Momvo: Wear Your Bump Proud!

Spoiler Alert: Yep! I’m wearing my BUMP PROUD again in a bikini so if you don’t want to look then leave my site now!



A few months back, I caught a lot of flack on two separate occasions for bearing my baby bump in a bikini and monokini while spending the day poolside with my family. Apparently people online have some strong opinions about showing your pregnant body and what’s appropriate to wear. I got a lot of comments like these:

“Too much showing. Not suitable for a pregnant mom with a seven-month-old.”

“Ewww. She’s pregnant! Cover that bump up! No one wants to see that!!”

“NOT motherly AT ALL. In future years she will surely regret that unflattering picture. COVER up girl!:

“That suit is barely suitable for a non-pregnant woman let alone a pregnant one!:

“Have a little more modestly when you’re pregnant!!! Geez!!!:

“I mean, it’s ok for a younger girl to wear something like that, but a mom of (soon to be) 4, had having a baby bump, that suit doesn’t seem, ahem, ‘suitable’

“She’s pregnant and wearing this? She’s just trashy and looks like a hooker!”

I have to say, I’m super proud of my bump. Why should I be embarrassed and cover up something that’s the greatest gift a woman can experience? A pregnant woman in any shape or size is beautiful! Pregnancy is an amazing journey and we preggers should be able to show it off. I call it BUMP PROUD! Embrace your growing curves and bourgeoning belly.

Plus, we are hard at work baking a baby. It’s not easy! It’s tough. We have aches and pains and things happen to our bodies we never imagined, so we should have the same right – if not more – to dress how we want without judgment. Plus, I would wear either of those bathing suits before pregnancy (and I have! Plus, the monokini is vintage and 70’s crochet chic) so why shouldn’t I be able to now just because I have a big baby belly?

And, as for setting an example as a mother- please. I’m making a conscious choice to show my daughters that they can express themselves and be proud as a woman of their bodies. I don’t ever want them to think that they should be ashamed of or self-conscious of their bodies, no matter what shape it’s in.

I think everyone needs to give pregnant women a break and understand that pregnancy is a very special and personal experience for a woman. I’m all about encouraging pregnant women everywhere to wear your Bump Proud!!

I’m curious to hear what you all think – do you wear your bump with pride? Or do you think we pregger ladies should cover up when we’re expecting?

Leave your thoughts on the topic in the comments below!


  • Tamara Burns

    Lay-dee Mumma you have pretty much summed it all up in a nutshell! You are one of the most gracious, beautiful, inspiring women I have ever seen and when your pregnant you are just absolutely glowing. So, no matter what the ‘jealous’ peeps are saying- IGNORE IT because you are better than that!!!

    Tam, AUSTRALIA xxx


    I have to say that if I looked like you when I was pregnant I would have been showing it off in a bikini too!

  • Camille Andreiuci

    I agree with both ladies – first of all, considered yourself very blessed that your husband loves what you look like! I only gained 14 lbs which each preg (back then I lived on coffee & cigarettes, shame on me but who knew?) I was not as lucky, my husband did not find the bump attractive (so I got rid of him after 4 kids, yes I’m a slow learner – lol). Do what makes you happy and the H—- with everyone else! Can’t wait to see your next beautiful baby – miss you & the family on TV, when will you be back? Cam

  • Sandra Weppler

    Tori, you look fabulous!! I am so envious of your pregnant body and how fast you always recover after. Congratulations on your growing family. I am a huge fan.

  • Heather LaFrance

    You look amazing. I don’t think you have to cover up. You are tastefully teach your children to be proud of their body. I personally don’t care for the monokini but even non pregnant I wouldn’t care for it. The other two suits are beautiful and you look stunning. Embrace the bump!!!!

  • Sissy Wagner

    I would kill to have your body .. it’s georgous with or without baby bump..you look classy . forget about the jelous people who can’t handle … IGNORE IT as Tamara said.

    love you and your family

    God Bless

  • Cindy McCall

    Tori, you are beautiful, I am jealous!!! People who make mean comments are jealous in a nasty way. You can’t please everyone. Do what makes YOU happy, screw everyone else.

    Love you!!!

  • Mary Botkin

    The pregnant body is one of the most beautiful sights the eyes can behold. I proudly showed off my bumps. I too received some not-so-nice looks and comments from women. Men never complain! I believe it is due to jealousy. Don’t worry about what others think; about your lovely bump, or anything for that matter. I even love my stretchmarks that I still have 20 years later. I earned those stripes, and I am proud of them! ♥

  • Emily Beebe

    I think those comments are GROSS!! Why cover it up??? Same thing with nursing comments…like it should be done in private. People are coo-coo!!


  • Jacqueline Stine

    I think you look beautiful! You should be proud of the bump, always! After struggling for three years to conceive, induring fertility treatments and still no progress, if I ever become lucky enough to HAVE a bump you bet your damn bum I will be showing that thing off – loud and proud! No matter what others say!

    Especially if I look as good as you do with bump # 4!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Amen, Tori!! Proud of you!

  • Mosby Hardin

    I love that you show off your bump! I think you look great! You are spending time with your family and you a re a great mom!

  • Krista Geschwind

    Girl, If i looked that good when i was pregnant i would flaunt it too! I think you look amazing and keep flaunting it they are just jealous you look so good!

  • Bead Flora and Jewels

    You look good Tori! Show it off.

    I love the first 2 bikinis but the black one…not so much. But it’s more style than what one should and should not wear during pregnancy.

    Plus, why is it “okay” for a young girl to wear a bikini and not pregnant women? It’s either all women should be able to wear them or all women should not wear them.

  • Tanya Leichner

    honestly… I’d love to be preggers with you bod!!! If you got it… Flaunt it!!! :)

  • Lauren Doane

    You are a beautiful Woman and Mother and I completely agree with you! I have admired you for YEARs and reading this made me admire you more!

  • Courtney Calkins

    If my bump looked that fantastic and beautiful when I was pregnant I would have proudly shown it off! I have no problem with women tastefully showing their bumps. You look nowhere near trashy in those bathing suits and I would love to have looked as wonderful as you do when I was carrying my son. You are a lovely, young hip mom, and you have every right to be proud and show off that baking baby, no matter how many kids you already have or how far along you are!

  • Katie Ramirez

    I think oyu look fabulous and if i have a 4th i am totally going to rock the belly look! love it

  • Penny B

    Wear it with pride. 19 years ago I gave birth to a 3lbs., 7 oz. baby girl. Needless to say there was NO bump. That was the one thing that I feel like I really missed out on!!!

  • Arianne Ewald

    you are one pretty lady. With all 3 of mine I showed off my bump and we are trying for number 4 !!!! Cant wait, I love being prego and if you are show it off, its magical :)

  • ZQueen

    You Look absoloutely amazing!! People that say stuff like that are jealous or just ignorant! I just had a baby she is 5 months and I wish I looked that good now! I can’t believe you are on your 4th in what 5 years I just had my 4th also Be proud your an awesome Mommy!

  • Nicole Whitrock

    I love your family !! Wear your bump proud!!! If I had that bump I would have done the same thing!!!

