This past weekend we celebrated Stella’s 4th birthday, and I was in full party planning mode to give Stella the Tea Party of her dreams.



Stella had strict orders… She wanted her tea party to be all hot pink and purple with pops of yellow. For her dress, I found this amazing (and very well priced) party dress on that you can order in any color tulle. It’s was the perfect blend of fairy couture and princess poof!

1ut7ZPlKDm06sRTKnGerGveP.jpeg:Amazon:photoWe held the party for 20 kids in our yard. I’m a sucker for balloons, ever since I was a kid myself!

6zOPXjtj18pIsphBjKDswEgF.jpeg:Amazon:photoTo utilize the space in our yard, we set up little lounge areas. All the pieces you see are from our store InvenTORI, even the pillows! SOOO chic!

tIG2FVXVBzmC8oZJ8Bt6Vliw.jpeg:Amazon:photoPeonies are my favorite flower ever! They are whimsical while still being modern and chic.

3pndewRfa2eGJ3Sdoh667uJH.jpeg:Amazon:photoAnother fabulous little lounge for the parents to sit and watch the kids. Again, all of the antique pieces are ones that I have collected over the years, and are now available at InvenTORI.

dvrJzwSShRWOUasFeZYCKCWX.jpeg:Amazon:photoHansen’s Cakes has been doing the birthday cakes for my family since I was one year old, and they never cease to amaze me. It’s a family tradition and I’ve passed it on to my kids. They LOVE their Hansen’s marble cake with buttercream filling! Yum! I helped Stella design the look of her cake by showing her various pics online on Pinterest. I think she came up with a brilliant design!

xsLxRyClHSDZeDOfyKnE5zvX.jpeg:Amazon:photoOk, I’m officially obsessed with this antique farm table that seats 20! If you watched our show T&D: Home Sweet Hollywood last season (when the Hattie pregnancy was under wraps) you saw us fly to Texas to a HUGE antique fair. That’s where I found this table! I fell in love with it and Dean, the practical one, thought it was amazing but an impulse buy, not a must-have. I had grand visions of outdoor dinner parties with this table as the star. So, it ultimately came home with us. I haven’t achieved my dream dinner party yet, but Stella’s tea marked its debut.

fWTtSzVTvSmkf3E75JMW08tJ.jpeg:Amazon:photoWhat’s a party without a dessert table and cake pops? Edible glitter was a big hit!

zbFignsOLIw4dfTFcfqUbDql.jpeg:Amazon:photoAnother look at our set table. Simple farm meets antique china. The two radically different looks offset each other beautifully!

I did lush peonies lining the middle of the table in simple colored glass bottles found online. Then I added in piles of opulent plastic pearls (in Stella’s colors of course!) that we found in the fashion district downtown.

EAFY3ZWQUYKvu8dRaGpYLKnr.jpeg:Amazon:photoA better look at rustic mixed with traditional.

qImAQnYmX2XlxClUUJ9mv5Z9.jpeg:Amazon:photoI love myself some homemade hanging paper tissue balls! Here, we set up an adult beverage station/bar with pieces from my vintage collection. That antique flower cart was lined and then served as a perfect home for sodas and waters on ice.

zI1eStxDIMPTL3zuPyg6CwLl.jpeg:Amazon:photoThe tea pots were filled with lemonade. Pink, of course!

lj3x87EkKVjfSaqZCICeM0Eh.jpeg:Amazon:photoSimple wood skewers of fruit acted as magic fairy fruit wands and took on a whole new look when placed on silver serving trays found at a yard sale and lovingly polished.

QB6pfoSfcIiR9X1watmoVzj5.jpeg:Amazon:photoMismatched teacups and saucers look fantastic and not so formal. Check your local GoodWill for them and make your own eclectic collection! We paired the china with adorable modern lace looking paper plates, and then instead of placemats we spray painted white paper doilies in our party colors, like this one in pink.

CO0M0NgRFgAek5iWVRuOa0C3.jpeg:Amazon:photoUsing cake domes I created different heights on the table, which gives dimension.

cFoRUlMl5NPwV5AduEmteYaX.jpeg:Amazon:photoShout out to my culinary hubby, The Gourmet Dad himself, Dean who made all of the tea sandwiches. Stella especially liked the crown-shaped ones made with a crown cookie cutter.

IMai4L2VNEJqCvRjVc6oWQ8R.jpeg:Amazon:photoStella holding court with her princesses!

VRV5x2oHRDr7jPcH0ZgE1eZn.jpeg:Amazon:photoI can’t believe my baby girl is 4 years old. So proud!

k2ZT3IQ5gg1nBNN9bkNNkNag.jpeg:Amazon:photoAnd, let’s talk proud… Liam insisted he wear a suit and bowtie for Stella’s party. He takes fashion and his role as big brother very seriously! Love him in this summer seersucker and silk bowtie made especially for him by my friend Chris of Boutaugh.

0364ed59e8wtv9z7gciV4OJT.jpeg:Amazon:photoAnd here’s Miss Hattie chilling in the shade on a vintage quilt in a canary yellow floral summer frock.

KiPl3srdCYgAGSW16ExJVLFY.jpeg:Amazon:photoMy beautiful daughter and goddaughter jumping it out!

Stella and friends having story time with The Princesses

X45yDFW1u4pFAO6zrvnhkZit.jpeg:Amazon:photoStella’s chic cousin Simone, aka The Guncles‘ daughter, sitting casually in a sequin skirt, eating a cake pop. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

OMG! These raspberry glazed orange zest scones were a big hit!

IIzzSO0jb19GnsR1fO0O4Mko.jpeg:Amazon:photoWhen I asked Stella what was the main thing she wanted at her party she replied, “CRAFTING!”

nXetACn7j1rwfTPDEioGoUfh.jpeg:Amazon:photoThis makes a Craftista mom so happy! A chip off the old block. She loves to craft! Here she is making foam crowns with embellishments from Oriental Trading Company.


Here’s the birthday girl with her giftbag!

v6I4E91WJSJVHYSei1loEa1p.jpeg:Amazon:photoIt was an amazing day for my girl! And, how much fun did she have? I think this after-party pic says it all!

I’d love to give a big shout out to my girlfriends Jess Tohir and Jenn Gosnell for helping me set up an amazing party. Love my ladies!

What’s the most memorable bday party that you’ve thrown for your kiddies?


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