Your Questions Answered: Naming My Kids

Remember when I asked for your questions? Well now it’s time for some answers! To kick it off, I’m answering a question from ediTORIal user Emily Kohl, who asked:

How did you guys come up with all the kids’ names? I love how they are unique but not crazy celebrity names! They are so timeless and fit them all so well! Do you guys have names in the works for number 4? Do you keep all the kids names in mind when choosing a new name or do you just pick ones you like?

Great question, Emily! Well, I’m fascinated by the process of picking your baby’s name, and for all three kids we had very different processes.



With Liam we were at the doctor and I was about 4 months pregnant. The doctor asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby and we both said YES! He told us it was a baby boy, and at that point we hadn’t even discussed names at all. On the way home Dean said, “You know what name I’ve always loved? Liam.” And I went, “Oh my God… I love it. That’s it!” It felt perfect to both of us. So we named him Liam, and Aaron as his middle name for my dad who had just passed.

For Stella it was a little more complicated. We found out we were having a girl and both felt completely stumped. We scoured a book of 5,000 baby names and still nothing seemed right. I grew up loving the novel Great Expectations; I had always said I wanted to name my daughter Estella, who was the main female character. So we sat with Estella for a few days but it just felt off. And, then it hit me… Stella! Stella Doreen; Doreen after Dean’s mom who had passed.

For Hattie we decided to not find out the baby’s sex since we already were blessed with one of each. That’s a whole other story that I’ll save for my next memoir, but we were convinced that the baby would be a boy! There was a boy name we both have loved for years and decided on that. We didn’t even think of girl names. Well, you know how that turned out! We had a beautiful, no-name baby girl. In recovery afterwards, with her in my arms, I asked Dean to start Googling old-fashioned girl names. He started at ‘A’ and read through the alphabet, both of us shaking our heads the whole time. When he read the name Hattie aloud and we both looked at each other and said, “That’s it!” I looked down at her and she was such a Hattie. So we named her Hattie Margaret. Margaret, after my nanny who was like a second mother to me and had passed.

Now here I am pregnant with baby #4! Once again we did not find out the sex. And truth be told, once again we think it’s a boy. You now know how well that worked out last time! So, we still have our boy name and once again, no girl name. We shall see very shortly. Stay tuned!

How does your family pick their baby names? Share your story with me in the comments below. And please, shoot me more questions!


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  • Ashley Taylor

    I am obsessed with naming children. Honestly, if I could do it for a living, I would. My hubby and I struggled with naming our girls, because I liked really good names and he didn’t! 😉 In the end, I love our choices!


  • Heather Hess

    we picked our sons name out of a hat..lol..we had 5 names we liked and could not decide on 1 so we put them all in a hat and said which ever one comes out the most outta 5 draws was the name and keven came out all 5 times so that was it. our daughters was just a name i heard i liked then my husband found one we liked better so she was named alexandria. we dont really hear that name to often.

  • Danielle Carreno

    For our son, we decided on John Peter (John is my husbands name and Peter is my fathers name). We call him JP – ever since he was in my belly! We really struggled with girls names for our daughter. I love old fashioned names as well, of course all of the names I liked my hubby did not and vice versa! We decided on Lindsey Anne. We both loved the name Lindsey, it’s not too common anymore and Anne is from St. Anne. It fits her perfectly!

  • Clare Christine

    I have three children. I had to find out the sex of all mine before they were born! For my oldest i searched baby names on the internet. I wanted something different, a name you dont hear very often, but i didnt want something weird. I stumbled upon the name Amara andn i instantly loved it. I picked Jade for her middle name because i loved the name. My second child is named after my grandma who passed. Her last name was cameron, so we picked Camryn and gave her the middle name we both shared. We named our son London. I’m from England and i wanted to name him something from my home. My husband picked his favourite name for his middle name.

    Amara Jade… Camryn Louise… London Xavior

  • Jeanne Tutt

    awwww! very cool!

    I’m not sure how my sister came up with her first one Ashley Michelle other than it was southern.

    For her 2nd one she used the biological grandmothers middle names Sarah Elizabeth or Sarabeth. My mom was disappointed her name was 2nd etc. *rolls eyes*

    For my hubby’s brothers 1st her first one came out so fast they had names I think but they wanted to wait until they saw her. Because she was in the nicu in another hospital my brother in law went and saw her and came up with Sophia Grace. I love it!

    Not sure how they came up with the 2nd girl name which is Maura Rose. We knew I think before she was born the name.

    My husbands sister (the baby of the 3 kids in that family) is due September 15. It is a girl but they aren’t revealing if they have one or not.

    I wanted my sisters 2nd to be something like Savannah Rose or Savannah Marie (remember the movie Savannah Smiles? I have it on dvd). They were told they couldn’t because one of their friends called dibs. The story behind that is they all go to Savannah several times a year (college friends) so that was the significance with all of them. This same couple that called dibs wasn’t even married or talking kids and just now, 10 years after Ashley was born got married.

    Best of luck to you and the rest of the fam as the time winds down!

  • Andrea Worley

    Loved hearing about your names. I too love all the names you guys chose. We love old fashioned names to that are timeless. I’m currently pregnant with my second which will be a BOY! I’ve had a lot of fun picking out names. My husband and I are both really into giving our children each their own names, so we’re not naming them after anyone we know or family members. which has been hard at times, but also lots of fun creating names that are uniquely their own.

  • Lauren Grandinetti

    Well my name is Lauren, and my name came about because my dad always loved Lauren Hutton…my step daughter’s name is…get ready…Audrimae Kiden Eleanora, Audrey and Eleanora are both relatives and Kiden was told to her mother was an african word meaning “girl born after 3 boys” (she’s got 3bros)…my stepsons name is Dominic Elijah Mickey, Dominic and Mickey are both his great grandpa’s name (his grt grandpa started the police athletic league in philly, and is in the boxing hall of fame and it was felt he deserved 2 places in the name…mickey was his boxing name)I believe Elijah is a name they got from the bible.

  • CrzyBzyMomof3

    With our first daughter, I was set on giving her my dear Nana’s middle name, Emma, as her first name, then my middle name… Elizabeth. I saw/heard the name Shelby on a t.v. commercial and I *knew* that needed to be her name…. So Shelby Emma she is. Our middle daughter was named “Emily” before she was even conceived… LOL Her middle name was another story. It was going to be Elizabeth, then my husband realized that Emily Elizabeth is name of the girl in the “Clifford” books… he nixed it. We came up with Grace…. so we have Emily Grace. Baby #3 I (like you) was convinced was (finally) a boy…. we hadn’t agreed on any boy names – EVER – but kind of agreed on Connor. At our ultrasound we found out we were having a third daughter. It took forever it agree on a name…. I was almost 8 months along. My husband came home one night and said, “What do you think about Ashley?” I said, “YES!!! As long as her middle name is ELIZABETH!!!!” And she is SOOOOO an Ashley Elizabeth. And totally not on purpose, their first initials, initials spell S,E,A. ha ha ha

  • Angelina Edwins

    My first born we found out was a boy and had it narrowed down to Nicholas and Brody, and then Tyler for either as a middle name as that is my husbands name. As soon as my husband and I saw him, we knew he was a Brody and it fit him like a glove.

    For my second we found out it was a girl. I had always loved the named Giavanna & Isabella, but then changed my mind to Gianna and Isabella. And again as soon as I saw her, I looked at my husband and said “She looks like an Isabella” and he agreed. Her middle name is Carmel after my grandmother whom I am very close to.

