Giveaway: Piggy Paint Nail Polish Set!

I think it’s safe to say that the entire McDermott family loves to add a little spice to their style with manicures and pedicures. Even Hattie doesn’t let her tiny nails prevent her from rocking some fabulously chic nail polish! Ever since I gave Hattie her first pedicure, I’ve become obsessed with Piggy Paint – an eco-friendly, non-toxic nail polish (they say that it’s as natural as mud!) It can be so hard to find products that are pretty but also good for your body and the environment, and Piggy Paint has hit a real bull’s eye here!

Piggy Paint was started by Melanie Hurley, a mom with two little girls who love nothing more than having pretty polish on their fingers. However, she hated the thought of her little ones putting their fingers in their mouth after having manicures with the traditional, toxin-filled nail polishes. She also couldn’t stand the smell, which I think is a mutual feeling amongst all of us mamas and probably anybody with a normal and sane scent tolerance. After an accidental polish spill revealed just how dangerous regular nail polishes can be, Melanie decided to take matters into her own hands and create non-flammable, water-based polishes made with natural ingredients. And so Piggy Paint was born! All of the Piggy Paint polishes are free of acetone, formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, and ethyl acetate. Another bonus is that they are made right here in the USA!

As a mama who wants nothing but the best for her little ones, I think that what Melanie has done is beyond admirable. With that said, I’m very excited to give you the chance to win a nail polish set! I’ll give three lucky ediTORIal readers a Princess Piggy Package, which includes 15 Piggy Paint Polish and 2 polish removers:



To enter, simply leave me a comment below telling me which nail polish color from the Princess Piggy Package you like the most!

ediTORIal readers also receive a discount for online purchases at Piggy Paint. Use the code “ToriSpelling” when you checkout, and you’ll receive 20% off your purchase!

Good luck and thank you Piggy Paint!

UPDATE – I’ve chosen the winners for this chic contest! Congrats to the three ediTORIal readers who will receive a Princess Piggy Package: Kate, Breezy and Susan!


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  • Yvette Patten

    My favorite would have to be Groovy Grape!! <3 I have 2 daughters and this would be an awesome gift!!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Tammy Bell

    I like the Groovy Grape and Puttin on the Glitz, my 2 yr old would love them…she likes pretty toes!!

  • Allison Tarin

    My four year old’s fave is definitely Fairy Fabulous. I’ve been using Piggy Paint ever since she was two and love the colors and how safe it is to use on my little one. I just wish I could buy them more locally. Thank you so much for this great giveaway!

  • Manda Dieter

    Ice Cream Dream. This is pretty awesome because I hate the smell of nail polish and I never knew this exsisted! Thanks for sharing even just the site as well as a chance to win!

  • Lori Berretta

    Has to be Groovy Grape! Both of my kids are in schools where purple is one of the school colors!!

  • shyla white

    I like Glamour Girl. It is just the color that my daughter would love. And she is constantly asking me to paint her nails. I finally got her to stop biting them so this would be the perfect reward for her.

  • Jennifer Caputo

    My fave colour would be Pinkie Promise. My 20 month old and 4 year old daughters just had their first “real” pedicure at a kiddie spa and now they are completely obsessed!! This kit would make an awesome Christmas present to both of them!

  • Butterfly

    How cute! We dont have these in Norway, thats why I hope I’m the lucky winner;)

    Wish you all a fab day:) hugs from Norway:)

  • Margo W

    Hi Tori, Thank you for the chance to win! I love the Fairy Fabulous!

  • sarah cusimano – bundy

    I love them all, but I would have to chose Sweetpea. The color is just right and holds a special little place in my heart since I call my daughter ‘Sweetpea.’

  • Stephanie Lackner

    No doubt, it is Hypnotize! The shade reminds me of the ocean and sitting with this warm sand under my feet while watching my daughter and niece play. I know they would love to have it on their toes. Of course the multiple colors are right up their alley since they love to do patterns with more than one color for their fingers and toes these days!

  • Julie Thinnes

    I love the Sea-quin but I think my girls would love the Radioactive cause it glows in the dark! My 3 little girls love to get their nails done, thanks Tori for giving this fun stuff away!

  • Brandi Dragoo

    I just heard about Piggy Paint yesterday, I feel so behind, but happy to see it here today! I would choose Sweetpea since the first words I said to my daughter were “Hi, Sweetpea” when she was first put into my arms. I think my 4 year old daughter would like Forever Fancy since it is her shade of pink and she is into Fancy Nancy. Thanks for the opportunity to try this out!

  • myoder

    Dandelion Dance or Glamour Girl – my nieces would love these!! :)

  • Brooke Brittell

    I am in love with the Ice Cream Dream (dark green) my niece who is two and spends a great deal of time at our house loves when I do her nails. Where we live its hard to find nail polish that isnt toxic since its in a podunk town in VT. This would be a dream come true to get a whole set of non toxic nail polish!!

  • Stephanie Tannariello

    My 4 year old daughter chooses Groovy Grape! We live in NH and have to order everything off line because it is so difficult to find products like this in our area! We usually just go with naked toes because of all the harsh chemicals in traditional polish. My daughter would be thrilled to have all of these options! Congrats on gorgeous Finn also! We’re expecting our second, a boy, January 20th!!!

  • Jen Martin

    Groovy Grape all the way baby!!!!!!!

  • Dawn Tavis

    Love “Sweet Pea”……would look great on my 3 year old neice. Waiting for the next season of Tori and Dean(and the little cutie babies) any idea when it will be back on air?? Love ya’ll!!!!

  • Cecile Sune

    Glamour Girl is my favourite color! You can’t go wrong with purple and glitter :)

  • Heather Kelly

    I would lov to have Glamour Girl for my daughters! They love glitter!

  • Angelia Dobson

    It’s all about the Puttin’ on the Glitz!

  • Courtney Schaefer

    I love Ice Cream Dream!

  • Jessica Steinberg

    I am silly excited over Fairy Fabulous! The whimsical look is absolutely adoring on girls! Color the world with Fairy Fabulous! :)


    Fairy Fabulous!! My neice loves doing nails and she’s great at it! She’s only 12 and does a better job than most nail shops!

  • Erin Sigler

    I LOOOOOVE the purples!! I have a 4 year old (very close to Stella’s age) and I’ve been holding out on her for painting nails until I find one that’s healthy for her. This would be PERFECT!!!

  • Colleen

    glitter bug!! my little one loves the sparkle!

  • Jessie M

    I love them all!! My daughter is a pink fanatic, so she would be thrilled will all of these colors, but I think her favorites would be LOL and Glitter Bug

  • Erin B.

    I’m diggin’ the Glamour Girl!! Love anything w/ sparkle!!

  • beth thomas

    my girls are all for the mac & cheese please!

  • Kristine Tolle

    I have four daughters who would love to have these. Three of them are such girly girls! I would have to say I am lovin the Ice Cream Dream!!! But they are all awesome!!

  • Lauren Sorrentino

    i love the purple color on the far left!

  • Sara Malsbury

    We love our Glamour Girl here! And it does clean up easy. My 3 yo decided to paint his 1 yo sister’s nails and it was on the rugs, furniture, toys, hardwood floors and even a little on her nails and I was able to get the polish off of everything but my inexpensive faux suede ottomon! Love our Piggy Polish!

  • Kellie OShields

    My daughter would love all of them but I think her favorite would be Puttin on the Glitz! She is always asking me to paint her nails, but I am always afraid to use regular nail polish with her only being 3. I love that this polish is made of all natural ingredients and would be safe for my little girl. She is such a little diva and loves to have her nails and toes painted just like mommy. This would be perfect for her.

  • Rachel Porter

    Hi Tori! Since I am 7 months pregnant with my little girl, I have been dreaming of everything in pink, even her nursery is painted pink! I would love to use Forever Fancy on her little piggies. Also, I have not painted my own piggies in forever, because I was too afraid to use nail polish myself due to the toxins. So, I would love to use any of these gorgeous colors on my tootsies too! I really like Sea-Quin and Girls Rule. Thanks Tori!

  • Susan Trader

    Hi Tori!

    My favorite color is Forever Fancy! The perfect pink shade :-) I discovered Piggy Paints after watching your show Tori & Dean Inn Love! I was concerned with harsh chemicals in reguar nail polishes for my daughter. When I saw you using Piggy Paints on Stella and friends at your daughters birthday party I knew this brand was for us. My daughters school is having a festival with a nail painting booth, I would LOVE to win this and donate to the school festival. I’ll be working the booth and would love to spread the love for Piggy Paints!

  • amanda scanlan

    Thanks for this awesome find Tori!! I am dedicated to making my niece a little fashionista!! I will definatley be getting her forever fancy and angel kisses!!

  • lavindersmiles

    I love the Glamour Girl! We have a few of the polishes and my little girl loves to get her nails painted matching with her mommy!

