Hattie Cat’s Birthday Cake Bake-Off!

Last week Miss Hattie Cat turned 1! My culinary hubby and I got a tad competitive (in a good way!) and in the name of CAKE we decided to have a good old fashioned BAKE OFF! We decided to each make our birthday girl a cake, and then let Hattie decide which one she liked best.

Here’s a look at the making of my cake…

I decided to do a four layer cake with 6 inch pans

Big Bro and Sis wanted to help!

Stella wanted to do a purple layer for Hattie

Hattie, with spoon in hand, wanted to get in on the action…

All the colors the kids thought Hattie would like… Time to bake!

After the cakes had baked and cooled I then sliced the top of each cake off. But, NO top went to waste. Liam and Stella were the taste testers!

Then I turned all cakes upside down. It’s very difficult to frost on the cut cake side.

In between each layer I did light turquoise buttercream frosting

Here it is, stacked and ready to frost!

As a frosting base I did a thin layer of pink frosting

Then I started with turquoise frosting and made 3 rows of rosettes all around the cake

I used a #5 tip and this cool decorating tool

Next I did purple, then hot pink, and then finished with light pink

Here’s my finished cake!

Not gonna lie, it took a lot of time. Which a mom of four doesn’t have!

I’m talking dedication to my baby girl and the determination to say, “In Your Face McDermott!” But I did it and was damn proud. Still, the question remained… What would Hattie think??

Now, here’s Dean’s cake!!

He wanted to make her a Mad Hattie cake like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland (Which also happens to be the theme of her 1st birthday party this coming weekend!)

Dean’s finished cake!



Here are the two cakes side by side. Clearly each of our eldest have chosen their faves…

The Cake Off is ON!

Tomorrow we will reveal which cake Hattie chose, but in the meantime… Which cake do you like best?


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  • Donna Layton

    Tori, looks like I lean more towards your cake, Sorry Dean!!

  • Catie Brown

    I LOVE your cake Tori! Soo cool you did each layer of cake a different color. Nice job! =)

  • Andrea Worley

    Love both of them, but I like yours best!!

  • Christy Carmouche

    Way to go Tori, my vote is for yours!

  • Karleen

    Ok, I love them both, both I like Tori’s since it is more femnine!
    Just a girl thing!!! Dean’s cake is fun–xoxo

  • Catherine Ferrara

    Love them both. U guys are amazing parents. Hope Hatties birthday is as awesome as her cakes were. Great job!

  • Michelle Szech

    Both are amazing, but I think I like Tori’s better. Happy 1st Birthday Hattie Cat. I’m sure it will be an amazing day!

  • Kimberly Davey-Deacon

    I love yours Tori, it is so cool!

  • A McConnell

    Although each cake is creative and artistic I would have to pick the stacked rainbow cake. I do think Hattie will have her hands in both and think they are equally wonderful and tasty.

    Happy Birthday Hattie.

  • Cindy

    Even though I love Alice and Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. I have to say that cake tori you made is amazing!

  • Ann

    I’m cracking up that your cakes ended up being so similar in shape, color, and decorating technique!! :) My vote is for yours… love the fun colors and the simplicity of it. Plus, you get bonus points for being a mama of newborn who actually baked a homemade cake!!!

  • Heather LaFrance

    I think I prefer the rainbow cake too!!! Wish I knew you were doing an Alice theme! I would have made bday hat from my business.

  • Jennifer Brusko

    Tori love yours the best! Looks awesome!!!! Sorry dean close 2nd!

  • Anna Alliman

    OMG…those cakes are so cute!!! LOVE IT!! You are so busy doing so many things I can’t believe you found the time to do something like this!! You are an AMAZING woman and mommy!!! You are such an inspiration!! <3

  • Carrie Adam

    I have to agree with Ann, mama of a newborn and you baked a four layered homemade cake! Amazing. You both are so creative, but being that Hattie is a princess, I will have to vote for your cake. Great job Dean and Tori! Happy Birthday Hattie!!!

  • Donna ONeil

    I like Dean’s cake. I have a soft spot for the Mad Hatter

  • Jennifer Sejd

    I think Hattie will go for both! They each have something to offer and made with love from both Mommy and Daddy!

  • shyla white

    I really like both of them but I have to give this one to Tori.

  • Adele King

    I have to say I love yours the best!

  • Emily Beebe

    Not gonna lie…I really like yours!! Simple but sooo pretty, like a rainbow 😉

  • Jeanne Tutt

    Rainbow! but if you were going for a theme…. that was really ingenious of Dean! You guys are so creative! will she also be getting a hansens?