    Congratulations again to you and the family and good look as it gets closer to the big day!!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    Naming your baby is so special and important, he/she is going to carry that name forever! I just wanted strong names, I thought of their names in the future when they became doctors, attorneys, etc. I didn’t want their names to be mistaken by nick names. I also picked their names very early in the pregnancies. My first son is Joshua Eduardo, my daguhter was named after both her father and I Julieanna Elizabeth, my third one is Justin David, I really didn’t plan on using all J’s for their names, those are just the names I liked and to top it off my baby whom I adopted when he was 18 months came with the name of Andrew but at that young age he didn’t like being called Andrew and would always tell us “me no drew, me shakey” we tried to figure out what shakey meant until we realized that he meant Jakey, so when the adoption was finalized I named him Jacob Andrew, it fits him so well, he was always a Jacob in his heart, he still doesn’t like Andrew. I also like naming babies, I have named a lot of the babies in my family. Tori, I can’t wait to see your baby’s beautiful face and know what name you picked for him/her

  • Lauren Vento

    When I was pregnant with my first baby, we were told it was a boy, so we were planning on the name Thomas Benjamin, after our grandfathers. Then at 25 weeks we were told GIRL! It took all of 24 hours to pick the name Lillian. Lily’s were my grandmothers favorite flower (and our female family names were NOT “timeless”). Her middle name was sort of a joke. Lillian Makenna (Makenna meaning “daughter of the handsome one!). As for our second daughter, that was MUCH harder. We went through so many names, and thought we had settled on one, but then I started hearing the “Nicknames” my family was planning on giving her from the name we had chosen. Three days before I went into labor I had a totally crying breakdown that we needed to pick a different name. My husband thoguht i was crazy, but when I told him the nicknames he agreed. We didn’t want our daughter to be made fun of before she was even born. So when I went into labor a week before my due date, we hadn’t settled on a name, but we have several we liked. When she was born via c-section we both looked at her and knew that her name would be Delilah. She just looked like a Lila. And she was born in May, so her middle name is Mae. My girls are Lillian Makenna (Lily) and Delilah Mae (Lila).

  • Nicki Peterson

    For my first I knew she was going to be a girl. My best friend and the person who got my husband and I together died in a car accident and her name was Nycole. So I knew right away I would name her Angel Nycole. For my second one which I also found out was a boy (and kind of knew anyways) my husband and I couldn’t agree on a first name so we put both names in a hat and had our oldest pick three times. Three our of three she picked Isaiah, (my husband’s choice), so we had an Isaiah Daniel, Daniel after my dad.

  • Amber Meyers

    I am a wait to you see the baby namer. We already had two dogs with musical names (Layla and Cash) so I wanted to try and keep that theme. We had narrowed down my son’s name to Carter and Preston (which had no musical ties). He came out almost 9lbs and I thought Preston was a little too danity for such a big baby so Carter it was. Carter came from Johnny Cash’s wife June Carter. We then had a little girl and named her Presley (after elvis presley). She came out screaming so presley seemed super fitting!

  • mollyw

    We are having a little girl late this year/early next year and have decided on the name “Annie”. Two of my best friends are named Annie, so that is really where it came from. We love Annie because it is traditional, not weird – yet it is still unique – it was very popular back in the early 1900’s. We can’t wait for our little girl to be here!!

  • Sara Rose Rycroft

    Well when I got pregnant with my daughter we had no idea.. so like you for number 3, we got a nameless baby.. so we sent back home and decided to look around on the web to look for names and nothing popped out… until we saw the name Marlow.. it stand out we both liked it.. so 4 years later we have a beautiful Daughter Names Marlow!!

  • Robin Claudio

    My first born was named by my mom, who thought she ‘looks like a Meriah’ and she did. Since hubby & I didn’t agree on a name until that moment and it fit, we went w/it! I’d always loved the name Olivia (so does my girl!) so that was it, Meriah Olivia.

    My second child, Isaiah, ‘gave’ me his name. I had two other names picked that I liked, Brayden (Eric Brayden from Young & Restless~Victor) and Kendrick (a more modern version of my step-dad, who raised me, named Kenneth) BUT I just woke up one day, after dreaming of my baby-boy-to-be, with the name Isaiah…. I knew it was HIS name! His middle name was Torivio after my father-in-law who died when I was 7 months pregnant. The other boy names I’d picked were used by two friends who were preggo w/me =) He loves his name too, btw!!!

    We lost our third child just before the 3-month-mark (safe-zone) and had Lillianna & Elijah picked for a boy or girl, plus one unisex name picked, again, after my step-dad (who loved me like a real dad), Kennedy. We never found out the gender but decided to name our angel-baby anyway. Kennedy Angel <3

    Then…. we found out we were pregnant again on the eve of our lost baby’s original due-date (Christmas). We wanted to know the gender b/c we’d learned that, if you have a miscarriage, they won’t tell you ANYTHING except ‘sorry, there’s no heartbeat’. We had 3 boys names picked; Braxton (b/c of the contractions I was having from 3 1/2 months on), Kai (I loved the name and meaning) AND Elijah (STILL). Our little man arrived a month early, to the date, of our last loss & I don’t believe in coincidences, so Elijah it was! He was my hero, saving me from deep depression, after losing a baby, so I named him accordingly, with the anagram EPIC. Elijah Peyton Israel Claudio. ((hubbs picked Peyton for the 2 football players & Israel is hubby’s given name))

  • Marie Stanley

    I am big on family names but after 7 miscarriages we finally were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I was on bed rest and looking at all the baby name books and came across Danielle which means belonging to God, I knew it was going to be her name. Then I was Zoe which means Life and it was PERFECT! So I have a Zoe Danielle.

  • Emily Beebe

    With our daughter, Jovie, we had heard it in the movie “Elf” and it was the only one we both liked so it stuck. With our son, Logan, we were totally stumped until my hubby said, “I have a name but don’t think you’ll like why I thought of it…Logan for Wolverine!!” I LOVED the name and thought the reasoning was kind of cute! So that was it!


  • Teresa

    I like meanings of names. Our first, Brian Matthew, meant Strength and Virtue, and Gift from God. He is all of them! Our second was chosen before we were even married when we were attending a religious lecture. It’s from the book of Mark – Talitha, but we call her Tali, her name reminds us that the Savior knows us individually. Then Jared – a strong scripute name, Solomon, a very wise king, and Grace, an old fashioned name we borrowed from a news anchor I heard one evening, and loved it. It too has wonderful religious meanings. Middle names are chosen family names. It’s nice when they have to do that one assignment in elementary school writing about how their parents arrived at their name. Each of them have had to do that assignment and it’s nice to have that time to talk to them about how special their names are. I always wonder what an old friend told her kids who she named after romance novel characters …

  • Tina Rankin

    I named my daughter, Stephani Kaleena after her dad and I. Stephani after her dad Steven and Kaleena after my middle name Colleen. I named my son, Dustin Shane after Dustin Hoffman because I love him and it was a nice German name and his dad is German. His middle name is Shane. Another nice German name that went nicely with Dustin.

  • Michelle Banuelos

    Tori, I love your babies names! They are all so cute, and I can’t wait to see what your next one is going to be, I am just so sad we won’t be able to watch it unfold on tv. :(

    For my daughter, I wanted to name her Victoria, when I was a little girl all my baby dolls had that name, and I wanted to call her Toria or Tori for short, and then we found out my cousin was 3 weeks behind me and also having a girl..they asked me what I was going to name my baby and I told them, a few weeks later she said she was going to name her baby that as well, and then she even took my story and started telling everyone that happened to her. It pissed me off so bad and I told her whoever had their baby first could have the name, and she said “I don’t care if you name your baby Victoria, I am too.” So I was forced to pick a different name because I didn’t want the cousins to have the same name. (I should also mention that they call their little girl Vicky…yuck) So I bought a baby book name and went through it every day. I decided on the name Madison, I thought it was beautiful and unique and I always loved the name Nichole, so I chose that for the middle name. Of course that year the whole world decided the same thing, so her name wasn’t very unique after all. But my daughter who is now 10 is very fond of the H in her middle name, and I always liked it because Nichole is french and that is the original spelling, and her dad’s family as picked up the middle name “Nicole” for a lot of their daughters as well, so now its a special middle name for them too!

