tuTORIal: Haute Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Halloween everyone!

This year for Halloween I decided to decorate some chic fashion plate pumpkins. Here are the easy steps to a Haute Halloween…

Neon DIY Pumpkin:

First, I spray painted my pumpkin a trendy neon pink color

Then using blue painter’s tape, I taped off the top of pumpkin and spray painted the stem a metallic gold. After, I sponged the gold down sporadically around the top using my finger.

Then I used stick on studs in gold and silver

I love neon and mixed metals!



The finished product, proudly displayed on our front steps

Personalized White Pumpkins:

I love white pumpkins! They are so chic. I wanted to pay homage to my 4 kids so I decorated pumpkins with their names…

To personalize my chic white pumpkins, I just used black stickers and put my kids’ names and the order they were born on each pumpkin

Liam’s pumpkin

Miss Stella’s pumpkin

Hattie Cat’s pumpkin

And last but not least, our beautiful baby Finn’s pumpkin

And here are my pumpkin babies all together! Such an easy DIY and so adorable

Now I’m off to finish the babies’ DIY costumes for trick or treating. Can’t wait to share those pics soon!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!


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  • Jean Gilman

    LOVE LOVE the ideas! The pumpkins with the kids names and birth order on them are fantastic!

  • desi

    Love it! The neon pumpkin is beautiful and love the little one’s names on the white pumpkins! Happy Halloween! Can’t wait to see the costumes!!!

  • vermonter35

    What a Crafty Momma Tori. I love the white pumpkins. I a going to do a spray painted pumpkin next year, so cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    so adorable!

  • Beatrice Robles

    Hey Tori,
    I am going to try these ideas next year!! Cool Ideas!!
    Love You: