Giveaway: Camp Little Maven Gift Bag



After yesterday’s picTORIal of the launch party for Little Maven (my chic line of baby and kids’ clothes designed exclusively for JCPenney), I hope you all felt like you were there Glamping with me!

A fabulous time was had by all – Little Mavens and Big Mavens alike – and the Glamping didn’t stop when the campers headed out the door. Each camper took home a little party gift from me, equipped with some Glamping essentials. And now, one lucky ediTORIal reader will have the chance to win one of these gift bags!

For Camp Little Maven, we truly left no glamping detail behind, and these goodie bags were no exception. They had to match perfectly with the Camp Little Maven theme, and I think we hit the nail on the head with them! Each gift bag was held together by a Little Maven layette blanket (there were pink ones for the girls, and blue ones for the boys), which our campers could throw over their shoulders and hold using a long tree branch. The inspiration was Huck Finn meets Snoopy running away from home, and I absolutely loved the final product.

Here’s what we stocked the goodie bags with:

Little Maven Baby Blanket – Each bag was made out of a tied up Little Maven layette blanket
And here’s what went into the bags:

Flashlight – For those late night campfires and hikes
Little Maven Stationary Set – So you can write home when you’re off at camp
Marshmallows – A must-have at any campsite
And best of all…

$100 JCPenney Gift Card – For your Little Mavens!
There you have it! If you want to enter to win this Camp Little Maven goodie bag, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your camping/glamping essentials are!

Good luck!

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UPDATE: I’ve chosen the lucky winner of the Camp Little Maven gift bag! Congrats to ediTORIal reader Susan Evans!

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  • Ashley Taylor

    Love those choices for a gift bag! Perfect! I feel like you are only missing a fancy canteen!;)


  • Tracy Martinez

    We live in Tx, so some Deep Woods Off!! =-)

  • Lori Hogan

    a flashligh marshmellows and matches, and some candles. and of course chocolate.

  • Shoanna Crowell

    a hotel room!

  • Malorie Le Pessec

    A big sweater, marshmellows and a guitar!!

  • Courtney Smith

    Love the gift bag! I would have to say the one thing missing is some pretty nail polish. A camping girl can have pretty nails right???

  • Shami

    You up early! :)

  • Callie Beasley

    love everything in the bag i would just add bug replent wipes and disposable camera for capturing those special wilderness adventures.

  • Lori Berretta

    My favorite thing of all about camping is the smell and feel of the campfire!!! How about some scented candles?

  • Melissa Teears

    Great company.

  • Shami

    Rainboots for the family

  • Jenny Louthan

    I don’t really do camping. My idae of camping is a hotel with an outside pool. :) With that being said my essential would be my camera. As a scrapbooker/crafter I never leave home without it.

  • Shami

    Rainboots for the family. Love from The Netherlands

  • Sigrid Mouchet

    A good cushion, a big soft throw, a warm pair of socks, matches, sausages, camembert in a wooden box, french bread, and a guitar! A perfect combination for a comfy, cosy and succulent evening! :-)

  • Linda T.

    My essentials for a campfire definitely include s’mores kits, hot cocoa, cuddle blanket, and a few good friends!!!

  • Leah Elder

    The great outdoors!

  • A Turner

    My backyard camping essentials…smores supplies, a roaring fire and the family! We sleep indoors.

  • Lisa W

    This is adorable!! I actually took my 3 kids camping for the first time this summer…it was definitely my kind of camping (at a park district and they supplied the activities, smores and a movie!) We had a blast, however, I did not pack anything for us to sleep on, so definitely an essential will be….an air mattress!!

  • Alyssa Maliska

    Too cute! I would defnintely have to say an air mattress and nice comfy blanket!! I would also say some natural bug spray, I don’t do mosquitos… 😉

  • Angel Elmer

    Being a technogeek my must haves would be cell phone and battery charger and my Camera to scrapbook my adventures. I would also take smores supplies, bug repellent, long socks to pull over my pants if going in the woods to prevent ticks and big rubber boots to go over the socks (so you don’t look odd ) :)

  • Holly Martin

    Smores supplies and family:)

  • Jennifer Caputo

    Marshmallows for sure!! Can’t camp without roasting some by the fire. And of course a warm blanket to cuddle up with by the fire. Oh, and my camera to catch those fun family moments.

  • leslie zaragoza

    I hate to admit this, but I always bring a few Duraflames to get our fire started LoL!! I don’t even try to light our fire anymore without one!!
    Much Love

  • Maria Sandrone

    We would have to haveSome high Deet bugs spray (my daughter is allergic to mosquitoes), a flashlight, camera, and chocolate and graham crackers to go with the marshmallows! This is such a cute idea. I love the little napsacks! You have such an amazing creative mind!

  • Jean Varga

    Daughter, hubby, portable dvd player, fire and smores. Oh, and we let our dog Moose in on the fun too. (Although most of our camping is done in our back yard =)

  • Sue Roberson

    Family and camera to capture great memories! :)

  • Stephanie Farley

    Your “Glamping” extravagaza looks like it was so much fun! Congrats on partnering with JP Penney! One of my fave stores. My parents have an RV that they take camping and my kids love going camping with them. We love roasting hotdogs over the campfire, making s’mores and going for nature walks, but then we can go inside and have running water for handwashing and potty use! It’s the best of both worlds!

  • patricia adams messina

    Well, when I go camping my must haves are as follows.. air mattress to sleep on, my pillow , a cuddle throw big enough for me and my hubby and he can take care of ALL THE REST.. sure is romantic out there in the woods..

  • Emily Lindsey

    My three kids, my husband, our fur-babies, a campfire, smores ingredients and of course lots of laughs! Almost anything is fun when we are all together. :)

  • Rachel Fox

    All I need is my daughter, husband, a campfire, and camera!

  • Lisa Johnson

    Without-a-doubt, my “camping” essential is a GUITAR! I love, love, love listening to my crazy-talented friend playing whatever off the top of his head, while the fire crackles in the background…and of course, when your other friends get drunk & decide they are the true rock stars & scream Bon Jovi songs for the next 2 hours – hilar!

    As far “glamping” my BearPaw (aka knock-off you-know-what) boots are my essentals! I have 4 pairs & they run around $50/each. Totally a steal! They are ridiculously comfortable, affortbable, extremely durable, & to top it off: super-cute!

  • CarrieAn13

    Smores supplies are definitley at the top of our list, along with warm balnket & sleeping bags & flashlights. As long as our family is together we are having fun. Thanks for the chance

  • Gena Sloan

    I would love to receive such an amazing gift

  • Melissa Hazelwood

    I think this is so cute, you do have wonderful ideas! I just asked my 11 year old daughter what she would take if she was going glamping…her response….”Well mom I’d have to take my bed” And when I looked at her with a funny expression she says “No seriously” Then she says ” I guess I’d take my Tv & some movies too, Oh and a book”. Gee guess I’ve raised a city girl ;~)

  • Stacy Poulin

    Hubby, Our Chocolate Lab, Caesar, Tent, Blankets, Adult Beverages, Food to cook on fire, firewood. :)

  • Chelsey Grimm

    All I need is a warm fire, s’mores, and my favorite people. You can’t beat sitting around the campfire with your favorite people eating, laughing, and loving.

  • Jennifer Culp

    All I need is family, friends, good food and a great fire. :)

  • Susan Evans

    My baby, hubby, puppy, and coffee! I have to have my coffee.

  • Colleen

    (aside from my hubby, kiddos, and pups) s’mores for sure!! and a french press would probably be nice to chase away the morning crabbies…gotto have my coffee!!

  • Jenn Shumway

    We had a 4th birthday party for my little girl at Disneys Fort Wilderness and had a Winnie the Pooh theme and we did the little hobo sticks too! I think I would have to have wine to keep my sence of humor and id bring my little guys along of course, and my hubby who probably cant put a tent up, or whip something up like Dean, would at least be impressed with anything I survived. Cant wait to see Little Maven, is there at debut date for the stores yet? Need some chevron in this house! :)

  • Brandy Cockrell

    My husband and 3 kids to keep me warm!

  • Amy Steinberg

    My beautiful niece is my favorite little Maven. With her in my life and the rest of my family my life is complete. Life has been a struggle lately and your gift pack would ease some of the bad weather so we could have some family holiday fun.

  • errinn7

    Essentials for glamping in Ohio include lots of bug spray for those pesky mosquitos, a flashlight to scare off the creepy critters that lurk in the woods after dark, supplies for a fire to keep warm, and family & friends because what fun is camping without making memories with loved ones!!

    Loves your shows & ideas on your site!! Godbless :)

  • madeleine alaouze

    baby girl, hubs, chocolate, wine (preferably a pinot) lipgloss (a nice sheer so it doesn’t look to out of place) and some more chocolate. in that order

  • Kristin Jeffries

    Your Little Maven Launch party was truly inspired! As a 44 year old mom with a 6 year old daughter, these pics brought back a flood of Girl Scout camping memories from the late 70’s and early 80’s! Those crazy girls shaped who I am today and many of us, although we live all over the US now, are still buds and will always be BFF’s.