  • momof2boys

    I love you both and both your cakes, but I have to go with your cake Tori. I am so loving it, and as a fellow baker it looks absolutely perfect and makes me want to go home and bake one just like it right now.

  • teetee

    Both cakes are lovely! I believe Hattie will choose both…one for each of her little one year old hands.. :)

  • Brittney Yates

    This is a tough one I really like what Dean came up with Alice and Wonderland Themed. But I love yours its so colorful and i really like the swirley design you put very different but really cute. and I like the different colors as well. Good Job and really cute idea

  • Jennifer Wassmann

    Great job to both of you, but I’m going to have to say Tori won :0)

  • Cammy Gollner

    Wow. Beautiful. You can still make this beautiful with natural food dyes. Yes they’re more money, but natural. If you have a Whole Foods nearby they carry India Tree brand, or you can even order them online.

    Another option, I don’t do as much is using natural ingredients….

  • Jenny Dart

    I like Tori’s most, it’s a colorful palet and visually appealing. Despite knowing better, I always swear rainbow items taste different depending on the color you’re eating at the time.

  • Haley Prather

    yours! beautiful and now i want to make one like it too!!!

  • Beth Salazar

    well ,hum, not sure, need a taste ……i like them both….Individual Creativity…..Great job……

  • Joleen Marie Crosta

    They both are awesome! When my little girl Gabriella, just turned one this past Sept. We did an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party theme! Great theme! I also did everything DIY :)

  • Kattie Johnson

    They are both very creative and way better than anything I could come up with…but I will have to say that I like Tori’s better, the different colors are an eye catcher!

  • Tamara Alcaraz

    I like yours!

  • Margie Nicholas

    Tori: I like yours the best!! It is so beautiful!! Dean’s cake is nice too but…

  • Linda Larson

    Great idea Dean, but my vote goes to Tori.

  • Tara Pakosta

    I LOVE yours!!!

    is Hattie’s birthday 10/6?

    that’s my birthday!


  • Wendy Hughes

    Dang this is a hard one…. I love yours Tori because of the multi colors and the turquoise color buttercream and its freaking high and not falling over like mine would. I like Deans cause of the theme Mad Hatter going with her party. I can’t choose which one.. I’d have to taste them cause I like both of them based on their looks.. Sorry I am not a good judge..

  • Marta molla molto

    las dos tienen un aspecto fantastico pero el sombrero es muy divertida medio iclinada, creo que Hattie va a coger directa el numero del sombrero, jejej, felicidades hermosa familia

  • Motherof2


  • Jordan Yaworski

    NO WAY!!! 😀 I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland!! I can’t wait to see the party you throw, because I’d love to throw an Alice party for when I have a little girl!

    Both cakes came out amazeballs, but I’d have to say I like yours better, T! (Good job though Dean!)

  • Devon Hofacker

    Tori, i love you and all but i think i like deans cake better. sorry

  • Kristina Carter

    Love yours Tori!! Love the colors!

  • Olga L.

    Whatever you do Tori it is excellent!. Dean’s cake is great too, so it’s hard to choose.
    I love both of them:))) Happy Birthday Hattie:)))

  • Janet Dolce

    Tori, your cake is so cute but Dean wins!

  • Lee Francis Hebert

    I would have to taste them both for a final decision, but based on appearance I am leaning toward Tori’s cake :-)

  • Myeleah

    Shhh, but I pick yours, Tori! LOVE the colors & all the detail work of the rosettes! So, so pretty. Can’t wait to see which one she chose! (since my b-day is the same day as hers, can I have the cake she didn’t want?! lol) It’s so fun to see what you will share next from your life with your beautoful family. I love this site! Coming here is my daily escape from reality. Thank you!

  • Karen Fuller

    Hello Tori and Dean and Family, I am sure Hattie will enjoy both, they are both very pretty and I am sure tasty. I personally like Tori’s because my favorite color is Turquoise. But I am sure she will be overwhelmed with both and be very colorful after all is said and done, lol. Enjoy the time together, and my favorite day is Oct 6, thats my daughter Nora’s birthday. Have a great time!

  • Lauren Wyatt

    sorry dean i am going with yours tori! love it. i think i may do one in orange and black for halloween. thanks so much for the great idea

  • michelle brancaccio

    Soory dean… I love Tori’s!

  • susan parkinson

    The bigger and more colour wins out..I pick your cake Tori…

  • Ana S

    I like yours

  • Lisa Black-Etcheverry

    Both cakes are both so cute I think its coming down to ….. TOri’s cake. Hey is that your old house? Now that you have a family of 6 the old house makes more sense. When is your show coming back???????

