7339851448:Yahoo:photoWe’re excited to bring you another great article from LilSugar, a fantastic source for mamas who want advice and news about everything from packing healthy lunches to mastering the art of stroller chic. This week, we’re featuring their best hair styles for back to school.



You’ve chosen the outfit (following our trend report, I hope), purchased the school supplies, and readied the backpack. Now what to do with the hair?! We turned to mom of six, blogger, and hair expert Mindy of Cute Girl Hairstyles, who shared with us five amazing braids (you’ll find complete instructions, including videos, on her site). Some are super simple, while others take a bit more skill, but all are sure to turn heads – while making your daughter’s hair more beautiful – at school.

Simple Braid With Microbraid Accents
This hairstyle uses a simple side braid, only I included two microbraids in two of the strands,” Mindy says. Note: check out Mindy’s tutorial to ensure the microbraid isn’t hidden.

Bohemian Braids
For this boho look, “simply section off four small squares of hair with your rattail comb, two near the front of the head and two at the crown (both on either side of the part), and then microbraid the strands,” Mindy says. “Rather than rubber-band each braid, have your daughter hold the braids as you complete them.”

“Once you are finished braiding, gather all four braids together and rubber-band them. Then simply comb out the remaining section of the braids so that it blends with the rest of her hair.”

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Double French Braid and Twist
Your daughter might not be old enough to watch Game of Thrones, but she can still rock this show-inspired braid, worn by the character Sansa.

“To begin, center-part the hair and then section off about a 1.5-inch strip on either side of the part,” Mindy says. “Then French braid the right section until you reach as far back as the crown of the head, then finish off the hair with a simple braid, tying it off loosely with an elastic band. Repeat on the left section of the hair. Then take the braids and twist them around each other, tying them off together with a hair elastic.”

Same-Side Lace Braid
Using the lace-braid technique “essentially causes the braid to ‘hang’ from the strands like it is suspended, giving it a lacelike look,” Mindy says. This sweet braid (picture day, anyone?) takes only a couple of minutes to complete if you follow this tutorial.

Double-Lace Side Braid
Inspired by Rihanna, this awesome hairdo involves two lace braids on either side, coming down over the ears and combining in the back. “From there, you take all remaining hair and braid it into a large side braid,” Mindy says.

What’s your little one’s favorite ‘do?

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