    If we were Little Maven’s glamping today, we’d need lots of glitter headbands, funky nail polish, neon sleeping bags and a pile of s’mores. Times may change, but the most important glamping essentials will always be good friends and lots of laughter!

  • Ginger Wilson

    My little one just turned a year old last week so we haven’t been able to take him camping yet. I see the family sitting around the fire pit making smores and cuddling under a beautiful handmade quilt!!!

  • Andrea Jones

    I would have to have HOT DOGS and MARSHMALLOWS for sure!! Yummo!! And a book for after the little one goes to bed. :)

  • Donna ONeil

    A big fluffy sleeping bag and airmattress. We also have a portable pantry and we only camp near wine country.

  • Christina W

    This entire party is so adorable!! I just finished up my little girl’s second birthday party on Sunday, and when I opened my email on Monday I found this and pinned it for next year’s party! Such adorable details, as always.

    My glamping essentials would be big warm blankets, s’mores, hot chocolate, friends, family, and a camera! Oh…and toilet paper, for sure! :)

  • Jilly Willy

    I love the Little Maven collection! Very cute!

    I would need a shower near by, warm fire, s’mores, blankets, my camera, hot dogs and friends & family to make my glam ping experience complete!

    Thanks for an opportunity!

  • Britt Schwendimann

    Bug spray, warm blankies, fluffy pillows & sleeping bags, bonfires, loved ones, and of course, marshmallows/hershey bars/graham crackers (smores galore!)…

  • Lisa Crawford

    I love your ideas Tori, you inspire me to be a better mom! And your babies are just absolutely beautiful. Camping essentials are for our family: bikes, bug spray, sunblock, baseball gloves and bats, marshmallows, chili and hot dogs, playing cards, and of course my family and best friends!

  • Regina DeLao

    I love it. Super cute! I get the best ideas from you.

  • Christine A

    My daughter would need to bring pink bear, glow bugs, and marshmallows. Son would want his monkey, hand crank lantern and popcorn. They both would request corndogs to roast. I would bring the bug spray, jackets and blankets. A camp out sounds perfect right now!

  • Alyssa Maldonado

    Of course the makings of smores are at the top of my list but also, bug-spray and board games top it too!! =)

  • Lee Francis Hebert

    Hey Tori! My essentials are marshmallows, hotdogs, bug spray, camera, baby wipes, and people I love!

  • Wendy Sievers

    Nature provides the essentials! Camera, water, fire and bug spray are a plus! Picking my son up from the camp I went to as a kid, knowing he had as much fun as I did from the smile on his face has been one of my best mommy moments! Would love to share that album with you.

  • desi

    I love your fabric for the blankets! Our essentials are bug spray, flashlight, warm blankets, snacks and a vivid imagination for our bedtime stories. Lots of sweet memories made with my little ones and our little tent and us looking at the stars telling stories…….

  • andrea wescott

    Bottled water and masacara:)

  • Sheila Avalos

    The things to take to camp would be

    Marshmellows & chocolate with graham crackers of course to make some smores!

    Hot Chocolate!

    Sleeping Bags!

    Flashlights to tell scary stories!

    Wood and matches to start a fire!



    Blankets for the cold nights!

    Tennis shoes of course.

    Sunblock, Water & last but not least a CAMERA to be able to capture all the moments as a family :)

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Char

    My camping essentials are graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows! Bug spray,bottled water, and wood. :)

  • Jamie Kroening

    Our camping essentials are outdoor games, music, water & beer:) Nothing beats a warm crackling fire on a cool night.

    Love the Little Maven line–great job! Thanks!

  • Claireese Patterson

    our camping essentials are somores fishing pools water bug spray and our tents

  • JenK

    All-Natural Bug Spray that my daughter and I make together (now we’re including her younger brother who is four now!), lip balm (that I make, soon to include the kiddos), our solar lanterns, and of course, S’more stuff! 😉

    Happy Camping/Glamping!

  • K Gall

    With 4 boys and a husband that is an Eagle Scout camping will be a big issue in my household. Me, I’m a girly girl and not really into the bugs and dirt. I have gone camping a few times with the boys but essentials for survival are neccessary. I need my bottled water for sure, lots of warm blankets because I’m a freeze baby, and some starbucks coffee in my thermos for those cold mornings. This year will prove to be interesting if we go camping because our youngest is still under a year. My boys are ages 9 months, 7, 11, 12 and hubby is officially 40 :) Love your Little Maven Line. You are so lucky to have been able to bring your dream into reality. When I was younger I always wanted to go into fashion design but life happened and my dream never came to be :(

  • Jean Gilman

    Hubby, kids, dog Sam and I love to go camping.. Can’t forget the bicycles for the kids and can’t forget the Skinny Girl Margharita and Yahtzee for Mom & Dad!

  • emily spalding

    Camping essentials: comfy pj’s & my husband so he can start the fire & get the tent set up! He’s good at that stuff. I am absolutely clueless! And of course great food to cook over the fire!

  • denai Paragallo

    Camping/glamping essentials for our household include bathing suits, moose balls (it’s a game lol) bikes, and depending where we go gold pans :)

  • Sam Sproat

    I haven’t been camping in FOREVER :( We used to go when I was little and I remember my mother never let us leave unless she had her baseball hat. It was the only time she ever wore one, but she hated “camping hair”, so she always wore one. Never figured out what camping hair is, but I will always remember that as her MUST HAVE item!!!!

  • Wendy Welch

    Great snacks and even better ghost stories to share around the campfire!

  • Pamela Schoen

    Tori –

    Great idea! So super cute! My essential are glowsticks! The kids love them and it makes the kids easier to find as it gets darker outside! Thanks again!


  • MrsBMG

    I agree, glow sticks and snacks! Perfect for the little ones curiosty and hungry bellies!

  • Kelly Peairs

    Smore stuff, of course. Flashlights, bug spray and yatzee. I’m not sure how that became our go-to camping game, but we never left with out it. In fact we bought a second game just to leave with the camping stuff!

  • BeeBee

    Camping essentials for my family & I are: Flashlights, a tent with a couple blow up air mattresses, fishing equipment, Goldfish (my son’s favorite snack), Oreo’s (my hubby’s favorite snack), Sunflower seeds (a favorite snack of everyone), plenty of water, BUG SPRAY, DRY SHAMPOO, SUN BLOCK, & I can’t leave the house without my CAMERA & extra batteries!

  • Michelle From RI

    Camping was always a household name! All my friends and their hubbies and kids would all go camping a few tweekends a month in the summer! Sometimes there were about 25 of us!! We would all organize who was bringing what! The kids are getting a little older now (teenagers)and we don’t go as often, however, those awesome, chaotic camping weekends are some of my most fun times and I’m happy that my son can reflect on those weekends as fond memories as well! One of my fiends ( she always went camping but never had any kids) who now has a 5 and a 3 year old—now has a “seasonal” site at a campground nearby and spends every weekend through Oct there! We visit often and help build those camping memories for her little ones!! I guess the Essentials were FRIENDS and their FAMILIES!! Everything else we would figure out! ( oh and WINE :).

  • Donna Collins

    I usually sleep on a cot in a tent and I need a lantern in my tent as well as a rug. Yummy food and s’mores fixin’s are a must! I would love to have one of those camping ovens!

  • Alice

    Marshmallows are totally at the top of the list for camping essentials!! So are fishing poles, a cast iron frying pan, a good knife, a few spices, lots of fun songs and some good camping weather! :)

  • Kate Kruuse

    My go to’s are yummy snacks, like my home made trail mix (includes, almonds, walnuts, pecans, raisins, cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, semi sweet chocolate, and sunshine chocolate buttons). Also, like to make sure we have flashlights, a cozy pillow and books for the unexpected rain.

  • Evie

    My husband and I loved to go camping before the kids were born, and now they are at the perfect age to start camping again. We are stocking up on glowing bracelets, marshmallows, sun hats, sunscreen, bug spray, and a bucket and shovel for collecting all of natures goodies (leaves, rocks, sticks) and we never camp without our canoe!

  • Dawn Lovie

    Love the idea. I may have to try something like this for one of my girls birthday parites. Essentials are marshmallows, hotdogs, glow sticks, stories and family.

  • Angie Bajzath

    You are amazing and your ideas are great! Essentials for me would be my melaluca products I don’t leave home without any day and that is sunshades chapstick, clear defense hand santizing wipes, and tough & tender cleaning wipes. All natural products that you can use to stay clean and have soft lips.

  • Antonia Sowash

    All I need is someone to snuggle with.

  • Kathleen T.

    I am not a roughing it kinda gal- so the few times i have went we had a blow up mattress with a battery operated “thing” to blow it up. Bug spray was a must, and I always bring a camera to capture those moments. I also won’t do my “business” over a hole in the ground- so we stayed where there were inside facilities and showers. Guess I am too much of a girly girl :-)

  • Kellie OShields

    My camping essentials are:

    Comfy clothes, easy snacks, Hand sanitizer, sleeping bags, marshmallows for roasting, and all my little girls!

