picTORIal: Deano’s Day O’ Cakes

For my hubby’s birthday this year I knew I wanted to do something special, and being that he’s a culinary whiz I also wanted to give him gifts that would please his palette. That’s when I decided to do a day of cakes for him… Deano’s Day O’ Cakes. So we cooked, baked, and crafted our hearts out and presented him with 4 cakes throughout his special day.

Cake #1: Chocolate Maple Bacon Pancakes

Dean loves pancakes for breakfast but what he loves even more is bacon! So I created a chocolate maple bacon pancake cake with a maple buttercream frosting topped with crispy bacon and maple syrup. And, to add decadence to decadence, in between the pancake layers I slathered on melted bacon butter.




Cake #2: Goodie Cake 

For his 2nd cake of the day I decided to craft a goodie cake for him. On a cake plate I did a layer of his fave drink… Diet Coke, then his fave chocolates… Kit Kat and Heath Bars, and topped it off with some Trojan Condoms. A wink wink at the fact that we have a large brood…4 kids!!



Cake #3: Savory Meatloaf Cake with Mashed Potato Frosting 

For dinner I wanted to make him a savory cake. So, I made him a homemade meatloaf cake with mashed potato “frosting” topped with peas and carrots. In between the layers of meatloaf, which I baked in three 9-inch cake pans, I added a thin filling of ketchup mash. We cut the cake and served with ketchup. A great and fun way to get kids to eat meatloaf!!




Cake #4: Gourmet Dad Cake from Hansen’s 

For his final cake of the day I went with tradition and ordered him a Hansen’s cake. I wanted an homage to him as The Gourmet Dad. They executed the cake so real looking that the kids asked if those were real vegetables on the cake and if they had to eat them ha ha!





I had so much fun getting creative in the kitchen for my hubby’s birthday, and came up with some great fun recipes that we will definitely make again for the family. 

What’s the most inventive cake you’ve ever made? Upload the photos and recipes to your profile page and leave a link in the comments. I’ll feature my faves in an upcoming blog!


  • teetee

    Wow, you are so gifted in your abilities Tori! Yum!

    My baby was born on December 21st so I always have made a Christmas themed cake for him..stockings, presents..etc.

    I’ve also baked a birthday cake for Jesus on my boys knew at a young age the real meaning of Christmas.

    God Bless you and your sweet family! Missing your show terribly…I adore you and your family!


  • JessicaLayne

    Although all of the cakes look beyond amazing, I give you props for Cake #2! Very inventive, and very creative.

    I am new to your website but would love to say that you have an amazing and inspiring family, and your kids are so cute!

    I am a huge fan of your show, and can’t wait for the next season!!


  • Mandy Klasen

    If Dean likes Bacon you should try the Bacon candles I make homemade with 100% soy wax! LOL They are interesting and the guys seem to love them!!

  • Robin Powell

    That second cake was appropriate, lol! :p No offence, but I hope Tori, that you and Dean have done or going to do something so you don’t add to your “large brood”.

  • Lis

    Love it!

  • Dinkie

    I cannot believe how creative you are! You should have your own TV show, book, weebsite…ha! Seriously. The very best gifts are unique and personal to the receiver and these cakes really “take the cake”! Anyone would be bowled over to have someone give that degree of thought and effort to making their birthday so special. That Dean is one lucky guy and you are a very good person, wife and mother. You inspire all of us.

  • Wanda Pender

    WoW!! I am impressed!! Lol!! What a great idea!!!! ALL of them were fabulous, gotta steal that pancake one fer sure!!! ;]

  • Tabitha Back

    How creative!!! My husband would DIE for the bacon cake! In the past year, I have discovered I have a love for baking! I have started dabbling in it, here and there. Hopefully, I will be able to take some classes sometime in the future!

    I have 2 cakes I want to share! The first is my Baby Butt Cake! I made this for a coworkers baby shower, and I am pretty dang proud of the results! More details are in the picture description:

    The second cake I want to share, is a cake I made for my furbabies! In my house, doggy birthdays are just as important as the human birthdays! I present to you my Chicken Bacon Layer Cake with Yogurt Icing (recipe included with photo):

  • Cammy Gollner

    How creative! My husband loves German Chocolate cakes, although the frosting is a bit chunky for my liking! The other cake he likes is a chocolate cake from the great cookbook writer, Marlene Sorosky. The secret ingredient to making it so moist? Beets! Yes. You don’t taste them and it’s amazing what a lovely texture it gives the cake. My next two favorites, for Dad, or anyone, are Tirimisu cake and finally coconut cake….Bon Apetite!

  • Keri Przebienda

    I can hardly wait for the recipes! I want to make the breakfast cake for my boys. We make a trip to the Bongo Room in Chicago for one of our favorites -banana bacon flapjacks. In my house, meatloaf is a family favorite. The cake version is very intriguing, it would put a fun twist on it this holiday. The peas can be arranged in the form of a Christmas tree. Tori – your ingenuity Is just amazing:-)

  • Ingrid Ruiz

    Wow all of them look amazing. Love it!!!! :)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    wow lots of cake!

  • Emily Beebe

    Wow…first question…WHERE oh, where do you find the time??? I have two and could NEVER make that happen!!! My most creative was a Harley Davidson symbol cake for my motorcycle riding/fixing hubby ;)

  • Myeleah

    So creative & yummy!!!! You guys are so sweet to each other! Love seeing a happy marriage & family! I love how Hattie is looking at the cake when Dean is blowing out the candles!

    I am a vegetarian but that stack of bacon,maple pancakes is enough to make me drool! I do loves me some pancakes!

  • desi

    Love the bacon, maple pancake cake! Makes me want to eat some pancakes right now. Love all your ideas! What a special birthday. Glad he had a great day with his wife and kids…

  • Sharon Kruschen

    So creative! You go Tori! Here is my creative cake:

  • Kiara Ramirez

    I was drooling just by reading and then the pictures popped up! everything looks delish, and I love the cake with the condoms! I’m a cake decorator but probably my most inventive cake has been the gumball machine and maybe the baby bassinet with the mobile, it was pretty cute and the future mama cried when she saw it. I’m straving now! I want some of that meat loaf and mash patatoes cake

  • Gabby Gray

    My boyfriend plays the saxophone, so for his birthday I baked a sheet cake and then carved it into the shape of a saxophone. I dyed some vanilla icing to try and make it a gold color(which came out orange, but good enough) and piped black icing for the keys on the instrument. My boyfriend loved the cake so much he didn’t want to cut into it lol.

  • T-Bird

    Tori, you are so amazing and have such great style. These cakes look so amazing you are the best!!!!!

  • Jayme Dowdy

    I made a Lorax Smash Cake for my friends son Lucas’ 1st Birthday

  • munchkin munchies

    What a fun and fabulous idea to make cakes throughout the day for the Birthday Boy (or girl)! I want to do that in the future:) Cake #1 sounds so innovative and amazing!

  • al

    saw this pasta cake, it reminded me of the cakes you made: