I want to wish a Happy Father’s day to all the proud papas out there!

I found a quote that I love: “DAD…A Son’s first Hero, Daughter’s first Love.” So sweet- and from my perspective, BOTH to his wife! Dean is my true love, my hero, and my ROCK! My kids are so lucky to have such an amazing father figure. He’s the love of all of our lives! Thank you, Babe, for all you are and all you do! We celebrate you today. Love you, T

JlT0wWBPHOfwCzENdI8yybDk.jpeg:Amazon:photoDean’s first Father’s Day with baby Liam

Y9ZqKdg9Gwxei3NdkyqOTMvt.jpeg:Amazon:photoDean’s first Father’s Day with baby Stella

KFQgQkRcoleKeK3V4DAeVmnf.jpeg:Amazon:photoFather’s Day 2008. A proud papa!

hLJQ2QI7k5b1DUvZoNer71JP.jpeg:Amazon:photoDaddy and a week old baby Hattie

Ay7Ux2nQSmBepJBjulDpjKUh.jpeg:Amazon:photoOur babes a week after Hattie came home from the hospital

lYvsXw8Tt7Aihkq0aDvbX0sO.jpeg:Amazon:photoDean’s Angels!

Have an amazing day with the Daddy in your life!


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