It’s hard to believe that 9/11 was eleven years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday… It was a tragic day for our country, and the lives lost and the heroes that put their lives on the line will never be forgotten.

One thing that 9/11 taught me was to always remember how lucky I am, and constantly remind myself of what I’m grateful for. I’m forever grateful to my loving and wonderful husband Dean, our four beautiful children, our families, our friends who have become family, for all of the opportunities that I’ve had in my life, and for all of you. Together on ediTORIal we create a community and we support each other!

It’s also important to teach our children, when they’re ready, about that fateful day. About the loss, the Heroes, and how we as a country became a family to stand strong together and stand up for our freedom. Last year on 9/11 I was watching the news and the tributes to those who lost their lives, and tears started running down my face. Liam and Stella asked why I was crying, so I told them about 9/11 as best as I thought they could understand. I told them I was crying because I was sad for the people who lost loved ones, but I was also crying because I am proud. Proud to be an American. I want them to grow up knowing that their freedom is protected because of the bravery of others that they will never know.

This morning we watched the news again, one year later, and Liam saw the twin towers and the planes crashing into them. He pointed at the TV and simply said, “Mama, I remember”. I once again sobbed and said, “Yes buddy, always remember”, and he smiled, nodded his head almost knowingly and said, “I will”.

How did you explain 9/11 to your children? And to all of you who lost loved ones on 9/11, my thoughts and prayers are with you today.




Photo Credit: HerCrossRoads.Tumblr

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