Announcing the Launch of Little Maven!



Everyone knows I’ve had a passion for designing kids clothes for years. So thats why I’m unbelievably excited to announce my partnership with JCPenney. My designs have found their perfect home! Now I get to create chic baby and kids clothes that also combine fashion and functionality at very affordable prices! With baby number 4 on the way, all of these elements are even more important to me! Can’t wait to meet baby and bring him or her home from the hospital in new Little Maven Layette. I am thrilled to announce that on September 1st, my new line Little Maven by TORI SPELLING will launch in JCPenney stores nationwide and online!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some very sweet children’s clothes, but I wanted something with a little more wow-factor. I wanted something that was equal parts fashion and function.

My line will be a more eclectic, modern, and chic approach to childrenswear, with bright pops of color and fun, playful patterns. From tunics to blankets, I’ve got it covered. And for added assurance, all of the designs have passed Stella’s style test and are Liam-approved for comfort (and Hattie’s loved getting cozy in them!). They are kid tested and approved Moms!

To see the entire Little Maven lookbook, check out this album my profile page and let me know what you think!


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  • ksu2000grad

    Congratulations on the partnership with JCP! I’ll definitely have to pick up something for my neices and nephews because they’re such cute clothes.

  • Yolanda Warren

    Very very cute collection Tori. One day I will have a little maven of my own and he/she will be sporting the little maven collection. Loves Loves love it!!! Great job Tori & congratulations!!!

  • TaKiyah Mack

    The little baby maven with the fro has my heart! Proud mommy! Thanks Tori for the cutest little clothes!

  • Jenn Murray

    Congratulations! I haven’t shopped at JC Penny in a while, but I will now! :)

  • Andrea Worley

    so very excited about this!! I think JCP is a great pairing with your brand, I’m excited to shop Little Maven in one of my fave stores!! the new designs look awesome too!

  • Jessica

    Ooh, so excited about this. I almost didn’t read this post because I figured the clothes would only be in high end retailers. Glad to know my little girls can wear Little Maven and I won’t break the bank buying them!

  • Erica Way

    YAY!! So excited little maven is back!! I bought a few outfits for my boys a while back and was so sad when I saw the site closed down. I LOVED the the boys line and we always received compliments when they went out in their little maven clothes :) I can’t wait to start shopping again!

  • Erica Way

    Haha! I just realized they are wearing the outfits in my profile pic to the left :) loved those shirts :)

  • Elizabeth LeDoux

    Just this week I gave up ever seeing another Little Maven outfit! I have been buying pieces on ebay, but we are starting to duplicate every last piece. I can’t wait to see the new line, having it nation wide and being able to support the very impressive JCP. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Heather LaFrance

    Congratulations! I am so excited! Love your design preview!!!!

  • carolyn stertz

    wow i love the pic of the girl in the fur vest and leggings, i want that outfit!!

  • Ladibug

    COME ON SEPTEMBER 1ST!!!!! So excited. I’m already lovin what I see. The striped Sweater for my little guy Griffin and the fur vest with dress for my sweet little Clover!

  • Kristina Carter

    I am soooo excited!!! I can’t wait until Sept 1st to start shopping!

  • bcarr

    I have been waiting for Little Maven’s comeback! YAY! SOOOO Happy!!!

  • Sharon Coffini

    That’s great news!! What size will the clothes go up to?

  • Lemon Meringue

    Congratulations! It’s inspiring to see you doing and creating things near and dear to your heart. Love the pic of you and Hattie!

  • Manda Dieter

    Are there any baby clothes or just young children?

    I’m excited to see them! At jcp that’s great affordable for everyone!

  • lizrock22

    I am so excited about this line! I just love Tori! We will be at JCP in Septemeber to buy the fur vest outfit for two reasons… 1. because I LOVE it and 2. because that is my little girl modeling it!! I fell in love witht his outfit when she got to wear it earlier this summer!

  • Stephanie Paul

    Awesome Tori!!! I am so excited. My baby girl is due August 17 and I love to shop at JCPenneys. Now my baby girl can be dressed in your designs. YAY!!!

