Giveaway: Artful Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, mamas! It’s my absolute favorite holiday, so I am very excited to announce that I’ll be giving away 2 copies of the fantastic book, Artful Halloween: 31 Frightfully Elegant Projects by Susan Wasinger. Two lucky ediTORIal readers will each win a copy of this guidebook to a “scary beautiful” Halloween.

I absolutely LOVED reading this book Рit offers a wide range of home d̩cor, costume, and party ideas that are faithful to the creepy, eerie Halloween mood without giving up elegance or sophistication. What more could a momista ask for?



The book not only does a great job of getting you in the Halloween spirit, but also tells you exactly what you need to re-create the ideas and gives easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for the projects. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be the most experienced craftista, this book will take your Halloween decorations, parties, and costumes to the next level!

To enter, tell me what your favorite thing about Halloween is in the comments section. Good luck!

UPDATE: I’ve chosen the winners for this spooky contest! Congrats to ediTORIal readers Bunny Morton and Sharon Kruschen!


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  • Ashley Taylor

    Halloween is so much fun, but I think my favorite thing about it is remembering childhood costumes…because wow, they were awesome! 😉


  • joanne marinaccio

    I remember my mom had an old trunk and all of our costumes were in it and every year for 10 years my sister and my brother and I would dig deep in there and be either a cowboy, or a hobo, or a gypsy my sister was tall and thin and always was the ballerina which I never could wear cause I was chubby lol but we used to have so much fun back in the 70″s running all over our little town here in NY and stay out for hours getting candy. The funniest thing that I always remember was the old man down the street never was very pleasant to us but on Halloween we would ring his door bell and he would give each of us one candy corn, and one pennny lol and I guess he thought that was his way for making up for the rest of the year lol .

  • Renee Tolison

    I love to decorate and I just love the looks on my kids’ faces when we light up the pumpkins they helped carve for the first time. THeir little eyes light up in awe and they are just so thrilled.

  • Bunny Morton

    Family, Family, Family TIME! We have our brothers and sister and their families come over. Even my husbands MUCH younger sister takes the day off work just so she can go trick or treating with her nephew! We have crockpot chili and cornbread before we go out. When we come back we do a candy swap; dump out all of the candy in a big pile on the floor and trade for our favorites. It’s times like these that make your heart happy, as my 5 year old son would say!

  • Kelly Stern

    I love Halloween for all the decorating I get to do around my house. I put lots of pumpkins outside with spooky webbing and jack-o-launterns. I light up windows and the door. Then inside the house we have multiple places I decorate.

  • Stefanie Burdick

    Halloween is the BEST! I start thinking about next years costume on November 1st. :) My favorite part is decorating the house, and hosting our annual Halloween Party! It is so much fun to see all our family, friends and neighbors dress up and try to “out do” what they did last year! We’ve had to add another category to our costume contest this year… “Best Entrance”, because we had a group dressed up as Gilligan’s Island arrive in aboat last year! TOO MUCH FUN!

  • Lori Berretta

    My favorite part is being able to be a kid again myself! When my son was little, I would dress up too to take him trick or treating… and now I do it with my niece! There is just such a magical feeling on Halloween night…

  • Crystal Rood

    The dressing up part, of course!!!!! I’m 51 yrs. young and I still love making all of our costumes and having fun!!!

  • Maryjane Bellock

    My favorite thing about Halloween is making jack-o-lanterns. Carving pumpkins is a great way to spend quality time with family and it’s a great way to do something creative and get a little bit messy.

  • Melanie Harris

    Being creative! I love transforming the house with creepy things that I have made or repurposed. There is so much you can do. Each year my kids want homemade costumes, because they love to be original and over the top. I start planning for Halloween November 1:)

  • Megan Sandridge

    I love Halloween for multiple reasons. ONE its my husband and I’ wedding anniversary (our 3rd this year), the weather, crunchy leaves, trick-or-treaters, the general excitement for this holiday. For one day a year, you can be someone you’re not and not looked at funny for it. :)

  • bskelton

    My absolute favorite thing about Halloween is handing out candy to the children in the neighborhood. I think I am more excited than they are. I love looking at their costumes and hearing, “Trick or Treat!”. I also enjoy dressing up my furbabies (cat and dog) for the occasion :)

  • Michelle Mollison Lawrence

    My absolute favourite thing is making costumes. My husband and I are both Halloween fanatics and we would start making our costumes 6-8 weeks ahead. Now that I have a little one I am looking forward to making costumes for my daughter. This year she is going to be a mummy :)

  • Stephanie Farley

    I have always loved dressing my daughter up in her costumes- she’s 9. And now this year I get to dress my baby boy up in his first Halloween costume- he’s 7 months! My kids make everything more fun!

  • Cammy Gollner

    My favorite thing about Halloween is taking out my bin of decorations I’ve collected and saved over the years. Then, my children and I spend the weeks before Halloween doing a little decorating every day. And the best part of decorating is choosing a fancy pattern to carve. I love changing the pumpkin designs every year, and using strobe lights inside the pumpkin for great effects!