  • Karrie Hagar

    The ice cream dream is a wicked colour. Having just given birth to my second baby I want to make sure I spend special time with my first and mom and daughter pedicures is a wonderful idea. My little Stella would love to rock some Piggy Paint. I’m even thinking we would make this a family event and get daddy and baby Silas involved with some Tea Party for Two. Great product.

  • Leslie Mckay

    I love to watch the minnesota vikings nfl, with my jeresy on and i think i would really be styling with the dark purple to go with it….go vikings!!!!!

  • mrspynk

    Pocketful of posies and the boyfriend blues are adorable. I can totally see adding these to some baskets for moms to be… a wonderful, non-toixic treat for mom or babe!!!

  • Stacie Tippett

    I have 2 daughters, ages 4 & 18 months, who both love to have their toenails polished (am I raising them to be high maintenance? They insist on frequent touch-ups! ;0)). My youngest doesn’t have much of a color opinion yet, but my oldest loves all shades of blue. However, lately she has been having a “purple moment” in her style choices, so I think she would love the Groovy Grape!

  • Jaime Hailey

    My girls love the glitter so I would have to go with Glamour Girl! SO cute!!

  • Tori Matthews

    Hi Tori!! I would love the Pocket Full of Posies! I love this nail polish!! Have a great day!

  • Teris Butler

    I love Fancy Forever :) perfect shade of a pink coral! My neice is almost 4 and she has never had her fingernails or toenails painted! Her mother didn’t want toxic paint on her in case she put them in her mouth! I would love to give her this so she can feel so FanCy with her nails and toenail did :) She would be over the moon !!

  • Briana Towner

    I love the glamour girl! I think this has to be one of the best finds ever! I think my daughter would love the Pocket full of Posies.

  • may may

    well,i cant tell you which i like best, since i have never tryed them. so if i win they i can tell u which one lol ; ) all joking aside, i love red! my niece skylah lives with me & my husband and our little 9month old. she an i play nail lady or just paint or toes and nails. we have since, before her parents divorced and they lived with us. so, i would love to win this,so we can have more fun and colors lol. thanks :) the pinks are cute thou!

  • Busymomma

    Hi Tori! I have two daughters who love to have their nails and toes painted. Their favorite colors so far are “Angel Kisses and Girls Rule”! They would be in heaven if they won the Princess Package :) Thank You!

  • Jessica Padilla

    Well unfortunately I wont be painting my children’s nails because they are BOYS!Although the color “Sleepover” might be boy friendly. I do have two little nieces that are very much girlie girls and I have to say “Girls RUle!” would be right up their alley(and mine).

  • Nicole Valles-Prieto

    I love piggy paint I needed something that was safe for my 6 1/2 month old little girl. I’ve waited 6 years for a girl so she is going to get spoiled. The color that I use on her is the LOL. As a military family we are on a tight budget so getting the princess package would help out so much so I won’t have to buy all the colors that I want. Thanks. :)

  • Sarah Ho

    I love the glitter bug, or actually I’m sure my girl would love it because she’s into all sparkles right now. We’re currently potty training her, and she gets to paint one nail every time to goes. If we had this collection, I’m sure potty training will go super fast and fun!!

  • trisha tate

    My girls would love Pocketful of Posies. Still in the pink family but bright and bold. Great product for little ones and preggers mommas.

  • Keary Hendrick

    All of the Piggy Paint polishes are amazing regardless of color! I am partial, however, to a new set called Gabby’s Pedi-“cure” Set which includes a pink shimmer color called “Gabriella” (Gabby’s favorite color) and a gold shimmer color called “Believe” (representing childhood cancer awareness). I do not have this set yet as it was just launched this past Tuesday, October 9th. I know my daughter and I will love these colors just as we love the colors we already have. FYI….Gabriella “Gabby” Vogel was a 5 year old who battled a terminal brainstem cancer called DIPG and passed away 3 months after diagnosis. This company not only has created an amazing product, but is also doing amazing things to raise awareness and money for childhood cancer by donating a percentage of some of their sales to the Get Well Gabby Foundation. To learn more about Gabby and the foundation….the inspiration behind Gabby’s Pedi-“cure” Set…. please visit or Get Well Gabby on facebook.

  • Rita Santos

    Hi Tori, first of all I would like to wish you all the best to you and your family since the recent arrival of Finn :) I hope you are both safe and healthy. My favorite is the ocean green one which is the 3rd to last one on the right. Sorry but I can’t find the name. xx

  • Jayme Dowdy

    Tea Party for Two, because it’s the color of my baby girls eyes! My Ianna is 8 months old and though I have never been a girly girl…she’s makin me wanna do girly things! I dress her up and I MYSELF have even bought a dress & heels – THAT ACTUALLY MATCH! I am an earth conscience mama and am very aware of the chemicals we expose ourselves and others to daily, so I really do try to not add any more toxins into our household. When I saw these on your sight I was thrilled…I have been wanting to get some polish for Ianna’s teeny little nails, I was thinking for Christmas we’d get a red one & a sparkly one & a blue one :) This would have all 3! So excited for the chance Tori -THANKS!

  • PeanutsMama

    Hi Tori! Congrats on your latest addition! What a cutie!

    I’d pick the pink in the middle for my little princess. She just loves all things pink, and nail polish is no exception! She’s a budding little fashionista and the piggy paint would be a welcome addition to her wardrobe!

  • Tiffany Voss

    I would have to pick Groovy Grape! My 3 year old Gabriela is obsessed with having her nails painted and she loves to try different colors! She has been looking for the perfect color for her 4th birthday party in a month, and we would probably have to paint each nail a different color if we won this pack because she would be so overwhelmed and wouldn’t want to narrow to just one! This would be exciting to win!

  • Elizabeth Johnston

    I love piggy paint! I saw your daughter’s pedicure a few months back and ordered soem right away :) She was 7 mos at the time lol it was great for our beach vacation to MV. She was very good, no wigglying at all and made soem great pics for memories. My fav color is Pocketful of Posies! Thanks!!!

  • Jessica Green

    Glitter Bug! Glitz and glam is what my 4 year old is all about, we love Piggy Paint and this Princess Package is right up my little ladies ally.

  • Amy Lopez

    Piggy Paint is awesome! My daughter loves purple, so this was easy. My fav: “Groovy Grape”

  • Tasha

    My favorite color is Dragon Tears!! Its a very pretty shade of green!!!

  • MaryKate Burd

    Groovy Grape would be the go-to color for my daughter. She is obsessed with anything purple these days! Piggy Paint polish is awesome.

  • Tiffany Witherspoon

    You really can’t go wrong with a set that includes 15 of their best sellers! I love Glamour Girl…pink and sparkles…need I say more. But I love Ice Cream Dream too because it is fun to wear unexpected colors too. I hope I win! Piggy’s Crossed!

  • Andrea Worley

    Glitter bug is my fave! My daughter loves anything pink, glittery and girly!

  • Jill Ford

    Hey Tori,

    Have you seen the latest and greatest from Piggy Paint? Piggy Paint recently created two new colors in honor of Gabby Vogel a five year old little girl from Phoenixville, PA who lost her battle with pediatric brain cancer. Inspired by Gabby’s story Piggy Paint jumped on board and created the Pedi “cure” Set in honor of Gabby with a pink color named “Gabriella” and gold named “Believe”. If you have a minute please share their link and visit Gabby’s website. These Pedi “Cure” Set are great gifts and some of the proceeds go right to the foundation.


  • Sue Rogers

    It’s hard to pick a favorite color, they are all great. But I think I would pick Glamour Girl, but my daughter likes the Ice Cream Dream.

  • Erin Booth

    We love forever fancy. My baby girl is 15 months old today and I was just thinking that those cute little toes need their first pedi!

  • Kelly Wills

    Glamour Girl! Purple is my daughter’s favorite color, and the glitter is a bonus. My 27-month-old loves the color on my toes & fingers, but I’ve been afraid to paint her nails with my regular polish. Piggy Paint is the answer!

  • Ashley Frei

    Fairy Fabulous would be our favorite. My daughter loves pink and once she knows its called FairyFabulous she would ask for it ALL the time.

  • Kimberly Davey-Deacon

    Glamour Girl Purple! My Granddaughters love Purple. Both of them have been getting pedicures since they were 1 years old. My Daughter and I used to even take them in the stroller with us. They love it and feel so special.

  • Racheal Dales

    Glamour Girl! My 2 yr. old daughter loves the color purple and with the added glitter you can’t go wrong.

  • Stefanie Holley

    Ooo that’s a hard one….my older daugther would love the Glamour girl purple and my younger daughter would love Glitter bug because she loves anything pink! :)

  • Nicole Schlenker Lowe

    My daughter loves pink and purple – but when it comes to nailpolish she likes to use a different color on each nail…so we end up using every color of the rainbow! My favorite shade is Ice Cream Dream and a couple of her favorites are Gabriella and Groovy Grape.

