Tune in to Craft Wars Tonight!

Tonight’s episode of Craft Wars was a ton of fun to film, so I’m extra excited for you all to watch. The contestants get outdoorsy in the junk drawer and then up their crafty creations with a beachy twist! These guys were super talented so seeing them crafting in action was such a treat! It’s must-see crafting.



And, as promised yesterday, after tonight’s episode, I’ll be posting the second round of our Craftista Hunt Contest, which gives you another chance to win a {styled} by Tori Spelling DIY Jewelry set and an autographed copy of my book, celebraTORI.

So be sure to tune in at 10pm/9pm central and pay close attention, then log back on and give me your answers!

Can’t wait to see what you think of the episode!

What was your favorite part of last week’s episode of Craft Wars?

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  • Mehran Farhat

    Loving the necklace and dress in this picture. Looking good T!

  • carolyn stertz

    i know she is fantastic isnt she, she makes being pregnant look so easy! I love that HSN necklace too!

  • Darren Martin

    I’m pretty pumped to watch! So happy that TLC airs the episodes simultaniously in the US AND Canada! Proud of you, T! I agree with Mehran, looking good!

  • NaturallyThriftyMom MomVlogger

    Looks like a blast Tori!

  • Lemon Meringue

    OMG, that looks like a ball! Please go global T, I feel like I am missing out on all the fun over here in Europe! I may not be the worlds most creative crafter, but I am an avid copycat and get so much inspiration by shows like this. Meanwhile, have fun all you lucky Americans AND Canadians (Mr. Martin in particular), may the glitterforces be with you and the best craftista win!

  • Deneen Lotz

    Hi Tori

    My favorite part of last weeks episode was, The whole thing. Loved every minute of it. So much fun to watch!!!


  • carolyn stertz

    I love the show! I think the right guy won, his patio set was amazing

  • Karen Jorgenson

    If you really wanted to show off all that crafters can do, or at the very least what a crafter can do with that Michael’s wall, the time constraints would be much longer. All you’ve shown is how crazy you can make a crafter by limiting him/her by unrealistic time deadlines, bitchy stupid judges and giving them trash for materials. I am a professional painter/crafter and I can’t watch the show without wanting to scream at you and the judges. You have reduced crafting to a circus and you should be ashamed.

  • Mouna Chamssy

    Hi I live in Belgium and I am THE BIGGEST fan of all crafts but is there a possibility to watch craft wars online somewhere or at least the past shows ?