tuTORIal: DIY Shrinky Dinks for



As you all know by now, crafting with my kids is one of my favorite pastimes. While Liam will humor me and get in the crafting spirit when I ask him to, Stella is my true crafter (her mantra is “crafting is my life!”)

When I was growing up, one of my favorite things was Shrinky Dinks – please tell me you remember Shrinky Dinks! Well, Stella and I decided to make our own DIY Shrinky Dinks for, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek at this tuTORIal…

Here’s what you need:

  • 6 disposable plastic containers (I got ours from the salad bar at our local grocery store – we used the lids)
  • Permanent marker (we used Sharpies)
  • Scissors
  • An oven (pre-heated to 350 degrees) and oven mitts
  • Aluminum foil
  • Any other accessories that you’ll want to use for your finished product (we used an old t-shirt to make a cuff bracelet)

For the step-by-step DIY Shrinky Dink tuTORial, check out

What’s the latest craft that you’ve done with your kids?

And if there are other crafts that you want to learn how to do, request them in the comments section below, and I just might feature your craft request in my next tuTORIal!


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  • Lemon Meringue

    Aaaand … FLASHBACK !!! This topic took me straight back to the eighties! I completely forgotten about it, but I reckon my kids will love to do this. Took me quite some time to figure out the Dutch name though (Krimpie Dinky). Latest craft I’ve done with the kids was a week ago on our holiday. We bought a flowerpress, collected dozens of flowers and put them in the press. Seems like not an impressive craftproject, but collecting the flowers took us two hours and putting them in the press was quite a job as well. But we’ll have a follow-up craftmoment around Christmas. We decided to make ornaments out of it!

  • Emily Beebe

    JUST did this with my kids with a kit from Michael’s and we made bracelets too!! Soooo fun!!

  • Becky D

    I love shrinky dinks!!!

  • Jodi

    They actually sell Shrinky Dink paper that works with your printers (I found mine at Hobby Lobby). I’ve used the paper to make ornaments that I gave as gifts. One I made was a picture of my dad, who passed away 7 years ago. I gave one to my mom, my brother & I made one for myself & they turned out beautifully! Glad to see I’m not the only one that loved & remembers Shrinky Dinks! I’ll have to try playing around with using the plastic containers!