    With my son we had a more difficult time picking out the name. I liked Preston, Tristian and Sean, and my husband who is Latin said those were “white” boy names and we couldn’t name our son that, but he didn’t have any real suggestions either. My Grandfather, who was the greatest man I’ve ever known was named Benjamin, so I told my husband that I always thought it would be special to name my son that and he loved it. We agreed on Edward for the middle name because it was my husbands middle name, his dad’s and also my dad’s middle name. I love how my son has a strong, old fashioned meaningful name like your kids!

    I want one more, and I want it to be a girl, and I have her name all picked out, Emma Helena but nothing for a boy, he would be nameless, hahaa.

  • Pamela Weinstein

    I named my first son, Justin Travis. I had read a book where the main caharcter was a very hansome boy named Justin and I just loved that name. His middle name Travis was named after Randy Travis the country singer who I just loved! LOL My second child was also a boy and I named him Brandon Cody. Brandon was named actually after an ex boyfriend named Brendan, I didn’t want to use his exact name so I chose Brandon instead. I had a hard time deciding on a middle name and tossed around Tyler, Trevor, and it just didn’t go with my married name which ended with the letter R so those names didn’t sound good so I found Cody in a baby name book. My Brandon Cody is my angel in heaven. He was murdered on the playground of his preschool in May 1999 at the age of 3 1/2. I named my daughter Shaya Arianna. The name Shaya I found in a little baby name book at the market by the register. It means “asked for” and I was asking for a beautiful baby girl. Her middle name Arianna just sounded so pretty with Shaya and I wanted something hebrew sounding as well so it all fit. I love looking in name books and I wished I could have had a hundred baby girls because there are so many beautiful girl names. But I was blessed with 3 beautiful children and I am very greatful.

  • Our Twilight Corner

    We only had one girls name picked out, that we LIKED, and thank goodness I only had one girl otherwise she would probably hate us forever… It would kind of stink going through life without and name and all…. lol

    I love you Savanna! 😉

  • Catie Brown

    When I was pregnant we wanted to know the sex of the baby, but the baby had other plans and kept its legs crossed and pulled up under its little bum. So we had a name picked for either a girl or a boy. If it was a boy Asher Alexander. Asher because I like how it sounds and it means ‘happy one’. Alexander after my hubby and his dad. Alexander means ‘protector of man’. I thought that would have been a great name for a boy. Well it turns out we had a girl! =) The name we had chosen was Adia Evelyn. Adia because we LOVE Sarah McLachlan and that’s both of our favorite song of hers, plus the name means ‘ gift from God’. And Evelyn is after my mother in law. One of the meanings for it is ‘life’. So I think her name is beautiful and has a beautiful meaning. And as a nickname we call her Addie. =)

    Can’t wait to hear baby #4’s name!

  • Julie Holt

    Our oldest is a boy and we decided to name him after my mom’s maiden name and my mother-n-law’s maiden name. So he is Dawson Lane. With our second child we thought we were having a girl so we had her named Maggie Elizabeth, after my husband’s grandmother and my sister. When the ultrasound said different we struggled for 10 weeks to name our new baby boy. Finally my husband and I agreed on a Sawyer Thomas. We both really love Sawyer and Thomas is my husband’s first name. Sawyer is due in 8 weeks and we can’t wait to welcome him into our family. Big brother Dawson is thrilled and asks me everyday if it’s time for his brother to come out.

  • Sapphire

    Im pregnant with my first child and after I found out I was having a girl I always liked the name Faith. Also since Im going to be a single mum I’ve needed alot of it!! Im due in 2 weeks and I woke up last week and suddenly hated the name! So Ive gone through name after name and had a few that I liked but not passionate about. Then I remembered I always loved shakespear names (even called my pets them!!) and I was reading through them and remembered Viola from 12th night!! I knew this was the perfect name as my father makes and repairs violins, viola’s and cello’s so not only is it a special name but has a good family tie!

  • Renee E

    Normally I don’t share on blogs but this is one I can’t pass up! My husband and I weren’t quite ready to have kids yet. We always talked about it but weren’t quite there yet…until one day when we stumbled across your show, I think the second season. We both became addicted VERY quickly! Well, long story short, my husband fell in love with your son and couldn’t wait to have one of his own! When we found out we were having a boy, the name was already chosen. He turns a year old in one month and his name is Liam =)

  • Valerie Langenfeld

    My daughters all have middle names after family members and first names of our choice, that way we get to honor family but still give them a chance to have their own identity.

    My oldest daughter is Jillian Lucille. I was at a gas station that was collecting donations for our local children’s hospital and if you donated money, you got to sign your name on a little heart and post it on the wall. When I went to hang up my heart, it was next to someone named Jill and something about seeing it written out, it just hit me that it was the perfect name. We decided to go with Jillian and call her Jill for short. Lucille was after my great-great-Aunt whom I had the pleasure of spending time with when I was first pregnant but didn’t know yet – I had traveled to Alabama with my Dad and Grandpa for a family reunion and fell in love with her southern charm, and her name!

    My second daughter is Avery Louise Elizabeth. Avery was from the movie Jerry Maguire – I just had a feeling this little one was going to grow up to be a spitfire and the name seemed to suit her. Louise is after her Godmother. Up until three days before she was born, we were settled on Avery Louise. Then sadly, my favorite Aunt passed away unexpectedly, and her name was Elizabeth. I was so in love with the name we had chosen but wanted to honor my Aunt, so we just added one more name. It’s also my Grandmother’s name, so we got to honor two family members at once. (She did turn out to be a spitfire, btw, so I must have chosen well!).

    My last babies were “supposed” to be our attempt at having a boy. Instead, we got twin girls! I really struggled with choosing their first names because I didn’t want them to match or rhyme, but they needed to be similar in style. Again, I turned to movies, and the name Claire came to mind after watching Wedding Crashers. It was our only “for sure” name until about two months before they were born. (I think my hubs was secretly hoping that one of them would turn out to be a boy). The Wedding Singer was on tv one Saturday morning and I got the name Julia stuck in my head. Claire and Julia. It’s like they were made for each other. Timeless, girly, pretty names! The middle names were a piece of cake – Margaret, after my sister who had passed away, and Suzanne, which is a combination of my Mom’s middle name “Ann” and my mother-in-law’s middle name “Sue”.

    Funny, how we go through the process of naming our little ones and then they’re stuck with what we choose for life! :)

  • Sarah Robida

    When i was pregnant with my daughter my boyfriend & i looked through many baby names book like a few but just didnt feel right..after a while i was on the internet looking up baby names and found the name Nevaeh and it sticked.her middle name is marie after me..

  • andrea wescott

    Yeah for not finding out! I did not find out with any of my kids( i have 3). I just wanted a heathly baby the gender I didnt care. I loved hearing what we had in the delivery room. nothing can take away the feeling of hearing it’s a boy or girl. And then hearing the baby cry still gives me goose bumps. I also loved picking out two names heck our parents did it and we came out fine:)

    i also love your names very “old” fashion love it.

    I have a question for you. how do you recover from a c-section? i was a c-section mama and I tell ya taking care of the kids was very hard esp since I couldn’t do much (i.e. getting up easily going up and down stairs) for about 3 weeks.

  • Elizabeth Marshall

    My son’s name is Collin Dartainion. We chose Collin because that was the name my mom was going to use for me when she was told I would be a boy all during her pregnancy. Dartanion was originally a joke when my co-workers started calling him “lil’D” after my husband who’s name is Dusty. We were playing around with “D” names and D’artangon came up. I laughed and said not a chance but my grandfather would have nothing of that. He loved the name. So we went with Collin Dartanion for my grandfather who passed away just 4 months after he was born.

    My daughter’s name is RaeLynn Arielle. RaeLynn came from putting my husband and his brother’s middle names together. And Arielle means “Lion of God” My husband fell in love with that one so we went with it.

