Hattie’s Halloween Costume!



This year for Halloween, Miss Hattie Cat payed homage to her favorite food and went as Spaghetti & Meatballs. I DIY’ed this costume for Hattie myself, and I was thrilled to see how much she loved it! She was ALL about her costume, and was posing for pictures left and right. And I must say, she looks deliciously adorable!

I’ll be posting our entire family’s Halloween pics tomorrow in a big picTORIal, so make sure to check back.

Did anyone DIY your little one’s Halloween costume? And did any of you guess Hattie’s costume?


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  • MamaPaws

    Ahhhhwwww, she is so cute. Good job Tori! Makes me wanna just eat her up!!!!

  • Erin pett

    hi tori I read your story in us weekly.I was bawling like crazy

  • Mandy Klasen

    Ohhh I love it! Love creative costumes!

  • Meghan Comstock

    My daughter dressed up as Audrey Hepburn. Her dress and headband was made by a friend of mine.

  • Jennifer Palmer

    So cute! I dressed my 6 week old up as a candy corn. I made his costume out of fleece without a pattern, I just used his swaddle sack for measurements. It came out really cute!


  • Heather Drudge

    I made my 3 month old into a Baby Ruth candy bar. Just cut out felt letters and applied it to a white sleep gown. It turned out great and I am not crafty at all!!

  • Kathy Johnson

    Sphagetti and meatballs!! Such a cutie pie!

  • Kristina Carter

    That is just precious! You really out did yourself! She looks adorable!!!

  • Chris Senesac

    I dressed my 9 year old up at Medusa. We just used a black dress, then spray painted her teased hair green and added a few snakes put in with rubber bands.

  • Jamie Freedman

    Adorable!! My two yr old was a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man that my mom & I made. I bought a white sweat suit and my mom sewed elastics inside to make the fat rolls, then we took a navy blue pillow case cut into a bib and sewed a white ribbon around the edges. Then added a red bow. For his hat we used his 5 yr old brother’s chef’s hat and sewed together navy ribbon and in white iron on letters “Stay Puft”. We put on a navy button on top with a red ribbon hanging from it. It was absolutely adorable! My oldest was a ghost buster but we bought his costume.


  • Karen Sans

    That is darling! That is one of my daughter’s favorite meals too and she often looks like that when she’s done. Great idea.

  • Vicki A

    SpagHattie and meatballs!!! Beyond adorable!!!!

  • Alison Jones

    How cute is that! She is adorable!

  • shyla white

    That is the perfect costume for her! My mom made my kids costumes this year. My 6 year old daughter was a cowgirl complete with chaps and my 4 month old son was a zebra with a black feather boa mane.

  • Kathy Votaw

    OMG! This baby is just too cute! Very clever Mommy too! :)

  • Nancy Cress

    Very cute!!! Check out my little boy. I did the same thing when he was 6 months.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/captured_by_nancy/8145667701/” title=”425870_248625875219477_744265281_n_cleaned by Photography_byme, on Flickr”>http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8189/8145667701_7a5cf4197b.jpg” width=”346″ height=”500″ alt=”425870_248625875219477_744265281_n_cleaned”>

  • Ann Crook

    My 10 year old son was standing beside me when I pulled this up and he immediately said “that baby is dressed up like Spaghetti!!!”. What a great and original costume idea. I might have to steal this one next year for one of my older kids. They would think it is a hoot.

  • desi

    Oh, she is just too adorable! What a cutie and what a mommy!

  • Jean Gilman

    I can’t get my “big” kids to dress up anymore BUT my hubby and I dressed up this year as part of a group. We were condiments. Ketchup, Mustard, Relish and A-1 Sauce. I DIY’d the relish and A-1. SO much fun. Green sweat suit, brown sweat suit, puffy paint on felt for the “labels” which then got sewn to the front of the sweat suits, and poster board strips wrapped around our heads for the “caps” of the bottles. For some added fun, I taped a bunch of green curling ribbon from the inside of the “cap” on the relish bottle!