  • Heather Long

    I love everything about Halloween! Doing silly construction paper Halloween crafts and tissue ghosts with the kids. Carving pumpkins and watching Hocus Pocus. Decorating our house all creepy and of course dressing up and going Trick or Treating. I really can’t just choose one thing as you can see. LOL

  • Malissa Parrish

    I love how even the air seems to change here in my little East Texas town. The wind starts whipping around and the chill begins to set in. The creepiness of Halloween gives me a little spook and makes me feel so alive! I love the creativity and imagination of it all – I’ve seen some really impressive and amazing costumes. I aspire to join in on the fun!

  • newmommy

    My Favorite thing about Halloween would normally be watching scary movies, but this year is going to be different… it’s my baby girls first Halloween! After 5 years of trying to have a baby, we adopted a baby girl and now I can dress her up in costume and enjoy her first of many holidays!!! Nothing tops that for me <3

  • Susan I

    Boy, what don’t I love about Halloween! I have always loved handing out candy so I can see all the kiddos dressed up in their costumes, some of which seem so reative and unique. I also love being able to eat some of the candy that my children get, and decorating our house and yard and watching my girls get so excited about it as well.

  • Haley Prather

    My favorte thing about Halloween is everything. I love the crisp Fall air. The cooler weather. The spooky decorations. Haunted Housing. Haunted hayrides. Seeing my children dressed up in costumes. Throwing Halloween parties. Stealing some candy (lovingly) from my kids! Gotta love free Reeses! Hehehe.

    I truly love this time of the year though. Since I was a kid it has been my absolutefavorite.

  • Stephanie Moser

    My favorite thing about halloween is decorating! Making wreath’s and carving pumpkins, we usually always have a family pumpkin carving party where we all make our different designs and light them all for the night. It is so much fun for everyone to get to bring their own sense of creativity to each pumpkin! They all end up being so different and thats what I love about them!

  • Lisa Wekenborg

    My family LOVES Halloween! We decide on how to decorate the front of the house together, then work together to do it! We try to get the kids to do the homemade costumes for the most part. Its always so fun to see them find something and make it!

    My husband and I actually started dating after meeting at a Halloween Party in 99 (he was dressed as the Denorex man LOL) So Halloween is our favorite time of the year!

  • Angie Scheel

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the little kids dressed up in their costumes and seeing how excited they are about Halloween.

  • andrea wescott

    My fav thing about halloween, dressing up and that my son was born on the 30th I tried to hold out til the 31st he had other plans..

  • Wendy Welch

    My favorite thing about Halloween is that kids can go back to the way things used to be for one night……dress up and just be kids and just have fun. No worries, no stress, just kids dressing up, having fun, and eating candy!!

  • Sue Roberson

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the little kids in their adorable little costumes. It’s so fun hearing them be so excited for the week or so before Halloween about their costumes! I live in Phoenix so Halloween is also when our weather finally starts cooling down and it is beginning to feel like fall!

  • Echo Lee

    My favorite thing about Halloween is all the candy! Let’s get real. For some reason the Halloween candy tastes better than the regular stuff. I absolutely love the Reese’s and Snickers pumpkins! They are to die for. I love all of the cool decorations as well but the candy is the best!

  • waldron43

    What is not to love?! The smell of fall in the air, fires, the leaves changing. My brother married my now BFF on Halloween. Most of all now I have my own house to decorate, the more ideas the better!!

  • Monica Calloway

    My favorite thing about Halloween is letting the kids pick what they want to be, and creating them myself. I love when they think it is so cool that I make it. I also love the weather and the colors!

  • Lindsay

    My favorite thing about Halloween is making costumes for my little girls. They are now four and I hope they let me do this for a long time to come!

  • Lee Francis Hebert

    This is a actually a really tough question because I love everything about Halloween! I love the nice cool fall weather, the sweets, the smell of sweets, decorating, the decorations, the scary movies, figuring out what the little one is going to be dressed up as…but most of all, I LOVE to see the excitement in my step-daughter’s face when doing anything for Halloween! Her dad and I started dating November 1, 1994 (obviously we took a “break” for a little while since my step-daughter is now 11, & she is the good thing that came from the “break”). All I thought about the Halloween of 1994, was him :-) Now I am blessed with my family.

  • Sharon Matheney

    Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. When I was a kid, I loved dressing up, going trick-or-treating, and seeing the houses that had decorated for Halloween. Now that I’m grown, I still dress up to walk with my child while trick-or-treats and to give out candy when we get back home. And I get to decorate my house for Halloween. :)

  • Ann Cuevas

    My favorite part about Halloween is the horror movie marathon we used to do leading up to Halloween. I loved making popcorn and snuggling up with my friends or family and watching the movies. It was the best.

  • Lynda Marousek

    This year my favorite part of Halloween will be dressing up my 5 month old! Overall my favorite part of Halloween has to be the super creative (and sometimes gross looking) foods. The decorations and family fun Halloween movies are pretty stellar too!

  • Brandy Cockrell

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the excitement on my kids faces! Nothing beats a happy child!

