As you know, Dean and I had our own mini Cake Wars in honor of Miss Hattie Cat’s 1st birthday. We each made our own cakes, and then we’d leave it to the birthday girl to decide who won. We decided to put the cakes on the ground, set Hattie in front of them, and see which one she gravitated towards.

Before I show you who won, let’s take a look at some of the votes from yesterday. Here are some of your comments, where you told me who you thought would win the cake off:

@Karleen Ok, I love them both, both I like Tori’s since it is more feminine! Just a girl thing!!! Dean’s cake is fun–xoxo

@Cynthia GibbsEven though I love Alice and Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, I have to say that cake tori you made is amazing!

@Ann I’m cracking up that your cakes ended up being so similar in shape, color, and decorating technique!! 🙂 My vote is for yours… love the fun colors and the simplicity of it. Plus, you get bonus points for being a mama of newborn who actually baked a homemade cake!!!

@Donna OneilI like Dean’s cake. I have a soft spot for the Mad Hatter

@Jennifer SejdI think Hattie will go for both! They each have something to offer and made with love from both Mommy and Daddy!

@momof2boys I love you both and both your cakes, but I have to go with your cake Tori. I am so loving it, and as a fellow baker it looks absolutely perfect and makes me want to go home and bake one just like it right now.

@Margie NicholasTori, I like yours the best!! It is so beautiful!! Dean’s cake is nice too but…

@Jordan YaworskiNO WAY!!! 😀 I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland!! I can’t wait to see the party you throw, because I’d love to throw an Alice party for when I have a little girl! Both cakes came out amazeballs, but I’d have to say I like yours better, T! (Good job though Dean!

@Erin Tori your cake took alot of work and is really pretty. However Deans cake is good looking and a neat idea. But Tori your cake is so much bigger and looks tasty. You get my vote but Hattie is very lucky to have 2 equally attractive cakes for her birthday.

Thank you everyone for casting your vote!! If it was up to ediTORIal, this cake-off would have been a landslide vicTORI!!!!!!! But ultimately, it was the birthday girl’s decision. So now the time has come to show you which cake Hattie chose…



To make it fair for Hattie we brought the cakes down to her level.

Go Hattie Go! She’s on the move. Whose cake will she choose?

She’s a woman that knows what she wants…

She picks Dean’s!!

If Hattie had seen the inside first would she have chosen mine?

Both cakes were winners in our books!

The Birthday Girl got a slice of each

Hattie’s face says it all! She loves cake no matter who bakes it 😉

Ah oh! Sugar high!

Hattie all cleaned up after bath!

So there you have it. Looks like we have a Daddy’s Girl on our hands… But I have to say, it looked like Hattie enjoyed eating my cake just as much as she liked eating Dean’s.

All in all, the whole McDermott clan had the best time baking the cakes, watching Hattie choose the winner, and then helping her eat the winning (and losing) cakes.

Do you think Miss Hattie Cat made the right decision?




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