Finn’s First Halloween!



Now that you’ve seen my little Spaghetti & Meatballs, it’s time to show off my little piece of sushi! For Finn’s first Halloween, I decided to DIY him a costume of one of my all-time favorite foods. Not only did the costume turn out totally cute (if I do say so myself), but Finn loved it and was super comfy all swaddled in his white rice blanket.


My bite-sized little man!

So what do you think of my little piece of sushi? Don’t you just want to eat him up?

Stay tuned because later today I’ll be showing you how I turned my little Finn into a delectable piece of sushi, and also how I transformed Hattie into a messy and mouthwatering plate of Spaghetti & Meatballs.

How did you dress your newborns for Halloween?


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  • Eliza

    So adorable, and creative!

  • doreen porzio

    This is the perfect costume for Finn! The swaddled blanket so he feels snug & secure! We all know how you LOVE your Sushi!!! Just TOOOO ADORABLE!!! LOVE IT!!! Finn is SO CUTE!!!!! xoxo :))

  • Kathleen Orland

    Holy smokes, he looks like Dean!

  • julie ricordeau

    Trop mignon

  • Lemon Meringue

    CUTE and definitely a great job!!! But I guess he would even look adorable just wrapped in a grey binbag, allthough this looks far more cosy and comfy. There is one thing that strikes me though: all them baby Halloween outfits in your home do seem to have a connection: FOOD! Last year Hattie was a turkey, this year Spaghetti, now Finn was all dressed foodeliciously fishy; can’t wait what you serve for next year’s Halloween!

  • Tracey Charles

    hahaha! Hysterical :) OMG, how did you keep the camera steady – you had to be laughing so hard at how cute he looked!

  • teetee

    Super cute..love Finn and Hattie’s costumes!

  • Gina Zornacki

    Absolutely adorable!!

  • MamaPaws

    He looks so warm and cozy! Prob slept right through the whole thing. Perfect for a little one, to young to really understand what the heck is going on, lol. Loved Hatties too, hope you post pics of Liam and Stella also. Wondering if they were foods also?

  • desi

    He looks so cute and comfortable! Yes, I could just eat him up! Sushi is my favorite too and he sure does make a cute sushi!!!

  • Kelly Parthen

    Very fitting with the VIPea we just released, Nori Spelling!


  • Rita Sunderland

    Love it :) And I think he is enjoying his first Halloween )


  • Tammy Entwistle


    That is so cute! I’ll tell you Dean & you work beautiful and handsome kids.

  • Joyce Rodriguez

    sooo adorable!! i wish i was HALF as crafty as you Goddess Tori!! you’re my hero! :)

  • vermonter35

    Oh Tori, SUPER CUTE!!! Love their costumes. I can’t wait for the rest.

  • Myeleah

    LOL!!!!! SO creative! Wow, Finn looks like Liam!

  • Shami

    Super Cute! you really did your best! You may be proud of yourself.