A few nights ago it was getting late and it was almost the kids’ bedtime – okay, that’s a fib. In theory, it was almost their bedtime, but since summer vacation started they’ve been pushing to stay up later and later and, being a working mom, I have to admit I enjoy my evenings with them. So, I might be at fault for not enforcing a stricter summer bedtime…

Anyway, it was getting late and Liam was not winding down from his day. He was super-hyper. Borderline crazy pants, hopping all over the place. Finally, I said “Liam, it’s time to settle down now,” and he turned and shrugged and said “Mom, this body has a mind of its own!”

Wow! I had to turn away to hide my smile. At 5 he was already learning witty comeback answers!

What’s the best comeback you’ve heard from your little one?

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