  • Jess

    With our first we didn’t know the gender so we had 2 names picked out. We had a boy and his name is Chandler. And yes from the show Friends, we just loved that name and it fits him completely. Now prego with second child and we were able to find out this time and we are having another boy. Problem was we have had a girls name picked out forever. So my hubby and I keep going over names and we can not agree on any of them. One night I was reading something on you and your husband and said to him “what about Dean?” and we both love it. We both enjoy your show and I have read your books. So that will be our new little ones’ name.

  • Kathy Shayani-Manning

    With our first we had tried several times to find out the sex- I had my heart set on a baby boy. I had been looking at names galore while my husband was deployed and always came back to one Aiden- When I went to my second 3D Ultrasound, I stepped off the elevator and straight across was a nameplate with Dr. Aiden M. Clark written on it. A woman was walking out of the office and I had to stop her seeing as though, I knew I was having a boy and was going to name him Aiden. She shared that was her name! Then 10 minutes later, I found out I was having a little girl and knew her name would be Aiden! A sign?! I took it as such! :) “Aiden Kate”

    My second little girl had a classic look and we decided on a classic name- “Ava Claire”

  • Jordan Yaworski

    My parents just loved the name “Jordan,” so they decided to go with that if I was a girl, and they liked how Taylor sounded with it. If I was a boy, I would have been either Brett or Trot (after Trot Nixon, from the Red Sox. Thank God I was a girl!). For my sister’s name, they also just liked the name Blake, but they chose Frances as her middle name, after my grandma. My brother was named Hunter because, once again, they liked the name, and his middle name was James because of my dad. My youngest brother, Bo, was named that because my dad’s nickname is Jimbo and Bo, and Bo’s middle name is Michael, after my grandpa.


    My husband and I decided that our name would be a family name, my husbands grandfather was Asa and the middle name would come from my family my 8th great uncle was on the Mayflower and his name was Resolve. That just wouldn’t do, but his brothers name was Peregrine. That stuck so baby is Asa Peregrine

  • Eron Short

    When I was pregnant with my first son born in 2007, I remember my husband and I were getting in the car 1 day and he just looked at me and said “what about Alexander” we both loved it! So we have an Alexander William. With our second one also a boy born in 2011, we had an awful time trying to come up with a name! One day it hit us, Liam! My husbands name is William and I have so much irish in my blood that Liam is short for William in Irish and it also is the last 4 letters of his name, so he was named Liam David after his daddy William David, so we have a jr. without the JR on the end of it!

  • celian1309

    For my husband and I the names came easily until baby #3 (who happened to be #2’s twin). I have said since I was a little girl that my first daughter would be named after my great-grandmother, Magdalena Catherine.

    My husband’s family has a naming tradition with the father and grandfather’s names being alternated. This generation it’s Leon Peter while my husband’s generation is Peter Leon. Once we found out we were having twin boys, baby a got his name.

    Baby b was a bit tougher. My husband has always liked the name Alex. So we decided on Alexander for his first name and James for my father.

  • ryan avila

    hello there!!! well i am a momma of six kiddos!! i was blessed when i met my hubby, was a single daddy raising a beautful baby isabella rose..how perfect.we then had started making beautiful babies to add to our lives..a gorgeous baby girl jaidyn ari, popular name in 2002 just spelled differently for a girl, middle name chosen by my sis who is her godmomma…next was also a girl, who is ania jaid..found the name ania in an anne geddes calendar, and chose jaid from her sis namesake..next baby we did not find out sex…girl again!!! we named her olivia amarie..loved old names , and we took the a from anias name and placed it in front of marie which is a family name…we next finally had a boy..with all the girs in the house he had to have a masculin name..so maksim jiovonni came about…he shares his dads innitials, and it couldn’t fit him better!! our latest addition to the crew which was another girl gave us a struggle with her name, because i for sure thought she was a boy…had a name for him…baize betton…but she is a beautiful healthy baby girl who we named sarelle emoni…i love different names…so sorella means sister in italian, so thats what it came from but we had to change it up to not sound like our oldest isabella, so sarelle came to fit her…emoni was just a perfect fit..her initials are sea which daddy looooves the beach so it was meant to be…we are still planning on more babies so it will be just as fun picking names for them..goodluck on your delivery and blessings you have…

  • LKm

    My husband and I are total sapps. We had our names picked out way before we were even married. Girl: Kayla, boy: Jacob. When I found out that baby #1 was a girl, we knew it was Kayla, but i wanted a middle name. After searching, I found Sofia, (f so that it’s in spanish, I’m latina, hubby is white) so Kayla Sofia it was and it fits her so well. Boy name was picked out during the naming process before finding out baby #1 was a girl. Jacob Diego. I was so convinced that I was having a boy first that we even called her Jacob during the first 20 weeks! But when I heard those magical words during the ultrasound, all I thought of was a little girl with pig tails and pink ribbons in her hair. I was having a sweet, precious girl, and she was first!! Because there are so many boys in the family and we always thought she was a boy, I was so thrilled to know that I was having a girl first. What a gift. All the manis and pedis to share! Then 4 years later, we find out Jacob Diego is on his way. When we announced it, rather than saying it’s a boy, we said, “It’s Jacob Diego!” This little boy existed in my heart and in my dreams (literally, had a vivid dream once that i gave birth to a boy, way before even being married) and he finally came to us.

    I really appreciate finding out at birth, but with both my kids, it was perfect to find out sooner. I felt such a strong connection with the person, with a name, growing in my belly. I know that some people like to wait until they’re born to name them, which i totally get ’cause some kids just don’t match their names, but with ours, it was just right. We have the Kayla and Jacob we always dreamed of and couldn’t ask for more. Well maybe one more…. just don’t tell my husband!

  • Laura H

    Haha funny story on naming my children.

    My first son was born in 1998….His name is Brandon (need I say more?!?) But don’t tell him he was named after Brandon Walsh because he thinks he was named after a hockey player!!!! His middle name is Donald which is the first name of my grandfather who raised me and had passed away 8 years prior. (Oh and he really owes me because my water broke right during the episode of Brandon & Kelly’s wedding! Had to wait years to see the episode in re-runs!!!)

    My 2nd son is Gavin Ellis. We didn’t have a name picked out even though we knew we were having a boy. 2 days before I went into labor, I was watching TLC’s A Baby Story and a woman on there had a son and named him Gavin. Since (at the time) I had never heard of a Gavin, we decided that was it! We gave him Ellis for a middle name which was my grandfather’s middle name.

    With our 3rd (and final!) son we could not agree on a name at all. My husband wanted Aiden but it was being so overused. I wanted something different! We were watching the news one night and they were talking about a baseball player named Kason Gabbard. As soon as they said it, we looked at each other and said “That’s it!!!” We gave him Leander for a middle name which is my husband’s middle name and was his father’s middle name. It was also very close to Lee which was my sister’s (who passed) middle name.

    We have a very nice girls name picked out but it was never God’s will for us to have a daughter. And that is okay because my life is so full and blessed the way it is.

  • Jess

    My hubby is a JR and I was NOT going to have a third. I feel that every child needs to have THEIR own name.

    SO with our first (I KNEW he was a boy) EVEN before they told us (I had a dream)(Back up to almost 2 yrs prior) My sister was preggo & didn’t want to find out the sex, EVERYONE kept telling her it was a BOY by the way she was carrying. I had a dream that it was a girl and told her so. So she had a girl, Morgan, Which by the way she took the name from me! Anyways, my name is or was popular in the early 80’s and knew I didn’t want children with popular names but didn’t want anything to weird either. I’ve ALWAYS liked the name Nicholas Alexander but hubby’s 1/2 brother is named Nicholas so scratched that name. His name is Cole Alexander and I love the name but honestly I have no idea where Cole came from other than its a shortened version of Nicholas lol. I also have this thing where all three names have to have three different syllables, i.e Cole (1) Alexander (4) and our last name has 2. I also say the name out loud and make sure it flows nicely! lol

    We had a different name picked out for my daughter after hubby nixed EVERY girl name that I LOVED BUT it just didn’t fit her right. ( I LOVE the name Olivia and Savannah maybe my grand children will have those names! I can dream right!! lol) I also love the name Chloe but its too similiar to Cole that we nixed it quickly. So going through names on the internet I came across Kassidy and knew right away that it was perfect! Her name is Kassidy Rose! The Rose is because it flows really nicely with Kassidy!

