Remember when I asked for your questions? Well now it’s time for some answers! To kick it off, I’m answering a question from ediTORIal user Emily Kohl, who asked:

How did you guys come up with all the kids’ names? I love how they are unique but not crazy celebrity names! They are so timeless and fit them all so well! Do you guys have names in the works for number 4? Do you keep all the kids names in mind when choosing a new name or do you just pick ones you like?

Great question, Emily! Well, I’m fascinated by the process of picking your baby’s name, and for all three kids we had very different processes.



With Liam we were at the doctor and I was about 4 months pregnant. The doctor asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby and we both said YES! He told us it was a baby boy, and at that point we hadn’t even discussed names at all. On the way home Dean said, “You know what name I’ve always loved? Liam.” And I went, “Oh my God… I love it. That’s it!” It felt perfect to both of us. So we named him Liam, and Aaron as his middle name for my dad who had just passed.

For Stella it was a little more complicated. We found out we were having a girl and both felt completely stumped. We scoured a book of 5,000 baby names and still nothing seemed right. I grew up loving the novel Great Expectations; I had always said I wanted to name my daughter Estella, who was the main female character. So we sat with Estella for a few days but it just felt off. And, then it hit me… Stella! Stella Doreen; Doreen after Dean’s mom who had passed.

For Hattie we decided to not find out the baby’s sex since we already were blessed with one of each. That’s a whole other story that I’ll save for my next memoir, but we were convinced that the baby would be a boy! There was a boy name we both have loved for years and decided on that. We didn’t even think of girl names. Well, you know how that turned out! We had a beautiful, no-name baby girl. In recovery afterwards, with her in my arms, I asked Dean to start Googling old-fashioned girl names. He started at ‘A’ and read through the alphabet, both of us shaking our heads the whole time. When he read the name Hattie aloud and we both looked at each other and said, “That’s it!” I looked down at her and she was such a Hattie. So we named her Hattie Margaret. Margaret, after my nanny who was like a second mother to me and had passed.

Now here I am pregnant with baby #4! Once again we did not find out the sex. And truth be told, once again we think it’s a boy. You now know how well that worked out last time! So, we still have our boy name and once again, no girl name. We shall see very shortly. Stay tuned!

How does your family pick their baby names? Share your story with me in the comments below. And please, shoot me more questions!


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