Our Glamping Date Night

One thing my man absolutely adores is camping – he just loves taking in the great outdoors. I, on the other hand… well does watching John Candy’s The Great Outdoors on the couch with homemade S’mores count? Safe to say I’m not as keen on “roughing it,” as Dean is. Thankfully, I have a smart, outdoorsy husband who figured out a way to keep us both happy: glamping (where glamour meets camping- how chic!).

As it turns out, an evening outside can be as romantic as the hottest restaurant in town but in the comfort of your own backyard.



Dean likes to set up a canvas or tent using trees or tent poles as needed. Then he sets up a whole dinner scene – a table for two under the canopy, white Christmas lights or bistro lights for romantic ambiance, and even a fire pit (you’ve got to have S’mores!).

You can do this in the wilderness or on a campground, but even if you are just in your own yard or patio, having an evening alone under the stars without the distractions of TV or internet is incredibly romantic, very sweet, and bonus – extremely inexpensive. I’m a very lucky gal!

You can get all of Dean’s tips and tricks (or conveniently leave them open on your husband’s computer) on his website here.

What’s the last romantic night you shared with your hubby? Tell me your date night ideas in the comments below.

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  • Ashley Taylor

    Too cute! What a fun idea! :) My hubby would be thrilled with something like that…well, he would really be more thrilled with actual camping, but I am like you when it comes to that! ;)

    I do enjoy a good date night, but honestly I am perfectly happy with dinner and a movie!

  • Erin

    Glamping is my style I don’t like the bugs in the tent. With a newborn and a 3 year old we haven’t had much date night but we usually enjoy a good movie on the couch when the kids are asleep if we can stay awake long enough.

  • Nich

    How romantic, what a great idea. Dean is a genius!

  • Saundra McKenzie

    I don’t like the bugs eating me alive outside, and I have been camping before, but never glamping. We do date night twice a month. One is a ‘stay at home’ date, and the other we go out. Now mind you we used to live in Los Angeles, and really miss the ocean and beach. Now we live in rural AR in farm country. Last month we had a beach date right here at home. I bought sand and poured on our patio for our beach. I also downloaded some waves music for my ocean. We cooked out like we would at the beach, waves in the background. Then we went for a walk along the beach (our parking lot and complex). Came back and sat on the patio a while talking, and then showered to get the sand off, lol. Great evening. You don’t have to have much money to do things like that (because we live on SS), but it keeps a spark in the marriage and hubby loves it!

  • doreen porzio

    Wow, that looks Amazing!!! Love your “Glamping!!” Definitely looks so inviting and Romantic!!! I am so impressed Deano!!! You know how to make it all work!!! Dean is so Smart!! …… What a lovely Date Night!!… You both are so Inn Love!! :))

  • Andrea Fraga

    I love this Tori! So sweet, romantic and very intimate, which I am sure was probably the best part! =) ENJOY!!! CREATIVE points for Dean!!! Now to show this to my hubby. =)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    Romantic…. For a b-day of mine he went out shopping for new glassware and had me go (apparently planning for our future life together…) he had gotten me some flowers and bought a beautiful vase for them! He also set up a nice dinner by the fireplace where we could relax on the floor with the dinner in front of the nice roaring fire :)

    He used to be extremely romantic but we are 15 years into the relationship :) One night he took me out for dinner along the waterfront of Seattle and then finished the date off with a horse carriage ride around the city snuggling together cause it was a bit cold. totally romantic!

  • Lemon Meringue

    To have a tent like that in our backyard … permanently!!! Wow. Allthough I am more of a rough campinggirl myself. I grew up on camping, so did my husband, and we are raising our three children the ‘wild’ way as well. When the youngest was 7 months old we went on a long camping trip to Sweden, as it is rough camping heaven over there, it was the best holiday ever! But I am still a girl who loves to be swept off her feet by a romantic out-of-the-box evening like the above!

    Alas, I am in the happy possession of a complete unromantic husband with two left hands, so datenightplanning is on me, allthough he happily joins in the action ;) Every now and then we put the kids in bed early with a mac-n-cheese dinner and set the table with much care (you know, antic silverware and the likes), light some candles, put on a Frankie Sinatra lp, buy a good bottle of white wine and a a few pounds of shellfish and we enjoy some nice and relaxed QT-dinner together. An all-weather, in- and outdoorsy activity which works like a dream for us.

  • Amy Dowell

    What a romantic idea! I love that Dean cooks a meal for you, too. Such a good hubs!