  • Emmalee Patrice

    All of the colors are fabulous, so choosing one is terribly difficult. Sea-Quin is a beautiful color my daughter and I both love.

  • Nics Mama

    Sea-Quin would have to be my favorite. My daughter just turned one and I bought one of the piggy paints because you used on Hattie but i haven’t been able to polish her nails. I am afraid it will make her look to grown. I think the Sea-Quin is a fun color since she is not a girly girl. She like to play fight with her brother

  • Becca

    My four year old cousin is obsessed with everything pink. The LOL polish would match the tutu she likes to wear constantly.

  • melissa darling

    I think all the colors are pretty..I have 2 girls and they both love nail polish..But i cant stand the smell of nail polish we dont paint them enough..unless my oldest paints their nails in her room. They love blues & purple.

  • Stephanie Farley

    My daughter is all about blue so we love Tea Party for Two! I love this idea. My daughter is older (9) but the colors are still age appropriate and why not use the natural stuff whenever possible. I also have a little cousin about to be born and she is totally going to rock some Piggy Paint!!

  • Nicolette Bell

    I love Sea-Quin! My three year old son, Oliver loves to have his toes painted! This is the perfect color for him. He would be so delighted!

  • Becky Jo Register

    Sea Quin, it is awesome, and hey Pick Me!!!

  • Mrmrs Jeffers

    I think me and my daughter love the groovy grape ,but I also love the midnight pansy and Mac and cheese please

  • Jessica Jordan

    My daughter is 13 months old tomorrow and we love using piggy paint, I always wanted a little girl and I love that she is such a girly girl :) Our favorite color is Pinkie Promise. Pink is a must, I sometimes use it myself!

  • Jennifer Wassmann

    Love that there is finally a polish that is safe for our little ones! I love the Not your mamas mauve and Ice cream dream!

  • Robyn Van Dyke

    Oh boy we love the Hypnotize! Too many wonderful color choices! And what a great product! I’m bookmarking the website for sure! Will make great stocking stuffers!!

  • Claudia

    i love it how do u enter ?? my daughter love painting her nails ..

  • Nicole Hutslar

    My Favorite would have to be LOL! But I also would love any of the pinks on the site! I’m a sucker for anything pink!

  • Kellen Helies

    I love groovy grape! And hello, super psyced they have pooch polish that is nontoxic and odorless!!!!!!

  • Kaitlyn Wenke

    I love the bright green!! My three year old little girl, Klaire loves the color green!! She is also very into having her fingers and toes painted at all times!! What better way to make her beautiful face light up than with her favorite color on her nails?? :)

  • Jill Dederich

    We LOVE Piggy Paint! My daughter rocked her How Merlot Can You Go at just 4 months :) After having a son, I’m in love with glamming my lil lady up!

  • Kristen R

    Glamour Girl of course! 😉 What girl doesn’t like pink and sparkly? :)

  • Sarah Wrenn

    I LOVE the bright pink right in the center!!!

    These would be perfect for my daughter…she sucks her thumb and can never have polish on it. She would love that she could have her nails all painted.

  • kelly campbell

    I love the fits in with my teen girls perfectly who still love to have their dad paint their toenails..he does a much better job then me…when they were first born he was excited to do that..I would love to use it for my little nieces as well!

  • Tracey Berry

    Glamour Girl, she loves “sparklies”! My daughter would be in heaven with her own set of nail polishes! I love the fact they’re non-toxic as she sometimes chews the nail polish off her fingers.

  • Kitsi Eakins

    Girls Rule!!!! Absolutely because of the name of it! lol. That is mine and my little chick motto at home. Shes the youngest and has 3 brothers :)

  • Amanda L Banks

    Fairy Fabulous!!!!! Because my daughter loves anything and everything to do with FAIRIES :)

  • Sara Bonert

    I had a baby a few months ago and was holding off on her first pedicure because I was worried about the chemicals in the traditional polish. Glad to know something like this exists! I think the Grape color looks right up her alley!

  • BooTao

    What a great product! Choosing a color is very tricky because my daughter is passionate about rainbows! More than likely, we would have to paint each toe and finger a different color!

  • Linda Wildes

    I haven’t tried them but looked up the cute colors. My daughter would love Eat your peace and Girls Rule colors!!

  • Maloner79

    My three year old loves pink and purple equally so I can see her loving Fairy Fabulous! Hopefully she won’t paint our Jack Russells toes too!

  • Amy Frederick

    That is a really tough decision because all of the colors look like so much fun. I LOVE “Jazz it up” but “Clouds of Candy” looks great as well.

  • Kate Ordway

    My Molly, who is 15 months LOVES the Glamour Girl!! Anything pink and sparkly :-)

    I have a 4 year old boy, so I am loving doing girly things with my lil princess!! And my hubby loves painting her nails, too.

  • Donna ONeil

    I love Midnight Pansy

  • Kelly Osowiecki

    I can’t decide between Ice Cream Dream or Eat Your Peace. Both are super cute.

  • Mother Earth

    How can you like just one color? I love all colors of the rainbow…I love painting my nails…with sparkles…my friends and I do sparkles all the time….and we mix the colors together so our fingers look like a rainbow…to match our toes….Thanks Tori for sharing… <3 u and fam!!!

  • Nichole McDonald

    I LOVE pocketful of posies. I have twin girls that love to have their piggies painted.

  • Kara Simon

    My 4 year old’s favorite color is “pink & purple stripes” so I have a feeling Groovy Grape and Pinkie Promise would be the faves in our house. Of course the Glamour Girl with the glittery sparkles would also top the list. What a great product!

  • Erica Keeven

    My daughter LOVES Ice Cream Dream! My personal favorite being Clouds of Candy. :)

  • Lynda Newman

    My four year old sucks her thumb still so this would be PERFECT for her! We always have to leave her thumb unpainted and it just looks silly! We love all pinks!

  • lilkimie7

    Just love the names of these colors – thanks for sharing this…nothing like this in my area. Of course, I asked my little one – she says Fairy Fabulous -cause she loves purple!

  • Adrienne

    Pink or purple are always winners with my girls and a little glitter never hurts. I love the Idea of safe nail polish. kudos to the inventor and thanks Tori for sharing :)

  • Elizabeth Vence

    Bright pinks and purples are our favorites. My daughter Victoria always chooses the brightest colors when I do her nails. Picking nail polishes is her favorite part of the week for her. She’s such a girly girl.

  • Rachel Fox

    Thank you for posting about Piggy Paint, Tori! My daughter and I love using their polish.. It’s easy to clean up too if some spills! I asked her which color she likes and she said “that one” to Pinkie Promise.

  • Momma Mui

    I have two beautiful nieces that love pinks and purples. I’d have to go with “Midnight Pansy” as a favorite for them. So happy you brought these products to my attention. Never heard of it but will be purchasing them for sure! Christmas is fast approaching.

    Thanks, Tori!

  • Nicole Schmitt

    Sea-Quin is super cute…and would look fabulous on my blue-eyed girl.

  • Cassondra Campos

    We have a girls night in where we get together with all of our nail/spa stuff and go nuts a little wine and snacks we put pink lemonade in plastic wine glasses for our little princesses ,mani/ pedis the great thing about doing our girls night in is we include all the daughters too MY Corazon /Zoe is 8 and loves the LOL and THE MIDNIGHT PANSY we are rather sad that the PRETTY PLEASE PACKAGE we got for our early birthday gift DID NOT have THE MIDNIGHT PANSY in it was so sad but would love to win any of your fabulous products :~)

  • Maggie Pascoe

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all, but I think the favorite would be Groovy Grape! Hope we win! Thanks Tori! :-)

  • Julia Cox

    I love LOL and Sea-Quin. I have always had a funky color, like Sea-Quin on my toes and keep a fresh, more work appropriate on my fingers, like LOL. I don’t have children yet (still a newly wed), but I do have a niece that is now 7, and a God-Child that is 3 and they are always asking me to paint their nails and I hesitate, especially with the little one because of the harsh chemicals in the polish. This set would mean I’d never have to worry or say no to her again. And when I have my own children, it will be Piggy Paint all the time! Thanks for this amazing opportunity Tori!!

  • Sharon Coffini

    Thank you SO MUCH for this post!! My daughter is such a girly girl and loves nail polish and make up and I have been feeling like a terrible mommy lately as I have not been letting her play much with make up or polish because I read some articles about all the harsh and horrible chemicals. I didn’t even think there was an alternative! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! My little one’s favorite color would be the GLITTER BUG as she’s all about glitter! (She once decorated our entire patio and kitchen with it…UGH 😉 Seriously though, thank you and if you know of any SAFE and NON-TOXIC MAKE UP that is cool for kids, please blog about that. With Christmas around the corner and a vanity being the top thing on my 5 year olds list…having some safe make up to go along with it would be fabulous. She spends so much time on youtube watching these kids do make up videos and wants to do her own…I just need to feel okay about what she’s putting all over her skin!! :-)

  • Adele King

    Tea Party for Two!! My 17 month old loves having her toes painted! I haven’t tried her fingers because she puts her hands in her mouth alot! She would love this package since we can’t get this product anywhere local except online.