  • shyla white

    My favorite thing about Halloween is all of the fun things to do with my kids. There are corn mazes, pumpkin patches, hay rides, etc. There are events all around. And my kids look so cute in their costumes. My 6 year old daughter is a cowgirl this year and my 4 month old son will be a zebra. The best part is that my mom made both of their costumes and they are adorable!

  • Myeleah

    I love everything about the Autumn season so of course Halloween is tops! I love that it is a time when as adults, we’re still allowed to play dress up & not be institutionalized! lol And can we say FUN SIZED candy?! YUM.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone!

  • Donna Collins

    I love everything everything about Halloween! The cooler weather, the decorations and the dressing up! I make my house like Disney’s Haunted Mansion. I have a graveyard in the front with my haunted bride and the beating heart. I have the hitchiking ghosts. I hang canlelit cnadeliers from the the porch high ceiling and I pass out candy dripping with 40 yards of white tulle with a black light on me. It’s a very cool effect! I LOVE Halloween!

  • Lori Ornelas

    My favorite things about Halloween are Pumpkin Spice lattes, carving pumpkins and scaring the begeezus out of my teenagers!! 😉

  • Lezlie Holt

    My favorite part of Halloween is the pumpkins. Not just the pumpkins themselves but the fun we have with the pumpkins. I love taking the kids to the pumpkin patch & letting them pick their pumpkins, then we load them in the wagon to transport them to the car. Then taking them home & clean them out (they LOVE to get all the goop out of there). After they are cleaned out the kids draw the face they want on their pumpkins and I carve them out. For some reason the face I carve doesn’t ever seem to match what they drew but we try. finally we get to take pictures with our pumpkins & sit them outside. Pumpkins are an all day activity at our house and we love them :)

  • Mar

    My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up like something else its like playing different characters when acting. I really wanna be an actress one day. I also enjoy all the candy even if I’m not a little kid still.

  • Motherof2

    My favorite thing about Halloween is all the decorations and seeing all the kids with there costumes. I also love to take my kids trick or treating i love it. Lets not forget carving pumpkins in decorating my house.

  • ellen pohlmann

    FIRST thing I love is that it’s perfect weather for decorating and the decor matches the outdoors with the leaves turning colors all around me.

    SECOND thing I love is that Halloween is the kids holiday to me – the time kids get to walk in the dark, in the streets and get candy.

    THIRD thing I love is the candy they bring home to me 😀

    Happy Halloweenie to all!!!!!

  • jessica moran

    My favorite thing about the season would definately have to be trick or treating! As we take our three kiddos door to door I can’t help but think about all the chocolate im gonna sneak when they are asleep!!!!

  • Kellie OShields

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing how excited my little girl gets when dressing up and going trick-or-treating. I love to see how much fun she has carving pumpkins and making fun yummy Halloween cupcakes. It is just so much fun with her and my baby.

  • Heather Kinsey

    I love our family’s traditions – my girls have fall birthdays three weeks apart and their themes play right into costume choices. Sometimes they coordinate (Mother Nature and a Beautiful Butterfly), but often their creative ideas travel very different directions (Japanese Geisha and Pirate Princess). We also visit a local farm for hayrides to the pumpkin patch where we cut our picks right from the vine, a corn maze to navigate, cotton jump (gated truck full of fluff), dozens of animals, a playground made of hay bales and a country store full of homemade goodies. It’s such a fun time to enjoy the cooler weather, play together as a family and share ideas for house-decorating

  • Donna ONeil

    My favorite thing is dressing up my daughter in cool costumes.

  • Ashlie Burch

    My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up! I loved it as a child, and I still love it as an adult! I have a three year old and a 6 month old, and I think we started discussing costume ideas in the summer. My three year old can’t wait to be Izzy from the Jake and the Neverland Pirartes this year, and her younger sister may wear the ladybug costume her older sister wore as a baby because it is just too cute!

  • Linda Larson

    My favorite thing about Halloween is decorating my yard and seeing the looks on the faces of the children and parents. They stop and take pictures and point and smile. That to me makes all of the imagination and hard work that my husband and I put into it worth all the while! We sit outside with a huge cauldron full of candy to pass out to the kids and love to look at the costumes that those little imaginations come up with.

  • Jojo

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the decor!

  • Susy Parnell

    Trick or Treating!!! My husband and I had been going trick or treating until I got pregnant, which we’re pretty sure our daughter was concieved on Halloween night ;o), and then we waited a year after she was born and jumped right back in. Its so fun to show off home made costumes to the neighbors, and the free candy doesn’t hurt either!!

  • Kimmy

    My favorite thing about Halloween is, definitely, decorating. One of my mother’s, whom passed away 5 years ago, favorite holidays was Halloween. She LOVED decorating and the family tradition carried on through me to my kids. I love taking objects and making them “spooky.” My kids, as well as the neighborhood kids, LOVE seing all the crazy/cute decorations.