  • al

    Warm socks and lots of them! And a guy who knows how to play the guitar is a plus for around the campfire. The party looked amazing, you guys really thought of every detail, love the photos in the canoe!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    ohhh! my must have glamping essential is a big ole air mattress! We went camping a few years ago when attending a friends wedding instead of paying for a hotel because it was $16 a night! We had bought a big tent and a big air mattress because I have a back issue but the air mattress blow up machine was too strong for our car battery so we couldn’t use it to blow the mattress up! So I spent the nights in our lexus sedan and my husband spent it in the tent :) it was in the middle of the summer too in NE new york so it was very muggy and buggy! We have since gotten a battery operated machine :)

    We are currently using blow up mattress’ in our basement (we each have a queen) because our a/c was broken on the main floor which is where our master bedroom is located. So it’s like Glamping at home!

  • Cheryl Clemons

    I have recently started camping again with my daughter and her Girl Scout troop and one of the favorite things to make is Tacos in a Bag. We have even had to make them at home.

  • Crystal Bradley

    So cute!!! We love camping with the kids we have to have bug spray and tons of blankets to cuddle with!!

  • wendy blurton

    my kids, hubby, camp fire, sleeping bag, marshmellows, first aid kit and a sky full of stars to make wishes on

  • Shannon Hertan

    S’mores fixings, chapstick and snuggly blankets and I’m good to go! As long as my electric blanket, AKA my husband, comes along! :)

  • Aftan Rehling

    I love being outdoors! A great book to read, fuzzy/cuddly blanket, some chapstick and my camera with extra batteries are must haves. If it involves sleeping in the outdoors a propane heater and air mattress are the first things to go in the car!

  • gina sandoval

    Comfy warm clothes and def walking shoes. Most def a camera too, love to catch the awesome scenery!

  • Kristy L

    I’ve never been camping, but good food is always essential!

  • Lara Ratliff

    Bug spray is essential. Sleeping bag/pillow too! This is adorable, Tori! I think my littlest maven is reaching the end of your line though!

  • Nicole Stone

    My glamping essential is our toy hauler…it makes everything a whole lot easier! Oh, and we use a dutch oven to cook most of our meals, I think we might eat better when we camp than we do on a regular basis :) Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Sharon Martinez

    Definitely air matress or sleeping bag… depending on how large is the area. Warm blankets and pillows, snacks and cookies-chocolate-marshmallows for smores. Flashlights, bug spray, camera, and books for the baby.

  • Amy Woods

    My essentials, would definitely be an air bed, bug spray, marshmallows (for S’mores of course) and my family! I did see a camping article where they showed you how to make ice cream by kicking a coffee can around that looked fun…that might become our next essential!

    Your party looked a-maze-ing! I love all the details you put into it!!

  • Rebecca Kilgras

    How cute! And everything we need! we love camping and we love Little Mavens!

  • Lyndi Hagan

    Not a big camper, but love a good bonfire!! And S’mores are a MUST!!! Good friends and family are also a must-have!!

  • Bunny Morton

    I never leave without my F-A-M-I-L-Y F=first aid kit, A=apples (food), M=matress (blankets pillows ect), I=ice, L=lighter and Y=Yahoo (drinks) just a fun little trick to help remember and have a quick list for the last min camping trips. But the must have for me is a blank note book and at least a pencil for doodling in!

  • Amy Blaylock

    Butterfly nets and fishing poles! We love to try to catch critters!!

  • Joyce Rodriguez

    My camping essentials are yoga mat, sleeping bag, pillows, flashlights and lanterns, bug spray and music!! Loved your Glamping party!!

  • Deana Ste.Marie

    Defintely a great book and fishing pole! I went camping every summer with my parents and 6 siblings for 20+ years. Rain boots are also essential and your fav oversized hoodie!

  • Jody

    Bug spray, sunblock, wipes, craft supplies, and a good book to read after all of the little ones are tucked in for the night! :) I love the photos from your party! It looks amazing!

  • Elissa Lerma

    Lots and lots of books and firewood, graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Camping is not my favorite but a smore makes anything better.

  • Nics Mama

    We have never been rough camping we normally stay at our families cabin. But what we always make sure to have is blankets, fire wood, Toys for the kids, easy food to cook, and stuff to make smores. And for mom and dad we sneek in our wine :)

  • Emily Gager

    Guitars are always a neccessity for a campout! Our family loves to sing along to our favorite songs. My husband has taught our two young boys to sing “You are my sunshine” and it always melts this mamas heart!! For goodies we always have roasted marshmallows, my boys love their hot dogs and of course mason jars filled with sweet lemonade!

  • Christina West

    Wiether glamping indoors or camping outdoors, the number one essential is family, add some smiles, good times and memories. With those things, it does matter if we are sleeping outside under the stars or under a makeshift tent in a 4 star hotel, adventure always seems to follow :) Of course a camera, the makings for smores, scary stories, and blakets come in handy as well!

    Tori, you are such an amazing business woman, wife, and mom…always such an inspartation :)

  • Mariah Daniel

    Chapstick and Hunter boots!

  • NewMomma

    lots and lots and lots of blankets and pillows! :)

  • Jessica Sims

    My favorite people of course and I can’t forget my comfy yet fashionable clothing and shoes!

  • Nikki Taylor

    Not really a camper so a hotel room! :)

  • Sonia Donnelly

    My best camping buddies-my hubby and my 2 monkies, comfy cuddle blankets, smiles and hugs, flashlights, magnifying glasses for bug hunting, a camera, smores essentials as well as hot cocoa and candles to make it extra special!

  • Jessica Curry

    My camping essentials are: family, cards and games to play around a campfire, camera and a BIG imagination to go on great adventures as a whole family! :)

  • Ashley Frei

    Essentials would smore supplies and a nice fuzzy warm blanket! My kids love playing with glow sticks so we would definately have to have those as well.

  • Brandi Faulkner

    Smores are a definite must along with lots of snacks, music and our camera to capture every silly fun moment :)

  • Sammy Schneider

    We always take comfy blankets, cameras, games, cards. I prefer glamping over camping. =) My two 1/2 year old adores camping and so does my husband.

  • Tonya Miller

    My camp essentials are my family and a campfire!

  • Amy Sackett

    ipad and lip gloss

  • Tina Vega

    My boy Logan is always asking me if we can go camping. Im about to have my third boy (he will join Logan and Gavin) and would like to do this before too long and befofe it gets too cold. My essentials would be my little guys, the big guy, tons of bug spray, blankets, flashlights, lots of mallows for roasting, and a camera to capture all the fun memories :)

  • Heather Jordan

    Our motorhome, smores makings, sunscreen, bandaids, wipes, dune buggy or boat (depending on the time of year), mommy & daddy drinks, fun foods for the kiddos, head lamps for nighttime, glow sticks, pocket warmers, kites, bikes, uggs, warm clothes or bathing suits, towesl and of course my 2 favorite kiddos in the world!

  • Adele King

    What’s camping without smores! Camera

  • Stacy Woltmann

    Well, my idea of roughing it is hanging by the fire pit. Afterall, a girl needs her indoor plumbing. Me and my munchkin like to roast weenies, make smores and spend time talking and laughing with each other, so marshmallows and chocolate are a definate must. Add some weenies fit for roasting, a warm blanket, and good company, and you have the makings for a perfect evening…just so long as there is a hot shower and a sealy posterpedic waiting for me after the “camp fire”!!

  • Crystal R.

    My girls love to camp. I was raised camping almost every weekend myself.

    Necessities is you ask my 4 yr old: sleeping bag, stuffy, lip gloss, bug catcher/net and a flash light, ohhh and can’t forget food (marshmellows to be exact, lol). They love to camp in the yard, family nights camping in the yard are the best! Happy Holidays!

  • Robin Calderon

    Graham Crackers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Marshmallows for the best Smore’s Ever ! Glow Bracelets and Necklaces for the kids and a Camera for the Memories !!!

  • Nicole Woehrmann

    Pudgie pie maker and the quilts my Grandma made us.

  • Christina Olson

    SMORES! Lol we never go campling without them. We love to try the different flavors of marshmellows too and add different candy to them such as peppermint patty’s or peanut butter cups

  • MABS

    My essentials are my two besties (the hubs and my lil monkey, Ada) and my mammarazzi camera to capture all the fun! Oh, and Ada would tell you that Henry (her bear) is an essential, too :)

  • Michelle Glick

    All we ever need is the eople we love the most! And maybe stuff for s’mores

  • Rene Roy

    Smores and the family sitting around the fire =)

  • Erin willman

    Camping is our LOVE!!! My little Diva’s MUST HAVE LIST: her pillow pet, her favorite blankie, smores, sunscreen & music (to dance her heart out during every activity!) We let go, let loose, get comfy & BOND!! The best times/memories EVER!!!

