Not long ago, I asked you all how you felt about pregger ladies bearing their baby bumps. As you might recall, I had gotten some not-so-nice feedback after wearing my bump in a bikini and monokini earlier this summer, but as it turns out, you all are right there with me, rocking your bumps!

In fact, you all are so comfortable with your pregger bellies that the Today Show did a little piece on those of you who are bump proud!

It was so touching to see how many of you agreed and came out in support of me and pregnant ladies everywhere. I really love all the amazing pics you mama bears posted! So, in the spirit of BUMP PROUD, I wanted to show you guys a little love here on ediTORIal too!

And I also wanted to extend the request to all of my readers here – if you have a picture of yourself wearing your bump proud, please upload it to your profile and leave me the link in the comments below – I can’t wait to see!!


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