  • Leanne Henwood-Adam

    People can be so crazy! You look wonderful. Why hide the baby bump? I don’t get why people think it is gross – this makes no sense to me. This is one of the best times of a womans life and you should be proud. I agree with a previous poster about the breast feeding issue too – many say you shouldn’t do that in public and yet it is the most natural thing in the world. North Americans can be so crazy sometimes and need to lighten up!

  • joy carvin

    I think you look very beautiful!!! A pregnant woman is beautiful !!! I love you Tori, you keep showing that bump!!!

  • Valerie Scott

    Well said, you look amazing! Wear it proud mama!

  • Sheri Harris Walker

    It is your bump, it is your body, and for goodness sakes, it’s the most amazing thing that could ever happen to someone…the ability to begin a new life. I know people say hurtful mean things, I don’t understand why…but I do know this…you look fantastic bump and all!! Be proud!

  • Jennifer Bird

    You (and all pregnant women) are beautiful! The haters are just jealous and ignorant! They are unhappy with themselves, so they feel the need to lash out at you.

  • Chelsea

    I have been wearing a bikini my whole pregnancy! This is my second pregnancy, and I have stretch marks on my hips and thighs, from the first pregnancy. I am seven and a half months pregnant, and I am thrilled to show off my baby bump! My stretch marks are just another sign of my motherhood! I sported my pregnancy bikini at a resort in Mexico, my daughters swim lessons, and at a water theme park. I am more confident of my body when I am pregnant, and I am proud to show the world! I agree with you, our daughters need to know that they should be comfortable in their own skin! Pregnancy is the most natural thing for the woman’s body, so why should we feel the need to cover ourselves up during that time, compared to any other time? My daughter (two years old) LOVES when I wear my bikini or just undies around the house, because it is easier for her to give baby brother or sister kisses! She refuses to kiss or point to the baby over a shirt, she has to kiss the skin of my belly! You look absoultely stunning in your bikini and monokini, don’t listed to all those disgusted by it!

  • Laura Jones

    Tori, wear your bump proudly!!!!

    Its no different than what Kortney Kardashian was wearing, plus I think she even wore a thong bikini. No one says anything about the nude preggo photos that women take to show off there baby bumps.

  • Wendy Hughes

    Beautiful.. I showed off my baby bumps too:) I think society is too hard on us moms that are preggers and breast feeding. I have taught my 3 boys and will teach my 12 month old daughter to respect women & that our bodies are amazing..

  • Sandi

    OK, first of all I can’t believe those comments you received……who are these people?? Cover up? Why? You’re pregnant and your belly is round….big deal. You look fantastic and should be proud! I didn’t change the way I dressed at all when I was pregnant an don’t intend to if I’m lucky enough to have another one!

  • Jaclyn Smith


    I think you look amazing and you should be very Proud of your Baby Bump. All Mommie’s should be before, during, and after! Its the most amazing journey we can ever go through. Its sad that society are the way they are today. It took me a long time after I had my Son to even get back in a bikini due to my stretch marks. I still am very concious of it but it is what it is and I gave birth to an amazing boy who might I add is very gorgeous 😉 I think its great what you are doing you are showing your girls to be proud of themselves no matter what which is very important now a days. Congrats on your pregnancy! and come back to Palm SPrings Soon!!

  • ShellHuff

    In my opinion, you have an envious body (pregnant or not). When I saw the picture of you in the black swimsuit I was floored.

    You should be able to wear your bump out proudly! Its your body, your child, your choice. You put the work in to stay healthy and look good. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to put a bikini on, regardless of your age and how many children you have.

    Props to you, Tori! xoxo

  • Amanda Lynch

    I’ve been a big girl all of my life… I SOOO envy you and your confidence!! Girl, you got it!! FLAUNT IT!!! <3 Pregnancy is something to be proud of, not hide!!! Rock on!!!

  • AshKee2

    You look amazing Tori! Your body is amazing both pregnant and non pregnant and you should falunt your belly mump if you want.

  • Randi Wilkerson

    I think you are beautiful!! Screw what everyone else thinks!!! When i was pregnant with my son i wore a two piece… I am a Proud Mama!!! If they dont like then they can cover their eyes!

  • Roberta M. Vianna

    Hi.. I’m from brazil but I have to say.. There’s always people that say bad things about us… But in my opinion you are so right… I love the way you treat your kids and husband..I used to watch your reality show when I lived in Orlando but I’m in Brazil now and I still watch from here… you have a great heart… I admire you… and you say all those things to those rude people so nicely…Congratilations for your beautiful family! And you really don’t have to change your sweet way of being because of those negative people.. I have 2 kids and I know what it fells like.. Kisses

  • lola

    Go for it Tori!! Baby Bellies are a beautiful thing, you should be proud to show it off no matter what those nay sayers say. You look absolutely beautiful showing it off so go for it sista! Theres many who wish for a belly and can never be able to experience it so enjoy it and embrace it.We are parents to 3 and instill daily in our kids to not care what people think of them. We have even come up with a little something we do out in public called “the wacky dance” once mom or dad yells out “wacky dance!!” we must all break out in dance no matter where no matter what. It totally helps conquer shyness and doing something fun bc we like it not bc we r scared of peoples reactions, so go for it! Show that baby bump off, its natural, its real, its normal, its yours, its beautiful!! Lola


    You look amazing! Who cares what people say, you’re Tori and you are beautiful!Rock that bump with pride!

  • Reagan Janke

    The only people who should be embarassed are the ones who posted those rude comments. You look gorgeous and should absolutely keep rocking those bikinis! I did when I was pregnant, a bit nervously, but I felt fantastic. I definitely got some looks when I was out in bump flattering outfits, but hey, it’s not a secret, I was super proud of my bump. Everybody should dress in a way that makes them comfortable but nobody should judge anybody else for their choice. You are a gorgeous pregnant lady!

  • Carol Farndon

    Tori, I am a 64 year old woman and believe me, 42 years ago, when I gave birth to my daughter if I had owned a swimsuit like yours, I would have shown off my bump, too. lol Times and ideas have changed in all this time, for the better, I hope. You go ahead and show off your bump, just the way it is. If I had looked a smidge like you, 42 years ago, I would have been proud to wear your lovely swimsuits, although my parents would have disowned me, I’m sure. You be brave, ignore the negatives and continue to be the wonderfully loving mother you are. :)

  • Ali Micek

    I have worn a bikini with both my pregnancies! I’m sure I got some looks but honestly I just don’t care. I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a pregnant woman! Love it, Embrace it and forget anyone who thinks differently! Your beautiful inside and out and that is all that matters! :)

  • cindy perry

    Preggers is a beautiful thing! You show off that beautiful baby girl! You are proud of your little ones so show them to the world even if they are still in the oven.

  • Cheryl Murray

    Tori, you’re an inspiration. People who are so judgemental have too much time on their hands. I also believe that when people try to point fingers they have done more wrong in their lives and try to make themselves feel better.

  • Green Carlson

    OMG! Do whatever you want and forget about all the haters. Everyone is always so concerned with everyone else’s business. I’m sick of it. And besides, people make comments about things in the moment and they don’t really give a second thought about them again. People are mostly concerned with themselves so they are really saying “I would never wear that” and that is fine. No one said you had to.

