Honoring Veterans Day

Because yesterday was Veterans Day, I wanted to share this video of Liam & Stella’s school performance from last week to celebrate and remember all of the veterans who have bravely served our country.

Those sweet little voices singing that beautiful song made me cry my eyes out, and reminded me of how grateful I am to each and every person who has served this country.  Thank you for protecting our freedom, and for putting your lives on the line to make sure that we are safe. 

Do you have any veterans that you’d like to honor?  Tell me about them in the comments below.



  • A Turner

    I am from a family of Veterans. My grandfather proudly served in the Marines during WWII. My father served in the Army Reserves in the 60’s. I married my husband when he was serving active duty in the US Army. My sister and her fiance are both in the IL National Guard. Their unit is currently deployed to Kuwait. I am so proud and thankful for their service. God Bless our troops and God Bless the USA!

  • desi

    My daddy who is 84 and has always been my hero is a Korean War veteran. I am thankful for him everyday and for all the brave soldiers who have served this country.

  • ksu2000grad

    I always to honor my dad, a Vietnam vet. He doesn’t talk about his time over there very often, but the few times he’s talked about what happened to him over there I know I’m truly blessed to be here because he didn’t meet my mother until after he returned to the states. I don’t think he realized the situations he would be in since he was in Communications within the Air Force. He actually ordered a sports car to be ready for him when he arrived back to the states. The irony is that he finally decided to receive his veterans plate from the state and the three letters on it were AWL. Our family has had a good laugh about that.

    Actually, I saw Lee Greenwood perform this song at the Chiefs/Redskins game in DC a couple weeks after 9/11. I had planned the trip out east in May to visit my aunt. A lot of people thought I was crazy for traveling so soon to that area, but that performance (and a Chiefs win) almost made the whole thing worth it.

  • Joleen Marie Crosta

    My husband is my hero and a veteren. He joined after 9/11 when he was 20 and proudly served his country in the us army for 8 years. He completed a year tour in Iraq and came home safely to us. I am so proud and blessed to be his wife. God bless our veterans and our troops!

  • Elizabeth Fine

    My hubby is a member of the US Coast Guard. He is out there defending our shores from attacks while helping those in need after hurricanes and natural disasters too. Such a sweet video Tori- please remember those members of the US Coast Guard today who are here defending our waters. xoxo

  • Rosie Eder

    That was too sweet. I am a proud daughter of a vet. Especially since this year my dad isn’t here anymore to help me celebrate it. I will always be thankful ppl like my dad exist.

  • Shemaine Smith

    I am so proud that all the men in my family and my Auntie are Veteran’s and all the men on hubby’s side too. I am so proud that our families have served their country. We have enjoyed hearing all of their stories and experiences. Thankfully all returned home safely after their tours. Thank you for posting this sweet video and paying tribute to our Veteran’s and active military.

  • Kerry Krueger

    My Father and Uncle served in the National Guard through the Army back in the 60’s. They never went to war. After a few years in that though my Dad went on to the Air Force. My Grandfather has since passed, but he was actually in WWII and was one lucky guy to come back to and marry my Grandmother. My Boyfriend served in the army in the 80’s but didn’t go to war. I have some friends and know of others who have served. A cousins other cousin was in the marines and was deployed into Africa for a while before he came back to California. Needless to say, I am proud of everyone of them. That is hard, tough work. They put their lives in danger regardless of being in any kind of battle. My heart just cries out to the ones who have lost their life while in battle. Everybody in the military are heroes to me.

  • Kiki Walker

    My three brothers, Dwight-joined Marine- 1961-1964, Elden-joined Navy- 1968-1973 , Robert-joined Army1970-1974. My husband, who was in the Navy for 11 years- 1975-1986, and My son – Navy, 1998-2004, plus I like to thank all others people who joined the armes forces to help protect our country.. without them, we wouldn’t be living freely!!!! God Bless ALl of them!

  • Joie Gunter

    While he’s not a veteran yet, I am extremely proud of my husband who is a United States Marine. I would also like to honor his late commanding officer, LtCol Palmer, who lost his life in Afghanistan and left behind a wonderful wife and 3 beautiful, strong children.

  • Kristina Carter

    So sweet! Both my grandfathers served in WW II, my father served in Vietnam and retired with 25 years in the Air Force. And a wonderful friend Micheal Uvanni who lost his life serving our country in Iraq in 2008. Without these brave men (and all other veterans and active duty military personnel) we would not have safety and our freedoms in our great country!