Liam’s World: Dad’s Deodorant



After Liam’s bath last night I couldn’t find him. I looked for him everywhere. Finally, when I came into our bathroom, I found him wearing his pajama bottoms with his pajama top in hand while putting Dean’s deodorant on under his armpits. I said, “Monkey, what are you doing? Only adults wear deodorant!”

He said, “Mom. Listen. I put on Dad’s deodorant every night so my armpits don’t smell. Last year when I was 4 my armpits smelled. So now I use it. I’m a big guy!”

He promptly put on his pajama top, walked up to me and raised his arm up for me to smell his pit. Then he gave me a thumbs-up and walked past me down the hall back to his room.

As I watched him do his best man strut back to his little man cave he suddenly appeared 18 years old to me. He’s growing up so fast. I remember wanting to do adult things like wear deodorant, shave my legs, and highlight my hair. The things I now dread maintaining as an adult. It’s funny how little ones are always in such a hurry to grow up while all of us adults think life passes too quickly!

What adult thing is your little one wanting to hurry up and do?


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  • Brendy

    My little one is now sixteen and I really do not want to think about what adult thing she might be wanting to do. OMG! I do remember when she shaved her legs for the first time at the age of 7. She shaved her legs and her arms.

    Liam is too cute. Bet he smells good :)

  • Jenny

    totally precious photo, what a great post. Liam shows such confidence and age beyond his years! My boys pay such close attention to every thing daddy does, such little men!

  • Manda Dieter

    It’s true to put on deodorant at night time!

    But you should be glad he’s not wanting to stink ! Good hygiene!

    I remember when I was little wanting to shave so much. Ugh now its so aweful!

  • Ashley Taylor

    Oh my gosh, cutest thing ever! My girls both cannot wait to drive! 😉 They are 4 and 8. And the 4 year-old constantly asks when she is going to have “boobies”! She and Liam would get along famously! 😉


  • Venus Banuelos

    Adorable!!! Such a cute story! You are such a great lil’ momma T and I am so impressed by your maternal enjoyment! You rock!

  • Shawndell Bumann

    My almost 5 year old puts deodorant on every morning…we even had to buy her her own (sensitive skin of course) because she doesn’t want to be a stinky girl:) She has us smell her arm pits too. I’m glad to know that mine is the only one.

  • Mandra Kerns

    My daughter is 2 years old and she loves when I put on my make-up. She sits right beside me and insists on me applying make-up to her face as well! I always pretend that I am glaming her up! I absolutely love the fact that I have a girly girl on my hands!

  • Emily Beebe

    Mine are two and four and my daughter (4) is a little mommy already! She helps my son go potty, put his shoes on…everything!!! She wants to be so grown up! I loooove it!


  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg that is so sweet! hey my mom never really discussed that with me and I got teased about it so if he’s so in tune with his body.. more power to him! maybe give him a little travel size in his bathroom for him!

  • Deneen Lotz

    Hi Tori

    Oh my gosh is that the cutest thing ever!!!

    My 9 year old little girl is wanting to shave her legs. She wants to be like her big sister but I think she is way too young. Kids are just so darn cute


  • Kristine Glover

    My son will be 5 in Sept. Whenever he sees my cleaning the bathroom he always wants to clean the toliets for me! Hopefully he’s still like that in 10 years!!

    My daughter is 3 and loves to put on make-up and get her nails painted.

    Both kids love putting on deodorant also…must be the age!

  • LilMamma

    You are an awesome Mom. You are recording all their activities and choose to share them with us. Remember all these things, in about 10 years they are going to want to hear these great stories over and over and over.

    Thank you…and God Bless

  • Sharon Coffini

    Cute story! It is amazing how much they want to be grown up and we wish we could be kids again 😉 My 5 yr old daughter is ALL about make up right now. She wants a huge make up kit and always gets into my make up. I bought her bright red lipstick (what she wanted as my colors were too plain for her ;-)) last week and she wears it everyday!LOL

  • Sharon Stanfield

    My son had to use deodrant when he turned 9 years old. So we got him his own deodrant and the rest is history.

  • lola

    Funny story, sometimes the kids see my monthly little friends in the package n ask what they are and i just say oh those r mommys diapers lol at cvs the other day, my oldest told some stranger hey you know my mommy still wears diapers lol mortifying lol Lola

  • Deb Jeffery

    My son (16) went on a camping trip with his aunt, uncle and cousins last weekend and ‘snuggled’ with two different girls. TWO. One of whom was later heard to complain that KC didn’t pay enough attention to her. Before last weekend he wasn’t interested in girls at all!

    I’m going to die.

  • Taras3

    My 5 1/2 year old boy wants to wear deodrant as well as my 4 year old daughter. I just let them. Never too early to teach good hygeine I guess. LOL.

  • Nikki P

    HAHAHA oh man my 5 year old and 2 1/2 year old boys are obsessed with whatever my husband is doing. (I feel left out sometimes, I want a little girl!!!) So one morning I found my 5 year old with his dad’s deoderant putting it under his pits and then handing it to his brother who proceeded to do the same. Toooo cute, i thought to myself, so I kept on spying on them. Well…next thing I know that older one starts pulling down his pants to deodorize his lil boy parts!!! The horror!!! Of course, I go in quickly to stop this and he tells me, “I need to keep my body fresh and clean mommy.” With my 2 1/2 yr old following with, “yeah mommy, shhesshh.” Oh man, it is going to be a long road!!! Where these kids got that, is beyond me!!!!

  • doreen porzio

    Love the story and the pic!! I have always said that Liam always comes up with the funniest things!…. He is quite the little comedian! You must have laughed your butt off when you first saw him, but then he suddenly was growing up WAY too Fast!! :(

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  • MidniteSunLtd

    I have a 12 year old (almost 13) and a 9 year old (almost 10). Both of them wear deoderant. My oldest started wearing it about a year ago. He was like “MOMMMM…. I have hair in my pitties!” “I was like ooo lemme see”. So I look and there is like nothing visible to the naked eye. lmao. So I tell him “Wow, that is amazing, now you gotta start taking care of your body like a young man.” They are just too cute during that stage in their lives. Embrace is as much as you can. Time slips so quickly through your fingers.

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