  • Michelle Puglisi-Feltman

    I think you are absolutely beautiful!! These pictures tell me that you’re proud to be pregnant, proud to be a mother and proud to show off your beautiful pregnant body!! Whenever I become pregnant I’m going to proudly show off my baby bump and if anyone has anything negative to say about it then they can just not look at me and walk away!! You’re absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Brooke Brickner

    I think women who are pregnant and are comfortable to be in a bikini should go for it! I have a beautiful friend who rocked the bikini while preggos and she looks amazing!!! Plus my husband says he doesn’t have a problem with Pregnant women in bikinis. He’s been to Wal-Mart at night. He’s seen things.

  • Jen Panella

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I embraced my baby bump all three times! I think pregnant bellies are beautiful! You look great Tori!

  • Jenny Vreeland

    I am pregnant with my second, and I live in the south where modesty is the name of the game. However, I think that pregnant women should wear what they are comfortable in, they should be allowed to be comfortable in their own skin and proud of their body. Pregnancy is a beautiful time and it should be enjoyed thoroughly. I say more power to you, Tori! Unfortunately, it has been my experience in both of my pregnancies that people feel like they can say ANYTHING to a pregnant woman and get away with it. Some of the rudest comments I have ever had anyone say to me have been while I am pregnant. I will never understand that. Seems everyone has an opinion when you are pregnant. You keep doing what you are doing!

  • Heather B

    Don’t let what other people think or say about you get you down. Like my mother in law tells me; opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one (kind of forward but it is straight to the point, lol). Very happy for you and your beautiful family. Hope God continues to bless you guys with a lifetime of love and happiness:)

  • erin fennell

    I have two boys. I was pregnant with my first 5 yers ago and wish I was as confident as you are. I look at this pictures and think what great memories for you and your kids! You truely are showing your children how to be yourself through confidnece and pride! I know now that I wished I would have embraced my pregnancy better. That it truely is a beautiful moment in our lifes and you truely wear it well! Good for you and everything you stand for! By the way what era are those people from with the above “quotes!?!?!”

  • Cathrine Egeland

    I must say that I agree with you: baby bumps are beautiful! I wish I had one to flaunt this summer! :)
    Don’t listen to the negative comments..they’re such a litte upset because they don’t have a cute baby belly like yours! :)
    Some people think negatively about breast feeding as well – such a natural and beautiful thing! Come on peeps..show some love for el natural! 😉

  • janice bistis

    You look the prettiest I have seen you look!! So happy and by the way it’s a boy!!

  • Kap1289

    My kids are 22, 20 and 14. For my 1st two, pregnant women still wore those awful materity clothes that looked like sacks! By my last pregnancy things were starting to change. I think it is great that you can now rock a bikini in confidence while pregnant! It is nothing to be ashamed of, so flaunt it!

  • Lizzie Sanchez

    Love it! Tho I am a big chunker than you so I don’t even wear a bikini in the first place, I use to love my big baby bump! I always thought I looked the prettiest when I was prego.

    Be proud of that bump!!!

    P.S Neighsayers are going to neighsay.

  • Kandy Anderson

    Wow maybe they are in there 50’s who says that crap? YOur to beautiful to cover up your like the marilyn monroe of our era..:) Keep showing that bump and be proud of who you are never change for haters. Love you guys!

  • Dani King-Coe

    I agree, wear your bump proud. Pregnancy is beautiful and it angers me people are so judgemental and say such terrible things. You look wonderful and are being the best role model for your children and an inspiration to other women.

  • Cheryl Murray

    Tori, I wish I could wear a bikini, even when I am not pregnant. Very jealous! You always look wonderful.

  • Anita Lorentzen

    You go girl, nothing more beatiful than a baby bump:) You come from a strange country, more afraid of baby bumps and mothers breastfeeding than killing and violence:0

    You looke stunning, so show your babybelly with pride;)

  • Kathy Gill

    I never wore a bikini before, during or after my pregnancy, I just never liked myself in one. But that’s me! I agree that our bodies go through entirely too much during pregnancy that we should have the perogative to wear whatever the heck we want! Whoever doesn’t like it, don’t look!

    Congratulations to you, Dean and the kids on your upcoming newest addition!

  • Jennifer Williams

    Wear it proud and you were blessed with a beautiful flawless prego figure!! No shame in that!!

    -Signed Momma of 4-and wore it proud :)

  • Meleah Brewster

    Some people should cover their baby bump, but you look great! Be proud and flaunt that bump! You’re a great Momma!!!

  • Jennifer Steadman Ryan

    I say if you are comfortable with it, then rock on, momma! Pregnancy is hard enough without catching heck about something as silly as a swim suit. Use that preggo-perogative and tell the nay-sayers to shove it!


    I say wear it with pride! Two years ago I was pregnant with twins and wanted to do pictures with my hubby so we did and some people were rude and hateful! I love my pictures and have no regrets doing them and showing my bump in them :) People told me thats private how gross ect….WEAR YOUR BUMP PROUD! YOU GO TORI!! YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Tranessa Lewis

    Society is amazing. Everyone is going to be different. As someone who is not small people say some horrible things but I don’t let it get me down. I am comfortable with myself. If you are comfortable with yourself then you don’t worry about what others have to say. I think you look great and love the bump! It is the best feeling in the world to be prego and if you are able..show it off!

  • Christine Gebeline

    U look great! I could never pull off a bikini with my pregnant belly. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and i feel and look like a beached whale. I always would show my belly with my daughter cause i wasnt so big but with this pregnancy i never show it off. Way to many stretch marks and my belly button is the size of a silver dollar. I wish i could wear my belly with pride and the confidence.

  • Jessica Oakley

    People are so annoying…I feel the same way about bumps and breastfeeding….dont like it then dont look :)

  • Kimberly Faulk

    I Say Go Girl! You look amazing pregnant. You have every right to show it off. You should be proud of it. I feel the same way, don’t like it, don’t look! Wear it girl!

  • Shanon Cargile-Castor

    I think you look amazing, as always! The ones that throw nasty comments your way are either jealous or purdes or jealous prudes LOL. You are sexy and you deserve to show it! I sure as hell would if I looked like you!

  • Farrell Schambow

    i think it is no ones business. I am tired of people judging others and they don’t even know the person. I think women should wear a bikini while pregnant in public. It’s a free country and people should keep their comments to themselves.

  • Dacia M

    I would like to take a moment to let you know that BOTH times I was prego, I wore a bikini! You go girl! I cannot even believe this is an issue with people?

  • Theresa Rispoli

    Tori, I think you look fabulous! Rock that bump!!

  • Elise Hundley

    I was pregnant during the winter Months and had my son in April, however if it had been summer and hot I would be poolside also. What do people think you are going to wear going to the pool. I wouldn’t worry about other people Tori just keep doing what you do. You have a wonderful family who loves you and your growing bump. I say show it off and to heck with the rest of them.

  • Kailey Wever

    I was never ABLE to wear a bikini because I have always struggled with my weight. However, if I looked like Tori I would absolutely wear a bikini. She does not look trashy at all. It’s funny that people are judging you on what you are WEARING instead of praising you for actually being a good mom, which is not seen often in Celebrities. Rock that bump, Tori!