  • Lori Birdzell

    My response might be a little different… Growing up we only had 2 choices of costumes.. So each year my 2 sisters and I would be let’s see.. What do I want to be this year, a witch or a clown, a witch or a clown. Now that I’m a grandma, I remember back so vividly and love how my halloween nights were…especially now since I just lost my mother so now it’s this grandma’s responsibity to create wonderful memories for my own grandbabies… Thanks Tori for being so down to earth and for giving us such fun and great ideas!!!

  • JenK

    I have two kids that are nine years apart! My daughter is 13 and coming to the end of her Trick or Treating days, but my four year old son is just starting! We love to think/plan all year of what we’ll all be. We all love dressing up, it’s usually from a favorite book, game or movie. I cherish these memories with my kids, because they are only small for a very short time.

  • cody smith-candelaria

    My favorite thing about Halloween is everything!!! i love the decorations! I love dressing up, the fun of coming up with a costume, making it and then wearing it out. I love bats and it’s the best time of year to find them so I get to buy all kinds of cute bat goodies to wear and decorate with. Really, there just isn’t anything I don’t love about Halloween. Oh yeah, all the scary movies run all month long and I adore that but mostly, I love that they do constant reairs of The Crow in October cause it’s my favorite movie. Anyhow, yeah, I love it all!!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    I don’t like anything about Halloween, and it’s not a religious thing, I just don’t like the scary movies or gory stuff. I do love the weather and the pumpkins and I take my son to the pumpkin patch because they don’t have scary things just fun little animals and games, so there, that’s what I like about Halloween

  • Marcie Lynn Florance

    My favorite part has always been giving out candy in the neighborhood that I teach on Halloween night!! The kids love seeing their teacher as a “real person” with a real house!! Plus they look so cute and they love to talk about it the next day at school. The hard part is keeping the candy IN the backpacks!! LOL

  • Melinda Hall

    Pumpkins, pumkins and more pumkins!! (O;

  • Heidi Vogt

    I love it when my kids pickout their costume and wear it several times before Halloween and run around the house in it. :)

  • Alyssa Maldonado

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing how creative other people get with costumes and decorating! The colors of fall are beautiful and I love watching them pop up everywhere!!

  • teetee

    When my boys were little..going to the pumpkin patch and watching them pick out the biggest pumpkins they could carry.

    Homemade costumes

    Going to the harvest festival at church…

    My husband loves Halloween…he carves intricately detailed pumpkins..they are awesome.

    Candy! :)

  • Karla Fields

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing my son get soooo excited!!!! He loves picking out a costume, and being a superhero, spongebob, etc for a day. We carve pumpkins every year, and this has become our own little tradition we do together. Watching him trick or treating is such a blast. Going up to the door with such gusto, saying those 3 powerful words Trick or Treat, and then flashing that big beautiful smile for his sweet treat is just priceless!!!

  • Mindy

    My favorite thing about Halloween is watching the faces of all of the children Trick-or-Treating in my small town. They get so excited, and the pure happiness makes me happy. I also love the color of fall leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, and the smell of burning leaves. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  • Lea Gunter

    My favorite things about Halloween are getting to dress up, enter costume contests, going to festivals, and getting lots of candy, especially chocolate.

  • Sara Jameson

    I also love Halloween! I love making spooky snacks, scary cupcakes and any food that I can make into a Halloween treat. Although since the birth of my son Kyle (he is now 6) who has a severe peanut and nut allergy, Halloween can be scary for a different reason. I still let him trick or treat, but “swap out the candy” when we get home. His nut allergy has made Halloween a challenge, but this has only made me come up with more unique ways to celebrate Halloweeen and make more “homemade treats” instead of store bought! Trick or Treat!

  • Leslie Johnson

    In my younger days, my favorite thing was dressing up and going out to party, now days it’s dressing my kids (7 and 2) up and taking them out. I love how excited they are to be in the costumes and playing the “character” that they are, the excitment of picking who they want to be and the CANDY FUN! What is not to love about it? I love the decorating, my daughter is old enough to enjoy getting into it and now that I have a little one with a birthday near Halloween I cannot wait to have lots of parties in the future with awesome “spooky” decorations!!! Love the creepy!

  • Courtney

    My favorite thing about halloween is that you can be anything you want to be. Everyday I am a stay at home mom but on halloween I can dress up and have fun while pretending to be something different. I love being a mom but it’s nice to get away. I am so excited to host an adult party this year!

  • Lynnee

    I love Halloween because it means everything pumpkin. I can’t get enough pumpkin! Decorated pumpkins, pumpkin-shaped candy, pumpkin bread, pumpkin colors, pumpkin seets. :)

  • gina sandoval

    Love decorating for halloween! We just put our deco out this weekend!

  • Andrea Jones

    My favorite thing about Halloween is dresing up. I was not allowed to celebrate halloween as a child. But now that I have my own lil family I look forward to dressing up together!!!!