    Also my sister also has a son, age is between my two and his name is Nicholas. She told me that since I wasn’t going to use it then she would! I just tell people that I named my niece and nephew!

  • Sarah Gilbert

    My parents along with my husbands parents got out names from the bible. We how ever named our oldest after his mom and mine, with my great grandmothers middle name (Rosemary Anne) and our youngest is named after the France’s country flower which is also celebrated on her birthday and her middle name was chosen from her great aunt and my second cousin (Lily Caroline).

  • Jill Flynn

    I have loved the name Henry for the longest time. When I got pregnant, I KNEW I was having a boy. The ultrasound tech confirmed it, and my husband and I were over the moon! But, my husband did not like Henry, because he was convinced he would grow up with everyone calling him Hank. He wanted the name Harrison. I, however, just didn’t think that name fit our future boy. So, after months of going back and forth with names, my brother said “what about Wyatt??” We both went “hmmm, I like it!” It is rugged yet sophisticated. We went with Bernard (my husband’s first name) for his middle name.

    We definitely want two kids, and so if we have another boy I really want Liam (as a matter of fact) but my husband wants Emmitt. And, if it’s a girl, we will be naming her Mary Elise after my grandma and call her Mae. That is non negotiable. hahahahaha

  • Jenn Shumway

    My first two, I made a list of 10 names and had my husband choose his top 3 and then I got the final vote. Everything I wanted he tried to think of a way kids would make fun of them and then rule it out. Like for my daughter I liked Daphane, he said the kids would call her Daphane Duck. I liked Holiday- he said the guys would say – “I was on Holiday last weekend” It was endless. She is Alexandria Juliana ( I liked Alexanadria because its Princess and tomboy (Alexx) friendly, you never know what your girl will be like) my 2nd is Hunter James ( because he ignored my top ten, gave me 5 and Hunter was the only one that was on my orignal 10)

    But our 3rd, we had no name and his Godfather is a huge redsox fan, and we were out one night when Beck came on the radio. There is a redsox picther named Josh Beckett. I asked him if he liked Becks and he said “How about Beckett” and we met while working with Wolfman Jack , so his middle name is Jack.

  • Ike Setianingsih

    Hi I’m mother of three I’m from Indonesia bit complicated when you looking. Name for your baby and we don’t want to make mistake and in Indonesia we still believe the name will bring the good thing for our baby so before we make name we have to discuss with all family …with my first baby girls my mom the one made name for her …her name is combine between me and my husband name …..and sound nice and me and my husband love that name and second one it’s boy this my turn to make his name I love boy with name Ryan so we made that name and in Indonesia we not put family’s name in our name so we pick up last name from everywhere as long as good sound and meaning something go for it….and the third one was girl when I was pregnant I love watching news and I love one of the host she so pretty and I like her name so I made her name for my baby …..see my husband never do anything for our baby’s name he just go with everybody as long as good and he like that name everything is ok for him

  • Joanne H


    We found out our sex of our baby was going to be a boy & honestly I had a name dead set on for Darren & my husband hated the name. I knew when I was going to have him it was not going to be easy with the name picking. We were told once you have the baby, & when you see your child a name will pop up. Well I wish it was that easy. Here we are in the hospital day 3 going thru names in a baby book. I would like names & my husband hated it & vise versa. I was telling my husband we have to name him soon because I would hate to leave without having a name for him. Well, the very last day the nurse had my son all wrapped up & his arms sticking up wrapped in the white sheet in a hood like blanket. I said to my husband. Hey he reminds me of Kenny from South park. What about Kenneth? My husband said the name & he said yes I like that name. We named him Kenneth William (middle name after his dad).

  • Lisa Marie Proud Army Wife

    Naming a baby can be difficult and daunting but we all manage to do it!!! Your children’s names are awesome!! I asked my mom what my name would have been if I were a boy and it were to be Michael. My husband was to be Kristy Kay…when I want to irritate him, I call him by his ‘girl’ name!!!

    I didn’t know the sex of my oldest until birth and had only picked a boy name. Brendon Paul Stanley. Two purposes here: One…I love KISS and two, my grandfathers were Paul and Stanley!!…but she was a girl and I had no name. We left the hospital with Brandi Arionna. Arionna was the name of the first birthday party I worked at McDonald’s in HS.

    Our second daughter was def a girl but I was in denial. I even bought blue bubble gum cigars, but had to return them the day before she was born as it was VERY evident she was indeed a girl. My husband saw a street named Madison on his way to work. Then, one day we passed an insurance company called Quinn Insurance….Madison Quinn. Madison is the bibilical name for the ‘son of Matthew’ which is my husband’s name and Quinn means ‘Queen’ which she is….she’s a LEO, what did we expect!!! LOL

    If she were to be a boy, she would have been Zachary Wade. Wade was my husband’s only sibling and he passed at the age of 22 from an oil rig accident. I never met him because he passed before my husband and I met.

    Baby names are fun and I love to read and hear how others came up with names!!

    Have fun and no matter what you give birth to, it will be loved and named by two awesome parents!!! Best wishes for a smooth delivery and a happy, healthy little bean!!

  • Sarah Keetley

    We have four kids, We started with Amy Jasmine and then 17 months later had a Bethany Grace and then two years later we got our Chanel Elizabeth and we were going with the ABC trend…my hubby is Dion and then we fell pregnant with our fourth and well he put a spanner in the works as I couldn’t find an E name I liked at all, so after looking at a thousand books and sites I saw a name – Jaden. My dad died 2 months before we found out we were pregnant with Jaden so we took the name Jaden and put John as his second name. Dad would have loved to have had a grandson after so many grand daughters. I really wish he had a chance to know this gorgeous little boy.

    We are not having any more babies…4 keeps me on my toes.

    You are a wonderful and calm mum Tori. I am sure whatever you name this little one, your going to be busier than you have ever been and your going to be happy and enjoy it. Your lucky to be married to a man who can be their along side you and work with you.

    Best wishes from the Mischievious Mum (http://www.mischieviousmum.wordpress.com)

  • Lis

    I have three beautiful bundles of joy. I was rather young when my oldest was born ( she’s 19 now) and I have to admit I named her after Heather Locklear’s character on Dynasty :). That’s my Sammy Jo ( Samantha Josephine). It seems silly now, but it fits her! My son is 5. My husband and I choose Ben as soon as we knew it was a boy, we just loved it as soon as we said it. He now goes by Bennie . My youngest is Genevieve (2 yrs), after my wonderful mother-in- law who passed away. Her middle name is after the beach in Maui that my husband and I were married, Makena.

  • Emily Kohl

    Thanks SOOO much Tori for picking MY question!! You just made my life!!

  • Jenny

    Adore that you named Stella after Great Expectations. Hands down my favorite female character in a book– she’s so independent and strong willed. I love Great Expectations so much that we used this quote from Chapter 9 at our wedding– so fitting!

    “… think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day.” Chapter 9

  • Maria Batt

    I really enjoyed reading this. I appreciate hearing all the thought that went into your baby names. Like you and Dean, my husband and I have always reserved the middle name to honor someone in our family.

    For my daughter Teagan, we scoured a baby book and each had a different color pen. We circled the names we liked and made a list of the ones we both circled. We decided upon Teagan which means “little poet” (I was an English major) and Christina after my mother.

    The next was a boy. While on our honeymoon we had started discussing boy names. Upon marrying my husband I had to say goodbye to my Italian last name. I always knew that if I had a boy, I would want him to have a strong Italian name. But trying to pair that with Batt proved to be difficult. As I said on our honeymoon we were floating in our pool and I mentioned how I always loved the name Rocco. We decided upon that name, conceived him while we were there and exactly 9 months later Rocco James, James after Jeremy’s grandfather was born.