  • Ashlae Romalotti

    The Perfect Couple WIth The Perfect Ideas On Romance & Living Comfortably & Loving Life All Around You. Creating Ways To Embrace Your Romance Of Each Other. Thank You Both For Sharing These Beautiful & Amazing Pictures & Stories.

  • Teresa Marick

    I love this idea! And for all the ladies who don’t like bugs, I cannot stand them either! Regular bug repellent really stinks and would offset the mood, I’m sure of it. But I use Arbonne’s Awaken Body Mist ~ it works better than insect repellent! It has coriander in it, which is a natural and botanical insect repellent, but it smells wonderful! And it’s safe to use on you, your husband, children, fabrics. I just thought I’d share since I think this idea is awesome!

  • marissa martz

    Although I have my huge Luxe Motorhome for this, this a great idea, with small children you dont have to go far for some together time! beautiful.

  • Hasinah S

    I sooo love Tori, Dean & family….true love!

  • Myeleah

    Awesome! I am sure it was even more beautiful in person! Like you, I’m not a camper, but “glamping” sounds fun! Kudos to Dean for his creativity!

  • Cutes

    I have been married for 3 years and nothing as special as this has come my way…yet:)

  • cathy santbaha

    love the idea. I too are not happy about camping. my idea of roughing it is no blow dryer or face cream… poor hubby he though he would convert me one day !! LOL i’ve sent him a pix of your glamping..

  • Nic King

    We have had your date night in our back yard!! We recently spent the night out for our anniversary and it was wonderful. We went to a nice restaurant, spent the night in a hotel and had a great time! We were both asleep by 10 p.m.! Oh yeah, we are partiers!! LOL

  • Kimmy

    I wish I had a backyard big enough to do that. Gorgeous!! Thats how I would camp. haha.

  • Margaret Sharp

    I love watching you 2 you give so many people love and let them see that there is someone out there for everyone you are the best your wee scottish friend in Florida

  • Njoya Angrum

    I love the Glamping…, wish I had seen it at the beginning of this summer! Well…, I will definitly experience it next summer…, or go on a warm vacation during the school holidays! Thanks!

  • Shawnna Moses

    My Fiance & I, Love the Sunset & Sunrise everywhere We have lived or have stayed We always find a little spot that We visit & That Is beautiful & It brings Us peace. Near my where my Mother lives, We foudn this little bridge over a river. There are always Ducks & Things there We can feed them. The Sunset Is Incredibly beautiful when You watch It on the bridge & Over the water, There Is also a Waterfall not a huge one but, A good sized one & The birds are always playing In It & Its a really beautiful place. We always walk the path & Look over the water. & Where We live there are two spots one, There Is water & It Is In the heart of the city we live In & Sprinklers & All the buildings & Lights of the city Very beautiful. & Another one Is down the street & Its Water We sit on the bench & Talk or walk around & We can see the boats & All the people. Its very beautiful & We love to movie nights & Cuddle nights. We have our shows & Movies & We put our phones away & Just enjoy our time together<3. But, I must admit I love this campout Idea!

  • Amanda Mott

    I’m not much of a camper but this sounds lovely!

  • Kristi Opalinsky

    Cutest idea ever! <3

  • Kaitlyn Hedstrom

    Tori, you are a beautiful person, inside and out. I am so inspired by you in so many aspects of life. Your marriage being the first. Your relationship with Dean has made me believe in true love. I am a huge fan of you and Dean. I know you have been through so much and it goes to show how strong of a person you are. I’m excited to get married and raise a family just like you have done. I only hope your show ‘Tori & Dean’ will continue in the near future. It keeps me believeing and loving. I hope all is well and I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. xoxo

  • Mistymars

    Great idea, Tori! After all, it’s about time together, compromise, and making it work. My husband and I try to share as many of our hobbies as possible. We also do projects together, whether it’s putting together an entertainment center (I read the directions and lay out the tools for him), or cutting firewood for the winter, time together keeps you close.

  • Jay Rhey Moses

    Amazing Idea ♥ My Husband & I love watching Sunrises & Sunsets! We like to cook also so We cook dinner together & Have a nice dinner together♥ And get all ready & Go for a nice long walk and watch the Sunset by the water. Or We go to sleep early get up a little before the Sunsrt rises &+ Change in our Holiday Pajamas ( Just for Fun or our favorite PJz ] If it’s Cold out We make Hot Chocolate , Or Hot Chocolate Madness! As I call it, Because it when My Hubbie♥ Makes It like a Cup of Heaven with Whip Cream & A little extra Chocolate! Then We go to the water with a small blanket & Watch the Sunset rise.. By the Water!! So Romantic♥