picTORIal: More Pumpkins…

Ok, so we are pumpkin obsessed in The McDermott household. We hit another pumpkin patch the other night… Here are some super cute shots!



How big are Hattie and Daddy? SOOO big!

Hattie hams it up with the pumpkins!

Big Bro and Baby Sis!

Which one should I choose??

FYI… Stella was way too into the inflatable pumpkin slide to pose with pumpkins…

How is your family getting into the Halloween spirit? Upload photos to your profile pages, leave the link in the comments below and I’ll feature the most festive in an upcoming post!


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  • Gerri Curless

    I had to laugh at this because my daughter is going to her 3rd pumpkin patch today with my 3 yr old grandson London LOL! I am disabled but I love seeing the photos she takes and the laughter on his face going to these places.

  • patricia berry

    let see the 29 is my 42 bday and we are going to party with friend and then halloween we are taking the neighbors treat or treating so the parents can get a break from the kiddos …but i love the pic tori

  • Darren Martin

    What adorable shots! Looks like you guys are big fans of Halloween — that’s awesome! Love the last pic of Hattie with the baby pumpkins… that’s a framer. Then again, most of your shots are! :)

  • homemoma

    here we don’t celebrate halloween but we are pumpkin fans. each fall we have a pumpkin picking day at our own pumpkin patch. this year we had only 5 plants and got 12 huge pumpkins.

  • teetee

    Love all your photos.. I have two teenage sons 18 &, we don’t decorate like we did when they were little.

    We made a lot of crafts at home..that and I was still teaching preschool then..anything, you could make with everyday things you have around the home..paper plates, paint, rocks, fabric, coloring /dying pasta, coloring, tissue paper, name it we made it. Missing when they were little like yours ..enjoy, every second time passes so quickly…

    I have a high school graduate who hasn’t started college yet..and a sophomore!

    You have a beautiful happy that you are Kay. I know you are appreciating every second you have with all your babies. Love your show, books, sites.. God Bless you! Remember to rest Momma! :) <3

  • Ann

    Hattie is such a little doll! And she looks just like Liam!

  • Kathryn Johnson … If I did this right here is a link to what my family has done so far in celebrating halloween.

    Your children are lovely. It’s so great you sharing your family time.

  • desi

    Oh, so cute! My children are grown so now we just eat pumpkin pie or anything made of pumpkin! Love the taste so much and always reminds me that cool weather is coming!

  • melissa Jones-atson

    We love Halloween and visit the pumpkin patch every year. This year we had a Cinderella Pumpkin Patch Birthday party for my 4 year old. My hubbyalso created a very funny mooning pumpkin man and put it out by the road for everyone to have a laugh:)

  • Tasha Gaddy

    We don’t have real pumpkin patches where we live. . .so we got together with some friends and made our own little pumpkin patch :)

  • KristinK

    So cute! Glad yall are having so much fun as a family! After all you’ve been through the last few months you deserve all the fun, carefree, family time you can get! God bless!! Here is a little of what my crew has been up to this Fall! XOXO

  • madeleine alaouze

    Baby girl’s first time at the pumpkin patch! So much fun! and her halloween costume :)

  • Stephanie Smith

    Aww, how sweet!

  • Kristina Carter

    She is just precious! Love the pictures!

    This is what we have been up to this fall….

  • Myeleah

    From now until the end of January is the best time of year IMO. I wish Autumn lasted much longer. I love to paint faces on pumpkins in place of carving. THey tend to last longer too!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    your kids are so adorable!

  • Sharon Kruschen
  • Joanna Dury

    We make for Halloween pumpkin soup which we all just LOVE ! Hmmmm 😛

  • doreen porzio

    I Love all the pics at the pumpkin patch! Dean & Hattie are just too cute in the 1st pic!! “Soooo Big!” Liam & Hattie Cat together engulfed with all those pumpkins is adorable! They are so cute!…Hattie is getting so big!…. Too bad Stella wasn’t around for the pics!! I can understand her interest in the inflatable pumpkin slide!! Way more fun!!… Lol!!

  • Paula Regan

    Oh my gosh your kids are so adorable! You have such a cute family! We started our family this year and had the Joy of Bringing my son to the pumpkin patch for the first time this year! He LOVED IT! He loved all of the animals he could see there and loved to play with the hay! He also picked out a pumpkin and we cant wait to carve it on the 30th(family tradition we are passing on to our little man!) Thanks for sharing your adventure!!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Loved both of the Pumpkin Patch PicTORIals (speaking of alliterations). At first I felt no need to comment, because we don’t ‘do’ Halloween in this country. We celebrate St. Martin though in this part of the country which does involve trick or treating but without the fancy dress part: children go from door to door with illuminated paper lampions (mostly crafted at school), sing a St. Martin song and they get sweets, cookies or tangerines in return. So in the end, after reading your blog and finding some inspiring pins I created my own St. Martin meets Halloween Jack O’Tangerines:

    And guess what? This weekend my lovely mother in law (and partner in vintiquing-crime) told me about a local pumpkinpatch! So we immediatley packed the family in the car and drove the ten minutes to the farm. And in a blistering 41 degrees wind accompanied by a watery sunshine we found our pile of pumkins, here’s the proof: It turned out to be a lovely outing, they had different pumpkin involved games for the kids and a carve your own lantern workshop. So now we have another family memory to add to the 2012 Memory Box, thank you for letting us enjoy yours!

  • Amy Sargeant

    Call me crazy, but it surely seems like Hattie is a real “Daddy’s Girl.” I absolutely love it!

  • Lindsey S

    Every year, my mom gets crafty with the pumpkins in our yard. She stacks three pumpkins, stakes them together, and paints them as people/characters. She started off with three little pumpkins,making them into football players for my cousins. Since then she’s moved to bigger pumpkins, and has made a football player for our local high school, a volleyball player for my sister, a Santa, Charlie Brown, a pumpkin snowman, a scarecrow. She even was asked to make a bride and groom pumpkin for a wedding!

    This year was the best yet though. She made the M&M characters, all five Wizard of Oz characters, and little NBA & NFL players (my sister’s favorite ones). The M&Ms have been the biggest hit so far. Everyone seems to LOVE them! A little girl who came trick-or-treating tonight said, “Your mom is so crafty.” It was sooo cute! :)

    Here’s the pictures of this years…