As a parent you lead by example. Whether it’s manners, respect, hygiene or eating habits.

Consider, snacking. Yes, snacking. Teaching your kids to snack healthy is important. We’re usually introduced to candy, chips or sugary and starchy foods at a young age and it’s also at that age when we develop a certain taste for either the wrong or the right types of foods.

This Back to School season are you planning on providing healthy snack options for your family?

Yes, planning takes time and it’s true, intention and action don’t always meet in the middle. Providing healthy snacks on a regular basis can be challenging, particularly if you’re in a transitional period of changing your own snacking habits.

Don’t fray. Instead, allow NatureBox to step in and help you out. NatureBox is a new and unique snacking service, that pre-plans and delivers healthy delish snacks to you. Every month you get 4-5 full-sized bags.

All snacks are taste tested and approved by a nutritionist before arriving at your doorstep and with a gourmet selection including Citrus Kick Almonds, Sunshine Veggie Chips, Sun-Ripened White Peaches and Garden Tomato Crunchies, for only $19.95 a month, how can you go wrong?

Fall in love with NatureBox and start snacking healthy today. Learn more about NatureBox snack selections HERE!

Click here to read the NatureBox blog for healthy tips and clever snacking ideas!


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