Dean’s Days with Finn



The other day Dean posted some ridiculously cute and sweet pics of Finn on his website and I had to share with you guys. I took the pic above of my beautiful husband snuggling with my beautiful baby, and I felt like my heart was going to explode. Seeing how wonderful a father Dean is makes me fall more and more in love with him every day… and watching little Finn grow each day fills my heart with so much happiness and love.

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Dean wrote a whole post about how things have been with a new baby at home which you can check out HERE. Just a warning – make sure you have some Kleenex nearby. It’s so sweet and heartfelt, you might shed a tear or two.

So far who do you think Finn looks most like? Liam, Stella or Hattie?


  • Ashley Taylor

    In that last picture I feel like he is totally Liam! What an adorable, sweet boy! :)

  • Allison Mays

    I think he looks just like Liam! So sweet! Love you Tori!

  • Lori Berretta

    Oh my gosh, Liam Jr!!!!!

  • Tammy Schneider Randle

    For sure Liam. I had to take a double look at the 2nd picture. I think so far Hattie had a look of her own in the family………..all so very cute

  • Momof4Blondies

    Liam for sure!!

  • Marlynn

    I think he has Liam’s eyes and Stella’s expression.
    He is so precious! :)

  • Robin Powell

    He looks like Liam and so far, Liam and Stella look like Dean. Hattie it’s hard to say and from what I’ve seen of Finn, he might look like Dean too.

    Three of your kids definately have Dean’s eyes.

  • Lara Medina

    He is a mini Liam!

  • Jackie C

    Tori I started welling up at this post. After knowing what you went through with your pregnancy he is truly a miracle. He looks just like Liam!!

  • Nicole Sullivan

    Liam! Those eyes…pure preciousness

  • Nicole Troccoli

    Wow he looks just like Liam! Reminds me of your days at the Inn! xoxo

  • Renee Duryee

    Tori!!! He is soooo adorable…a mini me of Liam for sure!! I think Liam favors you & even see traits similar to your brother Randy and Stella favors Dean’s side, but still too early to tell yet who Hattie favors. Adorableness nonetheless!!! :)

  • Robyn Weber

    Oh my gosh, precious photos. Let’s see … Baby Finn looks like big brother, Liam. Stella looks EXACLTY like Dean. Hattie TOTALLY looks like Tori. I think Liam actually looks like Randy — he’s definitely a Spelling. Enjoy your gorgeous family this holiday season and thanks so much for sharing their photos.

  • Heather Harris

    He’s a little cutie! Each of them have some looks of the both of you, but was wow at how much Finn looks like mini Liam!! They’re all precious and glad that things are going well for the both of you after all that you had gone through.

  • Donna Layton

    Looks like Liam!! He’s so cute!!

  • MomOf2Lovies

    Definitely looks like Liam! Wow!

  • Sharon M

    Such precious pictures. Finn is an absolute cute. He looks so much like Liam.

  • Ann Crook

    Isn’t it funny how strangers see resemblances in your kids that you may not even see? Everyone always says that my son looks like his dad, but I totally see my side, particularly my mom, in him. Everyone also says that my daughter looks like me, but I don’t see a single shred of me in her….to me, she is all daddy. I look at that bottom pic of Finn, and immediately I see Liam! I have always thought that Liam looked like Randy, so it is funny to see that others agree. Stella is all Dean. And Hattie is all Tori, and also a bit of Tori’s mom.

  • Haley Prather

    woah! it’s liam the second!!!! crazy!

  • chata

    at first I thought he looked like Hattie; but now I see so much of Stella and Liam in him.

  • Elizabeth Fine

    Oh my goodness! Finn is a teeny tiny squishy Liam! So much like Liam! Adorable. xoxo Tori and family! Elizabeth

  • Jeanne Tutt

    he looks so much like Liam! hahaha I see above others feel the same way :) adorable! You have a wonderful family!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Mini Liam! You gotta love a doting daddy (or is it a dozing daddy, I mean, being a parent of five children with four under the age of 6, who wouldn’t take a powernap whenever you can?) You writing about your exploding heart made me think about that moments in our family of five and I am having my Kleenex moment right now! It’s a mixture of love, pride,vulnerability, hope, joy and melancholy: it is amazing how children can touch you right at the bottom of your soul. Ta love, for my happy moment of the day!

  • jhager4

    OMG – he looks just like Liam! You are so blessed with such a wonderful family!

  • Jody Chelmo

    Exactly like Liam- a little mini version of him! Such a doll!!!

