My Baby Bump Shots



A few weeks ago, I followed our family tradition and did belly shots with the amazing Elizabeth Messina of Kiss The Groom. I was lucky enough to meet Elizabeth and be graced with her talent six years ago when she photographed Dean and me at our wedding party with friends and family after we got married alone in Fiji.

I was in awe of how she so perfectly, intimately, and so completely captured our love in all the photos. When we became pregnant shortly after with our first babe, Liam, I immediately contacted Elizabeth to do my belly shots. She drove to the inn we ran at the time in Fallbrook, California when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and photographed Dean, me, and my almost fully baked baby bump.


My first ever baby bump

Again, I was blown away (you can see what I mean on her website, ElizabethMessina.com!). Since then, Elizabeth has truly become family to us. She has photographed my baby bump for each pregnancy and has photographed each momentous occasion in our 6-year family history, like every single kid’s birthday party and our vow renewal.

One of our very first family photos with baby Liam

Baby Liam

Pregnant with Stella

Me, Dean, and baby bump Stella

She was even in the delivery room with Dean and me when Stella was born which produced some of the most intimate and special pictures we have.

Dean & Stella in the delivery room

Our entire house is filled with her photographs of our family throughout the years. She is truly an angel to me.

One of the first shots of Baby Stella at home

Stella & Dean

And now, a family of 4!

Our vow renewal

Baby bump Hattie

I absolutely adore this photo. What’s sexier than a baby bump?

The McDermotts, a few weeks before Hattie came into the world

Welcoming Miss Hattie Cat to the family

Family of 5!

This 4th time, I decided to get a little crafty with my bump and involve my three kids for a picture I knew we would all always cherish. I let Liam, Stella, and Hattie dip their hands in paint and leave their little prints on my belly, and I think it turned out so well! They had a great time participating and the picture will look amazing hanging in the baby’s room. He or she was lovingly cradled by their 3 adoring siblings from the very beginning.


Such a great photograph to remember being pregnant with number 4. Plus, I feel like it’s another way to celebrate being pregnant and wear my bump proud.

And of course, Elizabeth worked her magic with this latest bump shoot, and took these gorgeous shots of my baby #4 belly:

How stunning are these? I will cherish them forever.

How do you document and celebrate your pregnancy as you go along? Let me know your crafty pregger ideas in the comments below!


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  • Shelby Powell

    these photos are gorgeous! it’s so inspiring to see you and your family like this. :] my favorite picture is the one with the handprints. i’ll definitely keep this in mind when i start my own family.

  • kelly poopsie lou

    I love the pictures, there beautiful. She I have a third, I and my kids 4 & 6 want one but hubby is scared and this our lives will be way to hard with 3. That the world is ment for 4. Did you find it hard and are you doing all this yourself or do you have help? Thanks bella. You rock.

  • Jennifer Bruno

    I am in awe of the beauty of each and every shot! The way she captures each moment is amazing. I met you not long ago at a book signing and you are stunning in person and these belly shots make you even more beautiful. I have 2 boys, 3 and 6, and only did my own photos. The one thing I regret is not doing a professional shoot. I loved being preggers and I did enmbrace the bump….lol! Wishing you a safe delivery ;-)

  • Rachel Jacobs

    These are absolutely some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen.

    You are gorgeous and confident in all of your shots. It is fantastic that you thought about this ahead of time so that you could have these memories for all 4 bumps/children.

    I hope you have a safe delivery and I cannot wait to see if it is a boy or girl…not to mention what wonderful name you will bestow upon them.

    Can you imagine how your dad must be smiling down looking at all of this love.

  • Rachel Jacobs

    These are absolutely some of the most beautiful photos I have seen. Bumps are indeed sexy and it was wonderful that you have all of these memories to cherish.

    May you have an easy delivery and I know we cannot wait to hear what you’ve had and what name you will select.

  • wvugirl2007

    Your family pictures are amazing. You have a beatiful family. I hope we get to see all of you on another season of your show.

  • carolyn stertz

    So beautiful! I love the pic of all your feet where you are laying in bed, what an awesome idea for a picture! I only discovered that pregnancy shoots existed with my last baby, and have some wonderful pictures of my last pregnancy, but I wish I had done them with all of them. It used to be that you hid your belly and felt fat/ugly but I love how beautiful a pregnant belly is and love that society has embraced this beauty too. Cant wait to see pics of your new one, I am so excited for you!

  • Andrea Worley

    what awesome and beautiful pictures. i love them. as a photographer myself i’m always encouraging moms and families to capture these moments forever. now pregnany myself I can’t wait to capture them. finding a great photographer is an amazing gift so awesome that she’s been with you this entire journey. you’re a photographer’s dream client!

