenn Shumway

    Your photos are fab! The kiddies are presh. I wish I could add a photo of my little Nemo, Cant figure out how..

  • Lindsay

    My twin girls both wanted to be Batgirl but one wanted pink and one wanted blue. So off to the fabric store we went. They picked out their colors, pink and silver; blue and black. The costumes turned out so cute and we even tie dyed our own bags and appliqued cute little skeletons that matched the colors of their costumes. The whole family got into the act, Batmom, Batdad and Batdog. I even found bat wings for the minivan so we had a (not so cool) Bat mobile!

  • Susan I

    My 8 year old girl was a zombie prom queen and my 6 year old girl was a cupcake girl, and I was my usual witch.

  • desi

    Tori, you made a beautiful Medusa!

  • susan murphy

    So happy to see you all! All five kids, w/ Simone. Love it all…snakes in hair wow! Hattie so cute and bunny tail from behind! I’m plotzing! xx Dreama was a cowgirl! #DJ xx O

  • teetee

    Loved all your photos!..<3

  • ErinK

    Halloween is my favourite. Looks like your’s was great.

    Will definately put snakes in my hair. What a good idea!


  • Sherrie W.

    The one of the many things that I love about you is that you “keep it real” Tori! Amidst the fame, you manage to give your kids a normal life. I love that your kids are carrying the simple plastic pumpkins for their treats, just as we all did growing up. Adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your precious private memories with us all! You have such a great extended family out here in the cyber-world…We love you guys as if you were our family…all the way from here in West Salem, Ohio! I don’t know HOW you do all that you do, but you inspire me, and others, every week! Rock on Momma!

  • Ann Crook

    I’m with you Sherrie! That is what I love soo much about Tori and Dean….they manage to be such a normal family despite being famous, and they genuinely make an effort to be relatable to their fans. The kids seem to be leading such normal lives……and I can imagine that must be difficult to do in Hollywood. Heck, even Candy Spelling is out trick or treating with her grandbabies!!! How awesome is that?!!!!!

  • LaLa

    my daughter was lalaloopsy and her twin brother was a special forces unit!! love your families outfits!!

  • Kristina Carter

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! My 2yo daughter was little red riding hood while our 11 mo son was the big bad wolf!!!

  • Kelly Wills

    Halloween is so much fun! My 2.5 year old daughter was Mickey Mouse. When people thought she was Minnie, she didn’t waste any time correcting them – “I’m Mickey Mouse!”

  • MamaPaws

    so cute, all of them. Stella as a zombie, so funny!!! maybe she could audition for a part on walking dead, could be carl’s walker Gf, lol. Just kidding. Looks like everyone had a blast. I miss trick or treating!

  • Lizzie Sanchez

    So cute! I am totally investing into a golf cart once we buy out house. Halloween and other holidays would be so great with it! Trick or Treating and Caroling would be a must every year!
    My kiddos weren’t anything too fancy. Lily, my daughter who is four was Pinkalicious. She’s a book character and Lily’s absolute FAVE! My boys who are seven and two were Darth Maul and Darth Vader. They had a blast with their light saber wars via the middle of the street with a screaming and panicking momma chasing them!

  • Amy Wiley

    My little boy who is 3 dressed up as a pirate :)

  • Lean

    I love that Stella was a zombie and Liam was Jason! My son is obsessed with The Walking Dead, as am I, and wanted to be RIck Grimmes. Coulldn’t find the actual Rick costume in his size, as my son is only 3! Took him to party city and he picked out a police officer costume. While trick or treating, people kept saying what cute police officer he was but my son kept saying “no, i’m Rick!” I was so proud!!!

  • Stefanie Phillips

    My 10 yr old son was a kangaroo, my 12 yr old son was the invisible man, and my 15 yr old daughter was a sauce packet from Taco Bell! What a crazy 2 weeks of sewing it was, but as always GREAT FUN! Tori, I miss your show more than words can say! Your pure love is something you don’t see much anymore and it always lifts my spirits! How’s the Guncles?


  • PackersTX

    Finn as sushi is too cute!