  • Laurie Glumm

    I love the PINKS !!! My GRAND Niece & I would love to play manicure !!! She is 22 months & cute as a button & I don’t get to see her much. But, this would come in handy when I do !!! Thanks Tori !!

  • Cara Lee

    Love the pinks and purples but I think glitter bug would be a favorite for the girls. I’m a nanny for 2 girls and I have 2 girls of my own so we are always looking for fun things to do, we have been doing manny pedi’s every week now and I did know how toxic nail polishes really are. Congrats on the new baby tori.

  • twang78

    My son would love Tea Party for Two and my girls would be all over Glamour Girl. I love that more companies are making products that are safe for us to put on our skin, and especially on our children’s skin. Thanks for featuring this product!

  • sabrina nagwak

    i love the pinks. my friends daughter is 22 mos and it be a perfect x mas gift for a little princess.

  • Breezy

    They’re all so cute…loving Puttin’ On The Glitz, and LOL are some of my favs!

    I’ve been wanting to get some for my daughter, thanks for doing the giveaway! :)

  • Jill Schuman

    Oh my gosh! My daughter is OBSESSED with painting her own nails. She is five and all about looking good! She loves to do multiple colors so winning this would be amazing to her! Her fave is Forever Fancy. What a great product!

  • Tamara Alcaraz

    Pocketful of Possies! My 2 year old daughter Gialena loves all pinks. :)

  • Tosha Ferrando

    I LOVE the Sea-Quin, I have a similiar color to this for myself and my daughter Maci will always pick that one to put on her toes! Maci is obsessed with painting her baby toes pretty colors so she would love this!!! P.s. She is only 1 1/2 and already requests pretty toes, so cute!!!

  • Jessica Cooley

    I am digging the Drama and Pumpkin Glaze for fall! My 2 year old Olivia is all about the drama! :)

  • Brittney W.

    Groovy Grape seems to be the pick from over this way! Have been watching Beverly Hills 90210 seasons as of late… I forgot how much I loved this show. Just got through watching the show where Donna’s in&dancing in the Powerman 5k music video that her and David directed…. Good times.

  • Alyssa Maldonado

    I love the light purple that is front and center! My little lovebug is almost 2 and that’s my favorite color to put her in. She loves having her piggies painted and I love that she lets me paint them, it’s a few extra minutes of bonding that we can share! =)

  • Stacy Herr

    Orange is the fave color at our house as of late so Mac & Cheese Please would be a huge hit!

  • Blakeley Carter

    My 2 year old Brinlee says that she and my 3 month old Adelyn’s favorite color is “pocket posies” :)

  • Sarah Lamb

    They would all be Great! I have two little girls of my own and four nieces from age 9yrs. to 15mon. This would be an Awesome treat, we would have a Mani Pedi Party w/ all our Little Ladys!

  • Rene Roy

    I have three daughters and I love Girl’s Rule!!

  • Tiffany Horne

    I have a niece who is one and I have been trying to find some nail polish, this would be great for her!!! I have two boys so she’s the only way I will get to be girly

  • Tina Hoeft

    We are awaiting the birth of our FIRST grandchild! A little girl! I was just telling my daughter that I was excited for her to be old enough for some girly mani and pedi’s. This would be perfect! All the colors are yummy, but I’m partial to the pinks!

  • Trish Joyce

    I love the Pretty Please Package. So cute!

  • Bonnie Rodriguez

    Girls Rule is perfect for my house! My husband and I have 2 daughters plus we are about to be joined by my sister and her 4 year old daughter. (YAY!) I’ve been dying to try these polishes and a giveaway from you would be icing on the cake!

  • Vikki Kilis

    My Elizabeth picked “pocket posies”, she’s 2 1/2 and she loves her toes to be pretty!!

  • Janae Gordon

    I’ve got two little girls (and an older son). My almost 3 year old likes to suck on her toes so this would be awesome. Glamour Girl would be her favortie, she loves pink and sparkles :)

  • charlene pyle

    Who better to ask than the “lil princess” herself? She chose pinkie promise. Doesn’t surprise me, as she is all about pink lately. We spend every Friday doing manis and pedis at home with each other. I only paint her toes, as I tried painting her finger nails once and she chewed it off, which scared the crap ut of me. She wants so badly to have color on her fingers “like mama does”. She just turned 3 in July.

  • Susy Parnell

    The names are so cute! I’d probably be most excited about Fairy Fabulous, and I know my daughter would love Groovy Grape :o)

  • lacy rey

    love them all! i like pink and sparkles!

  • Jennifer Craig

    Gabriella is the prettiest pink color for my little princess, Julianna.

  • Daniela Magill

    I am an orange girl so I am loving Drama! I am having a baby girl next month and I love painting my own nails so I am really looking forward to painting hers when she is ready. I love that Piggy Polish makes safe nail polish in such fun colors : )

  • Heidi Henderson

    Midnight Pansy, my daughter (2) just started to like makeup so she would love this…

  • Crystal K

    As a Mom of a one year old girl (1 month younger than Hattie) I think this is a great idea. I have been scared to paint her nails for this exact reason. I think a Party for Two would match her Christmas Dress I just bought.

  • Andrea Miller

    We love Piggy Paint, perfect for our 5 year old daughter… We love them all so much we cannot choose a favorite…. Thank you Tori for giving us all the chance to be able to win this kit <3

  • Jen1020

    Groovy Grape looks fab! Would love to try these out with my 7 year old niece!

  • Danielle Burns

    My favorite is pumkin glaze

  • Shannon Hertan

    I love them all! I already have several for my baby girl and now I’m addicted! I even paint my own nails with their colors since she prefers to chew on my hands instead of her own!! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome kit!!

  • Katrina Mastroianni

    The Fairy Fabulous is super cute !

  • SingingMama

    My little 2 1/2 year old is OBSESSED with painting her toes! She would love to have her fingernails painted, but with the whole thumbsucking thing, I have been iffy about it. This paint seems AWESOME! She picked Groovy Grape as her fav! :-)

  • Megan J.

    How Merlot can you go? is definantly our kind of color byt she would love the Fairy one. We love painting our little piggies!!

  • Echo Hartig

    My twin daughters would love LOL!

  • Leigh Linden

    The Sea-Quin is my new favorite color. I am completely obssessed with Turquoise!

  • Raquel de Leon Negroni

    My Little Toddlerista discover my Mani-Pedi Box and she is obsessed with the nail polish! I painted her little toes with a pink polish but the smell is awefull. I would love to have this so she can have her own mani-pedi box like Mommy!

  • Jodi Vasey

    I like them all they are such awesome colors. But Gabriella is probably my favorite. I have four wonderful daughters ages 12,5,4,1and I would love to win this awesome giveaway. They love getting there nails done and it would be nice to be able to do them together and not have to worry about it. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway Tori! *fingers crossed*

  • Nich

    In the flesh, nice color for work, just received a new job at Last Call, Neiman Marcus and shimmery for a night out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kelli La Fountaine

    I’m right between Forever Fancy and a Pocket Full of Posies. :-)

  • Cheryl Touzel

    With 3 girls in the house, I’d love anything BLUE. Tea Party For Two would be my choice for my 3 little girls, but honestly they are all fabulous colours.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! :)

  • Sarah Bordeaux

    I love Pinky Promise, I have never painted my daughters nails because I was to afraid she would put them in her mouth, and now I am super excited there is a safe alternative :)

  • Trina Fisher Williamson Jackson

    These are wonderful! I love Midnight Pansy and Dragon Tears! It’s like she asked me my favorite hues of purple and green and made them for me!

  • Kelli La Fountaine

    Although… Sweet Pea is very pretty. :-) I so love Pinks.

  • Tiffany Mauritz

    I woul love all the colors to give to a friend who has a young daughter and it would be a great gift for her daught who birthday just passed a couple of days ago. She is so cute and likes being a girly girl.

  • Tara Overby

    Glitter Bug is my fav!

  • rottiemomma

    I love them ALL but I think sea-quin is my favorite because it is a very pretty unique color for a little girl. Since most of them are pinks and purples -traditional little girl colors for sure- I love that there is something unique to choose. GLAM-OR-OUS!!

  • Makaddey

    Glamour Girl is my favorite, but my girls would love all of them!


    We LOVE Sweet Pea, that’s what I called my oldest daughter when she was a baby. Now she’s 15, wow that makes me feel old.. my 4 yr. old and 6 month old daughters love to have their piggies painted and this would make an awesome gift to put away for Christmas.!!