  • jenincity2

    My favorite part of Halloween is going out to a farm with the kids, choosing pumpkins, then voting how to carve them and getting elbow deep into pumpkin guts! I don’t know why but my kids believe that their is something so funny about gutting out the pumpkin, lots of laughs! :-)

  • Brittney Yates

    Hi Tori I just want to say first off congrats on the new addition with Finn you have a beautiful family. I look up to you as a mom, fashion icon, advid crafter, and all things decor. You have came out with some great books that provides your ideas for party events which I love!

    Anyways my favorite part about Halloween is all the decorations, fall weather, all the kids get to dress up and go trick or treating. I love halloween so much that when my husband and I were planning on having our daughter we tried to get close to Halloween! Oct 22 I think that was pretty close. I also love all the scary movies that come out during the month, and on the ABC Family channel all month long they play family halloween movies, so its nice snuggling up with my almost 2 yr old on the couch. Also every year for her birthday we have a halloween themed dress up party so this book would be great to have so that i can incorporate some ideas from the book into her birthday party !

  • leanna trujillo


  • Debbie Helton

    I absolutely love EVERYTHING about Halloween, but I think my favorite thing is how creative people are when decorating their homes! The more creative and spooky the better!!!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I have 2 favorite things! My absolutely favorite thing is seeing all the creative ideas people came up with to trick or treat as! I also have a house that looks spooky and kids are scared of to begin with so I love decorating it for Halloween! My favorite holiday to decorate for! My b-day is the 21st so I’ve always been a fan of halloween! I don’t even HAVE to decorate the house… if I put a spooky cd of eerie noises blaring from my husbands office window above the front door it creeps the kids out! I act as if I don’t know what they are talking about :)

  • Leigh Linden

    I love the food!! Taking ordinary things and just twisting a few things to turn it into a Halloween treat! Its so fun to create a spooky version of cookies, pizza, drinks, etc!

  • Cindy

    What “now” for the past four years has become my favorite thing about halloween is Trunk or Treat. We decorate our trunks for halloween and dress up and give out candy at our church parking lot because it’s safe and friendly. We give out cookies and juice and have games and things after the children go down the parking lots to each trunk and get a treat. It’s so nice to see the children dressed up and looking at each trunk and the decorations and adults dressed up as well and having fun. This year I am charlie brown, I have my costume and my trunk will be the great pumpkin patch! I have all the peanut figures in their costumes and will have a giant pumpkin with my chalk board saying it’s the great pumpkin. I will also play the movie The great pumpkin charlie brown on the personal dvd player and have my candy ready!

  • Kelley Bonowski

    Tori and Dean, Congratulations on adding more love to your beautiful family with baby Finn. Glad to hear that you both have come through this journey safe and sound. My favorite thing about Halloween is, well, everything! Each year we host a party and every year we have a different theme, including a new poem for our invite and my husband and I take on a different persona to go with that years theme. This year we are hosting a Monster Masquerade Ball and we are the Evil Queen and King. I decorate for weeks and have made some new pieces to add to my collection this year. Love your show and blog. Much happiness to all of you!

  • Tiffany Horne

    My favorite thing about Halloween is going Trick or Treating with my 5 and 2 year old sons. I just love getting them dressed and seeing how excited they get when they get candy or a surprise!!

  • michelle lego

    my favorite part of halloween is watching my children get so excited to be totaly out of character and be able to use their imaginations to the max. i personaly love all of the halloween movies and the crisp feel of the fall breeze :)

  • Melissa Rogers

    My favorite part of Halloween is being able to decorate my house and yard for all of my daycare babies as well as my children. This is also the time of the year that I can open my windows and smell the fresh air.

  • Kerry Krueger

    For Halloween, this means watching scary movies while in nice warm PJ’s cuddled next to my man, having some candles burning. Halloween is also about looking at all the kids costumes and seeing their happy faces going door-to-door for trick or treating. It is about the change in weather and seeing all the leaves on the ground. This also allows me the time to think back to when I was a kid. Fun times! This is my favorite time of the year!

  • Warnekeh

    I love PUMPKINS, pumpkin patches, pumpkin flavored and scented things. I love everything about fall. What I like most about Halloween is learning new ways to decorate pumpkins and seeing new DIY decorations from the blogs that I follow so I can then try them myself! This year’s theme: glitter =)

  • Beth Salazar

    I love this time of year, the leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, and the smells are wonderful, Halloween fits right into this, I love the decorating of the houses, and the pumpkin carving, and all the little kiddos in their cute costumes….its a night of laughter and family…..and a wonderful beginning to the holidays to come…….

  • Sarah Blankenship

    My favorite part of Halloween is letting my twin girls decide what they want to be. This year is a princess and a cat. They are 3 so this is the first year they have been really excited about it.

  • Jocelyn Orellana

    I love the kids scary cartoons and dressing up my daughter!

  • Kirstin Samp

    I love pumpkins and gourds and decorating my front porch with the look of Halloween! The colors and resources available make it the best!