  • ErinK

    For our first, we named him after St. Nicholas, our second is after Tom Selleck, and our third (another boy) was more difficult. I picked a name and my husband picked another. After four hours of debating, we flipped a coin. I won and his name is Markas. I REALLY want to find out the boys name that you picked some time ago, so I hope you have a boy! If it is a girl, I look forward to learning her name too. Hang in there, not much longer now.

  • Susan I

    So fun to read about how everyone picked names and I agree with Emily; great names that are unique and mean something to you but aren’t just crazy out there unique. Here is how we came up with our names. We didn’t find out the sex for either of our girls, so we had to pick both boy and girl names. Boys were easy, we were going to use Charles Michael, after my husband’s father (Charles) and brother who had passed away 6 months apart. For a girl, we were going to honor German heritage by going with a European sounding name, which I thought would also sound good with our last name.. So our first girl is Sophia Cynthia, her middle name is my sister’s name. My sister had passed when she was 18 but we didn’t quite like Cynthia enough for a first name. My second daughter, when I was about 8 months pregnant I asked my mom to rattle off names of girls that she went to school with and she named Annaliese, which I said I liked. My husband wasn’t 100% sure so he googled the name and found out that it was the real name of Anne Frank, so it also honors his Jewish heritage. She is Annaliese Michaela.

  • Kayla

    I had always loved the name Seth growing up for a boy. When I found out I was expecting a boy, I knew I wanted to name him Seth. When my dad (who has a VERY thick southern accent) said his name out loud, I cringed. LOL

    Back to the drawing board.. I went back and forth between names I liked, settling on 3: Gavin, Jakob, and Benjamin. Once I saw my little guy, he just looked like a Benjamin. I also liked the name because he could have variation. He goes by Ben or Benji and his name couldn’t fit him any better.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I uh posted yesterday about my nieces and how they were named. I also said there is one due in the next month…. we found out today she no longer has a heartbeat. The pregnancy was normal and she’d been going to the doc every week to be sure as it took 10 years for this miracle to be made and before she could make her appearance she’s gone… I’m in such shock and don’t know what to do. My husband and I can’t stop crying. Her baby shower was last weekend. I had gotten her package from us ready and we were gonna send it out tomorrow. They are going to do an autopsy. what would you like someone to tell you if you lost a pregnancy that late in pregnancy?


  • Winnie

    I was just flicking through a magazine today Tori and noticed Marc Jacobs has a new perfume out called “Dot” and is red with some lady bug style about it, I thought it reminded me of you.Love the names you have gave the kids and I have read all your books so far aswell lol.xoxo

  • Susan OConnell

    I could read stories about babies names for hours. I have one little girl but we didn’t find out if we were having a boy or girl until she came out so we had to pick both names. I had always loved the name Grace and always wanted to call her Gracie. I hesitated a little because it got more popular but I honestly couldn’t imagine naming my Daughter anything else. Our original middle name was going to be Cecilia which is my middle name (also a family name). But for some reason I decided to change it when I was about 6 months along. We went with Helanie which is a combo name of both her Grandmothers, Helene and Elaine. If we had a boy we were going to name him after my husdand’s brothers who had passes David and James. James is also my fathers name so it was perfect but we wanted him to have a little distinction so we settled on Davin James rather than David. We never has our little boy but our Gracie is the joy of our lives.

  • Sherri Tucker

    I had alot of problems and was told by alot of Doctors that I wouldn’t be able to have a baby but had this one Doctor say well if you could ever just have one you probably would become a baby machine so guess what I got pregnant with my first I knew it was a boy before Doctor told me and Called him Baruch Herashk Bjorn the meaning “Blessed Miracle Born” and so he was! Then had a girl Shemarah Leia Meaning Pretty Princess, My last baby girl Alina Ann past away when she was only 22 in 2007 This is my story of finding names. We also had my middle daughter same initials as me, then Alina Ann same as her Dad initials. Love your Show and Pray you all come back on and Love your books! You are a Beautiful family and God Bless you all Love & Hugs Sherri

  • jennifer rushil

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    Jennifer, USA

  • heathur dollar

    With my daughter Shaylyn it was easy, Shay for a friend’s mother who had passed away and Lyn for a friend that had passed away. Shaylyn’s middle name is Rain, half of Lorraine which is my middle name. My Son Eriah was also easy, before my husband and I were even married we had already decided that kids were in the cards (Shay was from a previous relationship and 14 years old!!) We were driving to Austin for a fun weekend and we decided that when we had a boy we would name him Zacheriah James Dollar II but call him Eriah. We concived Eriah on that trip. :) We are preggers again now and I have come up with great names that are also taken from people we love.

  • nicki york

    When i was 13, i saw a movie called “Somewhere in Time”. They main character was Elise McKenna….they called her McKenna. I was in love with that name. So when i was 33 and pregnant with a girl after 20 years still my fav…so out came McKenna Grace.

    Two years later my Oliver Wayne was born. I loved Oliver. it’s old fashioned but not weird and you never hear it anymore. Wayne was after my brother who died in a car accident when i was 19 he was 22. hes always been a huge inspiration so my son is blessed with his name….and hes the spitting image of him!!!

  • Shelly Anderson

    For my first daughter, I had always loved the name Chelsea. I went to school with a Chelsea who I remember as have some physical handicaps, but loved how they didn’t matter to her–she was an early inspiration to me and her memory stuck with me. I chose her middle name, Mae, after my great-grandmother who had passed. My second daughter was named after my late grandmother, who had just passed when I found out I was pregnant. Actually, I was in the church for her funeral and a feeling passed over me. We had been trying and at that point, I just knew that I was pregnant, it would be a girl, and I would name her Lucy, after my grandmother. I gave her the middle name Marie after my mom, who shares the middle name. My third daughter I again chose family names–Amalia, after my great-aunt and Colleen after her dad’s mom.

  • Tiffany Rossics

    Many times, people have told me, “You know who you remind me of…Tori Spelling”, which I think is a compliment b/c I find you to be darling. So I thought it was ironic when 1 month after I had my daughter, Stella, you had one, too! Loved hearing how you came about the name. xo

  • Gina Wyatt

    Since you have middle named your children after your dad Tori, your mom Dean, and your nanny Tori, will you put a name after Patsy since she has been there for the first year of their lives taking care of them? I guess we will see Patsy again….Love that woman. Tori, so happy that you and your mom are there for each other now. I miss mine so much and just recently lost my father a little over a month ago (July 12). Keep up the good work with the kids and Dean, can’t wait to try some of your cooking one day. Yum Yum.

  • Dawn Price

    When I was coming up with my first son’s name I knew my grandfather who had passed name had to be included. I decided on William (my grandfather’s first name) and Taylor because I loved it. His dad put Blaze in there as the compromise for me naming him William Taylor, When my son was 2 years old I had his last name changed to my maiden name and had the Blaze taken off (it sounded like a horse name). My youngest son was easier. I love the movie Pet Semetary and the name of the little boy in it,Gage. My husband wanted at least one his kids to have at least one of his names so Timothy Gage was the name we came up with. All of my stepkids have “J” names so it was a change I was determined to make in the name. Didn’t want to end up with a bunch of “J” names to get confused. If my kids would have been girls they would have been Ally(latin for Helen which was both of my grandmother’s names)Patrice(after a cousin I’m close to) or Brooklyn Paige, or Kimberly(a cousin) Morgan. I also like the name Reagan.