  • Tara Barbian

    My family, dogs, s’mores and walks in the woods. And a nice bon fire to sit around, cook hot dogs over the fire and talk about the day.

  • Kitsi Eakins

    Blankets(to snuggle), flashlight(to see of course), kids coloring/craft/jewlery making box(for family fun), mud boots (exploring) and lots of kids & grankids and coffee (to keep up..lol)

  • Kim Sanderson

    Just need my family and something to eat 😉

    Congrats on the launch of little maven I wish you would bring it to a Canadian retailer too

  • Stephanie Howard

    All I need are my family, bug spray for me( cause I am always the only one to bitten),, chapstick, and lots of pillows.

  • Carly N.

    First off: FAMILY! Spending time with my family is the best. Then we take a tent, sleeping bags/blankets, food for campfire meals (chicken, potatoes, carrots, dry ranch powder, and foil), have a campfire, stuff for smores, and hot chocolate! I also take my camera to document and remember our memories! We play games, chat, laugh, and just enjoy each other! We also take adventures on hikes and explore!

  • Julie B

    Being that I am outnumbered in my house by boys (my two “babies” are 3 and 4 years old, my hubby and even my boy puppy dog), I have to add some of my girlie touches to roughing it with my fellas. Most importantly, I bring my fluffy down blanket (with girlie duvet cover), soft pillows and the girliest sheets to put on our BIG air matress. And don’t forget the mountain pies!!!

  • Kat Whelpley

    Our number one thing we have to take out with us that isn’t on everyones list is a fab little wiker basket for collecting leaves or anything we find in the woods and a pad of paper for recording where we find it. Its my daughters own version of “Sid the Science kid” exploration.

  • August Brewer

    My husband almost always makes fun of me.. I always bring my make-up and make-up remover pads. If I have to be in the pictures, I should at least look human. LOL. Sanitizer is also a must.

  • Kristen R

    Smores and extra smores (hubby has a sweet tooth), our sweet dog, some crafts, a flashlight, and since I’m pregnant, a comfy pillow for my back! haha…Oh I’d bring my hubby, too…

  • stacy wilson

    camping and glamping can be done any time of the year, even pregnant, lol sigh…

    that said my essentials are my body pillow, and make up wipes ( say yes to cucmbers) even sans make up they make me feel fresh morning, and at night.

    for the kiddos never ever forget the barbies, literally all of them. you will hear about how they got left, you will feel bad, you will actually start crying with your kids, and wish you had just let them pack a rolling duffle full of them. and if Barbie makes it to the Glampsite, you MUST have a sleeping bag for her….a maxi pad and a tissue can be magical for a 3 year old! lol

  • Meghan Kelly

    My glamping essentials are my sisters, some nail polish and all you need for s’mores!

  • Kelsey Balch

    I need my little family, some wine, and mascara!

  • Carrie ZImmerman

    My oldest is 3 and he has been begging me to take him camping. He said all we need is fire and smores and said we can sleep right there (points to a spot 3 feet away from our back door)!

  • Marilyn Porterfield

    Smores materials for the best campfire snack, flashlight to enhance the scary story telling and camera to capture each moment!

  • Mandy Klasen

    We camp at a seasonal sight from May-Oct and my boys are never without their blankies for snuggling by the fire, glow sticks and sparklers for night time fun, lanterns, our dog Charlie and noodles for the pool!!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    My little camper camps inside his room in the livingroom in the back yard, the lake everywhere! Sometimes all he needs is a sheet and two chairs. He must have his pillow pet, his blankie, smores when outdoors just cookies if his indoors, a flashlight is a must anywhere he is, sunblock and mosquito repelant and water lots of water.

  • Lauren Vento

    Our biggest staple for camping is our portable griddle! Pancakes in the morning, perfect grilled cheese for lunch, and perfect burgers for dinner! We also love going camping in Dana Point, so our stand up paddle boards are a MUST when we head there. The kids just love the baby beach while the Daddys get to paddle around the harbor! <3 Makes me want to go camping again!

  • Marystar Estrella

    must have playing cards and games, wine for relaxing,good book to read and 1 night useually the 2nd to the last night we always have a steak dinner for us its like our last crazy night we have all kinds if yummy food drinks and fun.

  • Vanessa Blevins

    I bring extra socks! The kids are always getting theirs wet in creeks and lakes so we have to change plus at night when it gets cool I put an extra pair on them to help keep them warm. I also bring long johns for them to wear under their pjs. But even with all these warming layers I still wake up at least five times to check thier noses to see if they are warm enough. And I always bring extra TP. Camps are nortorious for running out!

  • Ginny Burtchin Gross

    Our essentials are of course, tent, food, cooler, flashlights…but we couldn’t do without all the good food that we only make and eat when we go camping! We can’t forget the camera and a deck of cards too! We make sure we take lots of pictures to capture all the fun and memories!

  • Tracey Chicosky

    My most important camping essentials are my FAMILY they are the most important thing to me…as long as we are together that is all we need!

  • Michele Okerlund

    I think extra clothes – dry socks and some face wipes.

  • Amy Brightman

    A HUGE campfire is our #1 camping essential. BUT whether camping or glamping…. it wouldn’t be complete without EATHOTHER! We have a family “farm” where we camp often and I am so lucky that my 3 children are most importantly making memories! I hope they will always remember the good times we have and will have. I know I will never forget! With a 5yr, 4yr and 1 year old, as I am sure you know these are the times that I will cherish with them the most!

  • Misty Star

    I would say good food,smores,my kids and husband,warm blankets and comfertable pillows, sunblock, brush and lip gloss and we are ready to go!!! I love camping cannot wait to go again!!

  • brandy ament

    2 things we never leave home withought:

    1- Thanks-A-LOT girl scout cookies- they are big round shortbread cookies dipped in fudge… Perfect for SMORES! YOu just roast the marsmallow and smoosh it between two cookies. My daughter is a girl scout, so I stock up on them at cookie time.

    2- Babywipes- My Daughter is almost 9, but I still pack them to go camping… They are great for everything and you don’t have to use water.

  • Tiffany Taylor

    S’mores, campfire, family, stories, laughing children, “drinks”, and most importantly, indoor plumbing!!

  • Lacey Chalenor

    I am kind off prissy when it comes to camping and won’t even consider going if there is no shower or restroom. I also need some way to play music and my kindle. Maybe I’m not made for camping, lol.

  • Jennifer Mistretta

    We just need good people and a campfire (cute camp clothes always make me feel good too)!!

  • Trish

    My hubby, kids, my grandson, board games, marshmallows, cozy socks, and good music! Firewood for a great campfire!

  • Krista Maynard

    Food and swimsuits are our essentials. We make sure the girls can swim, swim, swim until they fall asleep.

  • Angie Dalesandro

    I totally need an RV all decked out with everything! I need a nice bed, fridge, heat or a fan and a bathroom! But the most important part is a campfire, friends, drinks and lots of fun and laughter!

  • Betty Fisher

    We camp out with our Goldwing motorcycle and pop up camper, we have very limited space, so I biggest essential is good planning!

  • Lakisha Johnson

    A fun loving crowd, goodies for the children and “spirits” for the adults.. LOL!

  • Mommas

    You cannot have a campsite without marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers!! Along with a warm blanket and a good book, and a ridiculous amount of child supplies with a one and a two year old! 😀

  • Ashley Gauss

    We LOVE a good campfire so wood and some great campfire treats like smores are the BEST for camping! Also our tent of course :-)

  • Nicole Callahan

    We don’t leave home without the fixings for smores, a pack of baby wipes for sticky fingers and Thermocell to repell the mosquitos!

  • Laura S

    We love to camp. It is one of our favorite things to do as a family. We don’t really ‘need’ much for camping, but we just bought a tent trailer, and it is nice to have the extra amenities when camping with our little kids! :)

  • Penny B

    Hubby, daughter, and the dog! If we are on the VA shore, we need some kind of mosquito protection.

  • Natalie Wiedmeyer

    Camping/Glamping Essentials include…Family of course.. Our little Frenchie Bulldog..(couldn’t leave her at home) My Bedazzled headbands to control my hair while in the wilderness..Video Camera.. to catch all of the chaos with the boys and my husband.. Tablet to watch reruns of 90210!!! (I am not kidding..) also to read stories before bedtime …ha ha .. My mac lip gloss …and journal to write down funny/priceless moments.. I never want to forget!!!

  • Jessica Allgayer

    sunblock, food, water,bathing suit and of course wine!!!!

  • Jodie Arnold

    My glamping essential is a key to a hotel room. I DO NOT CAMP!! I used to pretend I liked camping because men tend to love a woman who camps. But guess what? I HATE IT!

  • Kara Kieran

    Good company, and dry shampoo!!

  • Tara Jenson

    Good friends, campfire, good stories, and smores!

  • Staton Angel

    Friends and family :) I must have something other than a tent and sleeping bad (yes im a whimp) Smores are one of the top musthaves too :)

  • Brooke Rega

    The Rega Family doesn’t tent camp, so obviously, we are GLAMPERS. :) Since we live in Arkansas and have very humid and hot summers, our camping trips are spent in cabins with a/c. We always pack the essentials for our Little Maven Bella Mae: toys and books for down time, lots of snacks and goodies, and of course our swimsuits to cool off in the pool!