  • Emily Beebe

    So cute and sooo accessible! JC Penny?? Wow…that’s great!! Ummm…if you need any models, I gotta couple cuties on my hands 😉 When are you guys back with your show?

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait! I have 4 nieces and 1 due in September! sooo excited!

  • Kristin Dorsey

    Being creative is so important to me and I can see it is for you as well. Congratulations on your marriage, your beautiful children, for baby #4, and for your wonderful creative mind and talents. I enjoy watching your families life unfold through your show and want to thank you and Dean and of course those precious little ones for allowing me and so many others to be a part of your life. I have been married for 14 years (together for 18) to my high school sweetheart and have two wonderful daughters ages 4 and 3.


    Oh my gosh totally cannot wait! JC Penny kids clothes have been boring for quite some time, so yay!!

  • Caroline Coghill

    So excited for this! I was wondering when we’d see your children’s designs again. My son and Liam have similar style choices so I’m always trying to keep up. I loved the colors, and the more upscale approach the styles have versus tees with sayings my kid doesn’t even understand. For toddler boys, it can be super hard to find things that look nice when having to compromise on prices and quality. Can’t wait!

  • Hayley brooks

    can’t wait!!! how are us canadian mommies going to access? will we be able to order online?

  • Catherine Ferrara

    Your new baby line looks amazing. I wish I had a little to strut in your clothing line. I guess I will have to buy them for my friends little ones and families little ones. That will be so much fun. JC Penney childrens wear need a boost and here you are to save the day. JC Penney is lucky to have you and so are the little ones. xoxoxox

  • doreen porzio

    First of all, I Love the pic of you and Hattie Cat!!! Adorable!!! Congrats on The Launch of Little Maven!! I know how much that meant to you!! So Happy for you!! That was your Baby!! Beautiful clothes!! This line is a a definite fashion statement!! Chic meets modern & cool! Everything you don’t already SEE!!… As I Always Say, You Are AMAZING!!! Congrats Again!! You deserve it, you worked hard to save it!! J.C. Penney is Extremely Lucky to have you!!! Woo Hoo!! Xoxo

  • Myeleah

    LOVE the pic of you & your little angel! The clothes are darling. I loved the “fashion show” episodes of your show so I knew your clothing line would be amazing. You are a multi-talented chica! I wish you MUCH success with the Little Maven clothing line! (how did you come up with the name?)

  • Lis

    I can’t wait to get over to JCP in September! I have never been a big JCP fan primarily because of the poor selection of childrens clothing. JCP is so lucky to have you!

    One thing I want to know is – How in the world do you find time to do all of these things? I can’t begin to imagine how you and Dean are able to accomplish so much and find time to be such attentive parents!

  • Kimberly Purdue

    I can’t wait. I have been waiting for Little Maven since I saw the episodes of Tori and Dean. I search on line and can find a few things on EBay, but otherwise I have been waiting. I will be at JCPenney on the 1st to buy my 3 year old some of your adorable stuff. Thanks Tori

  • rae f

    just bought the hooded poncho…. so cute!

  • Patricia Quinteo

    Little Maven looks like grandma her mom she so cute

  • Bingying Deng

    You baby is so cute. The clothes are beautiful.

  • Marita Zyskowski

    Question: will your new line include sizes above 24 mos? I checked availability on JCP and they only are carrying sizes 24 mos and less? I picked up a few pieces awhile back when they were littler – am looking forward to finding a few fun pieces now that they are getting bigger (he’s 5 wearing a 5/6 & she’s 3 wearing a 4/5). Thank you and Cheers with your new launch!

  • Marita Zyskowski

    JCP just informed me that they are only carrying tot sizes (24 mos and smaller). Darn I was really hoping to find pieces to fit my 3.5 and 5.5 year old. I miss not being able get great stylish pieces for my little buggies! Here’s to hoping you will expand your recent re-launch to sizes 3t-5t and 5-10.

  • Christy B.

    I would love to pitch some ideas for the Little Maven Line.