  • Monica Boring

    I was born with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was told by my doctors that I wouldn’t be able to conceive a child and if by some miralce did conceive, would never be able to carry the baby full-term…..Well, I have a 12 year old!!!!!! For as long as far back as I can remember, I wanted a little girl. At 13 years old I started praying EVERY night, “Jesus, PLEASE bless me with a little girl…but if it’s your will for me to not have a child of my own then give me the strength to accept your will”. At 22 (the same age my mom gave birth to me), Jesus blessed me with a little angel. I named her Mariah which means “wished for child” and gave her my middle name, Ann. Thank you for sharing how your precious kiddos were named! Mariah and I LOVE you and your family!! <3

  • Amanda Armstrong-Arguello

    Oh..I love all of your names! They seem to fit all the kiddos really well. As for my hubs and I, we had quite the hard time getting pregnant. So we had a long time to stew over names. Like you, I started with the Great Big Book of Baby Names. I am a lover of older names, as well. We found out we were pregnant after almost five years of treatment and were sooo excited! We already had a boy named picked out..but not a girl. When we found out it was going to be a girl (cause I have a love/hate relationship with surprises..ha ha) we knew we had to get on the ball. I had picked two names that I loved..one was Avarie and the other was Zoee. We talked about it for a long time..cause a name is soo important I think. After a long deliberation we finally went with Zoee which means “LIFE”….so fitting since we had tried to conceive for so long and our dream had finally come true. We are truly blessed and I watch all of your shows and try to keep up with you guys as much as possible cause I just love how wonderful you both are as parents..can we say Super Mom and Dad?? My hubs and I connect with y’all on many different levels and I am thankful that you have decided to broadcast your lives (more or less) for the world to see (even though it’s really hard I’m sure) cause I learn so many great lessons and how to be a better parent because of you both! Thank you ..and I hope that God continues to bless you and your lovely family in every way in your lives! :)

  • Pammie Eggeman

    I have 3 beautiful children. My oldest is named Katelynn Elizabeth. Choosing her name wasn’t hard, it just sort of came to me out of nowhere….she is 6 and we call her Katee. Naming my 3 year old daughter was a bit more of a challenge due to the fact that my husband and I could not agree on a name. He is of German heritage anad very proud of that fact so he wanted a strong German name…we argued for months about the fact that he wanted to name her Brunhilda…which was just not going to happen if I had anything to do with the choice! So we named her Gretchen Freyja (pronounced Fray-yah). Freyja is from Norse mythology (Freyja was the goddess of fertility). Our son Tristan Eugene is 1. His name came as a total shock to me because seeing as how he was our first (and only boy) I gave my husband the task of choosing his name. When I was 4 months pregnant my lovely husband dropped the bomb on me that he wanted to name our son Thor….with no middle name! I was not a fan from the start but I knew it was important to him…it wasn’t until Tristan was born that my husband told me he had only told me he wanted to name him Thor so when he told me the name he really wanted (Tristan) I would fall in love with it instantly! Let’s just say it worked!!!

  • Carolyn McSwiggan

    Well I love the movie point break with Patrick Swayze and Keanu reeves soooo any who I love the name Bodi and I did a family tree and found out I had a aunt and her name was Serah

  • Ashley Egan

    My three kids are all named after trees, but my oldest has the best story. When we were driving back from telling my in-laws that we were expecting, I was looking through a baby name book and landed on the name Shannon, our last name is Egan, my husband looked at me and said, Shannon Egan, Shenanigan. We hadn’t found out her gender, yet, but she had a name. My five year old was named after a John Denver Song, Aspen and her Middle Name came from Paint Your Wagon, (They call the wind) Mariah. We both thought she was going to be a boy, too, because we hadn’t found out the gender, either. Our boy name was Rowan Patrick, so when we had our third, a boy, that was his name, as chosen by his big sister, Shannon, who’s middle name Willow is her tree.

  • Suzette

    Hattie was my paternal grandmother’s name. Def do not her that name very often!

  • Sarah S.

    Emelia is after my great grandmother. I always said if I had a daughter that is what I would name her because I just loved the name so much. After my beloved grandmother died, I decided then and there if I ever had a daughter, I would name her Emelia Elda. Elda after my grandmother and Emelia after my great grandmother (mother of my grandmother) My little Emelia Elda is 3 years old now.

  • Amy Davis

    With my youngest daughter, I wanted to honor my mom, who had passed away 7 years earlier. I didn’t want to use my mom’s name though. So I decided to approach it like a word puzzle. I wrote out my mom’s full maiden name and tried to make as many other names out of those letters as I could. Out of Valerie Nisonger, I used 11 of the 15 letters, and my daughter is Olivia Renee. With my middle daughter, I had chosen her first name, Mariah, but was stumped on the middle. As luck would have it, she was born on my mom’s birthday (my mom was still alive then) and I let my mom pick her middle name. She ended up Mariah Kristine. With my first daughter, I went through baby name books and when I came across a name I liked, I would write in on a white board in my kitchen. Each day, I would add and erase names. So basically, she was named by process of eleimination. I had always know I would have her middle name Nicole, and in the end, the name that stayed on the white board was Brianna, so she became Brianna Nicole.

  • Amy Cornish

    Tori & Family, This was fun to get to hear how you came up with your childrens names. I was a young mom 19 when my first was born and we were told it was a girl, mind you this was back in 1994 so technology was nothing like it is now. So we had everything pink & the perfect little girls name. My husband kept saying god knows I am just not ready for a little girl yet, this baby is a boy. So he went out & got one boy outfit and then he started to discuss names. One day as we were driving he saw a licence plate that read “adom” he said that’s it his name Adom. Of course I thought I was having a girl so I was like what ever. Well it was a boy! So when they asked us the name after he was born my husband said it is Adam but it will be spelled “Atom” I was confussed because the one we saw was yes spelled different but with a “d” not a “t”. My husband said he just had a feeling this little guy was going to have a huge impact on the world & so he needed to have a name that fit him! Boy was he right he is 18 now & he has made a huge impact on everyone who knows him. Well five years later we were ready to add to our family & since I had a little boy I wanted only a little girl so that was my mission. I had just lost my mom so I wanted to honor her by giving my daughter her name So nine months later Samantha Machelle-Ann was born.

  • Madeline Staddon

    Your sweet babies are beautiful! My mom named me after the little girl “Madeline” from the show. It isn’t pronounced Ma-Da-Lynn but as Ma-da-Line. and she got my middle name, Kate, from a girl she danced with in high school. I love how “vintage” their names are. They all fit in to your style too. I love you and your family and I hope one day when I have children I will be as amazing a momma as you are!!

  • First name Michelle Smith

    We named our daughter Delanie Grace. We picked it from a baby naming book. We both loved it. Grace has always been a favorite of mine and it goes well with her first name. She is truly my Delanie Grace. Because by the Grace of God she is in our lives.

  • MidniteSunLtd

    All the little one’s names are just wonderful! If you are still on Vintage names some good ones that I have seen myself are Charlotte Grace for a girl or Josephine (call her Josie for short). Boys names are always harder Edwin is a cute name or Caleb or Emmett. So cute. You both will know when you find the right name. :) xoxo

  • April Lindquist

    With my first I wanted to honor my grandfather but didn’t want to use is actual full name, Orvil Jackie, he goes by Jack but I didn’t care for that either. I came up with Jackson and then my husband chose Todd after his older brother, so our first born is Jackson Todd. For our daughter her middle name was a given because in my family ALL the granddaughters middle names are after my great grandma marie. Her first name took some more time looking in a baby name book and then we came across Alyssa. So our second child is Alyssa Marie. With our third we decided not to find out the gender. We called the third baby our BONUS baby because we already had one of each. One night early in the pregnancy we asked the kids about names and boy did they have some crazy names but Jackson said the name Julianna if the baby was a girl. We have no idea where he got the name but we loved it and as it turned out the baby was a girl, Julianna Marie. We thought we were done but God had other plans. Surprise here comes number four. We found out it was a boy but we could not settle on a name. Then one night my husband asked me what I thought of Jonanthan. I actually loved it and its a twist on my husband’s Uncle John who passed away. Then I found out the meaning of Jonathan is Gift of God. So that settled it, I had already chosen the middle name Paul after my Dad, so our fourth child is Jonanthan Paul.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    my niece who’s heart stopped in da tummy was named Doria Charis. Charis is said like Carees. It means Gift of Grace.

