I recently had the chance to catch up with the ladies over at cupcakeMAG and discuss Craft Wars with them! It was so much fun chatting with them that I wanted to give you a taste – here’s some of what we discussed:

CupcakeMAG: Craft Wars is one seriously amazing show! How excited are you?

Tori: Our 4th episode just aired and I’m so proud of the show. Crafting is a lifelong passion of mine and now I get to host and produce a show that centers on my love for crafting. It’s so fun and inspirational!

CM: You’re hosting the show – which we just can’t get enough of – it’s amazing! How did this come about?

T: I’ve always been an avid crafter. I met with TLC and told them my passion and they were so excited because they wanted to do a crafting competition show. So I joined them in producing Craft Wars and hosting it.

CM: Tell us about the season! What’s to come? What’s been your favorite part about filming?

T: We do really fun themes each week! It’s so fun and inspiring to watch people craft their hearts out. And, at the end of each show I get to reveal a winner and someone walks away with 10k! Makes me so happy for them.

And the conversation doesn’t stop there! We talk about what else I’m working on, what’s next for the McDermott family, and more – check it out at the cupcakeMAG website!

What are your questions about working on Craft Wars? Tell me about them in the comments below and I’ll work on getting some answers for you!

And be sure to tune in to Craft Wars every Tuesday night on TLC, now at a new time: 8pm EST/7pm central! Craft Wars time is now family time!!


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