  • sara

    He looks like a mini Liam for sure!

  • desi

    He looks so much like Liam! You can see it in the eyes. I just LOVE the picture of Dean and Finn. It is always so sweet to see a Dad cuddling his baby!

  • Jeanne

    In that pic. of him with the baseball hat, he looks Exactly like Liam. What a trip! Hey, did you name him after the character in Glee?

  • MamaPaws

    That pic is priceless. I did read his post few days ago and it was really really sweet. I think right now he looks like Liam ( who looks just like his daddy), but my guess is that as he grows older he will look more like you Tori. Stella also looks alot like Dean, and Hattie is you made over. I really think little Finn will too, just give it time.

  • Kiara Ramirez

    he looks a lot like Liam but not exactly. He is just as sweet, I remember LIam being that little no so long ago. the pictures are precious.

  • Myeleah

    OMGosh! Finn looks like Liam in the pic with the cap. Love the pic of him & Dean…great father’s day gift, framed!

  • Mrs. C

    Based on these two pictures of Finn, he’s a little Liam look-alike. Now they have each other to look like since Stella is spittin’ image of Dean and Hattie is a mini-Tori. Beautiful family.

  • Michelle From RI

    Liam, Liam Liam!! For sure! Hattie is you all over and Stella looks like Dean! What a great combination of you both tho!! Tori, on a. More serious note, I have a heart wrenching birth story of a colleague that I would like to share with you, since you shared your ordeal with your pregnancy with Finn. I wanted to private message you but don’t have Facebook any longer. How can I share this with you privately? Via email? And how? I have also shared this story with Ellen Defeneres, and being the wonderful person that you are, would like to share with ou as well. I know many people ask questions via this blog, but not sure if you answer them individually or not. No worries if our too busy or can’t share your email. Mine is theessentialtouch@verizon.net, if you can! Thanks, as always, for sharing our beautiful family with us!! I LOVED Hattie’s Mad Teaparty photos!! You are amazing!

  • Michelle From RI

    Oops! So sorry for all the typos!

  • Shewebb

    Oh he looks like Liam, had they been born closer together you’d think they were twins!

  • Jessica Provo

    He looks just like Liam! Wow

  • Nicole LeGrand


  • Cammy Gollner

    I agree with other posters, the second picture really does look a lot like Liam. I also think that Hatti looks more like Tori and Liam, and like Liam she’s got those gorgeous big blue eyes! (Stella is adorable too, and looks more like Dean).

  • Tammie

    As soon as I see him with his daddy, I could see that he looks just like Liam, but he looks the most like FINN…

  • ashley hopkins

    I think Finn looks alot like Liam all of you children are beautiful you both are so blessed which im sure you already know. Thank yu both for sharing ur life with all of us.

  • Susan Grayson

    He looks soooo much like LIAM!! I hope Finn will follow Liam’s step when he grows up… But Finn’s nose just like Stella’s nose… Your children are sooo adorable, beautiful, cute and gorgeous!!

  • kristen barnes

    The profile picture looks like Stella but when I scrolled down I thought you were showing a baby picture of Liam! He looks JUST Like Liam- so cute!

  • Emma Styles

    He looks like Liam! omg.. little Liam 😉

  • teetee

    Love the photos..loved the one with Dean and Finn the most..truly precious! Finn looks like his big brother Liam. :)

    God Bless your beautiful family!


  • megan malave

    He so cute

  • ilene schonhaus

    Finn looks like Liam. I always thought Hattie looks like u, your Mom and Dean.Shes a real combo.Each one of the kiddies have a very strong resembelance to there Daddy.All of the kiddies are so adorable. A beautiful family.

  • Kellen Helies

    def Liam whom i think looks like you and dean with a little of your dad. I used to nanny for a family of four the middle ones were boy and girl twins and her fourth looked just like the twin brother! Funny how that works!

  • Cindy Merricks Jones

    He is just so handsome, but I think he favors Liam. Just so precious.

  • Donna

    I think he looks like your adorable Liam

  • Maura Szigethy

    Little Finn looks exactly like Liam. If Liam were an infant right now, they could be twins.
    I must say, you two sure make beautiful babies!

  • Barbara

    Beautiful baby Finn, and beautiful message from Dad. You all look so good and so happy. Love and Blessings to all!!!

  • Jewel.lm61

    With that cap on, Finn looks like Liam. Lying on Dean’s chest, Finn’s profile is identical to Ddean’s!

  • Denise in San Francisco


  • Lwurm

    Liam looks likes Randy so does Finn!!