  • desi

    I love Tori’s cake! So pretty and lots of work!

  • Erin

    Tori your cake took alot of work and is really pretty. However Deans cake is good looking and a neat idea. But Tori your cake is so much bigger and looks tasty. You get my vote but Hattie is very lucky to have 2 equally attractive cakes for her birthday.

  • Lindsay

    I chose the rainbow cake as the winner on Dean’s site and guessed it was yours. Girls love color!

  • Jackie C

    MY mouth is watering!! Suddenly I feel like a piece of cake. I’m sure Hattie will love both, but my vote goes to your cake Tori. If I were Hattie I would dive right into that cake head first!! 😀


    Oh they are both fantastic but i’m a sucker for a rainbow cake too so i vote for Tori’s.

    Plus i always love to look inside cakes at the pretty layers so i hope we get to see them cut too!

  • The Girl

    Yours for sure, it’s beautiful. Hey I would LOVE to make miss Hattie cat a Cat Hat for her head! I make hats and what a cute idea for her! (don’t know if that’s allowed, but check me out and let me know if you want one and I’d be so happy to give one to her!) Thanks so much! I’d also love to make a monkey hat for Liam and a lady bug hat for Stella, and for Finn, you’d need to let me know!

  • Rose White

    I love both cakes. But Tori yours is the winner for me great job!

  • Sharon Coffini

    They are both super cute, but I like yours Tori better :-) Now I’m craving cake. Thanks 😉

  • Tiffany Witherspoon

    You both did a great job on these cakes. Sorry Dean, but I am going to have to go with Tori’s on this one. I love the Mad Hatter concept but Tori’s execution of her design was just better. I can’t wait to see photos from Hattie’s party. I love Alice in Wonderland. If I had known the theme I would have loved to make her something special to wear….maybe next year. BTW, I am the one that made the Tutu set that Stella wore when your family came to town for Stella’s 1st Birthday….Contact me if you are ever looking for something special for her to wear. Thanks!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Although I love the Mad Hatter theme, I will definitely vote for your cake: the bigger, the better and it looks stylicious! But then again, Hattie has the final word, we’ll see what happens then! In my experience kids tend to choose the complete opposite of what Mums are recommending, so if I were you Tori I’d prepare myself for a runner-up-‘God-I-hate-it-that-you-won-but-I’ll-pretend-to-be-a-good-sport-smile’. At least you’ll have enough comfort food around you at that moment!

  • Brittany Lawson

    OMG…these are too cute! i really like the extra neatness of the one you made Tori :)

  • J Hough

    Gotta go with yours Tor! It just looks so deliciously divine! I actually closed my eyes as I scrolled down past the “winner of the Cake Off is…” post aboce this one because I don’t want to know yet :) Either way, your kids must have had the BEST sugar rush EVER!

  • Tammy Schneider Randle

    Great job team Tori……….Loved it. You really amaze me….Like crazy. You don’t let nothing get your down. Your great……..Can’t wait to see more pictures……What a lucky little girl to have so many cakes and a big birthday party weekend. fun fun

  • Amy Blaylock

    I’m voting for Dean’s cake simply bc I LOVE the little hat for Hattie! I do not think I would have time to decorate yours, Tori! LOL

  • Glenda Rodenbaugh

    I love both of them! Tori: why do you cut the top off of the cakes? Just curious! It seems that I remember my mom doing that, but have never understood the reason behind it. By the way, I love the chosen color(s) of both cakes! Glenda from Mississippi

  • Syl Ols

    Do you have a recipe that you’d like to share :) ?? I need a good one like that for bdays. I always purchase cakes from specialized bakeries – lots of fun but I’d like to make one.

  • delores estes

    oh my those cakes are lovely ,tori i love yours for all the colors and originality,and i love dean’s for the connection to Hattie and the Alice in Wonderland story which Hattie will always have a sort of link too,so i have to give props to Dean for the task of a beautiful cake that connects to a story,so i think Dean wins,but they are both winners and Hattie is a very blessed girl!

  • may may

    u and dean are too cute! you two must be so awesome parents! i like both cakes and apparentely from the video she liked them too :)

  • Yorkie Princess

    I love that you cook together. I think it is so awesome how hands on you are. I let my kids bake and make too! It’s so important for them to experience it all. Keep up the great work. I am partial to purple by the way:)

  • marez

    You cut the tops off of the cakes to make them flat. My grandmother was a cake decorator and I wish I was 1/4 as good. Practice and practice… still your cakes are lovely not picking a fav. Just come back on TV please!

  • Jen

    Both cakes turned out great. Which cake won?