  • Jocelyn Orellana

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! they bought tears to my eyes to see all the love in your family. You guys are truly awsome!

  • Micaela Lechuga Maxham

    Oh wow, beautiful! That couch one? especially gorgeous.

    I wish i would have enjoyed my shape more– i wish i would have found your blog sooner because bless you for reminding us to be BUMP PROUD! :)

  • lola

    LOVE is what u feel seeing those pics , what great memories!!!

  • Katie Johnson

    LOVE all of them. Especially the feet on the bed. I also love all your outfits in all the pictures….the sheerness (is this a word) of all of them are perfect for showing of the belly. With baby numero uno my husband was deployed for most of the pregnancy and the birth so I never go around to doing pregnancy pictures. With our current pregnancy he will be here and I cannot wait to so some preggars/family photos!

  • nora from south

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! and LOVE for the baby #4

  • Laura Hargrove

    Your family is so beautiful! Beautiful pictures!! Your living the dream proudly :)

  • kassondra taylor

    http://chachismemories.blogspot.com/2012/07/today-is-day.html this is all my prego pics from my baby bump with OUR baby Stella. yeah we stole you name sorry but my husband fell in love with it after watching your show and he had to have his own baby Stella :)

  • Kristina Carter

    Those are just absolutely beautiful!!!!

  • ErinK

    Great photos to always have and to give to your babes. They capture a moment in time that you will also never forget. I wish mine turned out this well! You picked an excellent photographer Tori!

  • Shanda Isaacs

    WOW! I Love every image! Three small handprints on your belly is so, so awesome!!!I adore Elizabeth’s work, I’ve been following her work for years! It is such a gift to have someone capture the true essence of your family in such an intimate and beautiful way! :)

    Love the vintage pieces incorporated also! My family and I owe a vintage rental studio in Costa Mesa, feel free to check it out! I know you love this stuff! http://www.thisnthatvintagerentals.com

  • Ashley Kaiser

    Does anyone know the designer of her white dress that she was wearing in the second picture at her wedding party? The dress is beautiful!

  • April Lindquist

    The photos are all so beautiful! When I was pregnat with my first my friend and old college roommate offered to take pictures before the baby came. I took her up on her offer and it became a tradition with all 4 of my pregnancies! The funny part was I delivered each of the kids within a week of her taking the pictures.

  • Lemon Meringue

    Aaaaw, these pictures are superspecial! Great styling by the way and obsessed with the dress/kaftan on the first one. I love the ‘bed with feet’ ones the most. Maybe because our bed is a place for the five of us to relax and chill: we have late & lazy breakfasts there in the weekends, watch movies on cold & rainy afternoons with loads of pillows and blankets, give presents in when one of us is having his or her birthday and to be honest: it’s the place where our family was made. It must be great to have all of them hanging next to one another above the same bed!

    We weren’t extremely creative with the preggerpics ourselves: just the ususal monthly one of me in my wholesome pregger underwear and everexpanding belly (and rear!!!) with the weeknumber written on it with paint. Actually cute though to put them all together and see the belly burgeoning, the kids love to see them every now and then (“Was I really in there? In YOU?!? What did I ate then, did you give me spaghetti and spinach? Yeah I still remember being there”, too funny the stuff the say). Most treasured is the last one of the youngest when my water already broke but still wasn’t in labor: special because it captured the last moment I was pregnant ever and i look so happy and excited on that one, family almost complete!

  • Ingrid Ruiz

    Your family is so beautiful! Beautiful pictures!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :)

  • Cammy Gollner

    Wow. Those photos are works of art.

  • Erin

    Such beautiful photos

  • Anna Alliman

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics with all of us!! They are so special! You are so blessed with a full and happy family! :) XOXO

  • Dorota Klim

    I really love your photos . You are so blessed.You look beautiful .

  • Emily Beebe

    I documented mine by taking a pic each month, with my fingers indicating how many months I was. So fun to look back on with my kids!!


  • Jeanne Tutt

    wow! amazing photos! you make being pregnant look so sexy!

  • Nich

    Tori, my son is a senior in High School so reading about your pregnacies has been a great joy. Your baby bumps are spectacular and so creative especially with Baby Bump number 4, thank you for sharing such beautiful photos!!!

  • Robin Mallory

    Very awesome pictures. You have a goregous family. You children have the most awesome names too :)

    I was 18 when I was pregnant with my son, I wasnt embarassed of my baby bump but I didnt show it off as much as I would have liked to. It didnt help that my biggest moments were during the winter. With my daugher I definetly showed off my bump a lot more.

