A lot of amazing moments have been happening to us recently, and this past week was no exception. I now have two boys, but my very first baby and little man Liam started Kindergarten last week!

It was a big moment in the McDermott house. Just a few months ago, I sobbed as Liam graduated from pre-school, and this past Thursday the tears flowed again as I watched my baby start Kindergarten.

He started at a new school and was so proud to now be wearing a uniform! It’s no secret that Liam is a trendsetter and loves his bow ties, so where most toddlers would resist the notion of wearing a tie to school (although at this new school, he only wears a tie once a week), Liam was psyched!

At drop off I watched him in his blazer and tie, hair combed neatly and shoulders back, pull his Star Wars backpack on wheels into the unknown down the school corridor to his classroom. Accompanied by a few other students and a teacher, he looked back to see if Dean and I were still waiting there. Still there?! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. When his eyes caught mine I frantically waved, smiled and blew him kisses. He blew me a kiss back and gave me a thumbs-up, as if to say “Mom, I’m OK. Don’t worry. It’s all good”.

In that moment, my five year old completely settled my nerves. I’ve spent five years calming him down with every fall, scrape, tantrum, scared-to-sleep-in-the-dark moment, and now the tables had turned. He was calming me down, and I realized then and there that something had shifted. We were embarking on a new path together. It was a small turn, but I realized that I now had a new type of partner in life that would always be there for me, and I for him.

And, following in his footsteps, I have three other little lovebugs who will do the same. And indeed, he was OK. More than OK. He was great. And I was proud. Proud of the amazing little man is he becoming and proud of myself for starting with baby steps to allow him to independently become that man. Go get ’em Liam! The world is waiting…

Do you have pictures of your kids all dressed up on their first day of school? Or do you have a proud “off-to-school” moment that you want to share? Let me know in the comments below – and I’ll put together a blog post featuring my faves!


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