  • Lindsey S

    My #1 glamping essential is FAMILY! How much fun can it possibly be without the ones you love?! :) Otherwise I would need a camera (must document special memories!), bug spray, a warm sweatshirt, a deck of cards, a radio, and hotdogs to roast over the fire. And of course, who can forget S’mores! To me, you can’t camp without them!

  • Amanda Davis

    Lipgloss, bug spray, camera!

  • amy tackett

    My husband and I took our little boys camping this past weekend in Charleston SC. Living in semi-tropical weather, we always pack rain gear, just incase! Bug Spray is another essential we cannot camp without. Anti-bacterial wipes when running water isn’t available.

  • Theresa Martinson

    My smart phone with camera and internet! Some air popped popcorn and some great music!

  • dana997

    Mountain Pies! A lot of people from other parts of the country ask me “What is a Mountain Pie?” It’s a steel grilled cheese iron, basically, to make delicious wood fired sandwiches with any choice of filling. They are delicious! Pizza and cherry pie are my favorites! The combinations are endless though!

  • Joy Davila

    My girls love to camp I on the other hand am not a huge fan. So to keep us all happy we settle with backyard camping. We have a fire pit a lot of trees n the perfect tent. Girls love to make s’mores n tell stories all night. Lots of family fun

  • Mandy Lockhart

    A good campfire, bug spray, and lots of s’mores…a deck of cards or a good board game that big and little kids can all play (uno is an all time favorite in our house!)

  • Becky Johnson

    Bug Spray! I must have for camping in my home state of South Carolina.

  • Ashley Harrell

    When we go camping we make sure to take enough material for s’mores every night, bug spray and things for night time entertainment, cards books, games.

  • Emily Jones

    Cocktails, Candles, Candy, Cheese, Cocoa and the Children!

  • Michelle Riebeek

    A toothbrush!

  • Karina Nellis

    One of the most important things my family takes on camping expeditions is FAMILY GAMES! We value the chance to be away from tv and phones and internet – and really focus on our family and what makes us special. Games bring out the funniest sides of everyone – teamwork, competition, unity :)

  • D Hynes

    Room service!

  • Sarah Gordon

    I can’t go camping without graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows!! My husband and daughter are smore a’holics! lol

  • Tiffany Witherspoon

    Makings For S’mores & A Camera…For Sure!!!! BTW, Loved the pics from the party…makes me want to plan a party or maybe a Date Night In the Backyard for me and my Hubby. I just might hafta do that! :)

  • Heidi Henderson

    We take all kinds of things. smores are always with us, snack food and by all means do not forget the coffee…

  • Kerri26

    A comfy camp chair for sitting by the fire

  • Brandi Scarborough

    My girls love to take their princess & mermaid sleeping bags,marshmallows, their favorite stuffed kitty & puppy AND the best thing is their Papa Ernie who tells the best made up on the spot stories ever about trees & lost love & legends. He makes the experience the best !

  • Maria M. Palomino

    I wouldn’t dare go glamping without my essentials – my hubby and baby boy! They are the light of my life :) Love your site and I’m so happy to know you are doing well and have a healthy and beautiful baby. Wishing your family all the best.

  • Elizabeth Wilcox

    Obviously you need a camera to take portaits of the family. Sleeping bags, tents, glow in the dark sticks of course in case ever forget a flashlights! Plus they provide tons of entertainment! Of course need the dutch oven supplies to make the delish dutch oven dinners.

  • Galinda8

    My Absolute favorite thing about camping is spending time with family and friends. When you cuddle up by the fire, tell stories, roast marshmallows. No tv, computer, cell phone just family. Love it!

  • Samantha Peak

    A comfy chair and a good book.

  • Mrs. Bebe

    Unfortunately I’ve never been camping!! But I suppose that if I did my glamping essentials would definitely be bug repelent, sunblock and leave in conditioner! Along with all the regular goodies. My little ones would have a blast! I’m getting excited just imagining it lol!

  • Kimberly Davey-Deacon

    When we go camping we take candles (who doesn’t need a little ambience while camping), wood for the campfire, smores supplies, hot chocolate, Uno, lots of food, maybe a little wine for the adults, warm blankets, flashlights and of course tents or a trailer.

  • Katie Williams

    My Hubby and I can’t wait until our little granddaughter’s mommy is ok with us taking her camping, she is only 7 months old. When we do get to take her camping we will have to have all making for a great smore, lots of wipies, warm blankets, baby gates for around the fire, video camera, camera, diapers, fishing gear, and of course her favorite 15 year old Uncle Anthony (we call him Uncle Ant), that might confuse her when she is a little older but we are having fun with that. For now we are just having fun building up our supplies and enjoying her beautiful little face. Watching her grow up so fast.

  • Marcus Jackson

    You must have marshmellows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make s’mores! Also you’ll need wood to build a fire. Family and friends makes for a great time, and lastly its not camping without a tent and a sleeping bag!

  • Jodi Engisch

    Honestly I would probably take 50 outfits for 2 days of camping, even if its shorts t-shirts and sweats. A girl has got to have options even if it is camping/glamping.

  • Lauren Jackson

    LOVE camping, in our living room, backyard, or out in the real wilderness. We have to take flashlights and s’more stuff no matter where we camp! S’mores make or break a camping trip!

  • jmznliz

    With five kids smores are a must! But for mamas secret stash i love hostess Suzy’Q’s… Amazing!

  • Stephanie Smith

    My must-haves for glamping are my husband and the necessary ingredients for smores. As long as I have those, I’m okay.

  • ashley grady

    I need a camper and my family and I am happy! My daughter and son absolutely LOVE to go camping! When we go camping we eat better than if we were home! We spend most of our time sitting by the campfire telling stories into the night!!

  • PJS Mom

    The bag looks awesome! My essentials would definately include graham crackers and chocolate to add with the marshmallows for Smores. Can’t have camping without them! My # 1 do not forgot item would be a camera. I always want to have a photo to look back on our fun times with the kids!

  • Emily Beebe

    Going camping with little ones, you have to be prepared for anything!! Extra snacks, stuff for crafts and activities and of course, treats for the grown-ups once the kids are fast asleep. Nothing like sitting by a fire enjoying a glass of wine 😉


  • Katie Ramirez

    when we go camping, we take, a portacrib for the baby, tent, sleeping bags. items for smores, matches. first aid kid. flashlight. food, and water and a camera!

  • Dawn Corey

    My must haves are my family. I just love being out in the open away from everyone with my family.

  • DairyFreeMama

    Must have stuff for smores, and good shoes to walk the woods in. My kids are happiest in their camping chairs next to the fire.

  • Briann N

    whats a campout without items for smores! We also love our portable DVD player!

  • Amber Graves

    I would have to have my children. Hotdogs for a weenie roast, and of course all the things for smores! Camping is so much fun with your family!

  • Leslie K

    We definately couldn’t go camping without our beloved dog, Abby! She is part of our family too. Since I’m the chef in the family, I definately have to have my griddle and mini-bbq. My husband would definately say he has to bring his fishing pole. But, no matter what we bring (or even in my case FORGET), what we bring BACK with is us always the most important – great memories.

  • Elizabeth Ramos

    One camping essential is SMORES, the other is cards and board games. Camping is all about family and fun!! :)

  • Heather Drudge

    All I need is my kids, husband and camera and I am happy anywhere.

  • Susan Morris

    I’m a master glamper! No I do not sleep under the stars, in tents, but I stay in a cabin/cottage and rent a freaking tv! You have the beautiful but plain and rustic indoor of the cabin, and can sit on the porch and marvel at the beautiful outdoor which, for me, is the Adirondack Mountains. We always bring fun activities(again..it’s glamping, so I’m not getting in a canoe, paddle boat, hiking near bears or any such thing!). We bring wooden bird houses from the hobby store to paint, cross word puzzles, books, and cards for card games! It’s all really fun, really family-centered and Clean & Safe!:) Hence the glamping!

  • Amy Arias

    I love the color schemes used in the Little Maven line. I can’t wait to have my own growing family to dress them in your line!

  • Gina Zornacki

    Definitely my awesome family, my camera and all the essentials for some good ol’ smores!!

  • dmbdaze

    We’re not much for outdoor camping, but my kids are fabulous at creating their own tents and camping out in the playroom! Their must-haves are flashlights, a camera to take goofy pictures of each other with, cool attire to camp out in and yummy snacks to eat in their tents! They definitely have the right idea, lots of fun to be had and no cold or rain to spoil it!

  • Kimberley Elliott

    My Essential for my Kids and I to have with us when we go Camping is a few Children’s Books. no matter where we might be, my children love to unwind after their day by sitting down and reading. So when we are camping, We all sit around the camp firet the end of our Fun, Long Day and make yummy Cookie-mores (Chocolate Chip cookie on Bootom, a piece of Hershey Chocolate, 1 Large Marshmellow, and a Chocolate Chip cookie) a the kids listen to someone read them a fun children’s story book.

