One thing my man absolutely adores is camping – he just loves taking in the great outdoors. I, on the other hand… well does watching John Candy’s The Great Outdoors on the couch with homemade S’mores count? Safe to say I’m not as keen on “roughing it,” as Dean is. Thankfully, I have a smart, outdoorsy husband who figured out a way to keep us both happy: glamping (where glamour meets camping- how chic!).

As it turns out, an evening outside can be as romantic as the hottest restaurant in town but in the comfort of your own backyard.



Dean likes to set up a canvas or tent using trees or tent poles as needed. Then he sets up a whole dinner scene – a table for two under the canopy, white Christmas lights or bistro lights for romantic ambiance, and even a fire pit (you’ve got to have S’mores!).

You can do this in the wilderness or on a campground, but even if you are just in your own yard or patio, having an evening alone under the stars without the distractions of TV or internet is incredibly romantic, very sweet, and bonus – extremely inexpensive. I’m a very lucky gal!

You can get all of Dean’s tips and tricks (or conveniently leave them open on your husband’s computer) on his website here.

What’s the last romantic night you shared with your hubby? Tell me your date night ideas in the comments below.

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