  • Cameron Fay

    So funny you posted this today as I am heading off the beach with my friends and only brought bikinis. I was going to buy a maternity suit and then just decided to rock it! Glad to see others doing it!

  • Helen John

    You look amazing, Tori! Rock that cute baby bump! I am all for showing off baby bellies and did when I was expecting both of my boys. As a professional maternity photographer, there is nothing I find more magical than capturturing the glow of anticipation of a pregnant mommy! The bare bump shots are the best, most natural way to feel sexy as a woman!

  • Caitlin Thomas

    I am on my fourth baby bump in six years. I wear it load and proud. You look AMAZING. If you are fortunate enough to carry your children within your body, you damn well better be proud of it!

  • kristen itt

    I think you look absolutely wonerful and if I had the body that you do I would wear a bikini.

  • Diane Maloney

    You look Amazing, Tori! I have a one year old daughter and rocked a bikini my whole pregnancy… up until the last week. I even wore a belly-baring top to Coachella Music Festival when I was 7 months along (the hippies were lovin it)! You are awesome! Love watching your family grow! xo

  • Laura S

    I think if you are comfortable wearing a bikini before you were pregnant, there is no reason to not wear it once you become pregnant. I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed or embarrased about. It isn’t like you were parading around naked! And I would have to question all the comments about a bikini not be appropriate for a mom to wear (pregnant or not)! If dont’ feel too self conscious about it yourself, why should anyone else!

  • Meryl King

    If I looked like Tori when I was pregnant with my 13month old… I would have shown it off… Heck if I looked like Tori when I wasn’t pregnant…LOL! I agree if you are comfortable wearing a bikini baby or no baby you should wear one.

  • Nicaluce27

    If I looked like you I would def. wear a bikini! Unfortunately Im no where close to looking like this, when I do have my 3rd I’m sure I will be covering it up, if I haven’t lost the weight by then.

  • Melissa Wieland

    Wear it with pride! Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience. You look stunning Tori!

  • amy mcdonald

    I say wear if Proud. I shared this on FB and also showed my Bump and asked it to be shared in your honor!


    You go girl!

  • ashley anderson


    I say if you are comfortable in it…then ROCK IT GIRL!! You look Fabulous! I have 2 girls under 4 and I can say that it is SO important to show them to be comfortable in there own skin….and not have to look a certin way…Self esteem and self confidence are hard things to teach.

  • Charlette Henry

    I like the idea when it is like the orange one…. The black one looks like something you should wear for Dean in the bedroom… PLEASE don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan and in the end you will continue to rock the pool side! I just think that you are so beautiful, the black one is not for me…. as a mother of 4 boys I could do it :) But I wouldn’t in the black one… my boys wouldn’t sit with me, they’d be uncomfortable, I asked. (they are 17-15-12 and 8)

  • Stephanie Case

    I never had the opportunity to be pregnant, it wasn’t what God had planned for us. We were blessed when the time was right with two beautiful children through adoption.

    Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and you shouldn’t hide it! You look beautiful and you should wear that baby bump with pride if that is what you are comfortable with!!!

  • January Jones

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous for people to criticize you at all. Who are they to say what you should or should’n’t do. I will love to show my baby bump if I looked as good as you do. When I think of actresses who are great role models for their children and who play such a big role in their children’s lives you are always on the top of my list. You are an amazing woman, dedicated wife, and loving mother. Don’t be ashamed for being you and expressing yourself! You have so many supportive fans so all of those critics can take their opinions else where.

  • dawn zelesnick

    i would say show that baby if you have a great figurego for it. people that are against it are just jealous or old fashioned If youve got what it takes a woman with a great personalityand looks should be proud of herself. pregnancy is a beautiful gift from god and your loved one you should let it shine inside and out.

  • Morgan Blankenship

    I think you should rock that bod T! You look amazing! I cannot wear that stuff because my previous child scarred me for life!! … I so would if I looked like you!

  • Judy Stock

    personally, I could never get away with it! But if I could I would. :) Just not a big fan of the black one though. But you make everything look amazing!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Girl, if you have it … FLAUNT IT !! You can never accomodate everybody in the whole wide wild world, so please do as you like.

    I was superproud of my belly all three times, and I loved it that my last one was born in September so I got a whole summer of parading my bump. Being pregnant is not a walk in the park all the time at all, so you might as well get the benefits of it. Later they will probably bash you because you are taking to much time to shed the so-called babyweight, so it’s never good enough. And because you live a life in the spotlight, the pressure will probably be high enough. Damn, we’re a whole lotta woman and we should be proud of it! SASHAY!! And maybe a MOMVO surprise guest in the person of Frank Zappa but he once was quoted: If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it! And there I rest my case.

    You go Tori and all the women who are brave enough to be themselves.

  • Destiny Myles

    I think it looks fine! Flaunt that bump girl!

  • Beautifully You

    Your Beautiful Confident and Glowing. Ignore the haters.

  • Bellasmom

    Tori, I would just ignore the negative comments…Remember, everyone is a CRITIC! People are always going to have something to say…You are in the public eye so I can’t imagine how hard it must be to read and hear the negative comments, but I think celebrating your baby bump is an amazing thing to do, and you look beautiful! I would do the same thing :)

  • Heather Smith

    Go for it!! I think you look great!! Show it off they can get over themselves if they dont like it then they need to look the other way and stop criticizing.

  • Trina Leslie

    You go Tori! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your baby bump or your body! People are probably just expressing negative opinions because they are jealous that a pregnant woman can look as hot as you do in those bathing suits!


    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! Be proud of your body I just wish that people would quit being so critical of other people. We are becoming a society of bitchers instead of supporting and cheering on people. I really wish that it would have been more acceptable 42 years ago when I had my first. We had to cover up completely and wear those ridiculous poofy sleeved tents and we were so unglamorous and frumpy looking. Yea for you and keep showing off that gorgeous body. You should be very proud!!!!!! Not just because of your rockin’ body but for having 3 beautiful kids and another one on the way. And a GORGEOUS husband to boot!!!!!

  • Kristin E. E

    First thing that went through my mind when I saw your picture pregnant in a bikini was “SEXY”. You look so hot and, why cover it up?

  • From Me

    Tori, don’t listen to all the naysayers who are quick to judge and criticize. I tried to get pregnant myself and went through months of infertility testing and invitro. If I were able to get pregnant, I would be more than PROUD to show off my belly to the world. What is more beautiful than an expectant mother? Nothing else can compare.

    You go, girl. You are more than beautiful in these photos…you are radiant and I applaud your decision to show off your gorgeous baby bump! God bless you and your family, Tori. You are the best and don’t ever let anyone make you feel differently.

  • Jacki Whitaker

    Flaunt that bump proudly girl!

  • Caroline Coghill

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you were wearing or how you are portrayed as being comfortable with your pregnant body. More women should embrace it, and taught to embrace that the changes they’re undergoing are normal! It’s just like breastfeeding, there is such a negative stigma surrounding the subject when I see someone embracing themselves and their new lives … it looks grown up to me. I just look at the younger ones who dress like this but don’t want to be looked down upon, it’s a double standard. Don’t lower yourself or question your choices, you’re a wonderful Mom and that’s all that should matter. Those people making comments are hiding behind a computer screen, or moonlighting as “writers,” at a tabloid. It does happen, but it’s wrong and no one should judge you until they have to walk in your shoes. :)

  • Christy Miller-Herman

    I say wear it loud and proud! I flaunted my bump proudly 11 years ago all over Newport beach and Laguna while preggers with my first son and I did it the second time around too (although I was only a few months along in the summer and I just looked bloated). I think a pregger belly is beautiful and something to be proud of. Besides for being on baby #4 you look great and you are setting a great example for your girls!