  • Hollie Becker

    I LOVE Dragon Tears! thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • calimommy

    My 6 year old daughter and I love LOL…It’s the perfect kinda pink!!! We love all the colors but we def stay with our girly colors!! Princess girls all the way!!

  • Jennifer Baker

    I love Glitter Bug. :)

  • Natalie

    I love Angel Kisses or Pinkie Promise for my almost 2 yr old! She has 2 older brothers and I am hoping she will be tomboy and girly girl making both mom and dad happy :)

  • erica celestine

    We love LOL! Ice cream dream is so cute, but my 3 year-old daughter calls it “Mermaid Green”, which is an awesome name (I think)!

  • Mel Madison

    My two daughters and I love Piggie Paints. I would have to say their favorite color is Glamour Girl. They love the sparkles!

  • Kayla Wall

    Love this!! I have two little girls, three and four, who love to have their toes painted!! Love the sea-quin, the girls are always asking for blue!

  • Lyndsey Riddle

    My favorite color from the Princess Piggy package is Pocketful of Posies!! Love being able to give my little one year old pedicures, got to start them young!!

  • Nicole

    I love Tea Party for Two! My daughter is turning 4 next week and part of her birthday gift is to have her toes done for the first time! Can’t believe I waited so long!

  • Evelyn Penate

    OMG!!!!! Iv’e never heard of these nail polishes!!! knowing i can now paint my little nieces toes and fingers is so exciting!!! (: I love nail polishes!! i saw the website i love the “pinky promise” color and the “ice cream dreams” they are so pretty<3 Thank you Tori!! i always find something new from all your findings (:

  • Janine Gurske

    My favorite color is “sometimes sweet”! I love reds on tiny toes :) super cute!

  • Heather McRae

    I love tea party for 2!!! Maybe because that is something that me a my little girl love to do!!!! My daughter and i love to paint our nails and usually have the same color!! She wants to be like me!!!

  • Madonna Sexton

    Like “lol” and sea-quin…. because they are all kid friendly we like them all… different color for every outfit or activity…

  • Tracy Fritchman

    We couldn’t just choose one color. My 5 yr old loves to use multiple colors on her fingers and toes so I can’t say which is the best. We would love any of them.

  • Kirstin Samp

    I love sea-quin. Blue toes for my little girl will make her feel more “in” with her big brother!

  • Dawn Kropp

    Candy Coated! Thank you so much for the opportunity :)

  • Crystal Given

    My daughter would pick the “pocket full of posies” but I am quite partial to “Sometimes Sweet” :) . Given the opportunity and all of those colours, she would paint every finger and every toe a different colour!

  • Haley Prather

    Glitter Bug

    My daughter would just love that name. She is such a little girly princess and she would just be so excited and over the moon with a beautiful gift set like this. Heck I’m sure my son would sport some too!

  • DairyFreeMama

    Groovy Grape! My daughter Stella, age 4, loves anything purple!! We love Piggy Paints too. It is all that she wears!

  • Meghan Kelly

    Loving Ice Cream Dream!

  • Andrea Clement

    The purples for sure, it’s Justiin Bieber’s favorite color!

  • Niki Maher

    I love Groovy Grape!

  • Melissa Liguori

    Positively “Pocketful of Posies.” My three boys have seen Dean and Liam and would love it!!!

  • michelle brancaccio

    “Sometimes sweet” although my daughter is always sweet to mommy. 😉

  • Shannon

    These paints sound wonderful! As a mom of three little girls (3 1/2, 2 1/2 and 10 months) we do alot of piggy painting in our house! My oldest would love the tea party for two. Though her favoite color is pink, she loves tea parties and loves to paint her toes blue becuase it’s Daddy’s favorite color. My middle girl loves all things purple so groovy grape is right up her ally!! My youngest has just started having a preference to color and her current fav is green! I think that ice cream green would look great on her tiny baby piglets :)

  • Heather Laux

    Ice Cream Dream

  • Rachel Butler

    My Molly would love just about every color. She loves having her toes and finger nails painted. I love that its nontoxic, espeically since she’s a thumb sucker. What a great find! I just love all the things you find and post on here for all us Momma’s.

  • Cammy Gollner

    Tori, my 9 year-old daughter Emma requested I “jazz” up her room yesterday with pink and zebra striped decour. I told her we’d need to wait a bit, (to her dissapointment). But she’d be thrilled to get a “jazz it up” nail polish! I love the fact that it’s a natural and non stinky alternative to other nailpolishes. Maybe it will inspire us to get going on the room!

  • Kami Dumis

    We love Groovy Grape and LOL!

  • Cammy Gollner

    Just noticed “Jazz it up” isn’t in the package – Emma also loves “Pinkie promise!.” And I “Pinkie Promise” we got it right this time! :-)

  • Suzanne Gordon

    My little Livi is a “glamour girl” all the way!!

  • nicole

    Forever Fancy!! My daugters favorite color is pink and is all about being fancy!! She would love this!

  • MeMee4

    Brilliant idea! I think my fave is Forever Fancy. What a pretty blue!

  • newmommy

    Love it!!!

  • Tiffany Draper






  • Eileen Martinez

    Don’t have a favorite. Love all the colors. My 2 year old loves getting her nails painted!! And Tori it’s not hard to find anymore. Besides ordering from the website, & finding them @ baby boutiques. You can find them at Walmart too! In the cosmetic section with the children make-up

  • Nicole Osmond

    My daughter is obsessed with all of my nail polishes, I’m a bit obsessed with nail polish. Her favorites to dig out of my collection are the glitters. I fell in love with Piggy Polish after you posted about Hattie’s pedicure, I was so afraid to put my toxin filled polish on my daughters tootsies or fingers. My absolute favorite, and hers too, is definitely “Glitter Bug.” She loves the glitter, so do I, but I also love it cause I call her my “Bug” so it fits her personality to a T!

  • Amy Taber

    The first color Ella learned was pink thanks to her “girls rule” painted toes :-) And what’s not a better motto for a little lady?!

  • Fashionablyfitmom

    Forever Fancy is my favorite color thus far! This is a value I want to instill in my little girl I would absolutely love to use these polishes on my daughter during her first manicure/pedicure for her upcoming first birthday!

  • carlyspiel

    Forever Fancy is my favorite color, but I do love all of the colors!! My aunt is having a baby and if its a girl, this would be the perfect present because we both love to get our nails done!! What a great idea!

  • Megan Forbes

    Sea-quin is such a fun color, well they all are, but it’s my favorite.

  • Brandy Cockrell

    My daughter loves anything pink!

  • lilune

    My favorite color is Ice Cream Dream. My three girls love to paint their nails with patterns so they would love every color!

  • Cindy

    My daughter loves anything fairy, so I would have to say fairy fabulous would be a perfect touch! She loves doing her finger nails and toes :)

  • Amy Cholewinski

    We LOVE “Puttin’ on the Glitz!!!” What a fun color!!! My daughter would just adore this! Anytime she earns any $$ helping mommy around the house, she sepnds it on nail polish!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg! we can only pick one?? tea party for 2! love that color! I am a nail blogger and have wanted to try this line! Zoya is another really good vegan friendly, 4 free non toxic line!

  • Rebecca M

    Girls Rule is our favorite! I have 5 teenage boys, my little girl, Tallulah who is 3, and a baby boy (and dad)…’s us against them!

  • Krissy78

    Love Girls Rule!!!! My daughter loves to paint her toenails and fingernails and will try to do it herself!! This is the only nail polish I buy for her!

  • Lori Haulton

    I love Glamour Girl on my girls’ piggies!

  • Emily Goodman

    Pocket full of Posies! My two little baby girls love love Nail Polish!!!

  • Nora McFarland

    Sometimes Sweet is the classic red that every girl no matter how old or young should have and I think that would be the best first time nail polish to put on my Abby! : ) Crossing my fingers, toes, paws and whiskers for this!

  • Michelle

    Girls Rule! My daughter loves pink nail polish and can’t wait until her baby sister is old enough for us to paint her toes :)

  • Rcc

    Lol and groovy grape are soon fun for little girls! And right now anything pink works for my little one :)

  • Jessica Brockman

    I am a single mom of three little ones, and I have never been able to afford the piggy paint, but I have checked out their website many times…. My daughter Kaya would love the Mac N Cheese Please, and little Cecilia would totally rock out the Eat your Peace!!!

  • Nancy Anderson

    Fairy Fabulous for me and Mac-n-Cheese Please for my 8 yr old daughter Shiloh.

  • Kristal

    Clouds of Candy for me! So sweet! :)

  • Brandi Vidrine

    I LOVE Groovy Grape! My 18 year old daughter has been wanting to paint her 1 year old sister’s nails. (Yes! She FINALLY got a sister!) :) We were just looking into Piggy Paint.