  • Amber S. Wallace


    Yes! I made these Disney/Pixar Inspired Wall-E costumes for me and my son Nate! Wall-E has been Nate’s favorite since he was 2. His favorite color is even yellow because of him, and I think I have the entire movie memorized for watching it so much. So when it came down to picking costumes out this year, we knew it would be Wall-E! And Nate was so excited when I agreed to be Eve. I looked and looked online for a costume but none seemed to look worth the money or easy enough to get in and out of the car for trick or treating. So, off to Walmart we went and took a list of things to make our own costumes, and for under $25 a piece! For the Wall-E costume, we bought a yellow short sleeved shirt, a grey long sleeve shirt, black sweatpants, grey gloves and a grey cap. For the Eve costumes you will need a long sleeve black shirt, long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve white shirt, black leggings, black shorts, black gloves and a white cap. We also bought a variety of colored felt squares and craft glue to cut out and glue together for all of the Wall-E buttons, eyes, and for Eve’s eyes and green leaf button. Each costume was made for around $25 a peice! It was also featured on The Indie Tot blog yesterday!

    Amber S. Wallace


  • Lemon Meringue

    The sweetest bowl of Spag I’ve ever seen. And the winner for best pun ever is in my humble opinion Vicki A!! SpagHattie, hahaha.

    We don’t celebrate Halloween over here, but we do have a fancy dress holiday called Carnaval, it’s the period before Lent (February). Last year I DIY-ed two mummies, wrapped the eldest two in metres and metres of ripped white cotton sheets (bought them for a few cents in the charityshop). It looked great, especially with the ghastly white facial paint, complete with smokey coloured smears all over it. And they stood out of the crowd, because a lot of their schoolmates were dressed in nice but prefab costumes: 35 Superheroes, 18 girls dressed as Spanish Flamengo dancers, quite a few Ninja’s, and the occasional Sponge Bob.

    But I will keep this Spaghetti in mind for my youngest meatball next Carnaval! It looks do-able, consider a How To post please!

  • Lindsey S

    Awwwhh! Miss Hattie is adorable!! Great job making her costume Tori!

  • Erin

    I made my 3 years old Alvin Chipmunk costume it was easy but I did it myself! Hattie is so cute

  • DairyFreeMama

    My son asked to be the Tivo guy/logo. So my husband made it for him. He won second place for his age group (age 8) at our local neighborhood Halloween festival.

  • Chelsea Kidd

    Miss Hattie Cat looks ADORABLE! I would have loved this costume when I was little! “Pasketti” was my favorite food too when I was her age! I may have to remember and steal this DIY idea for a future child one day 😉 I hope the McDermotts had a happy and fun Halloween :)

  • Karen H

    Awww! Cutest “spagHattie” ever :)

  • vermonter35

    What a cute little outfit for a cute little girl. Tori, I love that there are still mom’s that enjoy making costumes. My daughter still makes her my 3 granddaughters costumes every year. My granddaughter Hannah was a gumball machine that dispensed 2 gumballs at a time this year. She was very popular at school with the children. HA. It was a super cute outfit. http://blessedsoul35.blogspot.com/

  • R

    She’s just the cutest little meatball ever.

  • Tracey Charles

    hahaaha! That’s adorable! Very creative – you did a good job!

  • doreen porzio

    OMG!!!! Hattie is sooo ADORABLE!!! What a wonderful Costume!!! It looks TERRIFIC!!! She looks like a LIVING DOLL!!!! Tori, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! You did a UNBELIEVABLE JOB!!! Hattie Cat is the Bomb!!! Love her little meatballs!!!…. Just hope she doesn’t grow up to want to have her “meatball days” LoL :)) Love it!!!

  • Gina Zornacki

    How fun is that costume!! Such a fun and creative idea for sure!! Seriosuly the cutest spaghetti and meatball ever :)

  • Tammy Entwistle


    OMG! That is really cute!

  • Nicole LeGrand

    Love your family Tori! Maely and I hope you like her very FIRST Halloween costume!


  • Shami

    Super Cute again. Wauw adorable!

  • Suzanne Brown

    I made one out of three of my kiddos costumes this year! My little Foxy Loxy,

    doubles as a school dress when Halloween is over :)


    Hattie’s costume was adorable!!

  • Marisol Valdez

    How creative, I love it!! I wish I had a creative bone in my body….but I just sit back and watch with envy at everything you do! Come decorate my house Tori! :)))

  • Annie

    great job!