  • Jenny

    I’m so glad you posted this — wear that bump proud. You look beautiful!!!!

  • Lenora Rogers

    The most beautiful form in the world Is a photo of a Woman carrying life

  • Stacy Myers

    applause applause and applause

    Who cares what people say! Be proud you look that damn good pregnant :)

  • Kimberly Fritz

    I was shocked when I saw some of the articles people were writing about it! You look absolutely beautiful in your bikini’s! Also, even if you hadn’t, how does it affect anyone else? If you feel comfortable with yourself no one should judge you for your choice in clothes. I just hope when I have babies I look half as amazing as you. Blessing to you, your family, and your soon to be new bundle of joy!


  • Mary Gosnell

    when i was expecting i wore a two peice bathing suit and i was proud to have a growing baby bump!! So who cares what people think wear your bump proudly!!! You have a beautiful family!

  • Meghan Brown

    Tori honey, you wear your bump proudly! There is NOTHING more beautiful in this world than a pregnant woman! You are carrying a precious life inside of you. Why NOT flaunt that?! Don’t let the haters get you down, honey. Even nobodies like me have haters. It’s a part of life. Rise above, and DO YOU!!!! YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  • Kelly Madison

    I’m a huge fan but that black “mono-kini” was disgusting and highly inappropriate to be wearing around young children. There is no need to cover the bump, but that suit was just disgusting.

  • Melissa Hazelwood

    Flaunt that bump Tori, people can be so mean and probably jealous. I think you look wonderful and wish you another happy healthy baby!

  • Kylie Nelson

    Wow T you look stunning why wouldn’t you show it off :)

  • ErinK

    I took pictures of my growing belly and was very proud. In a bikini too! Why not! To he(double hockey sticks) to them. A proud mom you are so GOOD for you! I say they are jealous…


    Toronto ON

  • Diana Siebels

    I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with this if you look that good pregnant! Back in the 70’s when I was first pregnant, it was all about covering it up. Finding cute maternity clothes was next to impossible unless you were rich.

    I’m a grandmother now but if I were able to be pregnant today, I would show it proudly! You look just fine Tori.

    Love Di ♥

  • DesignerMama

    You looked gorgeous and I completely agree – Wear Your Bump Proud! I did with my pregnancies, and am so happy I did. (On a fashion note, however I do agree that the monokini was too much string/lace/skin, sorry.)

  • Darren Martin

    You look great. You feel great. Don’t let the people who aren’t happy with their own lives bring you down any. Keep doing what you do, it’s obviously working! You’re awesome!


  • Julie Brehm

    It’s a shame people have to be like that! You look beautiful… wear whatever you want!!!

  • Samantha

    You look great. Wear your baby bump proud. I am a mom to 3 girls and I wore a bikini while pregnant as well. I still wear my bikini when I take my kids swimming. I feel like I am a great example for my children. Staying in shape is a daily battle, eating healthfully, forgoing dessert and working out every other day. Just because a lot of women are uncomfertable with their pregnant/post baby body does not mean we all need to be. I am sure you work hard to stay in shape, so long as you feel good in a bikini, wear it!

  • Ashley Hall

    I think you are absolutely gorgeous!!! A) Every woman should be proud of their bump B) you have an amazing body!! the fact that you are preggers with your 4th baby and you have ZERO stretch marks….FLAUNT IT LADY!!!!

    Ignore whatever stupid opinions people have of you!!! You are amazing and perfect just the way you are!!!

  • Sue Honaker

    Hi Tori… 28 yrs ago when I was pregnant with my son, if I had the body you have I would have flaunted it all over the place. You go girl… You ROCK! As long as you and Dean are ok with what you are wearing it is no one else’s business! I love watching your show and the reason for that is that You and Dean are so real about everything, not fake like “other reality” shows .. I am also impressed with you as a Mom.. unlike a lot of famous Moms, you are so hands on and so involved with your children’s lives.. and yes I too believe that being pregnant is the most important Blessing a woman can receive! I loved every minute of being pregnant. God would only Bless my husband and I with one child, because if I had my way there would be a house full of babies! Of course that was many, many years ago… May God continue to Bless You, Dean and Your Growing Family as you prepare to bring your newest Blessing into this world… HUGS

  • Jennifer Wieland

    As a mother of six chilren ranging in age from 3 – 19 I have always been proud of my bump. To me nothing screams feminity more than a baby bump. My tummy is covered in stretch marks too and I love those badges I earned with some of my pregnancies.

  • Lindsay

    I just want to say, I am pretty conservative. I wear a rash guard and board shorts to the pool. I wasn’t always this way and I am still a trim size 6 so it isn’t because I am ashamed of my body. I have just become conservative in my dress as an example to my daughters that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look sexy. That being said, you look amazing!! And while I was pregnant I LOVED showing off my baby bump. I specifically had pictures made with my preggers belly showing just so I would have pictures of how beautiful I felt. Funny ones too, running power tools and barefoot in the kitchen. It was so fun and they are still some of my favorite pics of myself. Oh, and I was pregnant with twins so I was pretty darn big!! There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman and I wish I could do it again. Enjoy that bump and show it off!




  • Anita Carson

    I think you look Fabulous! You are doing a good thing and if I was preggers I would be doing the same thing, and not caring what anyone thinks. Preggers are uncomfortable with our daily changing bodies and we need to be comfortable. I am a mother of 2 and I showed off my bump every chance that I could. You have a beautiful family and stay strong and may God bless you and your family daily!


  • Hilary Mouat

    Ohhh no I am 15 and am seeing a pregnant woman, I shall be scarred for life. Yeah right! Tori you look great pregnant, seeing I am 15 and don’t intend to get pregnant for quite some time, You have inspired me with how PROUD you are to show how stylish and sexy pregnancy is. When/if I get pregnant I shall prance around poolside/ the beach/ whenever possible with my belly showing proudly. Personally I think pregnant people look amazing and that pregnancy itself is so beautiful!!!! You look great preggers and keep wearing your bump proud. Next time someone looks at you in public and thinks ewww preggers chick flash them your bump!!!

  • Patti Kulaszewski

    They are just haters Tori you look beautiful and have such an amazing glow about you. You have a strong self about you that you shouldn’t allow anyone to break nor take from you. I loved you in 90210 and i love LOVE ALL your other shows. Your a strong and loveing motherly role model to your kids and a terrific role model to women everywhere. You have a strong family nitch that haters out there can only begin to wish for It’s noone’s bussiness of what you wear, do, eat, buy & etc regardless of your famous statue you have. People need to go by the old saying “If you don’t have nothing nice to say that don’t say nothing at all” Your beautiful so just shine girl. (=

  • Rockin Mama

    You look amazing! Critical people will have an opinion on everything. I really respect you for making your family your first priority. As a stay at home Mom and jewelry designer (when I can find the time), it isn’t easy to try to look fabulous. You manage it all and look fabulous, so show off your bump.

