Not long ago, I posted a photo of Dean’s and my his-and-hers pedicures and we got a lot of spirited comments! Most of them were warm and sweet, but we got our fair share of haters too. People saying things like:



“Why does that man have his toes painted???”

“Dean just lost his man card.”

“This is not ok!”

You get the idea. Anyway, Dean recently spoke to this on his website, and I wanted to bring you guys into the conversation.

Personally, we always try to lead by example and show our kids that they can march to the beat of their own drummer without feeling ashamed. It’s the very same reason that I am proud to show my pregnant physique in front of my daughters. Dean has fun with paint on his toenails – as one of Dean’s readers put it, “It’s really just paint, not magic ‘gay sauce.'” Having fun with your personal style does not make you less of a man and is just another form of self-expression!

I’m so proud of the example that Dean has set for our children, and love that Liam feels comfortable experimenting with nail polish because of the amazing example Dean has set for him. There is nothing wrong with exploring and trying new things – in fact, it’s a great part of life and figuring out who you are!

You can get all of Dean’s thoughts on this over at The Gourmet Dad, but what do you guys think? Are you for the pedi’d papas? Would you let your kid experiment with nail polish?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below – I can’t wait to hear from you!


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