  • Amber Wright

    The Wright Family Essentials for camping are, Board games and cards, Smores stuff, Good ol hot dogs for a weenie roast, Wonderful Breakfast Items, Kids love going out and exploring so we have flashlights, Band aids, baggies to old there treasures!

  • Momof4Blondies

    Hubby, kiddos, our Golden Retriever, travel trailer, lounger, games, fishing poles, and bikes= relaxation!!

  • liz truttman

    dry shampoo is the best, some places dont have showers, and this prevents the hair from looking GROSS/GREASY, BUG SPRAY, and smores, gotta have smores!! cant forget scary stories by the campfire at night!!!

  • momof5

    Essentials would definitely have to be the tents, cozy blankets, traditional S’mores or even s’mores cupcakes, other snacks, games, stories & our big family gathered all together. Even if we don’t travel far for camping, we can always camp in our backyard or all 5 of the kids come to camp out in mom & dads big room :) Fun, fun & lots of memories!

  • Becky Dixon

    My family is not the “camping” type …. Im more with you on glamping!

    I live in Canada, ON and not far from my house (Long Point) they have started having glamping sites they look wonderful and right up my ally. i would love to take my son (10month) to experience mommys type of camping.

    One thing that I do love when camping is having a camp fire and being under the stars at night with the ones you love!

  • suzy porter

    Def family,camera, and smore stuff :)

  • Angie Scheel

    When I was a little kid my whole family and there was lots and lots of us would go camping all the time and so when we started a family we would go camping every weekend with family members and I have come to the conclusion that the only real necessity that we needed was OUR FAMILY!

  • Marissa Asparro

    We pack good food, good music and bring good friends!

  • heidi smith

    Lots of snacks, camera, extra bags to carry all the kids new finds in and baby wipes to get everyone cleaned up!

  • Anna Raymor

    First, let me say: I LOVE your new Little Maven line!! I’m very excited to go to JCP this holiday season and get my 18 month old girl as much as I can!

    For Glamping — I would have to bring Lilly’s little beach chair (with umbrella to block the sun), our beach chairs, tons of snacks (hotdogs, s’mores, beans, popcorn — all things you can cook at campfire), bug spray is a must!, Lilly won’t go anywhere without at least one of her blankys (I know she would love her new LIttle Maven blanket!), wine for Mama, Beer for Daddy, card games, puzzles for Lil, baby essentials (wipes, diapers, extra clotes, etc.), sunglasses, fishing poles,some simple crafts (like your bracelt idea), and of course my camera.



  • Hope Davis

    Marshmallows, my favorite pillow & my favorite sleeping bag and a lot of hot chocolate!

  • Tara Overby

    A nice queen sized blow up air matress, pillows, LOTS of bug spray and smores ingredients!

  • jessie101

    The way my family and I camp is we stay at KOA Kabins. So all we really need is each other and our camera because we always make good memories each time we go. And some of the other things we need are our pillow and blankets.

  • Kristin Velazquez

    I HAVE to have a warm sleeping bag, an extra blanket, and a pillow from home.

  • Erin Brummitt

    We had our first “Glamping” trip this past weekend in our new trailer! First thing on the list… our first and new flat screen tv! We don’t even have one for our house yet lol. A movie at night is the perfect way to end a long day outside playing :)

  • Elizabeth Martinez

    We take lots of blankets because it gets so cold at night. We also take stuff to make smores we like to add peanut butter to the crackers before we add the chocolate. We like to take things that can be cooked right on the open fire. Our kids are all at least three and older so we dont have to take as much stuff as we did before. I think your camp little Maven gift bag would be a big hit with the kids. Love all of your post’s.

  • Corissa Hill

    Hotdogs, lots of bankets, BUG SPRAY, marshmellows, lots of music for sing alongs

  • Colleen Finley

    I would take some fun camp snacks. And a large tent with a warm sleeping bag. Love your site this is a awesome giveaway!!!!

  • Jennifer Beeman

    camping/glamping essentials: Drums, and tambourines for songs around the camp fire, comfy blankets and pillows, Marshmellows, chocolate, and graham crackers (need I say more), camera to capture all the fun, and my family to make the whole experiance complete! XOXO Jennifer and Annabelle

  • Maggie McNamara

    Glamping isnt glamping without your favorite friends and family.. delicious food and drinks.. and reservation at the nearest 3-4 star hotel! 😉 Love you guys!!

  • melinda mcdonald

    Our essentials are of course toilet paper for behind the bush. Good food and cold drinks, chocolate, marshmellows and gramcrackers and then the basics warm socks and the rv (no tent for me). Last cant forget the firewood

  • Allyson Nowels Devenish

    I love to take my Down comforter and pillows with egyptian cotton sheets. Makes me forget I’m sleeping on an air matress!!!

  • Margo

    My children are crazy about smores, roasting them more so even that eating- so for us is all about the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate!!! is second place are cozy blankets

  • Tracy Wilson
  • Kitty Manos

    Bug catcher!! my daughter loves catching ladybugs and other bugs!

  • Heather Hess

    we love to camp but we have to have a cabin because of our backs but we have to take a radio,stuff for smores and lots of games to play. i love the little maven line. its all sooo cute.

  • srigli

    Camping essentials for me and my daughter are her Nana and Papa (my parents), her Barbie Jeep to cruise around the campsite in, camp fire and of course lots of graham crackers, Herseys Bars and marshmellows. Love our Smores!!

  • Kera Amos

    Camping with a nice tent and all the food needs while having fun under the stars is a must of course. We take our two kids out a few times a summer to experiance the outdoors. We even camp in our back yard! My little girl who is a year old has to have her blanket and pacifier to get through the night :) My son likes to collect rocks when we go out camping, too.

  • April Tyson

    What is camping without Smores, a tent, sleeping bag, and a camera to campture all the memories? Next summer I plan on taking my son on his first camping trip! =)

  • Kim Nielsen

    We take blow up mattresses to make things a little more comfy as well as lots of warm blankets and pillow and lots of yummies to snack on, especially plenty to make smores with.

  • Ellen Sorg

    I think a camper is essential!! No outside camping for me :)

  • snowydreams72

    Lots of cozy blankets, a camera and stuff to make smores!

  • Shelley Rojas

    S-M-O-R-E-S, bug spray and my boys!

  • Doni Reece

    Bug Spray, a ball cap, and flip flops! Those are musts when we go on our mother/daughter camping weekends. :)

  • Rhonda Brady

    smores & time with the family.

  • Allison Pridgen

    You must have a heavy blanket, a flashlight, matches and a battery-operated radio. Snacks and hot dogs are essentials. And a warm body to snuggle with is also nice!

  • Echo Hartig

    A hotel key…I don’t like to camp outside! :-)

  • Nicole Osmond

    Definitely ingredients for s’mores. Tent, sleeping bags, snuggly blankets, radio, hot dogs, buns, condiments, knife, matches/lighter and most importantly my baby and husband. And the best place to do it all is in the backyard for a “staycation” on the weekend :)

  • Erica Mericle

    I’ve only been camping in an RV when I was a little girl, and as a young adult I slept in a tent one time but all of us girls slept on an air mattress! Lol. So I guess I would say essentials are a little comfort, yummy stuff for s’mores, a great fire and good friends and/or family to share it with. I hope that we can make a lot of memories with our daughters as they grow up by taking them camping and on vacations too! Love all of your cute crafty ideas. How do you find the time with all that you have going on and four kiddos?! I wish I had your energy! =)

  • Kisstin

    Would defiantly bring this cute purple Little Maven outfit my precious 4 month old has on right now because not only is she styling, but also the ingenious idea of snap on socks would help keep her little footsies warm! No more kicking her socks off! I’m loving Little Maven!

  • Melissa @Momma Running in Heels

    My “glamping” essential is our trailer. I don’t tent camp, so it’s a must!

  • Christine Henderson

    We would take lots of books and balls – our 2 1/2 year old son would be occupied for hours, not to mention all the sticks, leaves and dirt. And of course, lots of baby wipes!

  • Cheryl Sweeney

    Toilet paper & bug spray!

  • Paige Mandell

    In addition to the normal camping supplies (iPod, cooler, tent, bugspray, flashlights, sleeping bags, etc) the whole family gets into making tie-dye t-shirts. It’s a messy project that is suited perfectly for the great outdoors. Just throw all of your creations into plastic bags to sit over night. Rinse out excess dye once you’re back home.

  • Kim Panish

    A camera, facial wipes, tinted chapstick and my fav fashion magazine!

  • Neshaw Houg

    A good pair of hiking shoes and board/card games for those rainy days. Rain or shine, it’s all about making some great family memories!

  • Debbie Pickett

    Lots of love, and my husband and all 10 grandchildren!!!!!!! And enjoy each one of them for who they are and let them know how much they are loved for being them.

  • Brittney W.