  • Deb Jeffery

    I remember, as a kid, a hundred years ago :) when Princess Diana was carrying Prince William and she was photographed in a bikini on vacation, there was a huge uproar that it was unseemly for her to be in a two-piece while pregnant. It was ridiculous. She was GORGEOUS.

    A very great philosopher once said, “If you don’t got nuthin’ nice to say, don’t say nuthin’ at all…” We’d all do well to listen to Thumper.

  • Taras3

    If I had a decent body, I’d be wearing bikini’s. I don’t see what the problem is, you’re just pregnant. People just want to bug you about something all the time and apparently are jealous of your awesome baby bump. Wear it girl, wear it proud! You have my support. You also have a beautiful family.

  • Kristine Glover

    Totally agree…wear it proud!! I love being pregnant (and in the process of being a surrogate). The people that have an issue are the ones with the problem, not the mother wearing the bikini. I was at a public pool last summer and saw a pregnant women in a bikini….I thought she looked great!!

    Tori (and Dean!) – I love that you stand her ground in your beliefs and don’t waiver just because people judge….you really are one of the best celebrity moms (and dads!) out there!!

  • TN

    Congratulations to you, Tori, for setting a tone of body acceptance for all women -young, old, large, small – most notably at this very special time of your life. Enjoy every moment and RELISH this special time; flaunt the absolutely GORGEOUS body you have, and show women that their power and strength lies within and their ability to make self-directed decisions is the fuel for that power and strength. You look radiant. You are a mother, wife, actress, human being and WOMAN. I have never written in a blog before, but felt compelled to do so when I saw what others were writing and how truly beautiful you looked.


    Peace to you and your family.


  • J Hough

    Right on mama!! Wear it loud and proud! I have 2 daughters and I hope to instill in them the feeling that you are beautiful no matter what you look like on the outside. I have carried this quote from Audrey Hepburn with me for YEARS… “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. And the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”

  • Myeleah

    Tori, I have been a huge fan & admirer of yours since the first episode of 90210! I think you are an amazing person & a savvy business woman. I LOVE your TV reality show. (when will it be back?!) You are so down to earth & true!

    Yoru baby bump photos? WHy should anyone care? It is no one’s business! IF they don’t like it, they shouldn’t be looking at them! I think you look beautiful! You are helping take the “stigma” away from how a woman’s body changes throughout pregnancy. It is not something to be ashamed of It is a beautiful part of nature.

    Much love to you & your beautiful, growing family.

  • Heather Savage

    I love that you are so open about this Tori! I personally can’t wear a bikini pregnant because I have the good luck of stretch marks. No matter what I do I still manage to get them lol. I’m pregnant with my second baby right now but I still have a very cute Monokini to wear with it! Flaunt that belly!

  • Jayme Dowdy

    #FUHGHETABOUTIT!!! Those people are jealous that they couldn’t pull it off as well as you! If it made you feel good – then so be it! You look stunning as usual! I am so excited for you and your family! Keep doing what you do! You are amazing :)

  • Dana Martin-Green

    Being a mom is a wonderful and beautiful thing. You are proud to me a mom and proud to be pregnant. That is something to show off. You have every right to wear a two piece or whatever you want. There are people out there that aren’t worth your time when they act like that. You look good keep showing it off.

  • Marystar Estrella

    Tori you look beautiful all these haters need to keep quiet and like you said “if you dont like it look away” and im just wondering are these pics at yr home? if they are WTF are they taking pics of you at your home for??? sorry but im a very big fan of yours i dont understand why people talk crap about you if they dont like it why are they looking …JUST SAYN!!!

  • Mary Carlson

    Amazing!! I have a five month old and I am expecting Jan 23 WISH I LOOKED SO GOOD!

  • doreen porzio

    Good for you,Tori!!! You tell them!! You should be proud of your baby bump! You are carrying a beautiful baby inside of you! …. You do look fantastic!! They are probably jealous of you that they don’t look as good!! So what that your a mother, your not allowed to wear a bikini anymore????? Ignorance!!! Who cares what they think!! Walk proud and beautiful as you are doing!!! …. Don’t Let them bother you!!! They don’t like it, Don’t look!!! You look AWESOME!!!! :))

  • WarmBeachWoman

    You are beautiful. I agree, be proud of carrying a child inside of you. You and Dean are wonderful parents and I have to say I really admire you creating such a loving, wonderful life. Keep up all the happiness….

  • April Hallisey

    nothing wrong with it at all…do what you will…do what you want…we live this life once.

  • Michy427

    I am a very conservative person to the fullest and I find nothing wrong with this at all. People need to lighten up a bit and stop being so jealous. You look awesome!

  • Cutes

    More power to you GIRL! This is your moment and you have every right to show of your growing belly – have fun!

  • antonia lutz

    I think she looks hot I always liked my pregnant body y not flaunt it hey baby number 4 go for it!! I felt super great pregnant with my fourth and I was 42!!!!


    You go girl!! There is nothing wrong with your pictures, they are beautiful. I know I felt so proud of my belly when I was pregnant. What is nasty is when obese women try to wear it. You look great!! All of the haters dont have to look. People tend to find fault in everybody. Enjoy the beauty of pregnancy, it goes by so quick!!!!!

  • raggedygrl

    You look fantastic and I agree that WE do go thru many changes when pregnant.. We should be able to wear what we are comfortable in..because we all know that being comfortable when pregnant is a hard thing to come by…

  • julij77

    I’ve never been pregnant, but say You go, girl!! Wear that bump proud!! It is truly beautiful.

  • Danie Duncan


    with/or with out child u wear what u want to wear. Who cares what anyone else thinks or says . U are showing that your comfortable with your body n u are proud of your baby bump <3 and this is just one of the million reasons why I am a fan of yours

  • Marisa G

    A-Mazing! Tori, you are a beautiful mom……..work that baby bump pumpkin!

  • Jaime Hailey

    People suck. Tori…I admire you. I have watched you since 90210, read your books and try to keep up with you as much as I can. You look great! Good to know you don’t let those negative comments get you down! :)

  • Tonia Stephens

    You go Tori!!!! don’t change who you are for any HATERS.. I think you look great, so don’t focus on the bad just take in the good.

  • Amber Yahorau

    I don’t think that people are ‘hating.’ They probably are showing that they don’t like to show their bumps in a bikini. I didn’t when I was pregnant. Guess it’s personal preference. I will say that I do not think it’s appropriate to show a bump off of the beach.

  • Kerry Magdaleno

    Love it! Truly inspiring and even more beautiful.

  • Susan Troehler

    If I looked as wonderful as you do while pregnant with # 4.. I probably would have sashayed through the neighborhood in my swimsuit !

  • Nikki P

    Wear it proud girlfriend!!!!!! You look amazing!! You are proud of your body, so why hide it? My husband thinks pregnant women are the sexiest and obviously Dean thinks so too!! Keep showing us what it means to be confident women!!!

  • Kristin

    I was ginormous when prego, I would not have worn a moo moo to the beach. I was lucky that I was pregnant mainly in the winter. You look great, if I would have looked like that, I would have worn a bikini. Not that black one, it’s a little much for me, but you are can pull it off.

