Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life

 Today is a really special day here in the McDermott household. I thank the heavens and Doreen and David McDermott for giving me the love of my life. It’s Dean’s birthday today. He is and forever will be my true love, my best friend, and my partner in crime. I honestly can’t believe that it’s been 7 years since we met. I feel like I’ve known Dean for a lifetime… He has given me so much – He is my universe and together we created the most beautiful 4 planets there could ever be. He shows me love I have never known (and didn’t think could ever exist). And, this past year he has gone beyond showing what the vows “In sickness and in health” mean in a marriage. He is the man love songs are made from and my dream come true.

But, it’s not just my dreams he’s made come true. Our kids couldn’t be luckier to have him as a Dad. He brings new meaning to the phrase “hands on” and makes it look effortless. He inspires me everyday. He is my perfect match in every way, and I thank our angels every day for bringing us together.

To celebrate Dean’s birthday, let’s take a little stroll down McDermott memory lane:





























8brRPpbWs5tnZGduuChPhXRK.png:Amazon:photoMe & Dean the day that Finn was born



6 years of marriage, a beautiful stepson, 4 babies and infinite stinky diapers later, I love this man more than ever.

Happy birthday babe!

Do you want to wish Dean a happy birthday? Leave your birthday love in the comments below!


  • Tracy Martinez

    Happy Birthday Dean!!!

  • Mandy Klasen

    Happy Birthday Dean! You are definately an inspiration to all dads and husbands out there!

  • Kathy Johnson

    Happy Birthday Dean! What a beautiful note your wife has written for you. It’s exactly how I feel about MY husband, even after 34 years! You are a lucky husband and father. Have a fun day today :)

  • Sammy Schneider

    Happy Birthday Dean! You’re an inspiration to all.

  • Monica Baker

    Your love for each truly touches my heart. Hope I find that one day.

  • Juliet Grant

    Happy Birthday Dean, you are the best husband ever, have a good one.

  • Jill Kehoe

    Happy Birthday Dean enjoy your day!

  • Tracey Charles

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAN!! Have a terrific day!

  • Kretta Loechel

    Happy birthday Dean! Enjoy your day and family!

  • Melissa

    FINALLY saw the movie where you met a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking for it for ages. You are both an inspiration – together nothing can stop you! Take care of each other and Happy Birthday Dean!

  • Jeanne

    Hi Dean! This is the first time I’ve actually seen your oldest son. How handsome is he!! Happy Birhtday! My Mom and I adore your family. I know it’s not easy; but obviously you and Tori have decided the positives out weigh the hardships – as any marriage has. You have such a beautiful family! Love, Jeanne

  • Helena Norman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dean! I hope you have a blessed and wonderful birthday.

  • Courtney Baker

    Happy Birthday Dean!!!

  • Janice Peaker

    Happy birthday Dean!! I hope you have an awesome birthday !

  • Brenda B.

    Happy Birthday, Dean! I hope you have a fantastic day with your family. Tori, thank you so very much for sharing those gorgeous photos of you, Dean & your kids. :)

  • Donna Layton

    Happy Birthday!! May you have many many more!!!

  • Kelli Coffman-Lewis

    Happy Birthday, Dean! :) I hope you have an awesome day and an amazing year!

  • poochicat

    Happy Birthday Dean! Hope this year brings you and your beautiful family many wonderful joyous moments and an abundant amount of unforgettable blessings. May laughter and happiness follow you all always! Thank You tori for sharing your life, pictures and wonderful stories with us! You all are the best! Have a great Year to all of you and an early Happy Blessed Thanksgiving! :) XOXO

  • Jenny

    Happy Birthday Dean! Today is my hubby’s birthday as well! xo, Jenny

  • Emily Campbell

    Happy Birthday Dean!! Have a wonderful day!!

  • Lia68

    Buon Compleanno!!!

  • melissa Greely


  • Sue Wile

    What an amazing group of pictures to display the obvious love in your family, between you all to each other. Happy Birthday Dean, God Bless you and your family and protect you through this life. You are a beautiful family and it is my joy to share with you all the love and happenings of your family as you chose to share with us all. Canada says hello and we love you.

  • Jessica Nelson

    Very sweet!

  • Nicole Schlenker Lowe

    Happy Birthday Dean!! It’s my daughter’s birthday today too – she is 5 yrs old (going on 14! lol)…These pictures are beautiful – you are an amazing family, Tori & Dean (& kidlets) 😀

  • Fran


  • MGM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAN!! Tori your life just gives me such hope!!!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    the pictures are breathtaking! Happy BIrthday Dean! you family is so blessed to have each other

  • Sandra Beyer

    Happy Birthday Dean :)
    The pictures are BEAUTIFUL

  • Jordan Yaworski

    All of these pictures are beautiful. I can only dream of having a husband like Dean!