  • Kelly H

    Your photos are great. What wonderful memories for you and your children.

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    We did maternity photos of course when I was pregnant with our almost 3 year old daughter, and the weekend before I had her, we did a belly cast – yes, three years later and it still hasn’t been decorated but we are going to let our daughter paint and decorate the cast, I think it will be so special =)

  • Corinna Leachman

    Awesome Photo’s ! You have a lovely family!


    love your photos. i wish some day my hubby and i will even have one baby….. you are so blessed. best of wihes to all of you . with love and respect Gina Zakou from Cyprus

  • Jacqueline B

    Simply beautiful. With each new belly, it looks as if you glow a little bit more. They become more and more natural each time. Beautiful!

  • Michelle Stark

    I just love every one of these pics…Your photog does such an amazing job. It also helps that you and your fam are gorgeous. Keep the pics coming girl!

  • Michelle Stark


    I love the feet pics…VERY cute!

  • PackersTX

    Those shots are sheer magic! Can’t wait to see the next foot photo :)

  • Ali Jones

    I love the pictures! You have a beautiful family!

  • Myeleah

    Such gorgeous photos! They have an ethereal feel to them, which I love. The one of “baby bump Hattie” is absolutely a piece of art! It’s unique & beautiful & also evokes a lot of emotions just looking at it! Thank you for sharing these personal photos of your lovely family.

  • Bekie Smith

    Looking at your beautiful family photos makes me tear up just a little. What a beautiful family you have!!! You and Dean are a beautiful couple that is truly blessed!

  • Nicole Brubaker

    From wedding to baby #4, you can see the growth and change and tremendous love. They are not just pictures or portraits, they are a beauiful story, cherished memories. It’s always a joy to see a couple bloom to an ever growing family. And you can see the true happiness in all of your faces in every picutre.

  • Butterfly

    Amazing photos:) Thank you for sharing:)

  • Tammie

    Tori, You have chose an amazing Photgrapher, however you all are great models which I am sure that makes her job look easier than it is. Congrats to you and Dean for your beautiful family and your new bundle of joy. What a perfect family. What an awesome liitle name. Thank you for sharing and I /we can not wait for you to share pictures of baby Finn joined by the rest of you. I love the hand prints and the feet shot.

  • Rachel Porter

    Soooo Beautiful!

  • Linda McGrory

    9/2/12′ – Sun. @4:08p.


    Always cherish them all! I don’t know if I was a crafty pregnant lady! haha. I guess my brain is not functioned at that time! haha. Only that I do remember how huge I was when I was pregnant! haha. Smile! So, always cherish the baby moments!!

  • Kristin Dorsey

    Tori. I dont’ think you ever take a bad picture. They are all great.

  • mallie ellis

    Love all the pictures. You and dean have a precious family. I loved looking at how yall and the family has changed over the years. My husband and I have been taking pictures every year also we even started having them taken when we were dating! Its nice to look back at them and seen how we have grown and changed but still so in love!

  • Dayce Cruz

    Simply lovely… God bless your wonderful family….

  • Maria Delistathis

    Beautiful family .. May you all be blessed like this forever!

  • Petite Gamine

    Congratulations on the birth of Finn. My husband and I have been blessed with pregnancy number 5 after being told that I had a 1-2% chance of even becoming pregnant. I am looking forward to having more maternity photos done for this pregnancy as well and am going to look into your photographer because I love what she has done.

    I was hoping you could give me some information as to who made your beautiful lace dress in your first photo and who made the georgette nightie in one of your other photos? I think they are stunning and looked absolutely beautiful on you.

    I really want to preserve this pregnancy and every bump and kick moment. This is my last and I feel so lucky to be here to enjoy it that I want to make sure that I embrace every single moment. I’m hoping that Elizabeth will be able to capture that for me. :)

  • Amy Blaylock

    Tori, honey, you have started a trend!! Look at what I found today! Everybody is getting excited about showing up with their Bikini Bump


    Look Out, Miss America: It’s A Pregnant Bikini Pageant! Awesome.

  • Cathy

    You are such a sweet mommy, Tori. Thank you for shavings pictures and stories of your adorable family. We miss seeing you on Oxygen. Is “Tori and Dean” coming back? We hope so. :-). Cathy

  • Cathy

    You are such a sweet mommy, Tori. Thank you for sharing your family pictures and stories with us. We miss seeing you on Oxygen. Is “Tori and Dean” coming back? We hope so.

  • Lise Tur

    Oh Tori, your pictures look amazing! All of them! You have a beautiful family, and even though I dont know you (allthough it feels like I do), I’m very proud of you and what you have accomplished in your life.
    Yey, Tori and Dean, you rock!