  • Belinda Kobus

    Pregnant and beautiful. You go girl…

  • First namSarahe Clavey

    Love it!! Wish I had looked that good preggers

  • Ashley Sparks

    Two words…Jealous women. You look AMAZING!

  • Miss Plan It All

    I love it!!! People should just mind their own business. If you are proud, and you should be, then flaunt it!!

  • Kelly Miller

    You look BEAUTIFUL. Anyone who wants you to cover up, especially in your own yard just needs to keep their eyes closed. I’m sure lots of life offends them.

  • Cass Yates

    You look great TORI!!!

    Also, wondering if you are going to be an OLD NAVY commercial since they have been featuring 90210 cast- I hope youa re – would be so fun!!

  • Joanne H


    You looke AMAZING! Pregnant or not pregnant you always look great. Forget what the media says because they are jealous, never thought about wearing a bikini pregnant & fat & ugly. I am sure Dean would agree with me. You have an amazing body & why not show it off. I know for myself I wouldn’t because I don’t look as good as you but if I did, I would probably do the same. The monokini I don’t think I would wear regardless pregnant or not but you look amazing. Good for you to stand up for the pregant women that it is ok not to hide your belly & to show some skin. Be proud, and wear it proud.

    Love you Tori! Good luck with baby # 4.

  • AnaidkA


  • Hildegunn J

    Hi, Tori!

    Have to say, all the way from Norway: You GO, girl. Show that beautiful baby bump off and don’t listen to the haters. It’s a beautiful thing to build a baby. So really: screw them, go you <3

  • Karin Santi

    LOVE Tori…Baby Bump & All…wear it Proud Mama <3

  • Erin

    Tori I think if you feel comfortable wearing a bikini you should wear it. You look great and I think the negative comments are people who have not been pregnant themselves or not comfortable in their own skin.

  • Suzanne Morris

    I’ve enjoyed seeing you as a mother from the start. Flaunt all the baby bumps your blessed with. I struggled for 14 years to have my little Miracle through tough fertility treatments. To this day with my size & all would flaunt any baby bump God gave me. Congratulations on all your many miracles!

  • Pickle Pits

    It’s probaby the same peanut gallery that is screaming about Gabby Douglas’s hair. Isn’t it strange how loud the minority can sound when they all scream at the same time?

    Forget the hype and strut that baby belly, Tori! I’m in much the same boat you are – 39 and pregnant with my 4th in one of the hottest summers yet in southern Spain. Here, people don’t seem to mind much that I’m wearing my bikini but maybe it’s because they feel it their right/duty to call me, “fatty” and “huge” straight to my face.

    Aaah, poor things. Surely they’re just jealous of my 3 cutie pies and my giant boobs as I’m sure is the case with your critics.

  • Janice Sauter

    you look beautiful!

  • Amanda Kuehnle

    I am a mother of 3 boys, I wore a bikini each time I was pregnant, and I still do today. I think you are beautiful and there is no reason at all that you shouldn’t be wearing a bikini, pregnant or not!

  • Jennifer

    BUMP PROUD!! I have BUMP PROUD pics of me with my “baby” who is now 30 in a bikini!!!

  • Virginia Forrest

    Tori please keep showing your beautiful baby bump up to the day you have your gorgeous healthy baby. I have never thought anything but how great you have looked pregnant. My own girl is turning 12 and I have been telling her that her body is gorgeous because she feels insecure about wearing a 2 piece. To many people are quick to judge others and feel they have the rite to tell others how to dress or live their life. Showing baby bumps and breast feeding babies is all natural and beautiful and a celebration of life. You a lovely woman and even more beautiful pregant. I wish you a healthy pregnancy.

  • Audra Leonardis

    I think you look fabulous and I wish I looked that great when i was pregnant. Good for you Tori!! Who cares what others think, we can’t live our lives based on what other people think of what we look like.

  • Kathleen Orland

    You do what’s right for you and don’t worry about what anyone says. I wish I had looked half as good as you when I was pregnant (says the lady who got stuck in the bathtub at 8 months pregnant). You carry it well and you look terrific so good for you!!

  • Carolyn Roberson

    I never wore a bikini in my life, but you look fabulous in it. Gone are the “hiding the bump” days. Bare it, and love it. You are goreous, and I support you 100%. Some people HAVE to gripe about something. I loved being preggers. I never felt better in my entire life.

  • Julie Spielman

    I had breast cancer I have 1 dd breast left I DO NOT wear my fake breast I just run around with my 1 breast I wear low cut shirts I wear shirts without bras.. I do not give a crap what people think of me Thisis my body I may not be happy with the chemo weight gain but I can work on that BUT who in the world are people to judge us and to make us fill ugly?

    I have been to the beach and I have seen guys who looked like they were expecting triplets. and yet we get knocked??

    Expecting a child is beatiful a part of nature SHOW IT OFF everyone else needs to get over themselfs!

    When hey can walk on water then they can judge me.

  • Julie Spielman

    PS just wait till I get teh chemo weight off I will be rinung around in a bikni with my 1 breast!!!

  • Shannon Tompkins

    It is unfortunate that you fall under such scrutiny being in the public eye, but with the perks comes the worst I guess. Obviously you are very beautiful inside and out, preggers or not. I am more impressed with your tireless efforts to nurture your children and give them every experience of a “normal” childhood. I have always felt you put your family first and these pics show how proud you are to be a mother. Not only will your girls know to be proud of their bodies as they grow up, but all your children will grow in strength and pride in their personalities and personal talents. As I have watched your shows, I admire how you and Dean both have always encouraged Liam and Stella to be independent and expressive. Your preggar pix are just an extension of yourself and your creative expression of motherhood. Forget the haters and continue to lead by example. You are a great mother, wife, and a joy to your fans.

  • jennifer dodson

    Don’t listen to any of it! You look AMAZING…seriously 3 kids! You are beautiful! Bless you for showing your blessings :)

  • Susan Evans

    You look amazing! I can only wish that I would look that good when and if I have baby number 4. They are all just jealous that they don’t look that good in a bikini when they are not pregnant! Your bikinis are all very tastefull and you wear them with such style. Rock on in the ‘kinis!

  • Stacie Tippett

    You look beautiful! I always enjoyed wearing bikinis when I was pregnant as well, but I did get some strange looks occasionally. A baby bump is nothing to be ashamed of! Be Bump Proud!

  • Jasma John

    I agree. You look fantastic especially since this is your 4th pregnancy. Be proud, because babies are special gifts and the body is a beautiful thing. You rock it well. :)

  • Holly Wright

    It may not be for everyone but if you are comfortable than do it! Who cares what other people think. I think if they don’t like it they don’t have to look, right? Be proud and be strong. :)

  • Catie Fisher

    I am six and a half months pregnant and live in Alaska so I wear a lot of sweaters and hoodies because it barely gets over 60 here. But am going to visit my family back in St. Louis soon and cannot wait to wear a bikini and show off my bump. I am super proud of it and don’t understand why people are so disgusted about it. It is an incredible experience to know that you are creating another human life and it is something to be proud of. So I say strut your stuff and if someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to do the same if/when they are pregnant and they can ignore me. Or even more I dare them to come say something to me because with my hormones I will gladly give them a piece of my mind.

