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Women the world over can continue debating whether it’s worse to be really pregnant in the heat of Summer or in the icy chill of Winter. (We’ll stay neutral and say both are pretty tough.) But if it’s the colder months when you’ll be in full bloom, then now’s the time to start stocking up on Winter-appropriate maternitywear that will take you and your bump through the season in style and comfort. Keep clicking for the 10 must-have items you need to add to your maternity wardrobe now!

A Heavy Coat
You can try to make your regular coat work while you’re pregnant, but when you’re walking through a snowstorm with your belly covered in nothing more than a thin sweater, you might regret the choice. Instead, invest in a Winter coat that will keep your bump nice and toasty. Our picks: Gap’s fur-trim puffer jacket ($198) and Topshop’s navy Emmie fur-lined coat ($150).

A Party Dress
On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll need one great dress for that New Year’s Eve party. Sure, you might be in bed by 11, but you’ll feel great while you last wearing MoM’s sequin dress ($249).

A Pop of Color
Gray skies and icy temperatures can darken an expectant mama’s mood, so brighten things up with a pop of bold color. Topshop’s bright-red knot-front dress ($72) is perfect for a holiday party, ASOS’s swingy loose-knit drape top ($32) in oil-blue will become your new favorite thing to wear, and Gap’s hot-pink cords ($65) are both cozy and cute.

A Sweater Dress
Comfort is key during pregnancy, so if you’re trucking to the office every day, then you need to find a wardrobe solution that’s easy to wear and looks pulled-together, i.e. a sweater dress. Our favorites this season all come in shades of navy. Topshop’s rib-knit dress ($57) comes in a cool shade of indigo. ASOS’s knitted striped dress ($62) is perfect with tights and ankle boots. Gap’s rib-sleeve dress ($55) has gray-and-navy stripes.

A Button-Down or Tunic
The perfect layering piece for moms-to-be who are hot, then cold, then hot again, a button-down or tunic is a step up from a t-shirt and looks great with jeans or leggings and under a pullover sweater or cardigan. Our picks: Gap’s blouson henley tunic in black ($50), Topshop’s studded-collar military shirt ($80), and ASOS’s boyfriend shirt with shadow pockets ($53).

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A Cozy Sweater
A cute sweater lets you look put-together without really trying. Pick up a cardigan, like this striped version from Ripe Maternity ($89), for easy on-and-off when those pregnancy hormones leave you sweltering. Or throw Topshop’s ombré cable-knit jumper ($90) over a pair of leggings, and you’re good to go in the snow.

A Great Scarf
If you don’t want to invest a lot in maternity clothes (and who does?), then a great scarf can make even the simplest maternity tee and jeans look pulled-together and chic. There are tons of great options out there, but we especially like Marc Jacobs’s lizard dot scarf ($178) and Nordstrom’s cashmere pom-pom wrap ($138), available in a dozen colors.

A Lightweight Coat
The best part of being pregnant in the Winter is that your blooming body produces it’s own heat, so you might only need a lightweight coat to go from home to car to work/shop/restaurant/etc. Our high-end pick is the maternity cape from Hatch ($378), but ASOS’s fit-and-flare wool coat ($150) is equally chic.

A Chic Pair of Flat Boots
Walking in high heels while pregnant is treacherous enough on its own, but add snow and ice to the equation, and it’s downright silly. Instead, splurge on a gorgeous pair of short boots or booties, on trend and much safer. Our picks: Ugg’s belted Deanna boot ($225) in burnished black suede and lined with breathable shearling, DV by Dolce Vita’s gray spotted calf hair Faven booties ($99), and J.Crew’s Booker midcalf boots with an ankle buckle ($275), available in spice (shown here) or black.

A Cozy Pair of Pants
For the days when you feel like hibernating but have to run a few errands, a cozy pair of pants is key. We’re obsessed with Hatch’s cashmere joggers ($188), available in five yummy colors and perfect for an afternoon on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. And ASOS’s soft cord maternity leggings ($35) work both at home and out on the town.

What are your maternity clothing musts for the winter months?

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