    Camera, Ponds make up wipes, wash cloths, basic make up, first aid kit, tweezers, and some hand soap and sanitizer

  • Tycie Ritchey

    Family and lots of warm blankets! Oh and of course s’mores goodies!

  • Rhonda Chrisman

    We love camping! :) A deck of cards, some good magazines, a fuzzy blanket, the whole family and the great oudoors!!!! Simple and full of memories! Throw in some chocolate for the smores and some batteries for the music and it is about as perfect a family function that you can have! No phones, no tv, just your loved ones and fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Elisa Frame

    We actually just got back from camping in Gatlinburg, TN. We, of course, brought the basics of a tent, sleeping bags, camping chairs, and a small grill with utensils. I have to feel fresh, so wipes are a MUST-HAVE, as wellas my Burt Bee’s lip conditioner and moisturizer. We also like to make popcorn over the fire, as well as good ol’ traditional smores! Love camping with my lil’ Maven and fiance; it’s wonderful quality family time!

  • Carolyn Calvey

    I can’t wait to go camping once my kids get a bit older! I would definitely pack baby wipes and face wipes so both ends are covered for everyone. :) I’d also bring my iphone, snacks, wine, juice boxes and shoes for hiking!

  • Motherof2

    Camera.wet wipes,snacks,hand santizer,comfortable shoes,chap stick, chairs,blankets and smores plus my whole familycauseits nothing like camping with the whole family

  • Michelle Church

    We love camping. Got to bring fishing poles and swim suits. My daughter is always filthy playing in the eat. Always being great grilling food and pancakes for breakfast. Lots of great memories made.

  • Cassandra Eastman

    How fun! We love to go camping, our kids are 3 1/2 and 13 months. Our essentials are sleeping bags, blankets, a lantern/flashlight and a tent!

  • Darby Wells

    My glamping essentials: Friends, a good book, comfy but chic clothes, stuff to make smores, camera, fishing poles and blankets!

  • outdoormom

    For sure all the fun stuff for my four year old. He would bring a flashlight. He would want to bring things to make smores. He would want a blanket to camp on. He then would want to snuggle up in his sleeping bag and stuffed dog. He of course would go to sleep with his camping lantern.

  • LL

    We love camping. Essentials are a flashlight, swim suit, sunscreen, and bug spray and s’more fixings!!

  • Melissa Revel

    My family loves camping. My husbands active duty Army, so we all play camoflauge. War paint and all. And deffinitly baby wipes and smores!

  • Meredith

    I’m a glamping girl (rather than camping), so I prefer to have something comfy to sleep on, christmas lights and a fire to roast yummy snacks and smores. Some music won’t hurt either!

  • Sonia Tatsumi

    hmmm…. I havent camped in a years. Big Bear, CA was our little site. I would definately bring toilet paper, flash light, matches, a sleeping bag, and a guitar.

  • Tracey Berry

    Our camping trips are never complete without S’mores! Also, blankets and hoodies for those cold nights around the campfire along with hot chocolate for the kids and wine for mom!

  • Elisabeth Ayres

    My boys are 3 and 5. Our absolute essentials are s’mores and sparklers. Kids just love making s’mores and then making cool “air” designs with their sparklers!

  • Deirdre Byrne

    My camping essentials are as follows: Comfy as all heck sleeping bags, faux-fur slippers, pink flashlights, extra-long matches, bottled water (in recyclable containers) pre-made molten lava cakes to warm over a fire, my hubby and our two little ones! Thanks for the chance to win. XO

  • Lisa Krzysiak

    my camping essentials are a tent air mattress,lanterns,matches, hot dogs,marshelloes a book to learn how to spell lol hershey bars and graham crackers to make smores and our sleeping bags and imagination to tell ghost stories or just childhood stories with the kids.

  • Alexis Janiszewski

    We have a 3 year old and a 1 year old… so we try to keep it very simple for the adults…we dont carry to much for ourselfs… but must haves for our kiddies are beach toys…. lots of treats, goodie foods!

  • Stephanie Gorg

    I provide most of the wardrobes for my niece and nephew since my sister has been unemployed for 2 and a half years. We usually go thrifting to get them their clothes. I am a full time student studying nursing with 24 hours this semester, so it’s hard picking up temp work on the weekends so the gift certificate will go a long way in helping a 5 year old and a 2 year old get some new clothes.

  • Marcie Lynn Florance

    My idea of camping is in a luxury motorhome!!! Sorry, but my memories of camping at Girl Scout Camp were awful! Bugs, snakes, starvation! So I would love to camp and then enjoy the inside safety and comfort of my king size bed in motor home!!!

  • Anne E Kelly

    Our camping essentials are paper and water colors to paint rocks we find. We also paint camping pictures. We always have to have our hobo pie iron..with good ol cheap white bread and pie filling to make the most delish pies late in the eve. Taste’s really good with a little butter and sugar in the iron before adding the bread.. And we never leave with out our super hero capes to hunt for bad guys on our hikes.. House full of girls we also have brought a bucket for outdoor pedicures and of course a rainbow of polish just to keep our toes pretty even when they are covered in mud!!

  • Lindi Mccaffrey

    An air mattress for the tent!

  • DashandWink

    The kids (and adults) LOVE glowsticks for night time play!

  • Sawida Gladney

    I have never been camping before but if I did, I imagine I would be in a big luxury camper with plush slippers and a functioning toilet!

  • Lindsay

    My main camping essential is an airbed. I absolutely won’t go camping without one. Then I always make homemade marshmallows and homemade graham crackers to go with giant Hershey’s bars for ‘smores. YUM!!

  • Darla Vaughan

    #1 camping essential are the camping chairs and then the airbed. I can’t say enough how excited I am that you have teamed up with JCP!!!

  • Heather McRae

    My daughter is 4 and we have not camped with her yet!! I would say a essential is a Great person to share it with!!! My husband and i would do camp dates when we were dating it is still some of the best memories we have!!! We would talk about our future and it was also the first time her told me he loved me!!!

  • Stephanie DeArco

    Camping musts for me is an air bed and a tent oh of course good company and yummy treats.

  • Rebecca Dula

    Right now we love to camp in the backyard and even in the living room. When we are outside, we have a girl tent and a boy tent. My six year year old and I share the larger tent while my husband and 9 year old son take the smaller tent. With both indoor and outdoor camping we have to have lots of snacks and a movie on the laptop. Not exactly roughing it, but it is wonderful family time.

  • Tera Cruz

    An air matress and a good book or magazine.

  • sara

    Hotel by the beach where we can build a campfire, smores kit and a COFFEE PRESS!!

  • Kimberly Clark

    Oh boy, my must have for camping is a HOTEL! If that’s not available and I’m roughing it in a tent then the essentials would be a comfy air matress and my Ipod. For my girls I always bring lots of outdoor fun things like bubbles, bug catchers, glow sticks, flashlights, ect. Every year we join other families in our community and camp out in the park for the Great American Campout. It’s so much fun! Tents only and no campers so that is def roughing it!

  • Katherine Williams

    Being a former Girl Scout, when I go camping, I do it right: with a tent and sleeping bag! If it’s cold out, cute thermal pajamas are a must! Also a chic hat to wear when hiking to keep ticks out of my hair.

  • Rose White

    My idea of camping would be a really awesome weather proof tent. My husband on the other hand would like to have a really great air mattress.

  • Teresa

    A bathroom is a must!!! Who can glamp in an outhouse or worse, a latrine?

  • Heather Jennings

    My camping necessities in no oarticular order: Smores, champagne for Mommy, beer for Dad, lots of citronella candles, Uggs, FIRST AID KIT, snuggles from my little loves by the fire sipping hot cocoa 😉

  • Lori Shore

    I love camping and we usually go with my husband’s family at least once a year so I always make sure to bring a roll up futon mattress because we camp in a tent and I can’t handle sleeping on rocks or waking up early in the morning and at least half of the air is out of the air mattress. I bring a chic wide brimmed hat to keep from getting a sunburn, love snuggling with the kids and my honey by the campfire and we always bring our two Shih Tzus and one Papillon with us whenever and wherever we go. Believe it or not, they love getting out with us and are pretty well behaved.

  • Madeline Staddon

    A great book and a giant plush, soft cozy blanket!!!!

  • Madonna Sexton

    well bug spray is at the top of the list for my little girl. And of course she has to have the fixings for smores(even though she doesn’t eat the marshmellows she has to roast them, lol) and a campfire… She says if going camping got to have a camp fire and roast marshmellows…lol and get in a tent.. She’s 3…

  • Kellie Kennedy

    This one is very simple. My camping/glamping essentials are my husband and two sons!

  • Viv0105

    My camping essentials are a tent and sleeping bags… Wish I could convince the hubby to try roughing it. His idea of roughing it is no air conditioning haha. He would be glamping in a RV/cabin/hotel.

  • CourtMcB

    There isn’t much we don’t take with us. One thing we HAVE to have is our ‘kitchen tent’. A 20 by 20 canopy tent we set up over the picnic table and our kitchen, so we have somewhere to be when it rains. Every camping trip I have been on it rains more days than it doesn’t!