  • butterflygirl

    I think your baby bump is absolutely adorable. It seems to me most folks who make such statements are truly unhappy with themselves and need to push negativity onto others. Sad really being as that you are such an inspiring, loving, caring and compassionate wife and mommy. I would continue to proudly show off your baby bump, your positive attitude and happiness in general. God doesn’t like ugly. 😉

  • Julie Noble

    I just feel sad for women who cannot embrace pregnancy. I cannot see any issues with showing off a baby bump in style and style being the operative word. If only such amazing maternity fashions were available when I was having children – instead I was relegated to tents hahaha. There is absolutely no shame in being pregnant – isn’t it one of the most natural things in the world for a woman do to? Society appears to be becoming more conservative and less tolerant these days which is such a terrible thing to have happen. Wear your bump with pride !

  • Beth Tripp

    I think its cute be proud of who you are and your bump if your ashamed you shouldnt be preggers! Lol I loved taking pictures of my bump when I was preggers and my lil guy is just almost a month old be a month old tomorrow. I say if you want to show it show it dont worry over these people that should be ashamed of them selves to even judge you or anyone else!

  • SusieBGood

    Okay – so I have never been a huge Tori fan – not that I ever disliked her, just not quite the same era, I suppose. :-) But I saw an article about this and I felt strongly enough to find her website, create an account, and post.

    Tori – you look absolutely amazing – there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are wearing. I remember when I was pregnant and how proud I was of it. I was no where near the shape you are in, but I would have loved to flaunt my belly in a bathing suit (being pregnant over winter in the north kind of limits that.) :-) There is nothing more beautiful than a happy pregnant woman. Ignore the critics, they obviously are envious that they are not as happy as you!

  • Melinda Perry

    WOW ditto susieBGood. EXACT comment I was going to make. It takes something I am passionate about for me to comment. Actually I dont think I have ever commented. Nevertheless, I commented elsewhere I suppose, as I do not see it here, but want her to know she has absolutley just made me a fan (and Im nobodys fan). However, for her to stand tall in the face of adversity in front of her children makes me want to pat her on the back. Our children learn from our actions moreso than our words and women have been made to feel ashamed because society says they should be in given situations. Her reaction is seen by her children. Were she to respond in a way that a child perceives is negative. Then that child would modify its actions in relation to their mothers perceived behavior thus becoming part of who they grow up to be.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    T you look FABULOUS! you make pregnancy look sexy!

  • Mandy Gibson

    It was crazy hot when I was pregnant with our son it was record heat so I was wearing a bikini all summer our son was born oct. (almost 6years ago!) I wore my bump proud and my husband encouraged it!!!!!!!

  • Teresa Gammel

    Look I JUST wish I looked like that … pregnant or not!!! you are a beautiful WOMAN!!!! and I wish all women felt as good in their skin as you do, bump or not!! Our society IS TOO judgemental… if you don’t like it, don’t look!! lots of love T

  • Lisa Marie Proud Army Wife

    You flaunt that beautiful belly and do it proudly!! I think it’s a very marvelous, beautiful and wonderous gift given to women. We give life to other human beings!! How awesome is that!!! I wish I had more pics of me when I was pregnant!! Although we are the same age, my girls are 21 and 14!!!! I agree that you are teaching your children to love themselves for who and what they are no matter what. That’s a very beautiful gift to give to a child. The world is tough enough and being in the spot light makes it even more intrusive; however, you handle it with grace, dignity and most of all you speak your mind!!! Wear those bikinis and whatever you like!!! Best wishes to you and the fam for the upcoming newest addition to the McDermott/Spelling brood!!!!

  • Alethea Valentine

    Tori, once again you are leading my example!!!! I so appreicate when those who have the spot light live a life that people can be proud of or aspire to be like. You and your wonderful husband set the bar high for those who need inspiration… Thank you

    and you are very beautiful “BUMP PROUD”

  • Jessica Hunter

    Tori you look amazing. I think you should do a maternity bikini album for your website. I totally agree with you and ignore all those bad coments and enjoy the last days of your pregnancy. Congrats

  • jennifer rushil

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  • Molly Elizabeth

    TORI GIRL!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I cannot fathom people making judgements about your beautiful bump honey! I saw you in LA during one of your previous pregnancies and we both were pregnant at the same time ironically and I thought, dang she looks amazing haha! You however were NOT in a bikini but nevertheless you looked soo cute! When I saw you rocking those AMAZING suits I was blown away at your beauty and so proud of you! You inspire me just as a regular mom out there doing her thing, which seems to be …being an extremely genuine and open loving mother, daughter, wife, friend and amazing business woman! Screw those whack jobs who hate cuz your gorgeous haha! Thanks for being such an amazing role model sweetheart, bless you and your beautiful adorable and expanding family and thank you for your honesty and openess which I am sure has aided many mommies like me! xo <3

  • Squidge

    Good for you, I wish I had been more open…when I was pregnate with my boys. However I have never been comfortable with my body so no surprise. I must say whenever I see a women rocking her bump my thought is way to go!!

  • Jenny Dart

    I can’t believe it is 2012, and people are still having reactions like that! It’s a stomach, who cares?

    What about a woman who is “fat”? Should she have to bear the heat, covered up, because people tell her to? There are so many more important things in the world, if you are alive and healthy let’s celebrate that instead of condemning people to cover up.

    Don’t like bikinis? Fine, don’t wear one. Don’t judge others who opt to, baby belly or not.

  • Shannon L

    You go Mama!! I love how people are so quick to judge others.

  • Jacqueline B

    Its a wonderful thing your doing. Thanks for taking a stand for other mamas.

  • Sherry Florian

    Tori – I’ve always been a huge fan from back in the BH90210 days – people only talk about you (and everyone) because they are jealous. Be proud! You’re beautiful and so is your family.

  • Hannah

    Tori-you are totally rockin’ that orange bikini! My husband is like yours and always complimented me on my/our bump! The suit is a classic style in a hot trendy color and shows off your perfect figure.

    The black suit (that got all the flack) isn’t my particular style, pregnant or not, but that’s just me. If you and Dean like it and feel comfortable wearing it- I say go for it! Whether you wanted it or not, you’ve grown up in the spotlight and I’m proud of you for not giving into what others want to dictate as “appropriate” style, especially maternity wear! I say, show that sexy bump. We all know how it got there!! If I had a husband as sweet and sexy as yours, I’d have a dozen babies! You are blessed!

  • Heather Harris

    Tell them like it is! They have to be jealous to have to complain. I, myself, wouldn’t do it, but I see absolutely nothing wrong in what you’re doing! You look amazing and are glowing like you did with the rest of the chitlins! :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Kim Hawkins

    What’s the big deal? It’s a tummy! Its a baby! It’s a miracle to be celebrated!!!
    You are a wonderful mommy and a beautiful one!
    I’d say those that have so many critical things to say should learn the virtue of holding their tongue!

  • Anonymous

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  • Katie

    where your baby with pride
    I wish I had back in the day…I’m proud of these women.

    • Katie

      oops wear lol

  • donna love

    you look fab keep them coming!