It’s no great secret that I am a major craftista – I love all things DIY! So my HSN Crafting Collection is one of the projects nearest and dearest to my heart – I put a lot of thought into the design and development of the collection in hopes that it would inspire the same crafty love in anyone who uses it, no matter how advanced or novice the DIYer. I am really proud of the final products, which is why I am thrilled to say that today I am introducing a series of crafty giveaways!

To kick it off, I’m offering two lucky ediTORIal readers my Statement Stamps Kit from my HSN Crafting Collection! The kit includes all of the following:

  • 4 acrylic stamp sheets
  • Acrylic stamp block
  • 3 pigment inks
  • 1 watermark ink
  • 6 cards & envelopes
  • Desktop storage box
  • Idea booklet

With this kit, whether you need to send a thank you or wish someone a happy birthday, you can get creative by customizing your cards for an extra-personal touch. This is one of the customer favorites from my whole collection, so I’m so happy to share it with you!

To enter to win, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me the best DIY project you’ve ever done.

I’ll announce the two winners sometime next week – good luck!

UPDATE – I’ve selected the winning ediTORIal readers! They are:

Katlyn – The best DIY project I have ever done is a chalkboard book for a child I know. She has cancer and was, at one point, traveling 8 hours a week for treatments so I thought it would give her something to do! I sanded down every side of an old children’s book, sprayed each page with primer, then two layers of black chalkboard paint! After it dried I used a white paint pen to make the pages into different activities (like hangman, silly faces, and tic-tac-toe.) She really enjoyed it!

Monya Engle – My best DIY project has got to be my daughters Mother Nature Costume. We had over 2 months of work in that costume. It had every season on it, butterflies, we even cut down a small tree and used the bark of another to put a sign that said MOTHER NATURE on it. It was wrappedwith green vines, birds, butterflies, and snowflakes.. She won first place in our towns costume judging. It had layers of browns, greens, reds, poinsettia flowers, snowflakes, pinecones, and it was stunningly beautiful! She had vines through her hair, and they kept asking if her hair was real. Although we have had Medusa with snakes in her hair, The Narnian Ice Queen with ice on her face, a peacock, and The Statue of Liberty… THIS WAS THE BEST DIY COSTUME EVER! I still have it and have been offered sums of money but have yet to sell it. Too many memories in that costume for my daughter :o)

If you didn’t win this time around, don’t worry – there are more chances to win items from my HSN Crafting Collection coming soon, so be sure to check back!

Congratulations to our winners!

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