I cried my eyes out reading everyone’s amazing comments in response to my US Weekly story. I thank everyone for the amazing support.

When I laid in that hospital bed for months during my pregnancy with Finn I remember saying to myself “when!” my baby is finally born and we are both healthy I will share my story. I will share my commitment to motherhood and strength with other mom warriors everywhere. Now that I have done that, these many amazing comments confirm that it was not only a journey I needed to go through but a journey I was meant to share with others.

Here are some of your amazing comments:

@J HoughTori, I just wanted to say, God Bless you, and your family. I cannot imagine having to live with such a scary diagnosis AND keep it out of the public eye for so long. Now I see the deeper meaning behind some of your comments prior to Finn’s birth, that this would likely be your last baby. I hope that you are feeling better and I can’t wait to read more posts on fashion, food and family as you continue to recover and get stronger! Finn is adorable, and I love the cover pic where Liam has his arm linked with Stella’s, soooo cute!

@Jayme DowdyTori….YOU DID IT! Another BEAUTIFUL baby! So very happy for you! I am sorry that you had such difficulties, but what a story he can tell, that his mom loved him SO much that she endured 10weeks in the hospital+ all the procedures and scares. THIS is what being a mom is….doing anything for your child, even when they aren’t even born yet! What a great mommy (AND FAMILY!) little Finn has. God Bless you Tori and I hope that God continues to bless you and your family 🙂

@Holly SosaI’m so glad you’re sharing your story. I lost a son at 22 weeks due to an incompetent cervix. He was born perfectly healthy & alive, but was too premature & did not survive his early birth. I think more of us need to share our stories & spread awareness. Kudos to you for using your celebrity to encourage other Moms & spread awareness.

@Chelsea KiddWow, what a powerful story. I’m so glad to hear that everyone is healthy now! Thanks for sharing, Tori. I look forward to reading the article and seeing the pictures when I get the magazine in the mail. 🙂 Your family is truly an inspiration to me!

@Emily BeebeWhat a fighter!! You are amazing…so glad you decided to share your ordeal. So brave!

@Monica BoringHe is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So happy to finally see his precious face! So sorry for all the issues that came up but ecstatic to to hear that everything is going smoothly now 🙂 I know I don’t know you personally but I feel like I do and what I do know leads me to say that you are a wonderful person and mom! Finn couldn’t be more blessed because he has you for a mom and Dean for a dad and of course his big brother and sisters!! Tahnk you for sharing your life with your fans! YOU ROCK!!

@Sharron LockwoodWow Tori! What a frightening thing for you and your family to go through. You are a brave, fighting mama bear. I am so glad that everything has turned out ok. I thank you so very much for sharing your story with all of us. You are truly an inspiration to all women. God Bless you all.

@doreen porzioOMG, Tori!! You are so brave!!! What a shocking story!! I am so sorry you had to go through such a traumatic situation and terrible heartache through your pregnancy!!! God Bless you for the fighter you are!!! I know you are a STRONG woman, but you really showed us how strong of a woman you Really ARE!! I am so Proud of you and also happy to hear that you are healthy and both you and Finn are ok!! What a Happy ending to this story!!! God Bless you Tori, and all of your beautiful family!!! Hope Finn is doing wonderfully!! God was watching out for you!! Love and Hugs!! Xo

@Renee DuryeeOMG….Tori, you are one tough cookie and God bless you and your miracle baby Finn! Thank you so much for sharing your story as I can only imagine it has been hard to re-live, but you are SO fortunate & blessed to now have baby Finn in your arms & are continuing your road to recovery:) Take care of yourself and get plenty of R & R and spoiling from Dean & the rest of the kiddos!! You are a true inspiration:)

@Rachel PorterOh my Goodness! I cannot believe you had to go through such a tramatic experience with baby Finn! I am so glad that you and the baby are healthy and home. You have such a beautiful family. You are an inspiration to so many women Tori. Myself included. Take care.

And here are a few comments from readers who also had placenta previa:

@Buffy LSWhen I read your story it made me cry. My 4th pregnancy was also a surprise and at 20 weeks I was diagnosed with placenta previa and put on bedrest. As a stay at home Mom with 3 older active children it made life so difficult. Thankfully my Mom was amazing as well as great friends who helped out. At 34 weeks I was diagnosed with Placenta Accreta and had to be flown thousands of miles away from home to a hospital that was equipt to deal with this turn of events. Leaving my children was the hardest thing I have ever done, not knowing If I would come home to them was undescribable heart wrenching pain. Baby and I held on until 37 weeks. After a c section (my 3rd), 6 hours of life saving surgery, the loss of over 40% of my own blood supply, and an emergency hysterectomy the relief of waking up and holding Cullen Nathaniel (7pounds, 11 ounces) for the first time was one of the best moments of my life. Cullen turned 3 in July and is one of the most cutest, funniest, stubborn, daredevil I have ever met. As Moms we try to do it all, but please take time to heal and recover and enjoy your beautiful family. Congrats

@Lara RatliffSo happy to hear you are all healthy and safe. I too had a placenta previa. Was very scary when the Doctor told me what it was and what to expect. I was able to only need about 2 weeks bed rest, but I only had one toddler so we were able to manage. My son was born 3 weeks early (I got to choose a very special birthday for him!) and completely healthy. He is now almost 14 years old! Our third (and final) was born via VBAC about 2 years later. My body was able to heal, as will yours!!! AI am a huge fan, and I am very glad that you are so open and willing to share with us!! Thank you!!!

@Tracy VanicekI am so happy that everything turned out so happy for you, your baby and your family!!! I also was received the news that I had placenta previa at 20 weeks, after finding out that I was pregnant only 8 1/2 weeks before. My placenta previa turned into placenta accreta. And at 27 weeks I went into the hospital for an 11 day stay before my Liam was born via an emergency C-section(my fourth) weighing 2 pound 11 ounces. After 24 pints of new blood in my body, 24 hours in a medically induced coma and almost 72 hours in the ICU. I got to see my tiny little guy in his own little medical coccoon. Now three years later he is a busy, tiny little guy and I treasure him!!!! Peace be with your family and God’s blessings on your life together.


The stories from the moms who also had placenta previa are beautiful and inspiring. It’s important to know we aren’t alone. Today, a mom came up to me with her 5 year old daughter and said, “Tori, meet my placenta previa miracle. She was born at 25 weeks and is the light of my life”. The little girl was beautiful, happy, and strong. I fought back tears as I hugged this woman who a day before had known me only as a celebrity. Now, we bonded over motherhood and our miracles.

I promise to continue to inspire as all of you continue to inspire me. Thanks for being a part of my community that I now call a family!

And to read the whole story of my journey with Finn, check out the latest issue of Us Weekly on stands now.


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