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As much as I love to look chic, I like my men looking dapper as well. Lucky for the fellas (big and little) my friend Chris Wrobleski has an amazing bow tie company called Boutaugh – and what’s better than a bow tie for guys to get their fashion fix? All of the bow ties are one-of-a-kind and made from vintage scarves, which makes them extra-special. Plus, they are pre-tied, making them the perfect combination of fashion and function (and easy for men!). He makes them for both kids and adults and I can say from experience, they are a huge hit with the little ones. They are Liam’s fave! He wears one to every event (like Stella’s birthday or his graduation!).

Chris started Boutaugh back in 2011 and I’m so pleased to say that I had a small hand in getting it going! You see, Chris originally started making the ties for himself to wear to weddings and events he was planning and attending (he planned a lot of them with yours truly!). One fateful 30th birthday party, Chris made a bunch of the bow ties to give as party favors for the men (by the way – how cute is that?!) and they were a total hit. After the party, I told Chris he should sell them (they were that spectacular), and the rest is history!


Photo Credit: Jen Huang Photography

I asked Chris to give a few words on the company – here’s what he had to say:

I named the company Boutaugh after my grandfather. When I was in high school, Grampy gave me two of his vintage tuxes and a box of bow ties. As my first bow ties, they were literally the only ones I wore up until last year. One in particular inspired the line. It was a retro-sized (think the crew bow ties on “The Love Boat.”) I loved the idea of offering a full spectrum of hand-made silk velvet bow ties so guys could easily coordinate at weddings or other events.

Once summer rolled around, I felt the need to mix up materials. I wanted to stick with silk, but really wanted it to be unique, so I decided I was to use only vintage and designer silks. I love the old patterns found in vintage neckties and scarves, so that was what I went searching for. Looking through vintage stores, flea markets, and thrift stores I found some amazing patterns, which made for some great bow ties.

On the day Boutaugh launched at InvenTORI, we asked Liam what color he would want, to which he promptly replied, “Red, and blue, and grey, and green.” For Christmas, I made a prototype for Liam. It was garnet red velvet with blue piping on the knot, and when he opened it he told his mom, “I love it! This is the best present Chris ever gave me!” OK, so if a 4-year old reacts to a bow tie like this, we needed to make some kids options. The bow ties are already pre-tied, so it made perfect sense to make some for the little guys.

Stella’s birthday party was approaching, and Liam wanted to wear a bow tie. He starts describing what he wanted (very detail-oriented with great taste, like his mom), and I show him a few photos. He sees what he wants: Kelly green, black, and white Oscar de la Renta silk. Good taste indeed. Getting the hang of designing, Liam knew what he wanted for his pre-school graduation, red with polka dots.

Liam sports a bow tie like a champ, but kids all over are loving them! You can get one for your little boy (or big boy) at InvenTORI.

And, I have to add – at our store the boy bow ties are a HUGE hit!

As you can tell, I’m a big fan, so today I’m thrilled to be giving you the chance to win some! I’ll give one lucky ediTORIal reader a bow tie made just for them from one of the below scarves:

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2. PnJPqeqRE4MC5ZC8dkVW0jxR.png:Amazon:photo

3. mNh5ZvCyScYM6CoMNmNKN1l9.png:Amazon:photo

4. EsvWJiVONrF8W6qOYJkiWSZh.png:Amazon:photo

5. Kw2CwHT6btyM10CxYfjifPyb.png:Amazon:photo

The winner picks their vintage silk and will also be able to choose whether they’d like their bow tie made in children’s or adult size.

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me which scarf you’d like as your bow tie and adult or kid! That’s it!

UPDATE – I’ve chosen the lucky ediTORIal reader who will receive a Boutaugh bow tie! The winner of this one-of-a-kind prize is Jenn!

There will be lots of other giveaways coming up through the rest of the summer, so keep checking back for your chance to win!

Congratulations, Jenn!

You can find all of the other beautiful bow ties at the Boutaugh website and be sure to follow him on Twitter and Facebook as well!


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