  • Kim Odaniel

    my absolute favorite thing about halloween is carving the pumpkins i draw out the desgin and then start carving and i get into that zone and all the frustration go away and enjoy myself i wish i could carve a pumkin all year round sometmes but limit to no moare then 3 in october then all the kids show up and tell me how they like the lanterns i did one of our dog and then even phineas ferb and whe the kids asked were perry was id turn the pumkin around and show them perry hideing on the back of Phineas [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/nygv9z.jpg/IMG

  • Kitsi Eakins

    I love Halloween. Carving pumpkins, trick or treating with kids and grandkids, the changing weather and season BUT most of all, I love the anticipation and excitement it brings my family of the holidays. Halloween is like the torch being lit that begins the Holiday season. The begining of time spent with friends and family, I love it!!

  • Tasha Martin

    When I think about my ghosts of Halloween past, I remember pitiful costumes I was made to wear. I never got to choose what I wanted – it was whatever my mother picked and wherever she wanted to go. I never felt like the holiday was truly mine. So, as a Mommy, I work hard to make sure Halloween is a time of celebrated imagination and successful transformation for my children.

    I love that Halloween is a time when kids can be anything they want to be – that there is no ceiling on what they can accomplish – one of the most important lessons I hope to teach my children. They make their costume wishlist, we pull out make-up and crafty goodies, and, for that whole day, they get to have their wildest dreams come true. They can be a superhero, an Egyptian princess, or a wild and crazy dragon. Whatever they want, we make it happen.

    When Halloween is over, we put their costumes in their dress-up chest so they can imagine and remember again whenever they like. And they do. Often.

  • Becky Johnson

    My favorite thing about Halloween are the coustumes! When else do you get to be anything you want?! Since having my first child we love to do family themed costumes- so much fun!!!

  • Dawn Dunne

    My favorit thing about Haloween is sharing it with m kids now. I have always loved Halloween and scary movies and now I pass that on to my kids (well not the scary movie party yet). We have started traditions with Halloween just like Christmas. Halloween decorations go up on October 1st. They start doing a countdown prior. We DVR all kids halloween specials and will watch them year round. My favorite part though is the annual pumpkin carving. We go as a family to our local greenhouse and get a family pumpkin. We only get one but we get a big one! We go home and carve it up together and decide on a design. Everyone is involved! The kids usually come up with a name for the pumpking also. It’s all about the family doing things together as a family for us at Halloween. We all love this holiday!

  • Sharon Kruschen

    My hubby and I like to host a Spooky Shabbat dinner! We still use our china but make the whole dinner spooky by altering food natrually. For example we use beet juice in cous cous to represent a bloody mess or grill white asparagus to represnt witches fingers. We go all out but can always use new suggestions.

  • Emily

    I love decking the house out with Halloween and Fall decorations…The kids get to pick a new decoration every year…I crack up what they choose. Last year it was a giant skeleton in their playroom, this year my kids want to put bones in our yard…not sure why or how they came up with this…but I am going with it. The only problem is my 4 1/2 year old daughter wants to make sure they are pink and purple sparkly bones. It looks like I am going to have to get creative with this one.

  • karen clark-fitch

    My favorite thing about Halloween? Wow, everything!! The decorating, the spooky stuff, and CANDY!!!!!!I love to decorate for Halloween. The hubby and I make the graveyard and everything. I just love the holiday.

  • Lauren

    My favourite part about Halloween is definately the scary dessert table covered with spooky and delicious desserts of all kind! But of course I love the costumes too!

  • carlyspiel

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the decorations!!! I love decorating my whole house (inside and outside) with Halloween decorations! Spider webs, pumpkins, skeletons, witches… Decorating is my passion so of course when Halloween comes I go all out!!!

  • Michelle Owens

    My favorite thing about Halloween is getting out all the fun/happy/cute decorations for the house. My friends tease me that my Halloween stuff is too happy and not scary enough…and I like it that way! I have ghosts and witches and monsters and spiders…but they are all happy ones! :) Most of my decorations are Snoopy or Disney and, well, they make me smile…so I guess I am the “happy” in “Happy Halloween” around here! :)

  • susan parkinson

    My fav thing about Halloween is the kids and their costumes.I love decorating my front door so the kids in our neighbourhood know its cool to trick or treat at my door.Its not that big in Australia but i sure make it big at my place….

  • Tracey Berry

    Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love the colors, the crisp cool air, and smell of fallen leaves. We have fun decorating the house and the kids decide what to dress up as for trick or treating.

  • Dawn Moran

    i l00veee leaves & picking pumpkins :)

  • Erin

    Halloween and autumn is my favorite time of year. I like the leaves changing color, cooler nights (I live in Indiana) carving pumpkins and scary movies is what brings me in the Halloween spirit.

  • tara targett

    we decorate our front yard as a graveyard every year. i love watching the awe and excitement of the children looking around at what is new and what is changed check out my fb page photos of last year. this year is even better because we created a path that the kids can actually walk thru the graveyard. we laid burlap bags down with different thing under each 1 (packing peanuts , cellophane, newspapers, rocks and lg bubble wrap) so its a bit freaky.and to think we live in a town house so we are limited to space that we can decdorate but we utilize as much as we can.

