Stella’s Style: Pumpkin Patch Chic



My little fashionista takes every chance she gets to show her styling skills, and our day at the pumpkin patch was no exception. Stella put this ensemble together herself, and I have to say I was impressed. She chose a pink (obviously) peasant dress, jean cutoff shorts, a pair of her fave retro socks, and pumpkin patch appropriate vintage cowboy boots. My little stylista topped her outfit off with a pair of statement sunnies, which are vintage as well. Can you say toddler chic?!

I was so in love with Stella’s get-up, I decided to dress Hattie in a matching outfit! My matching ladies looked so adorable together, and had so much fun frolicking around the patch. Thanks to Stella, Hattie has a cutting edge style icon to look up to in her big sister.

Do you ever dress your little ones in matching outfits? Do they love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments below!


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  • Ashley Taylor

    As much as I possibly can, although now at ages almost 9 and 4.5 they rebel against it a little more! I try to coordinate more now if I can! 😉 By the way, Stella and my daughter Abby would be total BFFs. :)

  • Emily Beebe

    I STILL dress my four and a half year old daughter and two year old son the same!! Jammies, holiday name it! It’s just too cute and soon they won’t let me..

  • Debbi Wienold

    I loved dressing my girls the same. Even love looking back on the photos of those days long ago. theya are 16 & 12. not dressing the same anymore…

  • ksu2000grad

    My sister and I had a lot of the same tops, sweaters, etc. in different colors, and there were times we would come into the kitchen (our bedrooms were on opposite sides of the house) to see each other in the same outfit.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    my sister and I are 2 years 10 months apart to the day… I’m october 21 she’s december 21. My mom used to dress us like twins and people used to say we were twins but we never saw it. She’s older :) they would get us the same things too and if it was color wise I would get purple she would get pink etc. heck even in high school my sister wore a dress for homecoming one year and then I did!

    I love Stella’s style though! she takes after momma!

  • HLeide

    My boys are 3 years a part and I dress them the same or similar every chance I get. I know they will reach a point that they will not let me do this. I already bought them matching outfits for my husband’s homecoming. (He’s been deployed since May) and planning on their matching pj’s for Christmas.

  • Stephanie Pitman

    Growing up, my mom would put me and my sister in the same outfits for years…we are 4 years apart…pictures of matching swimsuits, Christmas dresses, pjs, etc. I remember complaining and hating to be in the same outfits as my little sister and then it stopped. I wanted to be the older sister. Back in the early 80s there were coordinating options like today, which I would’ve loved! Today I dress my boys n matching set pieces for pictures from places like Gymboree and they don’t notice or mind. Of course boys are different and don’t care what they wear. Next month they will turn 6 and 8 so these matching days are dwindling…Im going to enjoy it while I can.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I haven’t thought about that in a long time. Hope all your kiddos and moms reading this everywhere are doing well!
    Virtual hugs moms, steph

  • Susan Morris

    I see so much of Liam’s face in Stella’s in that first picture! The sunglasses somehow make it more obvious. Those shades rule, I would wear those.

  • MamaPaws

    to cute!!!!!!

  • Carol Kaufman

    She is just too cute. But you both make beautiful babies. Happy Halloween to you and your family :)

  • teetee

    My Mom was quite a seamstress back in the day.. She made matching dresses for all of us..including her. I wish I could find the picture I would post it on here..I believe it was from the early 70’s! Kinda sweet look back and seeing my Mom, sister and I wearing the same dress!

    When my boys were little I’d dress them in similar outfits, but vary the colors..on certain occasions. Now that they are teenagers they live in tee shirts and pajamas at home..not kidding!

  • teetee

    Love Stella’s style..sorry, forgot to type that before! <3

  • desi

    Oh, Stella is so cute! The outfit she put together is just perfect for the pumpkin patch! Love the glasses! That little girl has style….

  • TagTailz

    How absolutely adorable!!

  • Jean Gilman

    OMG, I LOVE LOVE the tube socks! Reminds me of high school! Your Stella is absolutely gorgeous! Susan is right, she looks so much like Liam at this age!

  • Linda Larson

    Stella is cracking me up! She has the facial expression and the pose down. What a beautiful child.

  • Gina Zornacki

    She is seriously too cute! Loving that sassyness, totally reminds me of my Little Miss :) The only time I dressed my kiddos alike was at Christmas jammie time, now that my son is a teen of course that’s totally “not cool mom” so we settle for similar color schemes!!