  • Ingrid Ruiz

    Happy Birthday Dean!!!! Hope you have a great day with you beautiful family.

  • SuzyQ

    What a beautiful blessed Family…Happy Birthday Dean…wishing u a lifetime of Health & Happiness :)

  • Shemaine Smith

    Happy Birthday Dean! I am sure Tori has something special planned for you today. These photos are so beautiful and the both of you are beautiful together. Dean’s warmth and awesome fathering skills always shined on Tori & Dean…miss seeing you both every week on Oxygen. Enjoy your special day!

  • Jeffers75

    Lovely photos and today is also my birthday hope you have a lovely day. Xxx

  • Joyce Rodriguez

    Happy Birthday Dean! Thank you both for sharing so much of your lives with us! I totally wish you a day full of love, happiness and all that you wish for! You are very blessed! <3 The pictorial is awesome!! I can only hope that someday I will find the love of my life like you both have!

  • Nini

    Happy Birthday Dean, and congratulations on the amazing family you and Tori have. I always enjoyed watching your reality show. You, Tori, the children and animals make for wonderful family television, and are very good examples of how family life should be. Your children (and animals) are very lucky to live with you. Enjoy your day, and all the best for the coming year. Cheers from Magog, Qu

  • Elizabeth Fine

    Happy Birthday Dean. I feel like we are family just from watching the show and knowing that my hubby and you would get along wonderfully. You are a great dad and I love watching you with the kids. And as a Tori fan, thank you for being such a loving husband to her!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your sweet family! xoxo Elizabeth

  • MamaPaws

    Happy birthday Dean, you have such a beautiful family! Hope you have a great one.

  • Jules

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy Dean! I must say, I really admire you and Tori. You really make parenting seem effortless, but real! That’s what I enjoy so much about you two. You have a precious family, and that has to be the greatest birthday gift ever…one that keeps on giving:)
    Love them up always, and have a super day:)

    Peace and Joy – Julie

  • LKm

    Happy Birthday Dean! You two are incredible and the reason why I keep wanting to have more babies! I know nothing comes easy in life, but really, just one look at all those gorgeous babes must make it worthwhile. (at least just a bit, i know that was too scary for all.) Tori, I live vicariously thru you.

  • desi

    Happy Birthday Dean! Thank you and Tori for sharing your beautiful pictures. Your family is gorgeous. Thank you for being a hands-on Dad. My Dad was like you and he is 84 now. I still cherish the memories of him and how he cared for us growing up. Your children will too. Best wishes!

  • Linda McGrory

    11/16/12′ – Fri. @5:58p.

    Happy Birthday and have a great one! Enjoy your special day!!

    Linda McGrory
    Wilmington, Delaware 19809

  • Tammie

    Happy Birthday, What a nice look into your life as a happy couple and family. Thanks and enjoy with your family.

  • Lemon Meringue

    Congratulations Dean and CHEERS! I wish you loads of health, many years of love and luck and a very good time with Tori and all of your children! And to you Tori … you have the ability to write things that make me well up all the time! I like to think it is because you write from the bottom of your heart, I think it’s inspiring.

  • Lemon Meringue

    And a little p.s.: Is it really only seven years that the two of you are together? It looks like at least seven lifes! All them children and a lot going on: old souls united in a unique match, that’s what the two of you look like. Bless you!

  • Melody Duguid

    Happy Birthday!!! You two make me so happy when I see you together…

  • kelly noone

    happy birthday dean u r the greatest husband and daddy and i hope u have a wonderful day thanks kelly noone in indiana

  • Liz Zapata

    Happy birthday Deano! No doubt your day has been extra special, best wishes from Texas!

  • Lara Medina

    Happy Birthday!!! You guys have gorgeous pictures!!! I esp love the very first one!!! And the one with the guitars! Precious!!

  • rebeck

    Happy BDay Dean. You are a great Dad. Hope you had a super day, surrounded by the ones you love.

  • Rose White

    Happy Birthday Dean! May God continue to bless and have favor upon you and your family.

  • Lis

    Happy Birthday! It’s so nice to see such a happy family, thanks for sharing!

  • teetee

    Happy Birthday to you..happy birthday to you..happy birthday dear Dean …Happy Birthday to you! Hope that your day is wonderful!

    I love your sweet family..may God continue to bless your marriage and family!