  • Jenny Summers

    Glamour Girl!! :) Such a fun giveaway! I can’t wait to paint my niece’s toes! :)

  • Brenda Hill

    My 2 yr old loves her nails getting painted, and to have this set of paint would be splendid! Ice cream dream is so dreamy we would have such a blast with that color. :)

  • Danielle Mozjerin

    So Stinkin’ Cute!!
    I Love the Sea-quin Piggy Paint!

  • Adi Dahan Appelberg

    Great giveaway! I love the Clouds of Candy :)

  • Kitty Manos

    i would love “Pinkie Promise” to encourage my 3yr old daughter to let me cut her toe nails!

  • ACG

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Every SingleOne of them!!! But if I have to pick one I would say “PINKIE PROMISE!!!” Thanks ToRi:)

  • J Kor

    We love all the pinks! Pinkie Promise would be our favorite.

  • Elizabeth Wilcox

    I love all of them I would say Glitter bug! Because my daughter is big on making herself dress up and trying to dress to the 9! I think that would fit her personality.

  • Kaylan Duff

    They’re all so cute… I think Groovy Grape is probably my favorite, though. :)

  • Sarah Hewitt

    Glamour Girl!!! My 2 1/2 year old daughter picked this when I showed her – said “Gace, Gace! (her sister Grace) like it!” :)

  • Mindy Mattox

    Oh my gosh I love all the piggy paint nail polish colors! I know my little fashionista would love Puttin on the Glitz!

  • Kayla Cintron

    This stuff is so awesome! I’ve never heard of it, but would love to try it out! Groovy Grape is so pretty!

  • Sarahlouisa

    My little Annaliese – is a complete groovy grape too! How cool are these!!

  • Green Carlson

    Penelope and I love orange, so we’re going with Drama. She loves to have her toenails and fingernails painted.

  • Erin

    I don’t think there is anything sweeter than seeing a little girl with pink toenails. I think pocketful of posies is a great color.

  • Carri Janke

    My lil Bella says she loves the solar power yellow and the lol pink.. She loves to have mulitple colors on her lil 2 year old It is my most favorite part of the day when she comes up to me and sasy mommy will you give me pretty fingers.. :)

  • Stephanie Moser

    This nail polish is so cute. It reminds me of when it would be me and my daddy and he would kiss my little piggies. I love pinky promise best, brings back so many memories.

  • Angela Bissett

    Both my daughter and I love pocketful of posies, however they are all so awesome! We try to eat organic and use non-toxic cleaners and yard products. I would love to try Piggy Paint! My daughter who is 3 yrs old loves to look girly and would LOVE these colors and I would not only love the colors but would also love the non-toxic factor! Thanks!

  • Jen LeMone

    My favorite piggy paint is Gabrielle, it’s cute and feminine and looks adorable on my girls fingers and piggies! I love this brand, searched everywhere for non toxic polish for my daughters do glad I found this! Ps I love you Tori, your amazing!

  • Yolanda Brown

    How Merlot Can You Go? Looks so AWESOME!

  • Sally Pozzobon


  • Kara

    I love pocketful of posies :)

  • nycwildflower

    I went to high school with Melanie in high school – very excited to see her success with such a fabulous product! I would love to try “All That Razz!” Piggy Paint. I love the fact that it’s odor-free and non-toxic. Fingers Crossed! :)

  • Susan I

    My girls love all these colors, but if we had to pick just one favorite, it would be pocket full of posies.

  • Rhonda Booher

    My boys looked through all the colors and they decided that Sea-quin would be their favorite color to try. They mainly stick with bles when the get their pedis.

  • Amanda Culshaw

    My little princess’ favourite colour is purple so of course Groovy Grape! Love these! Thanks!!!

  • Meredith Nguyen

    My 1 yr old daughter and I love the sparkle of Forever Fancy! Love Piggy Paint, we wouldn’t use anything else :)

  • lindsay rowe

    I think I would choose Forever Fancy as a favorite. I am due with my first baby girl in February and can’t wait until next summer for her to have cute toes!!

  • chris c

    My daughter loves the Groovy Grape. She is a girl who loves purple just like her Mommy. I stumbled upon Piggy Paint in an ad in Parents Magazine & actually use it myself.

  • chris c

    thanks, tori!! just used the code above & saved 20% off of my order. love to you & your family………………….xxxxxoooo

  • Sarah Olvera

    My favorite color is Groovy Grape, but all of these colors are very pretty.

  • Kelsey Ison

    My girls would absolutely love Glamour Girl. They are both such divas and love anything pink and sparkly :)

  • Renn

    Love all the colors! Have been looking for some non toxic nail polish for myself. How good can all those chemicals be for anyone? Love fairy fabulous because lavander is my favorite color! Would be awesome to win this!

  • VintageTee

    I bought the dark blue Piggy Piant for my 3yr old son Shea because he wanted to be a Rock Star.

  • JacQueline Lee

    I like the All that Razz, I just saw these for the first time yesterday!

  • Tiffany Fischer

    Gotta love the

    Mac-n-Cheese Please

    Color Mac-n-cheese is my daughters favorite food and it will match with her blonde hair! Thank you for posting this editorial and letting us know about these fun nail polishes!

  • Susan G

    I love them all…I started painting my daughters piggies at one month (and she is now 33 and still loves a pedi from mom!) I also started painting my granddaughters piggies at about 2 weeks and we now go in once a month for pedis. Would love to treat my Madders with this!!!

  • Mishelle Lott

    My 2 1/2 year old love Putin on the Glitz and mama loves them all :)

  • Kera Amos

    I love Pocketful of Posies. You can never go wrong with Pink for little girls. My daughter would love this set so I could keep her little fingers and toes cute everyday! She just turned 1 in July :)

  • Kira

    Love love love Fairy Fabulous!! I haven’t painted my little girl’s nails yet, and would love to be able to start out with this nail polish!

  • andrea wescott

    OMgoodness I have been wanting to try there nail polishes for some time. i woudl pick putting on the ritz…

  • Kathy Shayani-Manning

    We love pocket full of posies! It makes for the perfect pink to our watermelon designed toes! With two little girls and their love for mani’s and pedi’s we go through a lot of polish. Bright and colorful are always the fave, but the new watermelon and lady bug designs have my girls going bonkers to have them done each day! I’m being challenged to cheetah and zebra print nails! What will they think of next. :)

  • Tina Linder

    Love them all but my grand- daughter would love Pocket of Posies. I paint her toes all the time. I would love to have Piggy Paint cause I know it would be safe for her. Thanks for all u do Tori.

  • Jojo

    I like Glitter Bug!

  • Tracy Martinez

    My 3 year old is a total pink Princess, so we would pick Gabriella or LOL or well any of the PINKS. =-)

  • Jamie Lynn

    What a great idea! My little girl just turned one! I am looking for something safe and non toxic to put on her nails. This would be perfect. I love the color Gabriella!!! I had a miscarriage last week at 12 weeks along so this would cheer us up.

  • Rose White

    My daughter would love the putting on the Glitz. Thanks for this awesome giveaway Tori!

  • Rose White

    I meant ritz sorry about the misspell.

  • Cheryl Verver

    I love Fairy fabulous, my daughter would love this

  • susan parkinson

    your amazing Tori,i asked my daughter which color she liked the best and she answered all of them so we would be happy with any color..thank you Tori for this great chance.

  • Nanci Wilson

    Our granddaughter Hayden is 2, & she not only loves to shop, she loves to get mani’s & pedi’s! She loves jewelry, & boots! I have told my son that he is lucky right now because her jewelry does not cost that much….BUT…just wait…in a few years, he is going to need a second job to keep her in clothes, jewelry & mani’s & pedi’s! Hayden today loves pink because she knows it is Breast Cancer awareness month, but she has a habit of changing her mind in a moments notice, so she would be happy with any color. We love you Tori & your show & lines!

  • addys_mom

    I’m so happy that you are home and healthy with your babies! OMgosh – How can I pick a favorite, they are all so adorable! My 3 year old would probably pick and of the blue shades as blue is her favorite color. We’d love to try them all.

    You and Dean are awesome and your kiddos rock! Love you guys!

  • Trina Leslie

    Hi Tori! I think my favorite pick would be Twinkle Toes. It is so cool to have sparkly toes. I know all little girls love that and the verstility of it (add as a top coat!) is awesome! I know some little girls that would be head over heels for this set!

  • Chelsey Grimm

    My seven year old and two year old nieces love the colors Believe and The Boyfriend Blues so that they can show their school spirit and support our school’s football team. GO INDIANS!!

  • Cassandra Eastman

    If I won I couldn’t wait to use Sea-quin LOVE the color, so unique!

  • Kristin Leigh

    My daughter, Stella, would love Jazz it up for her very first pedicure!

  • Sue Roberson

    I love the angel kisses color! I do day-care and we have nail days and it’s so fun to paint all the babies nails!

  • vermonter35

    I have to say it is hard to choose but I would say my first choice would be Forever Fancy because my granddaughters and every little girl wants to be nothing other than Forever Fancy… I have to say My 3 Granddaughters are and will always be Forever Fancy and Beautiful as I am sure you feel the same way about your children. Thanks Tori for the chance to win and I would love to win this giveaway.