  • Nikki79

    seeing the kiddos in their costumes :)

  • Nikki

    My favourite thing about Halloween would be getting to pick out what costume that you want to be that year, designing/crafting it, or dressing up as the same things as your friends. Also handing out candy and the little kids in there cute little costumes and of corse getting candy !

  • Gloria Bruce

    Halloween is my birthday so it has always been a holiday that I loved! Now that I have a daughter (who is 6) it is that much more special. Together we share in decorating our home inside. In the spring we plant pumpkins and corn which in the fall we harvest to carve and decorate the stairs and porch of our home for Halloween. We also love to spend a Sunday cooking family suppers that once again feature all of the hearty fall foods and treats. There is so much to enjoy as we welcome the fall and eagerly await Halloween but if I had to select just one thing it is sharing in the excitment of my daughter as we dress her in her costume and enjoy a night trick-or-treating in our small New England town.

  • Tracy Martinez

    My fav thing about Halloween is just spending time with my kids. Helping them with there costumes, decorating the house, trick or treating and fun Halloween movies…

  • Future Mom

    My favorite thing about Halloween is that it is in the fall. I love the crisp weather, pulling out the “winter” clothes, seeing all the pumpkins, mums, visiting pumpkin farms and apple orchards. I think my new favorite thing, though, will be seeing my new son dress up in a costume and decorating the house more for him :)

  • Kim Newton

    I love everything about Halloween! I love the colors, I love the dress up, and I love the candy!

  • Brandi Faulkner

    I love it because being in So Cal, when Halloween gets here the nights are finally cold! My kids love all the pre halloween activities like the pumpkin patch, 13 days of halloween on ABC Family and the various craft projects they do at school. Not to mention the trick or treating . Halloween signals holiday time for me..yay for fall!!

  • Rachel Cronan

    My favorite thing about this Halloween is getting to meet my brand new baby boy who should be here just in time for Halloween!!!

    Otherwise, I LOVE seeing all the kids in their costumes coming to my door trick o’ treating for candy. It brings me back to when I was a kid and how fun that night was. One of my fondest memories as a child is Halloween!!!

  • Susan Morris

    Halloween is my favorite holiday too! I think I love that it’s okay to be into scary/spooky stuff that just doesn’t work year-round, and being able to dress up in costume no matter what age you are is the best. I have really fond memories of trick-or-treating as a kid.

  • AnaMarie Last name

    I’ve always made my Halloween costumes, even when I was a kid! I’d raid my mother’s old clothes from the 1960s and 1970s and just let the creative juices flow! Now that I have kids of my own, I now pass that “tradition” on and letting as many creative juices flow before old ages takes what brain cells I have left and turn them to goo! My last pride and joy of a costume was making my son a British Bobby, which was met with many “ooohs” and “aaaahs” at his school. It made him very proud too as he’s autistic, so this little bit of good attention made him so happy, and me too!

  • Lauren Brunner

    I’ve always loved halloween, but this year I’m most excited because we will be celebrating my sweet baby Genevieve’s first birthday! I can’t wait for all the future halloween birthday parties we will be having.

  • Shana C

    My favorite part of this time of year is working with each of my kids to put together their costumes. I love seeing their faces and how much they enjoy their day. It is a great time for our family to come together. It’s a time when the older kids do not worry and just have fun. I have a 12 year old dressing as a cookie monster, 9 year old as Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games, 7 year old as Captian America, and 5 year old as a butterfly. Hope your family has a great time celebrating.

  • Jodie Arnold

    I love decorating pumpkins (carving and otherwise) with our twin boys!

  • Krisanne Vigliotti

    I love seeing all the little ones with excitement in their eyes waiting to see what treats they are getting. I usually buy toys to give them and they go crazy! One year I gave out whistles! Although the moms weren’t too happy I could hear them whistling down the street. It was the cutest!!! Made me smile!

  • Susan Teeter

    I have always loved Halloween, I remember as a kid (age15) , when it was no longer cool to do the traditional trick or treating anymore…>I would race home set up the candy and wait and wait. Too bad we had only three houses on our block. My mission when house searching 25 years later was to find a home on a block with alot of kids! Thankfully my husband loves Halloween just as I do. Now, we set up a table for cinammon donuts and cider and the treats and with our own children wait to give all the kids a little special treat in between the traditional trick or treating. So much fun!! I wish Halloween happened twice a year!

  • Tricia

    I wasn’t a big fan of Halloween growing up but now that I have 4 kids, 9,5,4, 11 months, it has become one of my favorites! To watch my kids get so excited about dressing up, decorating the house, etc is just so much fun. Also now that my son was born last year Oct 25, 2011, we are having his 1st birthday celebration on Halloween with a big trick or treating/ 1st birthday party! Halloween is the start of the best 3 holidays of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

  • Stefanie Holley

    There is a lot I love about Halloween, but what I love most it that its my birthday:) It has always been a bit more fun for me.