  • bouranol

    Happy Birthday Dean, enjoy the day with your beautiful family <3

  • Renee Duryee

    Happy Birthday Dean!! I hope you are having a beautiful day with your beautiful family:) Cheers to another great year ahead!!!

  • Monica Boring

    Happy birthday Dean!!! Hope youve had a wonderful day and got to spend every minute with your amazing family :) you guys are such an inspiration to so many

  • Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Blessings Dean~ May you & yours have a lifetime full of them!

    Dean & Tori you two have made some gorgeous babies!!! I love your tats of love for your beautiful wife Tori!!! And I commend you both for your love & not being afraid to show others how its done!

  • Renatta Doerksen

    Happy birthday Dean! Hold on tight to him Tori as husbands like him are hard to find. I know, my husband is one of them. He too has been amazing through some health issues and just with his general love and care for our family.

  • Danae Amato

    Happy Birthday Dean!!! Glad you’re in this birthday club with my baby girl…she’s keeping good company!
    May your day be as full of love, laughter and joy as you bring to the lives of your family every day!

  • Tracy Bercegeay

    I have never enjoyed following the lives of any celebrities until I discovered Tori and Dean. They are truly a match made in heaven, and they compliment each other so well! On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come!

  • Camille Andreiuci

    As others have said I NEVER wrote to celbrities before, not even when I was a teenager many, many years ago. But Tori & Dean and their adorable family are different. I feel like I’m a part of whatever they are doing from the comfort of my own home. If EVER you guys are in the Boynton Beach, FL area it would be my honor to cook up a special Italian dinner for all the McDermotts. Happy Birthday Dean – just love watching you & your family grow.

  • Kendra Linze

    I hope that you had a good birthday Dean! Yesterday was my b-day, too! I’m glad that I share it with such an awesome person!! I love watching all of your shows and think that your family is great! I hope to see new shows soon!

  • Annika Thorsell

    Happy birthday Dean!! Wish you all the best.

  • Stephanie Smith

    Happy birthday, Dean! I wish you and Tori all the best.

  • dolores

    Dear Dean: Have a very very Happy Birthday. I have watched your shows and love them. I don’t like or watch reality shows but love yours as you both are so real and caring and have such a lovely family. I haven’t seen the last two additions to your family as I had no time to watch those shows but with winter coming, will have more time to start again. I have seen how caring you are to Tori and watch out for her and her needs and all the help you give her. She is a lucky lady to have suh a wonderful man in her life and I am sure you are too to have her in yours.

    Much love and happiness in your coming years to you both. Hope to see you both in movies on TV again soon.

  • daisy reguero


  • Renatta Doerksen

    Happy birthday Dean! You are a wonderful husband and father, so enjoy your day, you’ve earned it. Wishing you many more!

  • Aimee Hausinger

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday celebrating with your amazing family!! Happy Birthday Dean!!

  • Shawnee Penkacik

    Happy Birthday Dean!! I hope you had a blessed and wonderful day with your family and friends!!

  • an jing

    Happy Birthday Dean!! I hope you had a blessed and wonderful day with your family and friends!!Happy Birthday Dean!! I hope you had a blessed and wonderful day with your family and friends!!Happy Birthday Dean!! I hope you had a blessed and wonderful day with your family and friends!!Happy Birthday Dean!! I hope you had a blessed and wonderful day with your family and friends!!

  • Kristin

    Happy belated birthday Dean! You guys really are the cutest, sweetest family and you seem like an amazing husband and father!!
    I hope you have the best year ahead!!

  • Donna

    Happy belated birthday Dean, you are an amazing husband and father. You show such patience and calmess with the children and Tori. What an amazing family!

  • Kathie

    I just joined Editorial today after seeing you all online and being so happy for your beautiful family. You can feel the love. Dean, you are blessed to have such a lovely family, but that’s all part of who you are as a kindhearted, caring, and obviously loving father and husband. You are a big part of why your marriage works. I wish you a belated birthday — and I am sure everything that is said about you is all true. Enjoy!

  • Kathie

    P.S. Just also wanted to say I LOVE the photos; keep em coming! Your family is absolutely adorable. Always treasure each other.

  • FirstTimeMomma

    Just signed up to the website, and saw this – so precious, photographs like that are a beautiful treasure! We are expecting our first child, so it’s a very special time right now – can’t wait to be able to have beautiful family photos like these, of our own soon-to-be family :). Love watching all the episodes and seasons of Tori & Dean – happy belated birthday Dean, from a fellow Canadian! :)

  • courtney cuthbert

    That little tiny dress is so cute its ridic!

  • didine

    Tori et Dean, je vous adore

  • Stacey

    What a beautiful family.

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