  • Marci White

    Plastic wine glasses for mommy and daddy, hot cocoa for the kiddo, and if it’s summer a fan! It’s not good glamping form if you are sweating while sitting still! Oh and never, ever forget the toilet paper and baby wipes!

  • Mandie

    Sunscreen and a good pillow!

  • Madi Whitlock

    Considering I have a brand new little one, my camping essentials would turn into bottles, onesies, and plenty of diapers. As for the essentials for me, well…that doesn’t matter when you become a mommy. :)

  • Erin B.

    camping isn’t complete without marshmallows, graham crackers and hershey’s chocolate for SMORES!! haven’t hit the campgrounds yet with my little one, but hope to next year!

  • kathy matthies

    I have two grandchildren one that is 18 months old and another one that is 1 month old. My grandson would love to go camping because he loves being outside but my granddaughter who is 1 month old is in Childrens Hospital in Nashville and won’t be able to do much for awhile. Maybe next year if all goes well with them.

  • CraftyIrish

    Bug Spray and an inflatable mattress…these bones aren’t as young as they use to be! Once you have 3 kids nothing on your body is as young as it once was. :)

  • Sarah Mueller

    If it was up to my husband, we’d go with the shirts on our backs and live off the land! :) Since we have 3 little girls, the women of the house have a bit more say and so we make sure to have lots of extra bedding and clothes to be comfy, plus lots of chocolate for survival.

  • Kristen Vandermolen

    My kids love to make smores, so we always make sure to have those goodies and plenty of fun games to keep us entertained outside:)

  • Racheal Dales

    Inflatable mattress and lots of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows for smores! :)

  • sarah willig

    Hmm, a camper with A/C and running water???

  • melissa darling

    Everything i need for my 15 month old..diapers,wipes,extra clothes, Then i have a 13 yr old and 6 yr old..so plenty of food..blankets, clothes..of course marshmellows, crackers, hersheys bars..and ..glow sticks..

  • Kristina Carter


  • Megan Sursely

    I’m my yonger years, I needed a travel shower LOL! But Marshmallows are a must!! We love roasting them over the camp fire!

  • Heather Duncan

    my daughter brings her huggable nightlight and my son brings peanut free snacks. I bring blankets, and TONS of them…. I’m always cold!

  • Ashley Zamora

    my camping essentials are smores of course! as well as lots of blankets and lots of snacks :)

  • Christina Chaney

    My must have would have to be an inflatable mattress!

  • Deneen Lotz

    Hi Tori

    Oh I love Glamping!!! We just purchased a tiny 19 foot camper/rv and I always bring fresh flowers, no matter what. I also bring pretty plates and coffee cups. Last time I brought a glass tea carafe that sits on this glass holder that holds a tea light. Oh it looked so pretty with tea in it. But it had to be packed very well. I also bring lots of really amazing pillows and blankets, the kind for home on the couch but nope. I have to bring them with me:) Love all your fabulous posts



  • StephWhite

    Camping essentials include my current book obsession, mallows(duh!), and ear buds so I can fall asleep to Florence and not the parade of wildlife inches from my being.

  • Lisa Carson

    Anything to help keep the bugs away!

  • Sherrie W.

    L*O*V*E, love, love your little maven clothing line! Our camping essentials would include smores, comfy pillows and blankets, and lots of crafty ideas for the kids to do! We love going to the Jellystone Parks to see Yogi Bear and all his friends! Our little daughters love the bears, and of course there are always crafts and things to do while we are there. =)

  • Veronica Perkins

    I think it would be great to have a get away time from all technology so I would take away all the kids computers, cellphones, mp3 players, tablets, even their NintendoDS games. Then, after the screaming died down, I would bring out the food. The fun camping food like barbcued hotdogs and hambugers, steaks if you got ’em, roasted corn on the cob, cold soda packed in the ice in the cooler that is meltingaround the cans so delightfully. And of course, the piece de resistance, the smores. Now that is pure bliss at a campsite. with all thisw food you might make it through the night with out to much complaining. Maybe.

  • Katherine C

    this is a sweet giveaway. I invite you to add it to my win it page too. xo

  • Mary Wagner

    Friends/family, smores, lip gloss and a camera!!!

  • Wanda Pender

    We like roasting marshmellows and telling scary stories! :))

  • Rachel Butler

    I would bring lots of snacks, cozy blankets, our awesome dogs Piper and Rascal, camping chairs and camera to take lots and lots of pictures.

  • January Jones

    Absolutely love your line and amazing crafty ideas. Thanks for always sharing. My essentials for camping would first of all have to be my two year old son Mason, AKA the love of my life. Then I would have to stay my handsome hubby whom I could snuggle up too. Alongside would have to be a comfy fold out camping chair, a koozie, a nice adult beverage, marshmallows, chocholate, graham crackers, a hanger to roast those marshmallows on, some great friends, and a nice clear sky full of stars to wish upon. Love u T and thanks for letting us take part!

  • Rachel Cronan

    Our families camping essentials include some great sunscreen, bug spray, and hats. After we have all of our protective gear we make sure we bring some fun things such as sand toys, bubbles, bean bag toss game, football to throw around, fishing equipment and swimming suits!!! And don’t forget the grilling foods and smores!!! Every year we go on a big camping trip with my hubby’s family and we have tons of fun!!! The kids LOVE IT!

  • may may

    i know its going to sound funny lol but toilet paper is a must lol, u never know if the campsites will have it and its a must lol! mosquito repelant,clippies,sun screen.

  • Jennifer Baker

    Just spending time with the family. as long as i have my family i have everything i need for a campin trip

  • Dani Marie

    I can’t wait to take my babes camping! Our essentials will include: cozy blankeys to snuggle, fluffy teddy bears, CRACKERS, sippy cups, water, diapers, cozy fleece footy pjs, warm hats, wipes, trucks, & mamas phone for many photo sessions!

  • KristinK

    Our camping must have is our ice cream maker! It’s small and it’s so much fun to make homemade ice cream with the kids when we’re out camping!! They love it!

  • Lola

    We HAVE to have the makings for s’mores! That and someone to cozy up with at night. And a camera for catching all those memories!

  • Chris Senesac

    We have to have blankets, we love to cuddle under them by the fire.

  • Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson

    My family loves to go camping during the colder months and I always tend to over-pack lots of pillows and blankets; Mostly fleece-type material. I feel it’s not really a good camping trip unless you are snuggled up under some fleece.

  • anna gamboa

    The family and of course lots of food, baby wipes and funny stories

  • Erin

    My family and firewood for s’mores!



    The 2 items that are essential are wipes and ice, no matter who is with you or where you are going…

  • Shana C

    With my four little ones we can not leave without sunlotion and wipes and for mom to survive an air mattress with flannel sheets and a down comforter.

  • Erin Arnold

    Family! And of course s’mores!!

  • Jennifer Pennell

    We have to have potatoes to cook in the coals of the fire and all of the goodies to make your own loaded pots we like: bacon, sour cream, cheese, chives, chopped onions, and butter. We also like to roast marshmellows and hot dogs. In the summer we always take bathing suites so that we can raft down the river and play underneath the waterfalls. North Carolina has some beautiful places for camping my favorite is in the Appalachian Mtns. Boone, NC is one of our favorites. If you have never been you need too check it out.

  • Nicole LeGrand

    All I need is my baby girl Maely and her Daddy Jess!……and maybe my phone :)

    Cozy blankets, yummy food, and a cute outfit wouldn’t hurt though!

  • Jenn Redding

    I could eat mountain pies every night of the summer at my backyard campfire:)

  • Denise Pannell

    I need a nice cozy sleeping bag… maybe one that fits two!


  • Cheryl Verver

    we need a warm cozy blanket, some yummy food ( smores of course) and a great imagination for story time.

  • Avas Mommy

    I counldn’t imagine camping without my family. All I need is my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and my 2 year old daughter. Of course it wouldn’t be any fun without great campfire food like marshmellows and hotdogs!

  • April Tyson

    My essentials would be sunscreen, tent, sleeping bad, food, and a camera to cature all the memories!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    No glamping trip is complete without s’mores and a camera! And, of course, a guitar to make up fun campfire songs!

  • Susan Morris

    I lamely spazzed to myself “please please let me win something for once” as the page loaded, scrolled saw my name “Susan” and aaaaaaaaaaaah but it wasn’t my last name. Oh-well, congrats to the winner:)

  • Susan Evans

    Thank you!!! We are so excited to use the gift card to buy my little boy Little Maven clothes for Christmas!

  • Megan Turknett

    No camping trip is complete without family, friends, a crackling fire, and of course some yummy eats!! S’mores are a must!!! Hot dogs, burgers, and definitely pickles!! :-)

  • Megan Turknett

    Just realized this contest was from last year! No worries! I stand by my camping essentials!! Lol

  • kathryn

    Love you and this contest! My must have would be my little doggie Cappuccino Valentino, a Havanese!