  • JenLee3838

    My daughter would love Forever Fancy!! :)

  • Susan Morris

    I like the bright pink in the middle b/c it’s the classic looking “princess” color we love as kids. Although growing up I always loved blue and purple, I still think I’d go with the pink and I know a little girl who would enjoy it.

  • Lori Birdzell

    OMGoodness! I love the Glitter Bug! My granddaughter looks sooo cute with her little tosies painted, I would LOVE to use this on her considering she will be 5 months old!! Love you Tori, thank you for introducing us to all this wonderful stuff that even this grandma loves!!

  • melissa vila

    I like Glamour Girl the most. It’s a purple shade and that’s my favorite color. Trying to share that same love of purple with my little Ella :) Would be beyond thrilled to win the whole collection. How fun it would be to have mani and pedis with my little love bug…something I dreamed about before she was born :) Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Kira Hartgrove

    Wow, so many pinks! My daughter would love the Jazz it Up!!

  • Katherine Williams

    Purple is my favorite color, so I would love Groovy Grape!

  • Heather Hess

    love them all but i think pinkie promise is my favorite. this set is sooo adorable. my daughter would love it. she does her nails all the time and she loves to do mine :)

  • Amanda

    I’m usually not one to wear blues on my nails, but I love Sea-quin! And I really like that all these nail polishes are natural; that’s very important to me.

  • Leah Rosenfeld

    I would love drama, that name describes my 8 and 12 year olds girls perfectly!!!

  • Amanda leyes

    Love all the colors, but I think I would have to choose Glamour Girl. Thanks for sharing such an awesome product!!

  • Stacie Cole

    Drama or Glamour Girl which my 2 older daughters are full of—-drama and glamour (HA)! They are all such cute colors! I would love to win these :)

  • Michelle Schneider

    I love the purply pink (5th from the right). Nice and girly, but also considered “comic book super hero purple” by my 3 year old nephew – who loves purple. Painted piggys for everyone!

  • April Henry

    Oh my gosh, Tori! I’m so glad I saw this post! I just had a baby girl, Scarlett Rose, and have been wondering about a child safe polish. My Mom and I used to run a nail blog,“>Wizards of Bling, and my favorite color in this collection would have to be “Puttin’ on the Glitz” since it is very blingy and we’re from the Emerald City!

  • SuzyQ

    Hi Tori…my fav color is purple but in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month i would pick the color me some Pink :)

  • Heather Jennings

    Little Pigs have to be PINK! This is such an exciting product, I think that we are getting smarter about making more non-toxic products for our kiddos but we still have a LOOOOOOOONG way to go!!!! Thank you Piggy Paint for caring about our little pigs :)

  • stacy wilson

    i think it’s awesome, it’s identical to my idea of baby blues…same concept, different name. except my nail polish pen has a non acetone removing pad that is odorless.

    i haven’t been patented yet.

    i love the piggy polish and way to go creative momma, natural and fun is always best :)

  • Heather Crawford-Giraud

    I would love to use Jazz it up! I didnt even know these existed! I painted Rubys piggies for the first time @ 1 mo old. She is due for a good polish!

  • Anna DeVicariis

    I love the idea of a safe paint nail polish for my sweet little girl. I would have to say the color that I like best is Pinkie Promise because it has my girl written all over it. She is 19 months and LOVES anything pink from her toes to her tutus.

  • Catherine Stinnett

    For a momma with 3 girls, only GIRLS RULE will do! ; )

  • Resli

    Hi Tori.

    As a mum of a 4 year old boy and a 8 year old girl who both LOVE painting their nails, we love the selections Piggy Paint has to offer.

    We love the colours- Icecream Dream and Eat your Peace.

    Both of these colours could be unisex and would even work really well together.


  • Lara Ratliff

    What a great concept! I love the pinks and mauves, but my girls like the blue and greens!!


  • Brittany Lawson

    Absolutely love all the colors. I could really come up with some great designs with theses. Glad to know they are totally safe for the kiddos! Think my fav is Sea-Quin!

  • Emily Gager

    I have to say that I love pinkie promise! It is a subtle pink which would be perfect for my little one. I just had my first baby girl on August 30th and cannot wait to give her a pedi! Six weeks isn’t too young..right? LOL All the girly things are new to me because I have 2 older boys so I am used to cars and robots :-) So excited to share these kinds of moments with my baby girl!!

  • Char

    These are adorable!!! I love the Pocketful of Posies…now the song is stuck in my head. :)

  • Angie Scheel

    The neon pink looks really awesome and would look really good with my granddaughter’s complexion. Would be really excited to win and give to her.

  • K Snider

    I love piggy paint!! Our favorite in our household is glamour girl!! I have a 4 year old that loves manicures and pedicures! I just had another baby girl to add to the family, so there will never be a plain nail in the house.

  • Future Mom

    I think this line of nail polish is such a great idea! I love getting manicures and pedicures and am a sucker for pinks! I like the new color, pinkie promise. However, with the holidays coming, a nice red would be great as well! :)

  • Michy427

    Piggy paint is cool and non toxic and low odor which is awesome…I love Puttin’ on the Glitz…not only because its one of my favorite colors but because I love sparkles…im so obsessed with sparkles in nail polish, my friends think im crazy! I love all the colors and would use them all when I get pedicures!

  • Shary

    Pocketful of Posies is my favorite! <3

  • Megan Andrews

    I have 3 girls ages 16, 9 and 6 months!! I never heard of piggy polish until I started reading your blog. I live in Philadelphia and I am having a tough time finding it. Me and my big girls can’t wait to give our 6 month old her first colored piggys! I think my favorite color in this kit is the purple. I hope we win :)

  • Kimberly Ware

    Without a doubt, Glitter Bug is our fav!! Glitter IS an official color right??!! This will be for my beautiful, smart and funny 20 month old twin daughter, Emily :-)

  • Katherine Eccleston

    My 2 year old daughter and I love Piggy Paints…she loves having her toenails painted and picking out a color to wear. Her favorite color is blue and I know that she would absolutely love Sea-quin color. I’d love to win this Princess Piggy Package for her!! =)

  • Nikki P

    I love midnight pansy. These polishes will be for my use. I am in a house full of boys so it is only me and my shar pei Kuma. Maybe I will have to paint her nails after I do my own!! WIth all the testosterone running around I have to keep me and my puppy as girly as possible!!!

  • Keri Schwartz

    I don’t have any children of my own. But, I have two nieces that I WORSHIP!!! For my girly girl 3 year old niece who wishes every day that she was a mermaid, Sea-Quin would have to be the “bery bestest” color!

  • Kattie Johnson

    I would have to say that the glamour girl is tha one that I like the most. My daughter Maddy loves when her Meme’ (grandma) and I paint her toes and fingers and her favorite color is purple and of course glitter!! She is 2 years old and i called her my “little diva”…she is certainly a special little girl~! Lots of love Tori!

  • Krisanne Vigliotti

    I love this nail polish. We have bought several over the years! My daughter loves purple! I would say fairy fabulous or groovy grape. Mommy loves Gabriella!!!

  • poohbear_nik

    LOVE Pinkie Promise and can these names get any cuter…..

  • Laura

    We had bought some Piggy Paint when it was first available and we saw it on your tv show. We love it! We only have a few colors, and my three year old daughter always has her nails painted, and we’d love her favorite color (purple). She’d love the groovy grape!

  • Lauren West

    I was just talking about needing a pedicure this week and wanting to take my 22 month old with me… but don’t want to use that toxic polish on her, either! These are amazing! Love the Angel Kisses polish :)

  • deebee

    What to choose, what to choose? I love them all but I guess I’d have to say, Tea Party for Two since I have twin 4 year old daughters that I’d LOVE to paint their piggies with.

  • Nichole McMorrow

    Defintely Glamour Girl or Sea-quin! Such a great invention!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    without a doubt, purple. My baby girl is 20 but my oldest niece is the single mom of 4 darling little girls 6, 4, 3,and 2, they love all girly things, nail polish especially.

  • Amanda Mariscak

    My daugther loves Forever Fancy and I’m partial to Angel Kisses. We love to do our nails together. So much fun:)

  • Kristi Opalinsky

    Love, Love, Love Groovy Grape! My 6 year old daughter would love to win this because her favorite thing is to do every nail a different color! :) So fun!

  • Laurie DeEsch

    Sea-quin and Drama, of course!!!! My daughter would LOVE this!!!! :)

  • Lawton Wright

    I love the deep purple!!! This set would fit in so well with the rest of the natural products we are starting to purchase and bring in to our home!