  • HollywoodWI

    My first child a daugther is a story of a summer job. I was 15 working with a lady that hated her middle name and challenged me to guess what it was. She said I would never guess. Well the last day of that summer job she was correct, everyday sometimes more than 1x a day I would guess and guess wrong, she finally told me. Maranda was her middle name and as much as she hated it – I loved it! Her middle name would be Clara my husband’s grandmothers name that had passed.

    My second child a son was not so hard we know we wanted an “M” name and choose a strong first name. He would be Mitchell and his middle name once again after a grandparent. He was named after my living grandfather LaVerne that I admired all my life. Mitchell got to enjoy 15 years with his namesake – Grandpa LaVerne passed away yesterday 8/26/12.

  • Dawn Wolfenbarger

    What I did was picked out 5 names: Brennan, Wyatt, Morgan, Jacob, Issiah. I then called my oldest niece, who was 12 at the time and let her pick the first name, using those five. She chose Wyatt because we are related to Wyatt Earp and her father and uncle are both police officers. I then called my other niece, who was 8 at the time, gave her the list and said she an pick out the middle name. She chose Brennan because it starts with a B like her name. I named my son Wyatt Brennan Wolfenbarger. I love the ring to it, and I love how I was able to let my nieces be apart of the process.

    All in all, I love the names of my nieces and son. We have Zoe Breann, 17 yrs old, Bailee Rae 13 yrs old, and Wyatt Brennan 5 yrs old.

  • Kimberly Storti

    My name Kimberly Nicole was Picked out by a family friend she was my mom’s best friend and she ended up calling me Sissy for a nickname. I love my name have never hated my name. For my Daughter who is 12 years old Now She was born on February 29, 2000 of course we found out her sex and i had her middle name already picked out in the 8th grade I asked my mom what her middle name was and she told me it is Lorice and I told her it was a pretty name her first name is Saundra.. So I said i like i Saundra Lorice I said If I had a baby girl when I get married her middle name is going too be Lorice no matter what. She said Okay Kim, not believing I would remember or even do it, because I was a young kid. As far as the First name went my husband and I picked out a lot of names we went with Antonia(cause my hubby is part italian so we thought we wanted to do something with that) also I have always loved that name since I watched BH90210 Ironically Luke Perry’s Character Dylan Mckays wife was name Antonia and I fell in love with that name but my mom said it was to old fashion, but i loved it, so we thought of Isabella…calling her Bella for short..still to Old fashion my mom said, We loved the name Phoebe still to old fashion ..So we had rented at the time Drew Barrymore’s movie Ever After: A Cinderella Story and her Character’s name was Danielle and my hubby said what about Danielle and I said Yes, I like it and so we didn’t tell my mom or anyone her name until the day she was born so in the delivery room on February 29th 2012 my mom found out that her first grandchild and only one right now her name is Danielle Lorice she heard her middle name and started crying even more, because 1. was the first time she seen a live birth..she was a sleep when she had us and 2. She thought I had forgotten and wasn’t serious about naming my daughter Lorice but I was serious, I thought it was a beautiful and unique name She could not love her more than if she was her own. She brings us Joy and Smiles everyday. We thank God for our Danielle Lorice.

  • Michelle Mollison Lawrence

    My daughter’s name is Gemma Marie-Frances. Gemma was a name I had heard in English novels and loved. Her middle names are in honour of both my grandmothers, plus both my parents whose have their mother’s first names as their middles names – although my dad’s is spelt Francis. I thought it was a wonderful way to commerate both my parents, since she will be my only child, and my wonderful grandmother’s.

  • Cookie

    I have Oliver David, Harry Dwight, & Isabella Marion – Middle names are my father in law, Step Dad and my Mums. My Hubby chose the boys names and I chose Isabella’s which was also my Grandmothers name.

    Incidently each of their first names is a character of a famous novel Oliver (Twist), Harry (Potter) and Isabella (Swan) – wasn’t intentional but I like the link anyway!!

  • Courtney Jennings

    My oldest daughter is named Ashton Leilani after the 80’s miniseries North and South with Patrick Swayze. He had 2 sisters, Ashton & Brett and I fell in love with both names. Leilani which means “Heavenly Flower or Heavenly Child” is because she’s half Hawaiian. My youngest daughter is Julia Nell. Julia is after Julia Sugarbaker (Dixie Carter) from Designing Women. I loved that her character was such a strong southern woman. Nell is from my grandmother.

  • Sherry Florian

    We had quite the challenge when choosing names as we were pregnant with Triplets – all girls!

    We knew that we wanted to honor our siblings and parents and Lord knew we had enough kids to do it! LOL

    My husband always a son and wanted to name him Tyler, well since this was going to be my our one and only pregnancy, we chose the female version and named our oldest (by 2 minutes) Taylor. Her middle name is my Father in Laws first name and my husbands middle name: Taylor Loren

    Our other daughters are identical and we knew that we didn’t want names that rhymed to make Taylor feel different so we were very cognizant of that.

    My husband (as cheesy as this is) is a HUGE Star Wars fan and loved the name Lea. I didnt care the spelling so we changed it to Leigha and combined my sisters middle name and my middle name for her middle name: Leigha RaeLyn

    Finally, our other daughter got her name through compromising. I loved the name KayLyn and my husband like Kathryn – so we compromised and shes Kaitlyn. Her middle name is a combination of my husbands brother and my fathers middle name and my mom and husbands moms middle name (they have the same middle name): Kaitlyn Lee Ann

  • Dedy Sharp

    Well when I was pregnant the doctor told me that I was having a boy, so we had pick out the name Brandon Michael. Brandon after Jason Presley on 90210 that was my favorite show when I was in high school. Then the day came for me to give birth and out popped a 9 pounds 6 ounce 21 inches long baby GIRL! We were shocked to say the least. So going back to my favorite show again. Her name is Brittany Gabrielle. Thanks for letting me share my story with you :)

  • Charlette Henry

    When I was in high school I used to doodle the name Cody on everything….Years later I was blessed with my first son. As soon I seen him I knew that was my Kody. I changed the first letter because I didn’t want his name to start with the same letter as me (Charlette) His middle name is Alexander after his Grandmother’s Mother. He would tell you it was ALA KAZANDER!

    My second son I named Kayne Micheal John, I knew that he had to start with a K like his big brother…. His middle names are after my Father.

    My third son I named Kiefer Richard Anthony…. When he was born I had 2 names that I wanted…. Kiefer and Jyllian…. I thought that he might be a girl until I had bought the sweetest pair of Mary Janes and placed them on my belly…Kiefer promptly kicked them off!

    My fourth son I named Kashton Andre Gavin…. I knew that he too would need a name that started with a K. And if you haven’t noticed, Kody has 4 letters, Kayne has 5, Kiefer has 6 SO the next needed 7!! I started with names that began with a vowel and then added a K to them… I got as far as Ashton and it was done! His middle names are for his Grandparents :)

    2 of the boys were born on even years and 2 on odds…. AND as if it was some how planned our birth stones fall in order starting in July…. I love my sons dearly!

  • Danni

    I knew I wanted my child’s name to be influenced by my grandmother Rhoda Louise. On my husband’s side of the family it is tradition for the first boy in the family to have the initals R L….How perfect! My husband and I were looking through a baby name book and stumbled upon the name Riggs. Well my grandmother’s favorite brother was named Jiggs. We thought that was pretty cool. We don’t find out the sex of our babies ahead of time. Our girl name was Reese Louise and the boy name was Riggs Lyndon. Riggs Lyndon arrived on Dec 25th 2010. What a surprise gift!!

    I’m currently pregnant with my second and our boy name is Rafe Liev. The girl name is Luca Rhoda. We just liked both names and the initals R L. So Rafe or Luca it will be :)

  • Crystal Travioli

    My son’s name Riley Allen Ray is the middle names of all the 2 important men in my life and my husbands sides family name.

    Riley- Husbands family name

    Allen- My husbands middle name

    Ray- was my fathers middle name that passed in 09 from lung cancer

  • Marian Gregory

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