After Tori posted her beyond adorable photo of Liam on his first day of Kindergarten, we received so many pics from you guys of your little ones on their first days. There were way too many cute photos of your kiddies not to put together a whole post about it!

Here are some of your little cuties:



Brooke Klassen‘s little girl Gracie is giving Stella a serious run for her money in the stylista department. Look at those leggings and sandals!

On Melissa Roberts‘ little guy’s first day, he yelled “I’m the man!!” as she took this picture! Too cute

How cute is Nikki Swopes‘ little lady? Here she is on her first day of Kindergarten

Kristen Raymond‘s cutie Zach’s 1st of of Kindergarten

Kat and Jade Whelpy on Jade’s first day of school!

Laura Marshall‘s son Braxton on his first day of 3rd grade, looking stylish as ever!

Here is Kristina Carter‘s daughter Addison, getting ready to go to her first day of Preschool

Jill Clark‘s little man started First Grade!

Angela Dunlap shared this pic of her 2 kids on their first days of school this year

Crossing The Bugger-Dixon Line shared this adorable pic of her guy on his first day of Kindergarten

Here’s Holly Strother‘s little girl on her first day of Pre-K

Kristine D‘s preschooler is just so adorable, and looks pretty excited to start school

Liam would LOVE this adorable tie that Amy Taber‘s son Jack wore on his first day of Kindergarten

Amy Gavilanes‘ little guy Gavin on his first day of Kindergarten!

Lindsay McCabe‘s little man seems super excited to start Kindergarten!

Thank you to everyone who submitted pics – we love seeing all of your kiddos!

Now that school has been in session for a couple weeks, how are your little ones adjusting to the school year? Let us know in the comments!

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