  • Lauren Brunner

    We like a whole lot of PINK in our house. Piggy Paint is a great thing! xx

  • Ana S

    Angel Kisses I like

  • Lindsay

    I love Girls Rule. I asked my girls and one said “I like all the colors!” and the other asked if she could wear a different color on each nail! All little girls love rainbows : )

  • Caitlyn Henry

    All of the pinks! I never liked the color pink until I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl (: While she’s only two months old, I’d LOVE to win this for my six year old sister, who already paints her own nails. She would love this!!!

  • Brandi Faulkner

    Girls Rule! Any shade of pink or purple makes my princess happy :) I love that my 6 year old is so oldest never was into that. She LOVES having her nails done! Thanks Piggy Paint for making it safe for our little ones!

  • Mirla Almada

    We like Jazz it Up, Groovy Grape & Sea-quin. Thank you for telling us about Piggy Paint, my 18month old wants to get her nails painted but havnt because we didnt want to damage her nails with all those harsh chemicals. But now that you told us about these shes gonna be super happy. I even pinned it on pinterest to let other mommies know.

  • Emily Plunkett

    Such a great product and thanks for sharing! I love the Fairy Fabulous and Ice Cream Dream!

  • Marcie Lynn Florance

    I Adore all the green colors the best….. I have a two year old niece and we would have a blast together painting her lil piggies!!!

  • Robyn Romeril

    My girl and I checked these out and she LOVES, pink, so we love all the pink!! lol

  • Heather M

    This would be perfect for my 4 yr old daughter! She would love Groovy Grape! (and probably all the others, too).

  • Kim Newton

    Hot Pink!

  • Lisa Carson

    I love that there are so ,any pinks! I’m sure my four year old would too, but I also love that there are some green and blue hues. My ten year old, who is not into everything pink, would be into the other colors!

  • Mommy of 3

    I love the ice cream dream color…..i never knew about this brand of nail polish….such a great idea….i’ve always had the urge to paint the adorable little piggies of my Little Leighton but I was always afraid too with how toxic nail polish is. Would love to have some for her upcoming 1st birthday!

  • sheri robinson

    my daughter loves the color tea party for two she is two and always sneaking into her older sisters nail polishes and painting her toes so this would be a great christmas gift for her!

  • Shauna Oleson

    I just recently purchased some Piggy Paint for my daughter. I hadn’t heard of it until you had blogged about it previous. Love. We have loved the Refined Nail Polish set. My 18 month old daughter loves the tickle of the brush on her toes. If mama’s toes are painted, now baby’s toes are painted.

  • Jenny Magee

    My Granddaughter, Addy, LOVES the purples!!! These would be great Christmas presents for my granddaughters & my little Great-Granddaughter!! She will be 3 & I know they would just be perfect!!

  • Heather Long

    My little girl picked Ice Cream Dream as her favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Danielle Scheuermann

    LOL def would be my pick!! Hubby and I are expecting our 1st baby, a little girl, in February and this color totally matches her theme of zebra and hot pink! Totally adorable!!

  • Ashley Nelson

    I’ll take “How Merlot can you go?” LoL that’s the only merlot I can share with my 2 yr old daughter!

  • Jilly Willy

    I love the pink colors but sometimes wearing other colors are cute and off the wall.

  • Amelia Ball

    too many ute colors to choose from! I have two daughters and would LOVE to use these adorable colors to paint their little piggies! We also live on a farm and I think the name suits our lifestyle too! Great product!

  • Sharon Kruschen

    I really like Pocketful of Posies!

  • Lisa Johnson

    I’m a 28-yr-old Stage 3 Rectal Cancer survivor so my 6-yr-old niece would go crazy over “Tea Party for Two” royal blue, which happens to be the color of the Colorectal Cancer Ribbon! She LOVES to have pretty fingers & toes but doesn’t have as much love for the “waiting to dry” period so, usually it takes us a good 2 go ’rounds to get it just right & then she rocks it! :)

  • Lisa Johnson

    Eek…so sorry for the double post!

  • MOT-Mom of Twins

    Fairy Fabulous!!! Because it is a very fabulous color because I love the color pink. But then again, all the colors in the collection are fabulous. =)

  • jonni holbrook

    I am a GREAT Auntie raising 7 year old and 8 year old girls… they love nail polish and think it is cute they can paint with HOW MERLOT CAN YOU GO, my favorite for the girls is the Pocket Full of POSIES!!!

    They are all adorable and fun!

    I love your blog and share it with the girls –

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    My almost 3 year old daughter LOVES having her nails painted just like Mummy, every time I bring out the nail polish, she says “Mummy, I have my nails done too?”. I would love to try Piggy Paint as I hate the idea of using normal polish on my daughter =/

    My favourite colour out of the pack would have to be Sea-Quin or Fairy Fabulous!

  • noel rose

    my nieces would be thrilled to get this… i love pinkie promise.. i think they would too. :)

  • Andrea chavez

    They are ALL fabulous but I love Grape!!! So awesome that these are non-toxic and safe for me and my baby girl. Thank you! Thank you! I tell anyone who love nail polish as much as I do about Piggy Paint.

  • Meredith

    Absolutely LOVING “Tea Party for Two!!!” :-)

  • Ashlie Burch

    My three year old, Hartley, loves Seaquin and Girls Rule! She loves having each fingernail painted a different color. She also loves when I paint her nails with one of the colors and then I do polka dots with the other color on top. And seriously there is nothing cuter thatn those little pudgy baby feet with painted nails! I love that I don’t worry about putting Piggy Paint on either of my babies!

  • Brandeek

    I like Midnight Pansy! Great colors!

  • Paige Mandell

    I placed my order for Piggy Paint today and can’t wait for it to arrive! I have to thank you for the discount code–you saved me enough to cover the shipping cost. Yay!

  • PackersTX

    My girls are 6 & nearly 4. I love the one that is Pepto pink in honor of breast cancer awareness this month!

  • Mel

    Hi Tori,

    Ohhhhh….I SO hope I’m not too late in responding :( I was having the hardest time logging in from my iphone. My girls are 3 1/2 years old and 14 months. I asked my 3yr old what color she prefered and she replied “mommy I like all the colors” :) She LOVES painting her nails like rainbows! She really likes each nail to be a different color so we’d have to say ALL of them!!! She is “always” wanting her nails and toes painted! It’s SO fun to do that with her too. She and her new neighbor friend enjoy painting eachother’s nails too 😛 The baby however, would love anything her sister does :) I haven’t painted her nails yet but I SO would with the peace of mind the piggy paint gives me :) “Thank You” for considering my little girls! I hope and pray your family is well! :)

    • Bobbi

      You should check out Bobbi-Toads shoes – you’d love them! Then embossed “toes” in the rubber cap allow you to paint them with nail polish, over and over again, just like your real nails!

  • Kimberly Clark

    Hi Tori,

    My girls and I LOVE piggy paint also! I bought my daughter her 1st piggy paint last year for her 6th birthday. I feel silly saying this but it’s all I use now for myself also. Our favorite is GIRLS RULE!

    Take care!

  • Shami

    Hi Tori, thanks for the tip. I googled for a site in The Netherlands for me to buy the nailpolish without chemicals. And i found it. So my daughter of 4 can have good stuff. Because she likes to put het fingers in her mouth. Just yesterday i poished her nails and was wouwsy about the bad smell. X from Shami

  • TagTailz

    How cute my 7 year old will LOVE this for a x-mas gift!!

  • Anita Fink

    Pepto Pink is so cute.

  • Kesh

    Hi Tori. First I want to say I’m a huge fan. I also wanted to share my experience with Piggy Paint. As a mom of an 8 year old diva who still sucks her thumb, I was excited to learn about this non-toxic product. I ordered the Pretty Please Piggy Paint package and was also able to take advantage of their cyber Monday sale. I was assisted by a wonderful rep named Stacy, who not only allowed me to customize my package, but still extended the cyber deal. I received my package and one of the bottles must have broken in the delivery process. No big deal! I called to get things corrected and had the misfortune to deal with a very nasty rep (Nikki). When I explained what happened her response was “that has never happened before” in the nastiest tone and explained that I would need to send pictures before she could move forward. No apologies, no nothing. Her tone was almost accusatory. After snapping a few pics and attaching them (it took me a minute to get the email through) Nikki received the email. She says she’s sending out another package. I then receive an email from Nikki asking me to “stop sending her emails of the pics because the file is big and she has already responded to me once”. Now, after I got over the initial shock, I emailed Niki back and explained the email would not go through because of the size at first and yahoo must still be attempting to deliver the emails that failed. I only wish I could contact Melanie herself and let her know how her company is being run. I will definitely not be a return customer.

  • Kesh


  • Kesh

    Tea Party for Two is my favorite

  • Bobbi

    If you like Piggy Paint, you’ll also enjoy Bobbi-Toads shoes that have embossed “toes” in the rubber cap that you can paint with nail polish, just like your real nails! The shoes work with any nail polish, but of course non-toxic is the safest option! :) You can paint them and repaint them to match an outfit or a mood.