  • Claireese Patterson

    my fav part of halloween is baking (since i love to bake) it also my son and newphews birthdays so we get to make halloween that much more fun to do partys and dressing up and decorating the house insidee and out

  • sarah ion

    My family loves Halloween, My husband and son and daughter take turns every year on who picks our costumes which are usually a theme. We’ve been batman villians, the wizard of oz and little red and her wolves. My favorite was when my son was 13 he picked to be Micheal Jackson from the Thriller video and the rest of us were the zombies it was great. And of course I make most of the costumes.

  • Momof4Blondies

    Candy corn, popcorn balls, and seeing my kids faces getting ready for trick-or-treating!

  • Amy Blaylock

    Seeing all the things mom friends come up with for homemade Halloween costumes is my fave! I never get tired of being awed by my friends’ imaginations. Scary movie night at our house with the kids (complete with popcorn and cocoa) is always the kids’ favorite :)

  • Nikki Stanfield

    My favorite thing about Halloween is getting my daughter all dressed up. And seeing her face when she gets to see herself in the mirror. I love going to my families house spending time with them laughing and joking around while we are passing out candy. And I love seeing what all the other little kids are wearing.

  • Donna Grooms

    Love the colors of Halloween; while passing out candy, seeing all the awesome ideas that the children’s parents come up with for costumes; haunted houses….not really scary ones; the candy…I’m a chocoholic; but mostly the excitement on my grandkids’ faces as they trick-or-treat.

  • jessica gibson

    my favorite thing is see all the diffrent kids coming to my door and seeing what they are dressed up as .I also like to see my son in his costum

  • liza naguib

    Blah blah blah moms! Let’s keep it real! Dressing your kids up and decorating your home is all warm and sweet, but from the time I was a kid racing home on my bike after school on my favorite day of the year, Halloween has always been about one thing……CANDY! That’s right, even though you could go to the store and buy candy on all the other 364 days of the year, this was the one day that you could actually get it from all your neighbors for FREE! Oh the excitement in waiting by the window for the sun to go down, so that you could grab your pillow case and head out to see what goodies your neighbors had in store for you! So now, at 37 years old with two candy loving tots of my own, my favorite part of Halloween is when we get home from a hard night of trick treating and my kids recklessly empty out their bags of candy all over the family room floor and I get to see upfront all the sugary bliss that will soon become my after hours, midnight indulgence!

  • mischelle was here

    i love putting together special groups of treats for my special little trick or treaters….i usually have a couple of the kids at the store with me …go down the sinful candy isle…and listen….the oooo’s and ahh’s…later i pick some of these up…wrap equal amounts of each in a colorful bandana i’ve sewn …..tie up like a hobo’s sack…now they are easy to drop in the kids’s bags…they have a bandana to keep and play with and the candy to do their sugar high for their parent (lol) ….it’s fun, easy and pleasing to the kiddo’s ….and i get to enjoy seeing their little costumes without the hassle of making sure i was pretty even with the group ….and of course it’s a must to design something for my two yorkies…too fun

  • Brittney W.

    The memories of my daughter of course!

  • Victoria Walsh

    Carving pumpkins! Infact we had hosted a pumpkin carving party last weekend and I would like to do it again… make a new tradition.

  • Allison Pridgen

    My favorite thing about Halloween is, OF COURSE, the candy!!!! Chocolate, suckers, gummies … all of it! LOVE!

  • Missy Wilson

    My children are all in their twenties now so I envy you who have youngsters on Halloween so much!!! My husband and I LOVE to decorate, so we made life size (if 7 feet tall is life size) statues of Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas.

    Decorated our whole front yard and sit on the porch eating chinese food and passing out trinkets to the trick or treaters.

    It my second favorite thing on Halloween. My first is seeing the excitement in the kids eyes and hearing from the parents that the older trick or treaters told them about our house and they walked for blocks to find it!!!!

    I love Halloween!!!

  • Mandy

    October is my birthday month and I have always found the fall colors to be just wonderful! I live where we get alot of fall colors and it is just beautiful. I love seeing my kids get all dressed up and watching all the kids come out for trick or treating! I also have to admit I love to decorate the house! It is just so much fun!!

  • al

    I love halloween because I teach preschool and love coming up with creative crafts to do with the children and of course singing 5 little pumpkins!

  • Kimberly Clark

    My favorite part of Halloween is reliving my childhood through my childrens eyes.

  • KB

    I love watching my son react to all of the festivites. Now that he is 2 1/2 he chose his own costume (Buzz Lightyear) and asked my husband to be Buzz too. I love looking at pictures of his first costume, along with his first encounter with trick or treaters and passing out candy. I love seeing Halloween through his eyes. Thats my favorite part of Halloween.

  • Lanae Ames-Price

    the crisp Autumn air, the jack-0-lanterns, and the candy ~

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    My favourite thing about Halloween is that it is my partner’s birthday! It’s fun that we both love Halloween and each year we get to celebrate it even bigger because it’s his birthday =) Over here in Australia it is nowhere near as big as in America but we always love to celebrate =)

  • TagTailz

    My favorite thing about Halloween is letting the kids have fun coming up with their costumes, and then bringing their vision to reality. The magic of being a kid again and living it through their eyes is SO much fun!!!