Caption This: Finn in Dreamland



How angelic does sleeping Finn look!? I love this pic of our little guy – he has such a happy and peaceful look on his face when he naps. My brother calls him Baby Buddha!

I like to think that when Finn is asleep he dreams of crafting, while Dean hopes he’s dreaming of motorcycle racing. Maybe we are both wrong and he’s simply putting together his plan to rule the world. Wishful thinking… I’m sure he’s just envisioning his next meal and diaper change.

What do you think Finn is dreaming of?


  • CraftyGirl09

    Finn is dreaming about how Thankful he is this Thanksgiving/Holiday Season that Dean ,you,Liam,Stella & Hattie are is Family:)

  • Ashley Taylor

    He is totally adorable! I think he is dreaming of your dad. :)

  • Shawnee Penkacik

    Finn is dreaming of his wonderful family and all of his blessings. He is adorable!! Congratulations!!

  • Catherine Ferrara

    Finn is thinking about how lucky he is to have such awesome loving parents and siblings that adore him tremendously. This is why he sleeps like an angel. He is content and blessed. You all are. Congrats and lots of love, happiness and enjoyment.

  • ErinK

    I think Finn is thinking about putting up your Christmas tree!
    We put ours up yesterday while playing Christmas music.
    When my kids were small like Finn, I would lay them close to the tree so they could look at all the lights!

  • Jayme Dowdy

    BOOBS! Always always always. Everytime my kiddos were smiling in their sleep when they were under 6 months, My hubby would say “He/She is dreaming of me” I’d say – “Yeah right, because you have boobs right? He/She is dreaming of big, full neverending boobs.” And when they woke up and wanted to nurse, I’d say “See!” LOL! The appreciation for breasts starts early, and why not…they are beautiful things :)

  • Partlow

    Beautiful baby.

  • desi

    He is dreaming of the warm and cozy months in his beautiful mommy’s tummy!

  • tina

    “Maybe I should take a nap…Wait! I’m already taking one!…”

  • The Girl

    “Sigh…I love my mommies hugs”

  • Paula

    Oh my, he is adorable!

  • Lisa Lawton

    “Boobies, Boobies….” he is male afterall lol!! He is absolutely precious, congratulations!!!

  • Jules

    “I am Blessed!” He’s a beautiful miracle:)

  • Linda McGrory

    11/19/12′ – Mon. @11:09a.

    Tori, I noticed that he “folded” his hands over his shoulders, oh that is love! He is dreaming that he is hugging you both and siblings!!! Oh that is real love!!! That is amazing you took a pic of him that way! It is a wonderful picture!! frame it up!!

    In addition, have a wonderful thanksgiving to you and your beautiful families!!!

    Linda M. McGrory
    Wilmington, Delaware 19809

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I too was thinking it was love like maybe he was dreaming of the love your dad would give him. Loved ones often come through in dreams so maybe he’s dreaming of your dad and his unending love!

  • Marlynn

    He is as precious as can be!!! How adorable!!
    What a blessing:)

  • Kiara Ramirez

    He is dreaming that his mommy is holding him, just look at his little arms folded across his chest, that is a precious precious picture. He is unique, he doesn’t really look (too much) like the other children

  • Lei Deng

    He’s dreaming about how lucky he is to have such a wonderful, loving family! He is absolutely precious. Tori, enjoy these beautiful moments. I wish baby Finn and rest of your family a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • MamaPaws

    He’s gonna look like his mama! A least I think.

  • Renatta Doerksen

    I think he looks almost like he’s in utero. Maybe he’s dreaming of when you carried him inside you and how peaceful that was. He is adorable Tori!

  • Susan Grayson

    He probably looking forward to spending alot of times with his beautiful family!! Or he dreaming that he hugging his Mama and thanking you for saving his life. He is too precious to be happy.

  • ladyplatinum

    He’s dreaming of 3 little puppies frolicking in the backyard puppy pool and their names are…Croozer, Broozer, and Woozer. They are little Labrador Retrievers. Croozer is yellow and Broozer is chocolate and Woozer is black. Of course, they could all be the same color, whichever color Little Finn likes the most. But surely, I have no idea what he’s dreaming about. (haha) My mother once told me when I was very much younger than I am today, that babies smiled in their sleep because “Angels” were playing with them…I always believed her. Little Finn seems like an awfully quiet baby. Does he ever cry even for a nipple or anything? He’s got to get on the ball. There are 3 others ahead of him and he’s got to learn to keep up. (haha) Maybe he’s dreaming of a silly rabbit, like me…yeah, a little silly rabbit with floppy fluffy ears. How ya doing, Little Finn? Tell him I said that.

  • Stacy Biscorner

    He’s dreaming of his 1st birthday party! If history repeats itself, this little guy knows he’s in for quite a treat!

  • Lia68

    Many hugs from his bro&sist. Tori and family happy Thanksgiving from Roma

  • Glenda Rodenbaugh

    He’s dreaming about his entry into his loving family. How warm and cozy his life feels.

  • KouskiKirk

    He’s dreaming about being the next Craft Wars champion.

  • Maura Szigethy

    He is dreaming of what a loving family he has. Such a lucky boy!

  • Michele

    He is dreaming of taking over Aaron Spelling Productions.