NY Fashion Week: My Fave American Designers

It’s Fashion Week in NYC and even though I’ve been sitting out this year’s shows to dote on the newest member of the McDermott family, I still plan on celebrating from afar. In honor of NYC’s chicest week, I decided to share a few of my personal favorite American designers whose fashions I have loved and worn throughout the years…



Stacey Bendet is a real-life mom of two and the talented designer behind one of my favorite labels, Alice + Olivia. I love the line because the clothes are sophisticated with a youthful, fun and flirty twist. Bendet (who happens to be a friend of mine and a fellow momista!) also launched equally fabulous lines for men and children, which is great news for moms like me who are dressing some serious fashionistas!



Tibi‘s Amy Smilovic has mastered the art of chic mom-dressing. As most mamas out there know, it can be hard to find clothes that are functional and fashionable–and Tibi has nailed this delicate balance. Tibi is known for its bold and vibrant prints, and their maxi dresses put them on the map and they never go out of style. The label is fresh, effortlessly chic, and many of the brand’s dresses make room for a growing baby-bump (always a plus)! You can literally wear their maxi dresses at any time – pre baby, preggers, and post baby!



Michelle Smith, the genius behind Milly, has nailed the retro chic look with her fabulous line. Her collections are feminine, colorful, and full of fun and bold prints. As NY Mag says, “Milly has perfected the Palm Beach palette with Upper East Side Polish.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! One of the best things about Milly in my book is that the pieces will work on tons of different body types – which is so crucial and is one of the reasons why Milly is a staple in my closet.

Who are your favorite fashion designers? Let me know in the comments below.


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Introducing {styled} by Tori Spelling!

  • Emily Beebe

    Ummm…..who designs for Old Navy and Target??? hehe…I barely shop for myself but when I do, it’s usually something cheap and kid-proof!!

  • Ashley Taylor

    I absolutely adore Anthropologie. I mean total pink puffy heart love for it. And of course, my real happy place is Target…because, really, why wouldn’t you love it?

  • Kiara Ramirez

    Ha, ha, I’m with you Emily, I love JC Penny’s

  • LKm

    Tori, I must say that this is one of my least favorite posts, only because it’s a bit unrelatable for most of us, even if we live in LA. I do love the pictures and it gives me ideas on what pieces to look for and how to combine. Maybe that would be a nice post. Show us your designer outfit and then a more wallet-friendly version of the same basic outfit. That would be tons of fun. or challenge the readers to come up with the more affordable version. It’s sort of like that HGTV show where they take a high-end no-way-can-we-afford-that room and do it themselves for much less.

    That being said, you totally rock Mama. Your sense of fashion is something to be admired with your busy schedule and your FOUR children! Congrats on that beautiful family. Who would’ve thunk that little Donna would become this totally cool Mama!

  • suzanne riviere

    i believe that when you want to get creative there’s a place to start anything whether its fashion, home design or child rearing. this clothing line is fabulous with practical cuts in their design for all who would choose to wear them. that one step in the journey can be such a deciding factor when shopping. good design is so universal, and these keep it real for busy mothers who need to make the most of their dollars spent.

  • Christy Geary

    I definitely couldn’t afford any of those designers, but the clothes are lovely! You definitely are a fabulous fashionista!

    I pay less attention to specific designers and shop for sales because that’s how my budget rolls! With a cold north country New York fall and winter on the way…I’m going to be on the hunt for much warmer clothing soon! I’d love to see a post on warmer chic clothing!

  • vermonter35

    I agree withChristy, up in Vermont we are going to need warm clothing very soon.

  • Linda Morey

    Kate Spade! I love a pair of bright fun tights with a sophisticated dress. So fun!

  • Dorota Klim

    Hi! Tori! Iam fresh mam/My baby boy has 13 days/ During the pregnecy I have always problems to find clothes that are funtional and fashionable. Tibi’s amy Smilovic is the best for prego mam. /Sometimes I copy her clothes .I love her unique style./the desses are so chic and always cover your baby-bumb. I definitly coudn’t afford any of those desiner but the clothes are lovely. You are definitly cool mama and faboulus fashionista.I’m going to be on the hunt for much warmer clothing.