On last night’s episode of Craft Wars, the contestants had to craft their own DIY jewelry in the Pop Challenge, and since DIY jewelry making is something so near and dear to my heart, I thought today I’d show you my take on the stylish craft.



In this round of What Would Tori Do, I’m making a necklace out of some old tee shirts, some chain, wire, and a brooch. It’s amazing how, with a little inspiration and a crafty touch, these everyday items can morph into fabulous, trendy statement pieces.

See how I do it in the video below:

You can check out some of my other tuTORIals and learn other Craft Wars techniques on the TLC website.

What piece of jewelry would you make? What items would you use? Tell me your dream crafts in the comments below! And if you’ve already created your own jewelry, please share it with me by uploading a photo to your profile and leaving the link in the comments – I’m dying to see what you’ve put together! Need help uploading? Click here!


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